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  1. For a second, Lulu felt a strong surge of sympathy rise up from her gut almost all the way to her ears; this is what Eira's unconventional childhood had cost her. Would she ever feel like a 'real' girl, or would a sort of Pinocchio syndrome follow her around for the rest of her life. And how long would that even be?


    "Uh, yeah, we have parties and dances sometimes. Ah think they sometimes have, like, talent shows when students can go up on stage and....sing or dance or do magic tricks. We also do school plays and musicals sometimes." She winced slightly. "We don't really have much in the way of sports, because, well, we can't play other schools fairly, know what ah mean? We'd have unfair advantage. And on weekends, we sometimes go to the mall and go shoppin' for clothes, maybe get a snack and see a movie." She shrugged again. "Typical American teenage stuff; nothin' too spectacular, really."

  2. Lulu sent an encouraging thought Mia's way.


    - Hey, you're a thousand times cooler than Eira is; you can make things out of thin air with your mind! And don't ever forget it! -


    As the rest of the class spoke to Velocity, Lulu sent her senses outside of the Lighthouse, as those she was floating in the vastness of space. But that only lasted for a few scant seconds, because the feeling was quite agoraphobic and chilling. Instead, she sent her eyes and ears scuttling back to the safety of the various sections of the Freedom League base, gazing in wonder at the many hangers, storerooms, labs and galleries.


    Adam would love it here; it's almost wasted on me.


    But then she was pulled back to her body by the arrival of their Pretorian escort, and she was all Southern charm. "It's very nice to meet you, Seresk; we all appreciate you takin' the time to show us around."


    Once they were aboard the Devotion, Leroy and Eira began annoying each other with yet another verbal exchange, and the young telepath just shook her head. "It's times like this that ah'm glad ah'm dumb as a post," she murmured to Mia.

  3. Lulu looked over her shoulder, in the general direction of the library. 'What, squad meetin's or other students? Mostly we just hang out, go bowlin' or visited curse haunted houses. Ah think that's the first formal metin' we've ever had."  She shrugged and made a face. "Can't say ah liked it very much. As for other students...well, not everyone gets along with everyone else."


    Then her expression became more thoughtful as she gazed at Eira. "Can ah ask you somethin'? Do you have any brothers or sisters, or are you an only child? Ah's just wonderin'."

  4. Lulu closed her eyes and breathed through her nose; well, at least there wasn't any property damage, always a risk when superpowered teens got into it. Then she opened her eyes and looked between Leroy, Davyd and Mia. "You know," she said dryly, "if someone says they don't want to be a leader, that's usually not your cue to volunteer them for the position." Then she sent a telepathic message her friend's way.


    - Are you okay? That got pretty intense real fast.-

  5. Lulu stepped into the room, quietly set her purse over the back of her desk chair, and then took a seat cross-legged on the middle of her bed, facing Eira. She sat there calmly for a few moments, checking her phone, then switched if off and set it aside. Interacting with Eira was different than interacting with most people; none of her psychic 'tricks' worked on the Nordic exchange student, so she had to fall back on the oldest weapons in her arsenal: charm and compassion.


    "You want to talk about," she calmly asked, just short of a shout.

  6. "You're not lovin' space, ah take it?" Mia's friend Lulu suddenly appeared at her side, wearing the sort of pricey riding gear she could now afford thanks to the Harrows. With her tweed jacket, grey tights and black riding boots, and her bright red hair twisted into a smart French braid, she looked like a model out of Town & Country, at least right up until she talked. She looked her friend over and then shook her head.  "Ah swear ah wasn't snoopin', but-" She spread her hands out and wiggled her fingers. "The anxiety's comin' off you in waves. And ah'm guessin' it's because any direction you teleport in means instant death; you've got nowhere to run, son."

  7. "Ah wish ah was better with Lawrence," Lulu admitted as she nimbly navigated the Harrow's driveway "He's a good kid, but ah feel like we're from two different species. Ah mean, ah actually get along better with aliens than ah do with him. Maybe you'll have better luck; at least you're good with science and stuff." She pulled the SUV to a stop and got out, fishing out her purse and bookbag and looking up at the big house with some trepidation.


