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  1. I haven't been on recently, but I'm working on a new sheet. I may drop Diana for the time being.
  2. Only if Wildcard knew there was an opportunity to smack around some criminals, but I imagine that's not the case.
  3. Is there room in your campaign for a hedonistic crimefighter such as moi?
  4. :D Sweet!! ... so, how many more until... :bat:
  5. Got it. :arrow: Wildcard removed +1 Defense and replaced it with 2 Constitution.
  6. :arrow: Changed listing for Mimic. I'm thinking it's an infrequent drawback since it's not a power Diana would use often (uncommon +1) that denies Diana her disguise if she can be seen, which would be a substantial hindrance to use her ability (moderate +2). And since it takes time for Deborah Lee to help her prepare (let's say an hour), tack on an adittional point or two.
  7. Actually, Doc, I've been thinking of my character concept, and I realized I did mean to use Mimic. Mimic at one point per rank lets one mimic a single trait; appearance is one of those traits. I felt that mimicking voice was just as expensive. The reason I chose Mimic over Morph was because I intended Diana to be a mimicry of human life, not a fully metamorophic being. She can only change herself to look as others she has seen, and sound like others she has heard. And the reason voice and appearance are at different levels is because changing her appearance comes more easily to Diana than altering her "vocal chords". I do need to add a drawback. Diana may be able to look like others, but she cannot imitate colors; she needs the aid of clay paint and a good artist to do that. I could use some advice as to how much that drawback would yield.
  8. :? Oops... Lemmie fix that. Thanx.
  9. Awww..... :cry: OK, let me think of another name... How about... :harley: Harlequin? :harley: :mrgreen:
  10. Player's Name: Wildcard Power Level: 10 Characters Name: Wildcard Alternate Identity: Brian Marley Height: 5’ 7†Weight: 154 lbs. Hair: Orange (dyed); Brown (natural) Eyes: Green (contacts); Blue (natural) Description: White male dressed in green-and-orange medieval harlequin outfit. Wears a green mash over his eyes. Wears a utility belt. Carries a huge mallet and a grenade launcher on his back. Background: Brian Marley loves taking risks. “You only get one life, and then you’re done. So you better have a good story when it’s over.†So one day, it occurred to Brian that he could have a lot of fun beating crooks up by dressing up in a costume and fighting crime. Crazy? Foolish? Absolutely!! But then, Harlequin isn’t know for his shining intellect. Power Levels: Maximum Attack: +10 Maximum DC Bonus: +10 Maximum Defense: +14 Maximum Toughness: +6 Stats: Str: 18 (+4) [8 pp] Dex: 20 (+5) [10 pp] Con: 18 (+4) [8 pp] Int: 10 (+0) Wis: 20 (+5) [10 pp] Cha: 18 (+4) [8 pp] Combat: Attack: +5; +10 with Attack Focus (Melee) [10 pp] Defense: +9; +14 with Dodge Focus; +5 flat-footed [18 pp] Initiative: +5 Grapple: +15 Saves: Toughness: +4; +6 while wearing Clown Costume Fortitude: +7 [3 pp] Reflex: +12 [7 pp] Will: +12 [7 pp] Skills: [26 pp (104 skill points)] Acrobatics 10 (+15) Bluff 10 (+14) Computers 4 (+4) Diplomacy 10 (+14) Drive 10 (+15) Escape Artist 10 (+15) Gather Info 10 (+14) Knowledge: Current Events 10 (+10) Pilot 10 (+15) Sleight at Hand 10 (+15) Stealth 10 (+15) Feats: Acrobatic Bluff Attack Focus (Melee) 5 Contacts Dodge Focus 5 Elusive Target Equipment 14 Grappling Finesse Power Attack Sneak Attack 1 Taunt Well-Informed Powers: Device 1 (rubber mallet, easy to lose, grants 5 pp) [3 pp] Strike 4 (PF: Mighty) Drawbacks: none Complications: shares his name with a villain DC Block: ATTACKS: SAVE DC: DAMAGE TYPE: Unarmed Attack 19*/Toughness Bruise Rubber Mallet 23*/Toughness