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  1. Well, since the flood gates have parted ever so slightly, and I'm still waiting for feedback on the Summon debate, have you guys considered bumping the PL6 option up to PL8? Seems like a sweet spot for street level and teen heroes. Though, I will concede that PL6 is better for skills-centric normal heroes. I suppose it's just a matter of the specific purpose of the lower PL option. :smash:
  2. Hey, I've waited all of this time. What's a little more waiting? I'm just glad this didn't go sour immediately. Anyway, I guess I'll just sit tight and wait for you guys to mull over things.
  3. Good evening everyone! I've contemplated several builds, but the one I most want to take a shot at running is a duplicator. Unfortunately, the duplicator violates a couple of the most restrictive house rules this site imposes on summon and its related powers. I've discussed this in the chat room, and the recommendation was to just man up and present the character for discussion. Who knows, this thread may actually affect changes in the Summon house rules that some players in the chat room (I leave it up to them to come forward) expressed an interest in seeing. To avoid ambushing, the house rules I'm interested in are: Next up, the character: Characters Name: Replay Power Level: 10 [120/150] Trade-Offs: +1 Attack for -1 Damage Unspent PP: 30 Alternate Identity: Trevor Joel Makenzie Age: 15 (born August 15) Gender: Male Height: 170 cm [5'7"] Weight: 60 kg [132 lb] Eyes: Hazel Hair: Dark Blond Description: Fairly average in size for a fifteen year old boy, Replay stands at a height of 170 cm (5’7â€) while weighing a fairly average 60 kg (132 lb). Strongly resembling his father, he has hazel eyes and dark blond hair usually worn short with a "fresh out of bed" sort of styled dishevelment. Never one to be outdone, his mother has gifted him with a charming smile capable of reducing anyone to modeling clay along with an almost unearthly allure, both which he uses to devastating effect. Courtesy of his father's rigorous physical conditioning and Krav Maga training, Replay possesses an athletic build comparable to a gymnast or sprinter. Though, this comes at the cost of several long healed injuries ranging cuts and scrapes to broken ribs to even a surgically reconstructed left elbow. Beyond the scars left by the aforementioned injuries, his only other distinguishing mark is a scar left from an appendectomy several years prior. Regarding attire, Replay usually opts for stylish, business casual clothing with a distinct preference for earth tones over brighter colors. Helping to maintain his usual position near, and often times at, the top of the social ladder amongst his peers, he always remains current with fashion trends and usually even manages designer labels, even after his grandparents assumed guardianship of him. Regardless of what Replay chooses to wear one item always accompanies his attire: a vitreous, teardrop-shaped cut of almandine, dark red in color, which dangles from his neck via a length of black cord. Previously owned by his mother, it was given to him for luck just before the fateful job that led to his parents' downfall. Understandably, the necklace carries substantial sentimental value to Replay. So much in fact, that he never removes it. Meanwhile, a black Apple iPhone 3GS housing a wealth of contacts and sensitive information regarding his illicit operations usually hangs at his waist supplementing things. When acting as a superhero, Replay instead opts for loose-fitting attire more appropriate for the role consisting of a hooded leather vest and leather pants. Hiding a sleeveless black shirt underneath, his zippered vest is decorated with a carnelian red pattern of stylish, but ultimately nondescript, interconnected polygons encircling matching Rs on its front and back set against a black background with taupe gray accents. This color scheme continues on to Replay’s pants, albeit with more dichotomy between the black sections and carnelian red ones and more prominent taupe grey sections. Largely hidden underneath the veil of darkness perpetually cast by his hood, he also wears either a black domino mask or a pair of mirrored black wraparound sunglasses with the decision dictated by time of day and lighting conditions. Adding a pair of slip on combat boots and full-fingered gloves, both black in color, to things, Replay rounds out his costume with a pair of black bracers fashioned from vulcanized rubber and a black belt styled to accentuate the geometric patterns of his vest and pants. History: Born in Bologna, Italy, Replay is the only child of Trevor Tate, a former Secret Service agent turned assassin and thief, and Sarah Makenzie-Tate, a world-class assassin and thief. With his parents possessed of such unusual professions it should be little surprise that Replay's childhood was…interesting, to put things lightly. Constantly shuffling from not only city to city