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  1. The little machine boy delivered a vicious blow, sending a huge chunk of the swarm scattering in all directions. The mean little thing then took off running away. But he could not outrun Maggot. It quickly recollected the swarm and lunged out across the distance to strike again. But the little metal thing was quick, quick enough to dodge Maggot's sting.
  2. be careful. i've been locked up in this house for a long time. you poke me with anything that vibrates or twitches you may not get it back tuff (1d20 12=20) dats bruised. attack (1d20 10=11) miss.
  3. The blast of water hit the swarm dead on and punched a hole right through it, taking out a huge pile of bugs with it. The metal boy followed it up with a punch, dislodging another huge chunk of bugs. But the swarm barely noticed. With a nasty buzzing Maggot formed another insect fist and pounded the metal boy in the side of the head with tremendous force.
  4. 'nother hit. attacky (1d20 10=28) dc is +9
  5. It only took Maggot a second to regroup its swarm. The mound of bugs slithered after the metal boy and as soon as it was close enough, lashed out with another strike. Thousands of stinkging, biting bugs struck Mashin-kun with the force of a speeding bullet.
  6. making with the puncy atack (1d20 10=23) damage is +9
  7. Look, there she goes the girl is strange, no question dazed and distracted, can't you tell? never part of any crowd cause her head's up on some cloud no denying she's a funny girl, that Barnum. Look, there she goes, that girl is so peculiar I wonder if she's feeling well with a dreamy, far-off look and her nose stuck in a book what a puzzle to the rest of us is Barnum Now it's no wonder that her name means "beauty" (yeah . . . right ) her looks have got no parallel but behind that fair facade I'm afraid she's rather odd very different from the rest of us she's nothing like the rest of us yes, different from the rest of us is Barnum Look there she goes . . . a girl who's strange but special a most peculiar mademoiselle it's a pity and a sin she doesn't quite fit in cause she really is a funny girl a beauty but a funny girl she really is a funny girl.....that Barnum!!
  8. using strike attack (1d20 10=12) looks like a swing and a miss
  9. The little metal boy rushed at Maggot and punched right through her. It was like kicking at sand, only it was a shower of maggots that the boy's punch sent flying into the air. Now he had the swarm's undivided attention. With unbelievable force the swarm hurdled a mountain of bugs at the metal boy.
  10. The kids began flailing around wildly. They killed quite a few wasps, leaving little gooey spots of bug guts on their hands and clothes. Maggot was not pleased. The creature raised itself up in a mound and launched a horde of flying insects at the nearest boy. The scrawny little boy, who was still looking for his glasses, was struck in the face with a swarm of flying bugs: wasps, bees, flies, mosquitoes, moths, everything. The boy tried to scream, but his mouth was instantly filled with bugs. The swarm immediately began stinging and biting the inside of his mouth and filling up his throat with their bodies. Maggot was pleased.
  11. since maggot doesn't know much of anything, it is going to pick a random boy and use suffocate on him. 1 - vm 2 - picked on boy 3 - bulley 4 - fat kid which boy (1d4=2) scrawny kid it is. evolution wins again
  12. i don't know if the bugs will hurt metal boy or not. i'll leave that up to you guys.
  13. The shouting and the violent movements and the smell of blood managed to attract what passed for Maggot's full attention. These warm noise-makers were annoying. Perhaps the hive could drive them away . . . Suddenly the street was filled with red and black wasps, stinking the boys and trying to sting the metal boy.
  14. Maggot didn't exactly see what was happening. Its attention was stretched too thin, but it did detect the spastic motion and the yelling. Like any good hive would, Maggot sent out scouts to investigate. The small swarm of red wasps zoomed across the playground and began buzzing around the fighting boys, trying to figure out what was going on. All the while the bulk of Maggot's body continued gliding along the grass toward the playground.
  15. The creature known as Maggot has spent most of the day dispersed and slowly drifting mindlessly from backyard to backyard, stopping occasionally to descend on the corpse of a dead animal or the husk of a rotten tree. In its loose configuration the swarm of insects went mostly unnoticed or just ignored by passersby. As sundown approached, the sometimes creeping, sometimes hovering just above the ground mass of bugs heard voices. And their sound called back to consciousness the broken mind of the creature. Whether it was the words that were spoken or something else, the two voices gripped the shattered fragments of Maggot's mind and focused them in. Maggot slowly continued creeping toward the playground and the sound of the voices.
  16. i'm working on a plan now. when barny gets home from school, she's gonna get things started for me.
  17. i didn't get my mother anything. having me is its own reward :point: :rotfl:
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