Injury Round Copper Bomb (to avoid) 15/Reflex Roll for damage Round Copper Bomb (damage) 20/Toughness Injury Laughing Gas Grenade (to avoid) 14/Reflex Blinded, Nautious Laughing Gas Grenade (to recover) 14/Fortitude* No recovery Equipment: Vehicle: The Clowncycle (a motorcycle painted in Harlequin’s trademark orange and green colors) Strength: 25 [3 ep] Speed (land): 250 MPH [5 ep] Toughness: 10 [5 ep] Size: Medium Features: Alarm, Hidden Compartments, Hydraulic Shocks (allows Clowncycle to jump), Navigation System, Oil Slick, Remote Control, Smokescreen [7 ep] Powers: Leaping 1 (70 ft running long jump) [1 ep] Utility Belt: Laughing Gas Grenade (see pg. 140, Tear Gas Grenade) [18 ep] Round Bomb (see pg. 140, Dynamite) [1 ep] Grappling Pop-Gun (Super-Movement: Swinging) [1 ep] Comedy Muse Mask (see pg. 136, Gas Mask) [1 ep] Mini Tracer [1 ep] Flashlight [1 ep] Camera [1 ep] Video Camera [1 ep] Cell phone [1 ep] Digital Audio Recorder [1 ep] Handcuffs [1 ep] Lock Release Gun [1 ep] Weapons (independent of Utility Belt): Grenade Launcher w/ Round Copper Bomb payload [15 ep] Laughing Gas Grenade Payload [1 ep] Items: Commlink [1 ep] Laptop [1 ep] Costs (Harlequin): Abilities (44) + Combat (28) + Saves (17) + Skills (26 – 104 skill points) + Feats (32) + Powers (3) - Drawbacks (0) = Total Cost (150)
  11. OK, I revised the original post to allow for the following changes: :arrow: Removed Diana's Immunity: Life Support. Diana gained 9 pp from the change. :arrow: Removed Diana's Shapeshift. Diana gained 1 pp from the change. :arrow: Changed Deborah Lee's Equipment 20 to Equipment 5 (grants 25 ep). This corrects the miscount I had under Deborah Lee's Equipment. Deborah Lee is now worth 11 pp; that exceeded Diana's Sidekick 2: Deborah Lee, so I have increased it to Sidekick 3: Deborah Lee. Diana spent 1 pp to make the change. Deborah Lee gained 4 ep from the change. :arrow: Increased Diana's Sidekick 3: Deborah Lee to Sidekick 6: Deborah Lee. Diana spent 3 pp to make this change. Deborah Lee has been substantially altered because of this change. Deborah Lee no longer has any spare pp or ep. :arrow: Added Power Feat: Persistent to Diana's Regeneration. Diana spent 1 pp to make this change. :arrow: Increased Diana's Snare 2 to Snare 3. This increases the base points in Diana'a Alternate Power Set, so I also increased Diana's Elongation 6 to Elongation 9. Diana spent 3 pp to make this change. :arrow: Added Improvised Tools to Diana's feats (thanks for the advice, Doc Archeville :clap: ). Diana has spent 1 pp to make this change. :arrow: Diana added an alternate power, Mimic, to her Alternate Power Set. Diana spent 1 pp to make this change, and has no pp remaining.
  12. Ah, I see what you're saying about Immunity. At first, I took your meaning as such: I receive lesser Immunities since I paid so much for this Immunity. Now, I know that to be wrong, obviously; I have to buy each Immunity separately. But I looked further into my powers, and realized what you were saying: Diana cannot suffocate, be poisoned, fall prey to disease, et cetera because it would require failing a Fortitude check in order for that to occur. So what you're saying is that since I cannot fail those checks, I don't need to buy my other Immunities. Gotcha. That's correct. They all are tied to her ability to transform her body. Snare was the most expensive power, and thus the one I used for my primary power. Awww... not even with a limitation? Well, alright, just don't ask me to like it. :?: Can I use Mimic instead? OK let's do the numbers... ... so that's 12 ep for the headquarters... ... 8 ep for the truck... ... and 1 for her devices. :shock: Son of a gun, that is 21. I hate it when my math goes poopie. OK. I'll add another rank of Equipment to correct it.