but country to country, he found it absolutely impossible to make friends despite inheriting his mother's unearthly magnetism because he rarely spent more than four consecutive months in a single location. Tiring of the frustration and loneliness, Replay eventually concluded that he was best off using people to maximize his own enjoyment rather than attempting to form friendships. Since, barring his parents and nanny, everyone he met would return to being nobodies after a few short months time anyway. Over the next few years Replay transitioned from heartbroken to heart breaker as he learned to use his talents for less than honorable means becoming a grade A troublemaker in the process. Taking notice of this shift in his personality, his parents began training him to eventually join them in their exploits. Though, only their larcenous ones. Since, they'd made it a point to keep their status as assassins hidden from him. Under his mother's tutelage Replay refined his social interaction skills, while his father worked with him on physical conditioning and self-defense. By the age of 12 Replay's glibness and guile could make even the legendary Machiavelli jealous. Meanwhile, he could subdue the average adult male with relative ease for the times where he couldn't talk his way out of a confrontation. As a reward for his progress Replay's parents began allowing him to assist them on low-risk operations to further bolster his skills. Following a couple of easy, virtually zero-risk jobs Replay finally got his opportunity to join his parents on a riskier, but still low risk, job in Freedom City following the emergence of his duplication power shortly after his fourteenth birthday. However, his big day deteriorated into a nightmare when it became clear that the job was a trap devised by the world renowned detective, Noël. Armed with the knowledge that the Replay beside them was only a duplicate, Replay watched through his duplicate's eyes as his parents attempted to fight/escape the dozens of law enforcement agents surrounding the warehouse they were in. Unfortunately, the final images he received from his duplicate before it died from injuries suffered during the chaos were of his parents falling to gunfire in the distance outside the warehouse. Following the tragedy, Replay and his nanny attempted to flee the city only to find Noël one step ahead of them as they were arrested at Jordan International. Following the worst day of his life, Replay was relieved to find that his parents weren't killed in the shootout. Unfortunately, they were sentenced to death for their crimes following a lengthy trial that received little media attention. Though he understood that the death penalty effectively amounted to life in prison in the United States, it did little to comfort Replay. Since, he also knew that, barring some miracle, he'd never again see his parents outside of a detention facility. On the bright side no charges were levied against Replay, since his involvement in his parents' crimes couldn't be proved. So, he was released and relocated to Freedom City after his paternal grandparents gained custody of him. It wasn't long after moving to Freedom City that Replay tried his hand at heroics, primarily out of boredom due to the figurative choke chain wrapped around his neck by his grandparents. Now, a few months after relocating to Freedom City, he secretly prepares to embark on a serious career as a superhero following a little research on his new school: Claremont Academy. Though, one can't help but wonder if Replay will truly commit to the life of a superhero or grow bored and return to the life he's most familiar. Personality & Motivation: Given his upbringing and heritage, and Lilinette's machinations, it should come as little surprise that Replay is best described as an antihero who can be one's best friend or worst enemy. Constantly struggling against the sinister desires of his tainted blood, he isn't above using the most underhanded of tactics to achieve his goals. In fact, the only limit to his unscrupulousness at the present is killing. Despite this, Replay genuinely does have good intentions driving his actions. Moreover, he attempts to amend mistakes whenever he makes them. When it comes to heroics the sheer thrill of the adventure appears to be Replay's greatest motivation. However, this is just a facade. The reality is that Replay's trying to prove to himself that he's a good person. While he easily rationalized his parents' larcenous activities, as well as his own, the recent revelation of his parents as assassins with the blood of hundreds on their hands has caused him to view them as the “bad guys,†causing him a great amount of confusion and heartache. This new perspective has driven him to question whether he too is one of the “bad guys.