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    There was a version of Flowers for Algernon with Matt Modine in 2000, I never hear about that one? I wonder if it sucked?
  2. Nothing will be perfect as the costume on the comic page, true. That said, thousand dollar costumes come close enough for the effect. What is the effect? Awe. When you see people going 'DAM!' and snapping hundreds of pictures of you row after row of gawkers at a convention, you know you have achieved awe. Costumes I would like for cons: Firefly Cosmop World Generic Grendel Khan Grendel Prime Generic Xman (comics not movies plzkthx!) Babylon 5 (Psicorp or B5 Security) DS9/Fed
  3. Thank you and nevermind, I have decided to acquire books and do my own homework. And since I wanted to have hyper intelligence reflected not only by his powers but by his acumen, I highly doubt I'll be going with a skill-free build. God bless them for x2 skill points...bless them all. *hits the drawing board*
  4. I'm trying to get you guys a good meglomaniacal power hungry villain, to coordinate all these mercs and assassins. :twisted:
  5. *sighs* I don't have the book. I don't have a book. I don't have the PDF. I've played M&M extensively before, but my guru is very busy and no real help in cgen. Thus, I turn to the floor with the usual caveats about begging. I'll give you my brief character bios and power descriptions, and I will accept assistance from anyone on how to build them, final product decisions in my and the gm's power, of course. The Teem, PL10 Villain A 'created' being. He is about 3 years old, but was made as a full grown man with a 400 IQ and vast cosmic power (as vast as PL10 buys these days.) Finding his creators lacking, he destroyed them and took to the underground in Freedom City to discover what is the essence of the beings he was intended to be a perfected version of? Unfortunately, the more he discovers of humanity's flaws, the more he seethes with hatred for the whole lot of you. Disintegration cone eyeblast Supernatural Strength, Toughness Flight (FTL too) Vacuum protections Enhanced Intelligence Energy Resistance Burning Energy Aura Teleportation (Portal others can pass through, only open for a few seconds, long range) Dream Walk (Cause target specific imaged nightmares) The Reactionary PL6 Hero A junkyard inventor and gymnast. Prodigy Template? Has rusted batons, sawed off shotguns, Machete Your basic vigilante with a pro-victims emphasis, bit like TV's Solution Okay, let me have it. :rules:
  6. Watchmen. Prepare for crying. Rorschach looks like the costume designer refused to go retro, or Cgi with the mask. Ozy is just.....how do you screw up the most effective costume in comics history? It was literally the simplest thing they could have made. Instead, we have...what is that? A superman homage? I don't know. I expect him to be the biggest letdown of all. I can't help but notice there are no Doctor Manhattan pics yet. Not a good sign. If Snyder can find some conservative propaganda in Moore's works to be jingoistic with, I will be very, very impressed. That all said, I have waited a looooooong time for this, children. I buried my expectations ten years ago, along with Wild Cards and Black Panther. Why does the Comedian's costume look like the best of the group? Does anyone else find this hurtful?
  7. Orlando

    Secret Identities

    I am planning cosmic PL10 villain. He will loosely be modeled on the Adam Warlock archvillan The Magus. My hero PL6 concept is The Reactionary, a diy vigilante who is a great believer in the power of duct tape and junk yards. I may use the Prodigy template in building him.
  8. Orlando

    Secret Identities

    Don't be afraid. When my pistol is unneeded, I have a nigh-invulnerable lockbox for it. Also-no guns on the interwebs! So you are safe! A small welcome is better than none, and I'll take it! A brief question Barnum, do you intend to attend Techcon this coming weekend? George RR Martin will be there, looks pretty good. It's in your VA neck of the woods. A bientot! :super:
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    Secret Identities

    Hello all, I am a veteran at RPGs but merely an apprentice to PBEM (I've played them over six years, but I know those who can post much, much better.) I work as an armed guard in the SF Bay Area. I am a lifetime student, and love to read, comics, college textbooks, classics, you name it. My good friend, a member of my writer's group, suggested this site as we were discussing getting our weekly M&M game back up. I like what I see, I think I'm going to have a lot of fun here.
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