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  1. LOL, sorry i couldnt be on more lately, i just got a house and have been moving all weekend im here though..
  2. At this point Imposter leans down next to the guard touching the side of his face morphing him into an image of someone he thought would look like a villain. The guard now appeared to be a muscular villain in spandex and a cape knocked out on the ground. Having done that though would release Dryad of her disguise, but he figured at this point the cat's out of the bag...she seems like she can handle a few guards.. Immediatly after morphing the guard into some villain, Imposter grabbed the knocked out guards taser gun and laid on the ground as if he were the "Officer Down" That was called out across the radio... --------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile with Collateral outside, he calls out to Dryad... "Dryad, NOW!" as he comes out from the side of the museum with his force field up and ready to start some trouble..
  3. Imposter decides to double back still in guise as one of the guards only to find that Ghost has been attacked by some kind of taser. "Allright Preston, let's see if all that martial arts training actually helps..." He thought to himself as he ran up and executed a flying kick hopefully subduing the guard.
  4. notice (1d20+10=18) Collateral's Notice also I'm going to have Imposter Double back and do a flying kick on the guard with the taser. Its up to you if i can add my 2 ranks of sneak attack to this roll as well...keep in mind he's disguised as a guard. also i'm using my Elusive target feat in case the other guard attempts to shoot me...and taking 2 off my attack and adding it to my defense using Defensive strike making his defense a total of 20 BTW I doubting that the guard has a 25 AC, so it should be a toughness save of 19, i think its 21 if you want to include sneak attack.
  5. Imposters Inititive roll:initiative (1d20+2=17) Collateral's Initiative roll :Initiative (1d20+1=20)
  6. Imposter having the guards pass him by decided now was a time to make a move. He makes his way slowly down a hallway towards the direction until he knew he was out of sight of the guards then took the form of one of the guards that had passed him by and started running his way towards the display.
  7. Imposter saw this winged person come down from the sky and his stance went from a staggering hobo to that of a defensive martial arts pose uncharacteristicly. After she asked if he was a Shapeshifter, the hobo winked and laughed and slowly morphed back into the guise of a muscular teenage kid with a Claremont Academy uniform still on. "Yeah how'd you know? I think the fact that i showered gave it away..haha, but what's going on over here? I just hurried over to see what i can do.."
  8. Imposter not really feeling like putting any form of effort ino his disguise broke character as he saw Kato start some kind of incantation.. " Dude, what are you doing?!" said the hobo now with a valley accent.. He knew something was going on, but couldn't tell what so to be safe he put himself on the defensive while trying to stay alert. (Imposter will add +3 to his defense and -3 off his attack rolls with defensive attack)
  9. ( Assuming Red Queen relays the information ) Imposter while keeping with his guard disguise, decides that there's too much heat headed their way and uses his blending ability to make his form pretty much dissapear into the background while still moving towards their intended goal.
  10. Imposter heard the girl talking to somebody in the bushes on the other side of the path. He vaguely recognized the girl chatting with "a shadow guy"? "It's that Kato chick..."he thought to himself Characters are just seeping out of the woodwork it seemed... He needed to get a glimpse of this shadow dude as well. So Imposter in the form of a homeless man purposely stumbled out of the opposing bushes... "Hey what's going on here?! I'm trying to sleep here!! Hey Who're you talking to?!" As he stumbled forward to try and catch a glimpse of the man in the bushes.. "Who the heck hangs out in bushes? Especially in this neighborhood?!" Imposter said trying not to laugh to himself...
  11. Imposter quickly takes the form of the Security guard he saw at the front door. "Allrighty Ghost, you lead the way. I'll be right behind you." he said as he cautiously looked around the surrounding area waiting for Red Queen and Ghost to make their move..
  12. Collateral receives a radio call asking him to disrupt the security system. He dons his helmet steps out of the car and makes his way towards the side door. Giving a nod to each teammate as he arrives... "If you have any electronic devices on you right now I highly suggest you shut them off right now", Then after seeming to draw upon some inner energy he erupts in a huge burst of electromagnetic frequency shorting out a few streetlights in the process. "Allright have at it kids...the alarm system should be down. If that didnt work we'll have bigger on our hands anyways." as he stood aside to see if the alarm was deactivated....
  13. Yeah i was just waiting for someone to give Collateral the signal to start bustin stuff up as a distraction...
  14. Imposter arrives at the promenade, just in time to grab a breath of fresh air. He didn't know how long he could stand sitting in that taxi having his ears chatted off by the driver. He sees the cop parked by the entrance blocked off by police tape, he takes notice of his appearance and keeps it fresh in his memory bank, just in case. But this time around he was gonna use the subtle approach, using his blending abilities to sneak past. His skintone started taking on the qualities of his surrounding areas as he snuck past. Once in he decided to take the form of a vagrant, as a precautionary method if he got caught. The authorities would more than likely send him on his way.
  15. Imposters notice check = notice check-creeping killers (1d20+6=7)
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