†Is he wrong for still loving them? Does coming from murderers like his parents automatically make him bad? These and many more questions remain unanswered in his mind. So, Replay has taken up heroics to feel less like a villain while wading through the maelstrom in his head and heart. Powers & Tactics: Replay is a metahuman with the mutant ability to harness ambient mystical energy around him. Unfortunately, his demonic blood twists this ability causing him to siphon mystical energy from the Lower Planes instead. The full capabilities of his power currently remain a mystery, as Replay limits himself to summoning dozens upon dozens of duplicates of himself for unknown reasons. Viewing his power as rather mundane, Replay prefers to use his words to defuse when conflicts arise. Barring such an option he instead hangs back and assesses the situation, often via his duplicates, before acting on what he deems the best course of action. Upon entering combat Replay utilizes gang tactics to dispatch foes often resorting to distracting enemies to set up allies or simply subduing enemies through the sheer volume of his attacks when a supporting role isn't ideal. Complications: Enemy – Lilinette the Diabolical: An agent for the enigmatic demon responsible for corrupting Replay's bloodline, Lilinette is a master manipulator possessed of skill that would make even the great Machiavelli envious. From the shadows she's manipulated circumstance after circumstance to keep her master's impure progeny pariahs in human society before seducing the most promising into embracing their demonic heritage once they're at their most vulnerable. Sporting a perfect record thus far, Lilinette's struggled with converting Replay, most evident by his decision to take up heroics despite recent events in his life. However, she isn't prepared let such a setback blemish her record. Especially when she has many more tricks beyond subtlety and guile at her disposal. Hatred/Temper – Noël (Noel Irvine): One of the world's greatest detectives, Noël's true identity remains a mystery to all, even the world's governments. First appearing to law enforcement agencies around the world only a few years ago, Noël has provided clues and evidence leading to the arrest of some of the world's most infamous criminals, including Replay and his parents. As a result, Noël serves as the focal point for quite literally all of his anger and pain over his current situation. So intense is his grudge that even the mention of Noël's name can send him into a rage. Moreover, Replay has many times vowed great violence against Noël if they should ever meet in person. While he is currently receiving counseling to help manage his feelings, the wounds inflicted by Noël aren't easily healed. Thus, for the foreseeable future, any meeting between the two is certain to be…eventful. Prejudice – Lineage: As the son of such infamous assassins and thieves, it goes without saying that most people familiar with Replay's parents' exploits or, Heaven forbid, directly affected by them are likely to assume him no better. Moreover, his roguish ways certainly do little to motivate people to assume differently. Responsibility – Grandparents: While Replay's grandparents are fully capable of taking care of themselves, they place significant demands on his time through chores and regular tabs on his activities. Put simply, they don't want to see him disappoint them the way his father did. Plus, they simply don't trust him. Who can blame them? He has spent virtually the entirety of his life raised by two of the world's greatest thieves and assassins. Though Replay has managed to mitigate his grandparents' impact with his Duplication power, slipping and deceiving grandparents who've retired from law enforcement is easier said than done, even with his unfair advantage. Secret – Identity: Like most superheroes, Replay keeps his true identity a secret. However, he has more incentive to do so than most. Since, law enforcement agencies around the world have Trevor Makenzie on their radars. Moreover, Freedom City law enforcement has monitored him like vultures circling over a carcass from the day he relocated to the city. Given the suspicion and mistrust levied against his normal identity, it goes without saying that Replay desperately wishes to keep his superhero identity unassociated with it. Trouble Seeker: For as long as he can remember trouble has always followed Replay. Sure, he has caused more than his fair share of trouble, but there have been plenty of occasions where he was accused or found guilty of things he genuinely had no involvement in. It was as if the world was out to get him during those times. While things have quieted a bit for Replay since coming into his grandparents' custody, it's only a matter of time until trouble, deserved or not, finds him once more. In Brief: Replay is an antiheroic duplicator struggling to escape the chains of his parents' sins, as well as those of an ancestor he's never even known. Stats: 4+4+4+2+2+10 = 26pp Str: 14 (+2) Dex: 14 (+2) Con: 14 (+2) Int: 12 (+1) Wis: 12 (+1) Cha: 20 (+5) Combat: 8+8 = 16pp Attack: +4 Base, +5 Melee, +9 