    "Everthin's goin' to be fine," she muttered to herself as she reached out to grab Adam's hand.

  8. Lulu shrugged. "Well, the field trips tend to be pretty good; last year, a bunch of kids went to an alternate earth to go birdwatchin', which turned out to be way less borin' than it sounds. And ah've been to space myself with another group, to this planet fully of teddy bear people." Se chewed her lips for a few seconds as she searched her mind for other cool stuff. "Oh, and we do combat simulations in the, you know, combat simulator; that's pretty cool. Some kids build weird s*** and risk killin' us all." She smiled and shrugged again. "Ah mean, it is what you make of it,  like most things in life." The redhead idly scratched her nose.

  9. Lulu winced at Mia's remarks and the perhaps inevitable one-upmanship the hypothetical questions seemed to bring out of the group; like Mia, she was not too proud of her origins, but her ability to peer into others' lives had given her a certain perspective. Sitting back down on the edge of a table, she sighed. "Look, we all have our vulnerabilities, our exploitable weak spots, and our issues. We're also still just a bunch of teenagers thrown together because whatever Sorting Hat Claremont uses tossed us into the same squad. Like it or not, no matter what we're made of or how we got here, we're still dumb kids. And ah'm not tryin' to insult anyone's intelligence; ah'm mean we're still learnin' about s*** we don't understand, be it...particle physics or how not to be a**holes. Just because you can turn the Earth into glass or whatever doesn't mean you understand how the world works or your place in it. And ah think the sooner we all admit we have a lot to learn and get over our own bulls***, the better." 


    She sighed and rubbed her face. "Sorry, ah just had to get that out. And yes, a trip to space sounds lovely."

  10. The was a dull THUD as Torque landed on the ground next to Persephone, scanning the room with her infrared. "Pardon me, " she said addressed the demonic face. "But you know NOTHING about my friends." Then she turned to the others. "My apologies for the delay. I was perhaps overly cautious in securing the perimeter."

  11. Crystal-Gazer ()

    A Bad Guy (Duh) ()

    A Quirk In Time ()

    Dead Men Tell No Tales ()

    Fairy Talers ()

    Halloween Mall Trip ()

    Intergalactic Sightseeing ()

    Marquee Lights ()

    One By One ()

    Teen Idle ()

    You Hate Me to Say ()


    Grimalkin () [Maxed]

    Birthday Girl ()

    Kingmaker: Checkmate ()

    Siren Song of The Void ()


    Torque ()

    Dragon's Harvest ()

    Vibora Bay: Even The Mere Reports Of Such ()


    All Grimalkin's points go to Torque

  12. Lulu shrugged. "Actually, mah last roommate was made of metal, too, so it's not so bad; you definitely got the shorter end of the stick." Then she laughed and snapped her fingers. "Talk about dodgin' questions, ah never answered yours, about mah plans after school!" The redhead shrugged. "Not sure yet, really; the one thought ah've had is goin' to work for Danger International? Ah'm friends with one of the Dangers here at school." She sighed. "Ah'm not sure what ah'd do exactly, but hopefully ah'd get to travel a bunch; whole world to see out there, know what ah mean?"


  13. Lulu set her plushie and rolled on her side to face Eira, resting her head in her hand. "Yeah, that'll happen. Ah don't know what it's like in Sweden, but here in America, fear and ignorance are pretty common; kind of go hand in hand. It's basically the premise of every Tim Burton movie, but it's true; if folks don't understand it, they fear it, and if they fear it, they want it to go away."


    The telepath sat up and rubbed her eyes. "So what do you like to study? Ah'm guessin' science and math?"

  14. Lulu waved at Abby and mouthed a 'hey, then frowned and shook her head at Leroy's offer of weird soup. And then everyone started to piss each other off and Eira transformed, and suddenly Lulu was on her feet with both her hands out.


