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  1. Corporal Cosmos shook a couple nearby hands, and gave his name a few times, and said a silent prayer of thanks to whoever built his armor that no one could see his face. When someone asked if he was from space, Steve stopped for just a moment, before replying, "What gave it away? Was it the suit? It was the suit, wasn't it? See, they told me this was just how people dressed here, and I knew that couldn't be right. I mean, no one on 'Happy Days' wore a helmet, except the Fonz sometimes." Once he'd gotten away from the crowd, Cosmos stood with the other heroes for a moment longer as they watched Weissnacht get carted away. "I've known a couple good nerds in my time, and no sir, that was not one of them." At the mention of food, Steve's stomach lurched, but he knew he couldn't leave. Instead he simply replied, "Sorry, on the clock. Rain check?" Not really waiting for an answer, Corporal Cosmos took to the skies once again, and shot visibly away from the building, heading out several miles before doubling back to re-enter through the highest empty room he could find. Once he was back in the building and out of sight of any people or cameras, he deactivated his armor, and went in search of his boss for the day, ready to have the riot act read to him for disappearing in a crisis.
  2. Corporal Cosmos hung his head for a moment, feeling a little bad about keeping secrets from people who helped him out. Again. After a moment though, a thought occurred to him and he lifted his head back up and grasped Bram's hand and gave it two firm shakes. "I am trying to do the secret identity thing, but hell, my first name is common enough it can't be of much help to you anyway. I'm Steve," Cosmos replied. He continued, "I can't stick around here forever, unfortunately, but we should do this again sometime. There a way I can get ahold of you if something comes up? I've got a radio set in here somewhere," Steve tapped his helmet at the last statement. "Meantime, we probably should get downstairs, one of the big brains can probably patch you up, anyway."
  3. Well, three's company and all. Any ideas what kind of adventure you'd like to have? Corporal Cosmos is new, so he won't know much about the school, but I run a campaign in it elsewhere (sans the continuity from this forum).
  4. Corporal Cosmos dismissed his fist-shaped armament and instead crafted a large dumpster that he began tossing the ruined robots into. Getting to Weissnacht, he hesitated a moment, but eventually created a pair of handcuffs and put them on the rogue robotocist before tossing him in as well, maybe a little less gently than he could have. Once the area was cleared up, Cosmos flew over to The Penitent to check on his ally. Putting a steadying hand on The Penitent's shoulder, Cosmos inquired, "You okay? That one downstairs got me earlier, it was less than pleasant."
  5. Charging and attacking: Charge Attack: (1d20+10=27) Toughness DC 27.
  6. Corporal Cosmos saw the success of his and The Penitent's attacks, and it was good. "Penny, that's the best plan I've heard all day," he shouted, before charging the final Weissbot and putting his giant green fist where it's face was. "Was" being the operative term, since Cosmos had just put his arm there with enough force to cause the bot's head to quickly find another place to be. Unfortunately, this exchange did not seem to cause the bot any particular distress, and Cosmos was left face to face with a lone battle-bot and a dangerously exposed torso.
  7. Since Corporal Cosmos IS supposed to be a Claremont student, so I was thinking of doing a thread set there, even if it ends up being a solo thread. Don't want to step on any toes though, so is there any significant change to the published status quo I need to be aware of? Other than attendance, of course, I found that on the wiki.
  8. Corporal Cosmos Just want to add a reference pic to the top of Corporal Cosmos' sheet. IMG tag is [floatr][img=http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b130/videogeek/Corporal-Cosmos.png][/floatr] Pretty picture painted by Trollthumper.
  9. Toughness: (1d20+8=15) Spending a HP to double dodge bonus for 1 round. Factoring in the charge penalty, Defense is now +20 until Cosmos' next action.
  10. "Might've spoke too soon, huh?" snarked Corporal Cosmos, as The Penitent's fireball washed over the ambulating Weissbot without effect. "Don't worry though, let me show you how it's done!" Corporal Cosmos shot down from his out-of-the-way spot overlooking the battlefield, and flew forward to intercept the robot before it could reach its destination. Cosmos cocked a fist back as he went, and a large, transparent green fist coalesced over his own, before he clocked the automaton for all he was worth. He then hovered far enough above the ground to stay eye-level with the bots, in case another shot would be necessary.
  11. Corporal Cosmos will charge and clobber #9. Charge Attack: (1d20+10=27). DC=27
  12. I are dumb. Side effect of the moving, clearly.
  13. Toughness: (1d20+8=25). Woo! Barely made it! Ari, did you maybe skip #10 because Cosmos just smashed it?
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