Powers Grapple: +7 Defense: +8 (+2 flat-footed, +4 Dodge Focus) Knockback: -1 Base, -7 Force Field Initiative: +6 Saves: 3+3+3 = 9pp Toughness: +2 (+2 Con, +0 Other) Fortitude: +8 (+2 Con, +3 Base, +3 Enhanced) Reflex: +8 (+2 Dex, +3 Base, +3 Enhanced) Will: +8 (+1 Wis, +3 Base, +4 Enhanced) Skills: 64r = 16pp Acrobatics 08 (+10) *Bluff* 06 (+11) *Bluff w/Attractive* -- (+15) *Diplomacy* 06 (+11) *Diplomacy w/Attractive* -- (+15) *Disable Device* 08 (+09) *Disable Device w/MW Tools* -- (+11) *Gather Information* 10 (+15) Knowledge: Pop Culture 04 (+05) Knowledge: Streetwise 04 (+05) Notice 09 (+10) Sense Motive 09 (+10) Feats: 15pp Attack Focus – Melee (+1 Melee attack rolls) Attractive (+4 Bluff, +4 Diplomacy when attractiveness helps) Connected (DC10+ Diplomacy check to call in favors) Equipment 1 (Gain 5 equipment points) All-Out Attack (Trade Defense for Attack up to a maximum of +/-5) Improved Grab (Initiate grapple with melee attack) Improved Pin (Opponents suffer -4 to escape grapples and pins) Power Attack (Trade Attack for Damage up to a maximum of +/-5) Improved Initiative (+4 to Initiative rolls) Move-By Action (Take Standard action at any point during Move action) Set-Up (Transfer combat interaction skill bonuses to an ally) Skill Mastery - Bluff/Diplomacy/Disable Device/Gather Information(Take 10 with listed skills even under pressure) Teamwork 3 (+3 bonus when using Aid action) Powers: 26+10+8 = 44pp Duplication 7 (Mutation/Mystical; Extras: Horde; Flaws: Feedback; Power Feats: Absorption Healing, Alternate Power 5, Mental Link, Progression 4, Sacrifice) [26pp] AP1: Blast 5 (Duplication/Mutation/Mystical; Extras: Autofire 1; Power Feats: Accurate 2, Attack Focus - Ranged, Mighty 2) AP2: Snare 7 (Duplication/Mutation/Mystical; Extras: Constricting, Feedback; Power Feats: Accurate 2, Attack Focus – Ranged, Obscure Sense 2 - Sight/Sound, Reversible, Tether) AP3: Strike 5 (Duplication/Mutation/Mystical; Extras: Autofire 2; Power Feats: Accurate 2, Mighty) AP4: Super Movement 2 (Duplication/Mutation/Mystical; Traits: Slow Fall, Swinging) AP5: Teleport 1 (Duplication/Mutation/Mystical; Extras: Accurate; Flaws: Short Range; Power Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity) Hard to lose Device 3 (Enchanted Tear, Mystical/Profane; Traits: Dodge Focus 4, Enhanced Fortitude 3, Enhanced Reflex 3, Enhanced Will 4, Evasion 1; Drawbacks: Power Loss – Hallowed ground) [10pp] Force Field 6 (Duplication/Mutation/Mystical; Extras: Impervious 6, Linked – Mirror Image; Flaws: Ablative; Drawbacks: Power Loss – Whenever Duplication power is unavailable) [8pp] Drawbacks: 2+2+2 = 6pp Vulnerability – “Holy†Descriptor Attacks [F]: Due to the introduction of succubus blood into his mother's bloodline centuries ago, Replay suffers additional damage from attacks with the “holy†descriptor. Fortunately for him the demonic blood has been greatly diluted by the centuries that have passed since the incident, thus he suffers a reduced effect compared to even half-demons. To this effect, Replay suffers only 50% more damage, as opposed to the doubled damage demons take. Weakness - Hallowed ground/objects [F]: Due to his tainted blood Replay finds hallowed ground and objects discomforting. Though he's still able to walk on hallowed ground and touch sacred objects he falls ill whenever he's merely within their proximity. In game terms, Replay suffers a cumulative -1 penalty to all checks, attack rolls, and defense every minute he remains within 30 feet of hallowed ground or a sacred object. DC Block: Blast 5 --- 22-27/Toughness --- Bruised, Staged Snare 7 --- 17/Reflex --- Staged Strike 5 --- 22-27/Toughness --- Bruised, Staged Unarmed 2 --- 17/Toughness --- Bruised, Staged Costs: Abilities (26) + Combat (16) + Saves (09) + Skills (16) + Feats (15) + Powers (44) - Drawbacks (06) = 120pp Well, after digesting all of that, I'm afraid I have a little more. House rule 1's (HR1) issue should be fairly obvious. However, beyond the obvious is the fact that Replay actually winds up stronger, yet more expensive, with HR1 in effect. Moreover, HR1 prevents several logical applications solely for fear potential abuses. I suppose my question here is why isn't this a case-by-case thing instead of a blanket one? HR5 is a rule whose spirit I agree with, but I feel it actually misses the mark. With the ban on heroic summons (which I agree with under most circumstances) is it really necessary to ban the maximum number of summons? If the intent is to control action economy, wouldn't it be better to simply restrict the number of summons that can be active in a combat instead? This makes the minions only rule less harsh, since their relative fragility would be offset by reserve capacity, which is further balanced by action consumption. Lastly, HR6 just seems to defeat the design intent of a duplicator. You know the whole mundane Joe whose threat comes from quantity not quality bit? While HR6 doesn't hit Replay very hard at all, a more traditional duplicator is forced to include combat abilities in the concept or be absolutely hosed here given civilian benchmarks. Why not just institute PL-based caps instead? That way, a player can actually make a mundane Joe duplicator using just the Duplication power instead of having to sidestep it. Meanwhile, you guys don't have to worry about bonuses skyrocketing out of control. Finally, I'd like to make it clear that I truly feel you guys have done a wonderful job here, and I understand that the rules are in place to maintain balance. I'm only asking that you guys consider my arguments here today. I'll go hide in my corner now. :|
