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  1. Thanks. I am trying to improve my penciling with every picture I do. I have a LOOOOOOONG way to go before I will be at any professional level tho. I am still just a hack. :)
  2. Heh heh. I've been using the Alias HowwwwL for about 12 years. I am HowwwwL on Atomic Think Tank. My other Alias is Mr. Fantastic which I've been using for about a year or so..
  3. I laughed my ass off watching these...
  4. It was my idea. I wanted to do something unique with her costume. ;)
  5. Finished pencils for Avengers Cover #1 - Marvel2 Fansite... http://ultimatesuperheroreview.sasktelw ... encils.jpg
  6. I am currently working on an Avengers cover for Marvel2. Here are the pencils for the bottom half of the drawing. Yes, it is only HALF of the drawing... 18 hours to do this half... http://ultimatesuperheroreview.sasktelw ... encils.jpg
  7. Thanks Barnum... When I look at most artists, they draw supergirl like a 30 year old woman... I wanted to draw her so she looked a little younger. :)
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys. I am trying hard to improve with every drawing I do. Trying out new things, different poses, and trying to get better with proportions. I am also trying to get cleaner with my pencils. If it is actually happening, then I don't feel like I am wasting my time, heh heh. :super:
  9. I am pretty busy drawing lots of other stuff. I am working something out with Barnum right now but I don't want to say anything to you all until she gives me the go ahead. On a side note, here is a costume tweak. The other clothes made her midriff look too long...
  10. I just did a costume redesign for Supergirl... Here are the pencils.
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