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  1. I was thinking about an array actually.. If I put another force field power into the array, I could somehow make 2 forcefields, though at decreased strength right ?
  2. The first part can be done as Force Field (Extra: Affects Others [+1 to get both others & yourself]; Power Feat: Progression [for up to eight people around you, all touching you]), or the Affects Others [+1] and Area/Radius extras to get a bigger group (who don't need to touch you). The second part (if only protecting a group of folks some distance away, and not yourself) can be done with the Affects Others (+0 to change from "Personal" to "Touch"), Range/Ranged, and Area/Radius extras. To do both simultaneously, you'd need... I'm not entirely certain. I was thinking about an array actually.. If I put another force field power into the array, I could somehow make 2 forcefields, though at decreased strength right ?
  3. hmm.. I hadn't looked at it that way I guess... sometimes we have to stick to the system instead of logic, I can understand that :-D still working on my character though.. it's frustrating to have so much possibilities...
  4. But looking at the extra's and power feats, it would seem that a force field, is literally a force field. It goes both ways.. bullets can't come into the force field, but they also can't come out.. unless you take a power feat.. or what about the flaw permanent ? it suggests that if you can't turn it off, you get trouble trying to eat something, since food can't penetrate the force field..
  5. I think I understand what you mean, let me sum it up to see if I'm correct: I could use the ranged extra to increase the range of my force field, but it's center point would still be on myself. I can't make the center point of the force field somewhere else then ? So that means I would always be in range of my own force field, which is why it's pointless not to include myself ? because I basically want to be able to shield a small group of people around me, but be able to project a force field say 1000 yards away to protect a group of people there...
  6. Tssk tssk, I would have expected a referee to see the use of a force field which I could use to protect a group of people from a distance.. protect or imprison of course :-D :super:
  7. Ghehe, something I was already expecting of course .. :-D However, when giving the area extra, does that also mean I can shield others, not including myself ?
  8. Base cost for Force Field is only 1p/rank, so why the 3X ?
  9. That's what I figured tnx ;-) Sorry for my bothersome questions, but trying to check out my options here :-D So.. suppose I want to be able to use telekinesis to lift up multiple items, and/or be able to crush those multiple items, while still maintain control over what I lift/crush... can't I just take the Area Extra, and apply the Selective power feat ? For example, I want to be able to lift everything up on the street in the area I designate, except for my buddy who was standing in the middle of the area... Also, would this be possible?: Pyschic Powers Array: *TKinesis 10 (Damaging, Perception; Subtle, Alternate Power x2) *TKinesis 10 (Damaging, Area; Subtle) Total Points: 44pp This way, the Alternate Power's Array power's cost do not exceed the base power's cost right ? Swapping out Perception extra for Area extra keeps the costs the same.. not counting the alternate power feats as cost for the original power itself of course..
  10. If I wanted to change my forcefield into a field that surrounds me and the people standing next to me (but not touching me) and a force field I could project to shield other with, maybe even shield 2 groups at the same time (though probably with reduced effectiveness) wouldn't that make the power insanely expensive.. I'm also a little puzzled with power feats and extra's I'd need to apply. Anyone have some basic template with which I could work.. ?
  11. I don't think the 2nd alternate power is needed. The damaging extra itself states that dealing damage with telekinesis is optional... It states I CAN do damage with it, so that would mean it's optional right.. ?
  12. Hmm, what would Telekinesis with only the Area extra do ? lift everything in the area at once ? I would make it more like this: TK 10 (PF: 1 Alt Power) * TK 10 (Damaging) * TK 10 (Damaging. Area) (Total cost: 31pp, if I'm not mistaken)
  13. Well, I think the character concept itself is quite challenging. Especially considering you're totally dependent on other to survive probably. Unless you use your gift to attract a lot of worshippers who worship you for your power, and protect you, you'll be dragged all along the battlefield, be it for good or evil.. definately an interesting character concept, though I wonder how long a person could keep up with playing a character like that, you must be a real masochist..
  14. Yes, well, I don't Have to use the extra right ? I can choose to activate it without the extra, and when I decide lots of people need to get pain, I can use it with the extra.
  15. If I wanted to give my Telekinesis a Damage extra, but would want the character to be able to do that damage to an entire area, could I accomplish that with the "area" extra ?
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