  4. it's cool, barnum. the check required flaw on the main magic powers is being changed to unreliable to make things more clearcut (i.e., no more worrying about nic's arcane lore ranks increasing). i really don't mind a 50% chance of failure on a config change, and unreliable can be rp'd the exact same way as i'd planned to with the check required flaw. i'm still working on reducing costs on the spells via means other than the check required flaw (since, thinking about it, it's only logical that nic's arcane lore check will increase over time, thus gradually nulling the flaw). as for your interpretation of the rules for exactly how many pp an array has, i can live with it. i actually like your interpretation better anyway, as it means i don't have to have a ridiculous number of ranks just to pull of something more than a standard 2 pp/rank power within the array. i can actually look at an extra or two now to get the array's pp up to where i need it. :D
  5. thanks for taking time to supply feedback, barnum. it definitely leaves me with a lot of work to do. i only have a handful of replies before i set off to make changes: 1) you know, i never noticed that you couldn't (admittedly, i didn't read the relevant section too closely). however, after your notification, i read the saves section more closely. the defensive roll feat now makes much more sense to me. 2) "Bluff 07/10." i made a separate entry for the attractive feat's bonus due to it being a conditional bonus rather than a permanent one. 3) typo 4) 4 dynamic ap (8 pp), 1 normal ap (1 pp), note that my math may still be off. 6) ultimate power states "power rank x 2" pp to spend for the amount of points available to be spent on the base power (as well as alternate powers) under magic's description. as a result, i've always handled the power as such with feats, drawbacks, extras, and flaws applied to magic (or similar powers) itself having no bearing on the pp available to the array. is my interpretation incorrect, or did kenson errata it? i'm done. off to work on the uncontested things. :)
  6. just a bump in case dr. archeville, and the other moderators, have forgotten about little old me. ;)
  7. 1) well, i'd intended to keep nic's knowledge: arcane lore skill within one rank of his magic power (now powers XD) until i mustered up the pp and storyline reason to buy it off. now, i realize that there's absolutely nothing official about that as it is. so, perhaps nic can officially be slapped with the aforementioned as a restriction? 2) i'm not a science guy (i'm a math guy ), so i honestly didn't give any thought to pure iron versus iron alloys. however, considering the whole weakness is derived from d&d fey, i'm inclined to say iron allows. i'd rather not increase the frequency though because i really don't want any more points to spend . additionally, i just don't see bullets, knives, swords, and other such weapons as all that common in a four color setting (which is the target atmosphere for nic). 3) i followed your suggestion on the super-senses bit, but nic's sorcery is split to enable him to use his offensive spells alongside his defensive ones. originally, i used the wide extra, but that's banned here. so, splitting nic's sorcery into two groups (largely offensive powers in one group and defensive/support powers in the other) was my solution to the problem. i did however attempt to reduce the footprint of the powers section, as well as tweak the formatting a little, in the hopes of making it easier to read and follow. lastly, thanks for taking the time to critique nic. :bow:
  8. okay, i ditched wide and reallocated points. unfortunately, i did this while at work and without my books. so, don't flog me too badly if there are some bad mistakes. :D
  9. d'oh! i skimmed over things trying to see if it was allowed, but i guess my eyes failed me. hmm...that is a major downer. guess i'll have to see if i can shave points somewhere to separate his flight and force field from the array, as that's really the entire reason for wide (to allow the use of his offensive powers in conjunction with his defensive ones). thanks for the heads up. :)