    "Y'all need to calm down, alright? Ah think the two of you-" She looked pointedly at both Mia and Eira. "Have a lot more in common than you think, which is probably why you're ready for a dustup. Both of you've been screwed over, both of you've got attitude, but somehow we all have to coexist in the same building without blowin' out the windows, okay? High school's only a prison sentence if you make it one." She turned to Eira and shrugged. "You don't have to like us; you just have to study and practice with us. Maybe watch a movie or play a game. If you can handle high school, you can conquer anything."

  15. "Yeah," she admitted with a nod. "it was like that Twilight Zone episode with the little boy who could do anything? Or that movie Village of the Damned. Folks crossin' the street, spittin' or givin' us the stink eye. Wouldn't take our money at the Dollar General." She held out her hand, and a well-worn plush unicorn floated into her grasp. "When ah was little, ah thought it was like a game, you know? That's how mah daddy explained it to me. 'You're special, kitten; you can do somethin' no one else can do!' But then as ah got older, ah started to feel what folks was feelin', you know? And folks started thinkin' 'There's somethin' wrong with this town.' Like it was cursed or somethin'. Too much bad luck."


    She hugged the unicorn tightly, resting her chin on its head as she grinned over at Eira. "Boy, you're really good at dodgin' questions, aren'tcha! S'alright, if you don't want to talk about it." She laid back on her bed and held the plushie up towards the ceiling and began to call out a bad impression of the opening cry from The Lion King.

  16. "It's because ah can't read your mind," Lulu admitted with a touch of embarrassment. "You, uh, you don't show up to mah psychic senses at all." The last of her clothes packed, the telepath slipped off her shoes and slipped her feet under herself. "Mah powers first manifested when ah was ten; mah family-' She squeezed her eyes shut and swallowed. "Forced me to use mah powers to...commit crimes; bank fraud, wire fraud. Ah hurt a lot of people." She chewed her lip and shrugged. "But, ah was a minor, and mah dad threatened me and mah brother. Ah went into CPS, and then a foster home. Mah mom, mah dad and two of mah brothers are facin' all kinds of jail time back home in Alabama. My brother Bobby's livin' with my aunt in Atlanta."


    Lulu hugged her knees and rocked a bit. "So what's your story, moody robot girl?" Her tone wasn't snotty or sarcastic; she just sounded...tired.

  17. 'Davyd' shook his head and sighed. "I told you it wouldn't work," he said in a slight Ukrainian accent, which didn't sound quite right. "I don't think my powers work on her at all." The young man faded from view, leaving two Lulus in identical outfits. "She's just too hard to fool, Davyd." 


    The genuine Southern girl sat on the edge of a table and waved at Leroy and Mia with a wry grin on her face. "Hey, y'all. It's me."

  18. Scenes of Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator flashed behind Lulu's eyes; the whole franchise was very popular in her house growing up, and she had strong memories of lines quoted by her drunken brothers at full volume. How strange was it that that life now seemed more alien then her roommate casually removing her skin?


    "Robot, cyborg or....something in between?" It came out much blunter than she intended, but at least she managed to kerp her tone even.

  19. This was all a bit much for Lulu; between her new zombie/cyborg roomie, the Borg assimilating half her dorm room, Andbthen random destructionof property, Eira was...a lot to take in. She just sat down on the edge of her bed and watched in silence as the metal continued to spread across the wall. This was her new reality.


    At long last, she softly cleared her throat. "You're, uh, not much of a 'people person', ah take it?" As she sat there awaiting the new girl's response, the redhead's clothes began unpacking themselves, floating into the closet to slide onto waiting hangers, or drifting over to dresser drawers that silently slid open to accept them.

  20. Just wanted to add that I don't want to step on any toes; I wouldn't want to interfere with Durf's 'Big Trouble In Little Kingston' thread or any preexisting ones. I just think it's a cool idea, and something I can see Casey/Miracle Girl focusing her energies on.

  21. I would think the Doomforge would be left untouched, like the skeletal buildings at Ground Zero in Hiroshima. Do we know where on the map the Doomforge landed? I'd be happy to work on a new map of the neighborhood for possible Guidebook submission.


    And yes, I do imagine large portions of Kingston would become dangerous slums in the ruins; cleanup on that scale takes years, and people will use space as they see fit in the interim.

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