  13. Player's Name: Wildcard Power Level: 6 Characters Name: Diana Alternate Identity: None Height: 6 feet even (assumed actual height) Weight: 400 pounds Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown, no pupils Description: A tall, full-figured woman made entirely of mud of one form or another; in some places light brown and hardened solid, and in others dark brown and fluid. Background: Diana doesn’t know how she came to exist, but she understands that she used to be a life-size clay statue created by Deborah, and that is enough for her to believe Deborah is her master. Diana started working with law enforcement when Deborah’s workshop was robbed. She aided the police in the capture of the criminals, and it was this incident that brought her abilities to the attention of the superhero community. When Diana isn’t working, either for Deborah or with other superheroes, she spends her time outside the workshop on her own garden. Stats: Str: 14 (+2) [4 pp] Dex: 14 (+2) [4 pp] Con: 0 (null) [-10 pp] Int: 8 (-1) [-2 pp] Wis: 4 (-3) [-6 pp] Cha: 4 (-3) [-6 pp] Combat: Attack: +4 [8 pp] Defense: +4, +6 with Dodge Focus, +2 flatfooted [8 pp] Initiative: +2 Grapple: +5 Saves: Toughness: +6 [6 pp] Fortitude: X Reflex: +8 [6 pp] Will: -3 Skills: (24 skill points) Craft: Artistic 4 (+3) Diplomacy 4 (+2); +4 with Attractive Disguise 4 (+2); +30 if using Mimic to disguise her appearance; +15 if using Mimic to disguise her voice Knowledge: Earth Sciences 4 (+3) Medicine 4 (+3) Search 4 (+3) Feats: Ambidexterity Attractive Chokehold Diehard Dodge Focus 2 Improved Grab Improved Grapple Improved Pin Improvised Tools Prone Fighting Sidekick 6: Deborah Lee Powers: Immunity: Fortitude Saves [30 pp] Regeneration (Recovery Check +0, wounds recover per round with no rest) [13 pp] Regeneration check: +0 Wounds: per round, no rest Power Feats: Persistent, Regrowth Alternate Power Set Snare 3 (Ex: Engulf, Blocks Vision) [9 pp] Insubstantial 1 [1 pp] Elongation 9 (90 ft.) [1 pp] Mimic Appearance 6 linked with Mimic Voice 3 [1 pp] Drawbacks: Cannot mimic colors without Deborah Lee's aid and preparation. [+?? pp] DC Block: ATTACKS: SAVE DC: DAMAGE TYPE: Unarmed Attack 17* /Toughness Bruise Snare 12 / Reflex Helpless Costs (Diana): Abilities (-16) + Combat (12) + Saves (6) + Skills (6; 24 skill points) + Feats (17) + Powers (55) - Drawbacks (0) = Total Cost (90) Sidekick: Deborah Lee Height: 5 feet 4 inches Weight: 130 pounds Hair: Red Eyes: Blue Deborah was the artist ‘responsible’ for Diana’s creation; specifically, she crafted Diana’s body. She has no idea how Diana came to life, but takes care of her nonetheless. The two are very close. She even taught Diana how to grow her own plants and craft her own clay statues. Diana is convinced that Deborah is her master. Deborah owns a small artist’s workshop. Stats: Str: 12 (+1) [2 pp] Dex: 12 (+1) [2 pp] Con: 12 (+1) [2 pp] Int: 10 (+0) Wis: 10 (+0) Cha: 8 (-1) [-2 pp] Combat: Attack: +1 Defense: +1 Initiative: +1 Grapple: +2 Saves: Toughness: +1; +2 when wearing leather jacket Fortitude: +3 Reflex: +1 Will: +2 Skills: (24 skill points) Craft: Artistic 8 (+8) Drive 4 (+5) Intimidate 4 (+3) Knowledge: Current Events 4 (+4) Notice 4 (+5) Sense Motive 4 (+5) Feats: Equipment 9 (grants 45 ep) Powers: Healing 2 (Fl: Only works on Diana) [2 pp] DC Block: ATTACKS: SAVE DC: DAMAGE TYPE: Unarmed Attack 16*/Toughness Bruise Light Pistol 18/Toughness Pepper Spray (to avoid initial spray) 15/Reflex blindness, stun possibility Pepper Spray (to negate stun effect) 15/Fortitude Stun Pepper Spray (to recover) 11/Fortitude (-1 per round) Pepper spray effects persist Equipment: Headquarters: Deborah’s Workshop (an abandoned auto shop and junkyard) Size: Large [2 ep] Toughness: 10 [2 ep] Features: Artistic Workshop, Automotive Parts Yard, Computer, Fire Prevention System, Garage, Living Space, Mechanical Workshop, Power System [8 ep] Vehicle: Deborah’s Pickup Truck Strength: 20 [0 ep] Speed (land): 100 MPH [4 ep] Toughness: 10 [3 ep] Size: Large [1 ep] Features: Super-Movement: Sure Footed 1 [1 ep] Items Camera [1 ep] Cell phone [1 ep] Laptop [1 ep] Leather Jacket [1 ep] Light Pistol [6 ep] Pepper Spray [15 ep] Costs (Deborah): Abilities (4) + Combat (4) + Saves (4) + Skills (7) + Feats (9) + Powers (2) - Drawbacks (00) = Total Cost (30)
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