  10. Players Name: Paper Tiger Power Level: 10 Character's Name: Nicolas Eugene Rousseau Alternate Identity: Aether Height: 168 cm [5'6â€Â] Weight: 56.7 kg [125 lb] Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Sea Green Description: Standing at 168 cm (5’6â€Â) and weighing in at 56.7 kg (125 lb), Nicolas is of fairly average height and weight for a fourteen year old human boy. He has sea green eyes and short dark brown hair which, aptly enough considering his carefree outlook, usually identifies a messy-spiky hairdo as its bedfellow. Despite the time he’s spent outdoors he isn't particularly tanned, while the rigorous physical training of the Lacoste clan has left him lean and fit with an athletic build comparable to a gymnast or sprinter. However, by the same token, the clan’s rigorous physical training, as well as its penchant for resolving conflicts with brawls instead of words, has also left him with a fair number of scars, bruises, and broken bones, all of which have fortunately long since healed. Consequently, anyone unfamiliar with the clan's training and antics, but familiar with his past injuries, might mistakenly conclude that he's suffered physical abuse in the past. Regarding attire, Nic usually opts for plain and nondescript clothes generally in earth tones. Though, he does occasional show his classier side and don formal wear when necessary. Unlike his counterpart in the other dimension, he never inherited the fortune of a corrupt billionaire. Thus, designer labels are rarely found in his wardrobe. Rounding out his attire, Nic usually sports a simple emerald green sun ray dial watch with a black leather strap in addition to a necklace consisting of a length of black cord threaded through the centers of 7 black and 7 white tomoe-shaped trinkets and a marble-like bauble. Alternating between black and white along the necklace, the tomoe are fashioned from giant clam shells, while the bauble initially appears to be filled with swirling black mist dotted with tiny sparkles of silvery white light. However, a close inspection of the baubles reveals that its actual contents: a breathtakingly beautiful and detailed “recreation†of the Milky Way galaxy. History: Born in Strasbourg, France, Nicolas Eugene Rousseau is the son of Nicolette and Jean-René Rousseau, a pair of prosperous architects. However, unknown to most, Nic's mother wasn't entirely the perfectly normal human that she seemed. As it so happens, Nicolette was a member of an ancient clan of gypsies well-versed in the arcane arts. While she initially embraced her rich heritage, even going so far as to take up the superhero mantle as the superhero Aeon, Nicolette eventually rejected it after a clash with Baron Samedi which resulted from Samedi kidnapping and torturing her, normal human, best friend in ways that left the man physically, mentally, and emotionally devastated. Allowing her rage to overcome her, Nicolette lost control over her sorcery during the battle costing hundreds of innocent civilians their lives when her magic unleashed an awesome nova of raw mystical energy that demolished a skyscraper. In the end, she managed to regain control of her magic and finally defeat her nemesis. However, guilt over the blood on her hands left her an emotional wreck afterwards, driving her to retire her superhero persona, abandoned sorcery, and move to France, where she met Jean-René a few years later. For the most part, Nic's childhood was fairly typical. He had 2 loving parents, a carefree life, and a host of friends. Where his childhood deviated from the norm was in the early, uncontrolled manifestation of the sorcery he'd inherited from his mother. Producing random effects like moving or destroying objects, conjuring objects and animals from thin air, and altering objects and people from one state to another whenever Nic experienced strong emotions, he and his mother were forced to hide his inheritance from his father, who was a fervent supporter of anti-mutant/supernatural legislature. While covering up his sorcery wasn't too difficult at first, Nic's mother was ultimately forced to embrace her heritage once more and begin teaching him to suppress his magic once its effects grew beyond the capacity of simple explanations. Strangely enough, while Nicolette could've simply stripped him of his magic, the notion never entered her mind. So, with Nic's mastery over suppressing his magic came a return to normalcy and calm until tragedy struck on the night following his eighth birthday. Nic and his parents were driving home from the airport after a pair of fun-filled days at Disneyland Paris for his birthday. Unfortunately, two days of festivities with friends and family were capped with his parents' SUV rolling over from the impact of a vehicle manned by a drunk driver. Mercifully asleep at the time, Nicolas suffered severe injuries that left him comatose for weeks; whereas, his parents, who were awake during the collision, were killed. With relatives on his mother's side unknown due to her alienation and adoption of an alias and only a pair of ailing grandparents alive on his father's side, he was shunted off to an orphanage after recuperating in the