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  1. "That sounds like it could work quite well, Nightrival. You've impressed me with your skill, spirit and professionalism: it'd be a privilege to work with you." Shinken watches the STAR van zoom by. "Speaking of professionalism- let me go give the police a few of the particulars, then I'll meet you back here. There's nothing more irritating than seeing a supercriminal being out of Buckner Ridge on bail a month after you thrashed them the last time because you couldn't be bothered to give a few salient details. What record store was it that you said she robbed?"
  2. Hmmmm. Perhaps Benjiro's investigations point to one of the dummy corporations, and he offhandedly mentions dispatching Shinken to the scene that night to find out more?
  3. Yeah, that post impressed me. I think I've got a germ of an idea for an interesting followup sometime in the next month or so, should you decide to go through with the merger. Benjiro comes to Eric and lets him know, apparently in all innocence, that while performing the due diligence investigations for the merger he discovered some accounting and inventory management irregularities consistent with someone pursuing an unauthorized side project, and asking him for help to track down the perpetrator. If we could figure out some way to segue into Shinken and Malice coming into conflict in their armored identities without realization of that fact coming into play on either side- at least for the first dust-up- that would be grand.
  4. Public, but not terrifically well-documented or widely commented on. It's probably on his Wikipedia page, but as a footnote and with a 'citation needed' tag.
  5. Cool. Maybe something with amorphous steel, or nanomaterials, or low-temperature superconductors, or stable transuranic elements. Or just something on a comic-book unobtanium.
  6. Shinken's recent meeting with Dr. Archeville has inspired him to follow the state of the art in the sciences a bit more closely. He's looking to attend any old lecture by him, really: he'll be able to follow anything on computer science, electronic or mechanical engineering, and technology in general quite capably. A lecture on a 'pure' physical science would leave him a *little* out of his depth- but he's there to learn, after all. He could possibly correct the Doctor should the lecture concern practical economics. However, he us unlikely to attend a lecture on the earth, life, or behavioral sciences.
  7. What was it precisely that I did that you disliked? The only action of your characters' that I narrated was looking down when he felt something odd touching his leg, which is so naturally reflexive that I thought it was pretty reasonable.
  8. In cases where Duplication is a character's sole superpower, it makes sense to be a bit more relaxed.
  9. Want to try BASE jumping off of an Ares-owned radio mast, as Shinken tries to stop you?
  10. "That would probably be a good idea, yes", Shinken says cooly. Aristodemus feels something cool against his supporting leg as he completes the motion of the kick, and looks down as he retracts it to see that- despite not changing in posture or apparently moving at all- Shinken has drawn his sword and laid the flat against his Achilles tendon.
  11. Corrosion with Autofire? OUCH. What sort of effect could justify such a horribly monstrous power construction?
  12. Shinken starts to answer Aristodemus, but is interrupted by Red Star's sudden blastoff. "Just a minute...don't want to be repeating myself when he gets back." The armored man bemusedly waits for a moment or two as Red Star gets himself straightens out, then nods when he returns. "I'm called Shinken. The suit is a technology demonstrator for Ares Macrotechnology, a high-tech military contractor and my employer: it makes me strong, agile, and durable, and I know how to use these-" with a smooth motion, Shinken draws and resheathes both of the swords at his belt- "-very well indeed. I've worked with Nightrival before. And that's who I am and what I do. Yourself?"
  13. Hmmmm. I think I'll have Shinken give this a try: his systems were extensively re-worked recently- reflected in the changes needed for re-approval of the character and in recent moderately big edits due to new board rules- and in-house testing is expensive.
  14. I'm sorry I missed the first one. Definitely interested.
  15. Sorry about the delay- I had a HD die on me.
  16. Benjiro smiles blandly. "I'm stateside often enough that my name's been mangled in far more creative ways. It is Mr.- or Herr- Fujisama. Good afternoon, gentlemen- it's been a pleasure meeting you both." With that, he shakes the hands of both men as his stocky bodyguard rolls his wheelchair into the room from the corridor. He gives a final friendly nod to Dr. Archeville and Eric on his way out the door, makes a point of saying good-bye to the secretary on his way out, and wheels his way out to the parking lot.
  17. Shinken stands up straight when he gets a look at Nightrival. The lines are new. So are the escrima sticks...and even the accent. Smart move- I found him a little too easily last time, and anything that creates some distance between Nightrival and Liam is a good idea. The stance is tightened up, he looks trimmer... Impressive. What's he been up to? "Never better, Nightrival. It's good to see you. You seem to be doing well for yourself. Did you put this together-" with a gesture at the assembled superhumans- "or is Freedom City just getting crowded?"
  18. How about a Weakness or Power Loss vs. plot-significant or dramatic displays of the Power of Friendship or genuine romantic love? That keeps casual hugs from stopping your uber-villain, while remaining along the same lines.
  19. Benjiro blinks, looking somewhat nonplussed. "I would have preferred that you kept it somewhat less public than that- after all, the reason I came here in person was to avoid unnecessary publicity. Nevertheless, there are merits to your way of doing things...and as I said earlier, you will run Dart as you will run Dart, without interference. Keep doing so as capably as you've done in the past, and we'll both come out of this happier and richer men. You'll probably be wanting to wrap things up with Dr. Archeville as quickly as possible- so unless you have any other concerns...?" The young man pushes his chair out as if to stand, waiting for a response from Eric.
  20. Nothing in the core rules...for 20 pp, you can have 2.5 million yous... enough to populate Nevada. In most games, this is another discretionary value that will depend on such intangibles as the rank of the Duplicate power, what kinds of Extras and Flaws are applied to it, and whether or not Duplication is the character's sole superpower. In THIS game, however, I believe the minion/summon rules would apply...which would mean that you can only have the power at all if your 'Duplicate' is far below your PL, and only have more than one duplicate if the Duplicate's PL is lower still.
  21. :shock: Oh. I didn't know that. I assumed from your post in the Timeline thread and the fact that you didn't lay into the bouncing baddie with all of your 36 Strength that you weren't yet empowered. That'll be an interesting interview. "Well, what are your qualifications?" "I make Helen of Troy look like the Elephant Man, and I can bench-press a van."
  22. Moria thinks Shinken is offering her a job as a superhero? That's an amusing misunderstanding, especially as she's destined to be divinely empowered in no time at all. The idea was that he'd find some position in Ares for her, but let's roll with it for now. You haven't *said* anything that would make him correct you, after all.
  23. Hmmm. Definitely more than just some stuffed shirt or academian, this one. There is a pause before Benjiro's response- a pause that tells Eric that he was fully understood, and that the response he receives is consciously polite rather than obliviously so. "...I'm pleased to see that you're so passionate about your work and your people, Mr. Michaels. Provided that you continue managing your company half as well as you have been, there should be no need for interference in Dart's affairs- though you will need to keep us thoroughly appraised of your ongoing projects, so as to prevent us from wasting our time by pursuing identical research paths." Were he not in negotiations with Archeville, I would have told him that he'd have to cancel a project from time to time to that same end. Still, some inefficiencies are an acceptable price for innovation. "Let me know when you've finished formalizing your arrangement with Dr. Archeville- I'll have my legal team draw up a standard contract and go through the necessary regulatory filings for a merger. Are there any other concerns you'd like to see addressed? As for being notified of the details of our arrangement, Dr. Archeville- I have no objection to it, which means that the decision lies with Mr. Michaels."
  24. Shinken is equally public. He's the corporate mascot for a gigantic military contractor, Ares Macrotechnology, demoing their battlesuit technology for the public at large.
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