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  1. If I added anything it would probably be the additional knockback, I don't need anything else on it really.
  2. I had the Gauntlets set up as easy to loose because they're not connected to anything like armor that would keep them in place if somebody tried to pull them off his hands with a disarm attempt. As far as the thunder punch goes, it is the same build of thunder punch from Ultimate Power from the electrical control power, which also comes up to be that many ranks. I'm unsure if that build of Thunder Punch was built without spending the remaining points or if they had an area effect on the auditory dazzle.
  3. I'm actually not sure if you can prep an action in M&M now that I think about it, but if I can the * in my post is to ready an regular attack at anything that comes at him. Won't do anything to CW, as it doesn't beat his impervious.
  4. The Norsemans' head turns with the flash of light, his attention diverted from the force field in front of him to the disturbance behind him. His sword stands at the ready as he begins to head toward the building cautiously. It had been some time since he had the opportunity to fight what appears to be a magic user, and though his tactics in such situations may be rusty he would not let a foe with ill intent walk away with their price. Walking up to the door of the theater his eye quickly scans the area, taking account of everything around him. Bringing down his head he walks through the door, his sword ready to strike anything that may come at him* with his own force field in place. "Bring yourself into view, your plan shall not be fulfilled this day. I, Ullgir Wolfsbane, Champion of the Aesir and weilder of their Godly powers will strike down any who might yet stand to fight before me."
  5. I am indeed here, and a "tad" occupied is an understatement. Now that the hardest few days of the first few months are over with I can get some posting done on a fairly reasonable time schedule. Posting now, going under the assumption that the two characters will probably get in a fight for a few rounds after they talk or something.
  6. So, for anybody else taking a look at it, with those things taken into account is this device good to be approved by the boards standards?
  7. Vaalus

    I have a son

    Thank you, everybody. It's been wonderful so far, though the first night back home was the hardest so far. As far as midnight feedings go, you may have something there, as we both feel like creatures of the night after he eats.
  8. Vaalus

    I have a son

    Haven't been around the past week. I would like to have posted before now but I have the best reason in the world. I am, as of 6:25 pm EST on July 20th, the proud father of a 7lb 4oz 22 inch long beautiful baby boy. I am probably the happiest person on the world right now and I couldn't be more proud of my fiance for bringing this beautiful life into this world. :D
  9. Vaalus

    Character Edits

    OK, so to do this correctly I need to know something. In order to make the change we talked about in the chat and impliment the device I have in the character building forum, do I need only Craft or Craft and Artificer. The way we talked my character wasn't doing anything innately magical to the sword/gauntlets, only reforging the metal into them. The divine energy just transferred on it's own from the sword to the newly reforged gauntlets. So assuming that I only need Craft for this to work, I would like to spend 1 point on Craft (mechanical) as you suggested, under the assumption that he lived in the age of the Vikings and probably did some metal work for his father, 4 ranks should be enough to represent he was good enough at it at one point but is rusty now as he hasn't had a need to do it in a very long time. That will leave me with 1 point that will be added to the device, making it what it is in the character building forum once it is looked at and approved. If I do in fact need Craft and Artificer, I will be putting 1 point into the Craft (mechanical) and the other into Artificer. Artificer would/could be explained off as he is now a somewhat supernatural being, with an understanding of how, at least, his Artifacts work, allowing him to somewhat reforge the metal as well as the energy powering it into the gauntlets.
  10. Hmm, 23 seems to be the magic number. Will Save
  11. Vaalus

    Character Edits

    So were my requests approved or denied? I seem to have fallen into the cracks somewhere around page 12-13.
  12. The intentions of the field a mystery to him, Ullgir heads to the ground. Jumping from the rooftop to the ground below he lands with a resounding, though harmless, thud. Investigating the forcefield he extends his off hand and presses on it, testing the limits of the fields strength before looking to the ground to see if it created any visible damage to the concrete below. "This field brings me unease, as none have come forth to claim it as a protection or a trap. I shall be on guard should one of evil step forward with some heinous plot."
  13. Vaalus

    Character Edits

    Wealth is coming from him selling ancient Norse artifacts to museums (what we consider artifacts in real life, old jewelery and such) that he picked up through the centuries. Artificer is coming from his knowledge of arcane and him putting that knowledge into practice. This is just a bench marker for the respec on his artifacts to come and won't actually be used in play to create magical inventions. If you would rather me not spend it I don't care, just as long as the change in his powers from sword to only gauntlets is still allowed.
  14. Vaalus

    Character Edits

    The Norseman has 3 unspent PP and I would like to spend 2 of them now. 1 pp: Feat Benefit Wealth 1 pp: Feat Artificer
  15. I have no problem with Malice joining in if the others don't, could make things more interesting. :D
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