hospital, becoming a ward of the French government. However, where his life could've taken the same turn it did in his original incarnation, it instead veered onto a different path due to his premature manifestation of his sorcery, as opposed to his original incarnation's premature manifestation of a mutant duplication ability. Thus, due to earlier detection of his mystic presence, Nic was found by his mother's gypsy relatives nearly a year before Mr. Klein and Baron Samedi could get a hold of him. Relocated to the United States after his relatives gained custody of him, Nic experienced a most interesting lifestyle as a member of a nomadic gypsy clan. While they are decidedly on the good side of the alignment spectrum, his relatives are more than a little willing to bend and break society's laws and interact with the denizens of its seedy underbelly. That said, their illegal activities typically revolved around some form of fraud. Additionally, while they are known to participate in more reprehensible acts they generally only target known criminals when doing so. In between lessons on how to effectively perform a bevy of skills related to the clan's trade, Nic also learned how to properly tap into and wield the sigil sorcery inherited from his mother and, by proxy, the Lacoste clan. Rather talented at sorcery, as evidenced by the exceptionally young age he'd learned to completely suppress his personal magic, he quickly grew into quite the promising sorcerer. Moreover, his mastery of the “Charm†spell made him rather coveted within the clan. Since, few clansmen could match his talent at wielding the exceedingly useful “Charm†spell. However, it wasn't all sunshine and daisies for Nic within the clan. For, being criminals, the American government constantly seeks to bring them to justice. Meanwhile, the fantastic nature of some of their cons and escapes has garnered them the attention of anti-mutant organizations. Then, there are sheer number of demons and evil mystics, psychics, and mutants that they've run afoul. Since, while criminals in the eyes of the American government, they weren't strangers to fighting supernatural crimes. Of particular note are Hades and Una, Queen of the Underworld, both of whom the clan has crossed paths with, and foiled, innumerable times over the centuries. Furthermore, Baron Samedi, though having missed his opportunity to lure Nic to his side, still seeks to corrupt or kill him as part of his deep-seated grudge against Aeon/Nicolette. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on one's perspective, his inherited enemies still plot within the shadows allowing him to focus his attention on other things: like whether he can continue to resist the lure of the cape and cowl or realizing his dream of becoming the next Master Mage. Stats [32 PP]: Str: 12 (+1) Dex: 16 (+3) Con: 16 (+3) Int: 18 (+4) Wis: 14 (+2) Cha: 16 (+3) Combat [20 PP]: Attack: +4 Defense: +10 [+6 Base, +4 Dodge Focus] Initiative: +7 Grapple: +5 Saves [07 PP]: Toughness: +3 [+5 w/Defensive Roll, +7 w/Force Field, +10 w/both] Fortitude: +5 [+10 w/Moon Bauble] Reflex: +5 [+10 w/Moon Bauble] Will: +5 [+10 w/Moon Bauble] Skills [26 PP]: Acrobatics 05/08 Bluff 07/10 Bluff w/Attractive --/14 Computers 04/08 Concentration 08/10 Craft: Structural 10/14 Diplomacy 07/10 Diplomacy w/Attractive --/14 Disable Device 05/09 Gather Information 07/10 Knowledge: Arcane Lore 11/15 Knowledge: Current Events 04/08 Knowledge: Pop Culture 04/08 Knowledge: Streetwise 04/08 Language (English, Romani) 02/-- Nic's native language is French Notice 08/10 Sense Motive 08/10 Sleight of Hand 05/08 Stealth 05/08 Feats [16 PP]: All-Out Attack Artificer Attractive 1 Defensive Roll 2 Dodge Focus 4 Improved Initiative 1 Luck 1 [Pirika’s blessing] Power Attack Precise Shot Ritualist Skill Mastery [bluff, Craft: Structural, Diplomacy, Knowledge: Arcane Lore] Uncanny Dodge 1 [Mental; Pirika’s blessing] Powers [58 PP]: Moon Bauble Hard to Lose Device 3 [Feats] (12 PP) Device Powers: Enhanced Fortitude 5, Enhanced Reflex 5, Enhanced Will 5 ----- Rune Sorcery I Magic 12 [Feats] (32 PP) Magic Missile Magic Array Default Power: Blast 10 – Kinetic [Feats] Charm Magic Array Alternate Power: Emotion Control 10 [Feat] Mage Hand Magic Array Alternate Power: Telekinesis 10 [Feats] Mind Link Magic Array Alternate Power: Telepathy 10 [Feat] Time Stop, Lesser Magic Array Alternate Power: Paralyze 10 [Extra] ----- Rune Sorcery II Magic 7 [Drawbacks] (12 PP) Ghostwalk Magic Array Default Power: Flight 3 [Feat] Aegis Magic Array Alternate Power: Force Field 5 [Feat] ----- Sense Magic Super-Senses 2 [Awareness – Magic, Detect – Magic] (2 PP) Drawbacks [-6 PP]: Vulnerability – “Iron†Descriptor Attacks [-3 PP]: Due to minor alterations made to his physiology by a blessing from his Fey ex-girlfriend, Pirika, Nic suffers additional damage from attacks with the “iron†descriptor. Fortunately for him, the fact that he isn't Fey, rather someone under the blessing of a Fey, causes