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  1. "That sounds like it could work quite well, Nightrival. You've impressed me with your skill, spirit and professionalism: it'd be a privilege to work with you." Shinken watches the STAR van zoom by. "Speaking of professionalism- let me go give the police a few of the particulars, then I'll meet you back here. There's nothing more irritating than seeing a supercriminal being out of Buckner Ridge on bail a month after you thrashed them the last time because you couldn't be bothered to give a few salient details. What record store was it that you said she robbed?"
  2. Hmmmm. Perhaps Benjiro's investigations point to one of the dummy corporations, and he offhandedly mentions dispatching Shinken to the scene that night to find out more?
  3. Yeah, that post impressed me. I think I've got a germ of an idea for an interesting followup sometime in the next month or so, should you decide to go through with the merger. Benjiro comes to Eric and lets him know, apparently in all innocence, that while performing the due diligence investigations for the merger he discovered some accounting and inventory management irregularities consistent with someone pursuing an unauthorized side project, and asking him for help to track down the perpetrator. If we could figure out some way to segue into Shinken and Malice coming into conflict in their armored identities without realization of that fact coming into play on either side- at least for the first dust-up- that would be grand.
  4. Public, but not terrifically well-documented or widely commented on. It's probably on his Wikipedia page, but as a footnote and with a 'citation needed' tag.
  5. Cool. Maybe something with amorphous steel, or nanomaterials, or low-temperature superconductors, or stable transuranic elements. Or just something on a comic-book unobtanium.
  6. Shinken's recent meeting with Dr. Archeville has inspired him to follow the state of the art in the sciences a bit more closely. He's looking to attend any old lecture by him, really: he'll be able to follow anything on computer science, electronic or mechanical engineering, and technology in general quite capably. A lecture on a 'pure' physical science would leave him a *little* out of his depth- but he's there to learn, after all. He could possibly correct the Doctor should the lecture concern practical economics. However, he us unlikely to attend a lecture on the earth, life, or behavioral sciences.
  7. What was it precisely that I did that you disliked? The only action of your characters' that I narrated was looking down when he felt something odd touching his leg, which is so naturally reflexive that I thought it was pretty reasonable.
  8. In cases where Duplication is a character's sole superpower, it makes sense to be a bit more relaxed.
  9. Want to try BASE jumping off of an Ares-owned radio mast, as Shinken tries to stop you?
  10. "That would probably be a good idea, yes", Shinken says cooly. Aristodemus feels something cool against his supporting leg as he completes the motion of the kick, and looks down as he retracts it to see that- despite not changing in posture or apparently moving at all- Shinken has drawn his sword and laid the flat against his Achilles tendon.
  11. Corrosion with Autofire? OUCH. What sort of effect could justify such a horribly monstrous power construction?
  12. Shinken starts to answer Aristodemus, but is interrupted by Red Star's sudden blastoff. "Just a minute...don't want to be repeating myself when he gets back." The armored man bemusedly waits for a moment or two as Red Star gets himself straightens out, then nods when he returns. "I'm called Shinken. The suit is a technology demonstrator for Ares Macrotechnology, a high-tech military contractor and my employer: it makes me strong, agile, and durable, and I know how to use these-" with a smooth motion, Shinken draws and resheathes both of the swords at his belt- "-very well indeed. I've worked with Nightrival before. And that's who I am and what I do. Yourself?"
  13. Hmmmm. I think I'll have Shinken give this a try: his systems were extensively re-worked recently- reflected in the changes needed for re-approval of the character and in recent moderately big edits due to new board rules- and in-house testing is expensive.
  14. I'm sorry I missed the first one. Definitely interested.
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