him to suffer a reduced effect compared to actual Fey. Thus, he suffers only 50% more damage, as opposed to the double damage Fey take. Additionally, “iron†descriptor attacks do not negate his ability to be resurrected. Finally, due to the availability of iron, this weakness is of moderate frequency. Weakness – When Damaged by “Iron†Descriptor Attacks [-3 PP]: Due to minor alterations made to his physiology by a blessing from his Fey ex-girlfriend, Pirika, Nic suffers additional ill-effect beyond simple increased damage whenever he suffers injury from any attack with the “iron†descriptor. This weakness is a moderate frequency sickness (due to the availability of iron) of moderate intensity that imposes a cumulative -1 penalty to all checks, attack rolls, and defense every time Nic is injured by an “iron†descriptor attack. Each occurrence of the penalty fades once the injury condition that caused it is healed, be it naturally or otherwise. Complications: Enemy – American Government: In the eyes of the American government, the Lacoste clan is nothing more than a band of criminals. Truth be told, the American government’s perception isn't entirely unfounded, as the clan has broken many of America's laws. Furthermore, they will continue to do so if left unchecked. However, what the American government doesn't realize is that the clan also fights the war against supernatural evil. Anyway, due to his participation in his clan's illegal activities, Nic is every bit as wanted by the government as his clansmen. Enemy – Baron Samedi: Courtesy of his long-standing feud with Nicolette, Baron Samedi has set his sights on destroying Nic to extend his torment and revenge into her afterlife. While his preference is to corrupt Nic as the ultimate revenge against Nicolette and her family, he's more than willing to simply kill Nic if corrupting him proves too troublesome. Enemy – Evil Eye: Surprise, surprise! The original Nicolas Rousseau returns as an alternate reality version of his Second Edition update! After departing from the Massachusetts Academy following his fateful attack on Vincent Voght, he was eventually captured and corrupted by Baron Samedi. However, in succeeding in his plans, Samedi inadvertently created the instrument of his own destruction, for Evil Eye wasted little time betraying Samedi and claiming his former master's magic and life. Craving dominion over the entire multiverse, he then began hunting mystics to siphon their power as his first step toward this goal. During his quest he learned of an ancient, faster method of attaining ultimate power that required absorbing the magic from each and every last one of his incarnations in the multiverse. Due to his now vast magical knowledge, Nic required little time to create a spell to open rifts to other dimensions. Now, having already killed and absorbed the magic from over a dozen alternate versions of himself, Evil Eye has arrived to kill and absorb this reality's version of him: Nicolas Rousseau of the clan Lacoste. Enemy – Hades: Similar to Baron Samedi, Hades' feud with the Lacoste clan of gypsies makes Nic one of the focal points of his ire. However, unlike Samedi, he lacks any particular desire to corrupt any of the clansmen, for he views the might of their combined goodness as far too great a threat to evil. Instead, his focus lies solely on eradicating the clan once and for all. That said, he's not above taking advantage of a clansman's weak will or moment of weakness to further his ambitions. However, regardless of any promises made to the compromised clansman, Hades will ultimately destroy him or her alongside the others. Phobia – Clowns: Due to an incident at his fourth birthday party involving a clown utilizing a hobo gimmick, followed by some local bullies forcing him to watch Stephen King's It, Nic finds even images of clowns terrifying, with such images alone being more than enough to send him into a panic. Phobia – Spiders: For as long as he can remember, Nic has been deathly terrified of spiders. Interestingly enough, he's never been bitten or attacked by spiders before. He just finds their eye count creepy and unsettling. DC Block: ATTACKS: -- SAVE DC: -- DAMAGE TYPE: Blast 10 -- 25-30/Toughness (Staged) -- Bruise Emotion Control 10 -- 20/Will (Staged) -- Attitude modification Nullify 10 -- 20/Will -- Nullify all effects Paralyze 10 -- 20/Will (Staged) -- Slowed or Paralyzed Telepathy 10 – 20/Will – Mind Reading Costs: Abilities (32) + Combat (20) + Saves (07) + Skills (26) + Feats (16) + Powers (58) - Drawbacks (06) = 153 PP edit1: added the flavor/unofficial names of each of Nic's powers. edit2: removed wide extra and reallocated pp. edit3: fixed skills and feats that i forgot to update. :oops: edit4: follow dr. archeville’s suggestions (to the best of my understanding anyway) and condensed nic’s powers some. formatting modified slightly to hopefully make things a little easier to follow.
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