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  1. David stopped dead in his tracks as he heard a rather unusual announcement.. KISSING BOOTH! TWENTY DOLLARS! KISS A GENUINE HERO FOR CHARITY! He raised an eyebrow at the leather clad young woman, guessing she was either a good deal more capable than she looked, or borderline insane. His amazement only increased as she agreed to have her picture taken with a rather creepy looking old man "Pervert" He said to himself, narrowing his eyes at the old man. He decided to gt in line for a "kiss" if only to see her face light up in shock at another meta-though a far more shady one came forward. He quickly fished out a $20 and waited for his turn.
  2. David nodded to colt, continuing to eat the assembled foods "Don't shoot anyone" He told his partner as the futuristic cowboy swept off behind the strange man "Great, can't even go to the carnival without something weird happening-but at least i'm never bored." He smiled and took a seat in front of the fun house as he finished his food. He handed the ticket taker lady the required amount and stepped in, only to be confronted by a zombie "Nice" He murmured, admiring what he thought was a specail effects or really good make up job "Though a bit advanced for carny tech" He told himself, his eyes narrowing. It did'nt last long however, once the "zombie" proved to be just another one of the numerous oddities that a carnival in freedom city had to offer. He managed to ignore the numerous stares as he tried to quiet his laughter at the apparent real life zombie.
  3. "Oh yeah, well I bet you that you can't reach the bell" The brown haired, puffed up jock challenged david, who did'nt answer as he had a full half of a hot-dog in his moulth "Fump huff" He mumbled, his true words dawning after a moment, making the football player turn red "I oughta-" "Shut it you-gimme that" David grwled at the carnie and grabbed the handle of the hammer "You try first" He offered with a decidedly fake grin-a predatory gleam in his eyes. The bigger, more muscular man slammed down with all his might, hitting the bell dead on and getting a round of cheers and back-slapping from the crowd. David grinned and politely took the hammer "now, watch a pro" He activated just a bit of his power and brought the hammer down. Clangggggg. the crowd went silent as the bell unhinged itself with davids blow. "B..but..heros dont cheat" The bigger man said, wide eyed "Shut it-you look like your bout to cry" David reprimanded "Besides, im not a hero" He gave the man a nasty glare that sent him running before buying more of the oh-so-tasty fair food. "Wheres he at?" David wondered out loud before spotting a familiar duster in the crowd. "Boo!!" He shouted at his partner, the sharp-shooting colt "Whats up?" He asked, offering his an elephant ear and soda.
  4. Hmm..some of these are canceled, but that's what copies are for, and these are just my main ones. Futurama Family guy NCIS Celebrity boxing/wrestling-really funny Farscape
  5. Sounds good, done..lol :P
  6. "Sounds good" David said with a predatory grin "And your story can't be any stranger than mine, so go ahead.." He kicked in his gravity defying ability of flight-"And I can move by myself, thanks though.."
  7. "You gotta point there colt, i'm david..where you from anyways?" David asked, quirking an eyebrow at the mans strange dress.
  8. David's beer-googeled eyes widened at the strange mans comment "Wha..? Why you wanna work with me?" He said, shock dragging him slightly out of his drunken stupor..but after a few moments of thinking about it he nodded slowly "Fine, have it your way Mr..?" He held out a hand half heartedly and shook the mans hand, not bothering to use any of his inhuman strength.
  9. "Maybe not, but if you were in my shoes you'd drink too-what kind of jobs can I really get, hmm? Those sniveling media jerks in chicago labeled me a "menace to society" after I killed a villain by accident-eventually driving me to turn to crime just to live..but now these insane twits with designs of world domination are making my life miserable, like it needed any help..so now anybody who is'int scared to death of me wants my freakin blood.So tell me oh-wise-one, what should I do when i'm surrounded by enemies?" David snareled, throwing the bottle down the ally with a flick of his wrist "Maybe I should be like you, a bounty hunter, hmm?" He asked, half jokingly.
  10. "Well, for one your takin' a huge risk-I bet yer powers are ranged, what with the gunslinger look..mine are more up-close and personal, second..I doubt you could carry me an inch right now.." He brought up his full density, cracking the sidewalk under him "Anyways, if it's the 15,000 mark he's screwing you outta three fourths of what im worth.." He took another drink and smiled at his would-be captor. "Your choice, get into a totally needless fight in a crowded section of town over a cheap-ass villains attempt to screw you & *try* to kill me."
  11. David went still at the mans comment and let out a sigh "There is, is there? Well, I don't plan on comming anywhere, except to go home-I gave up the villain gig after people started grouping me with the crazies & hatemongers..so just leave me alone" He growled softly, "Why can't you caped crusader types just leave me alone when all I want to do it be left alone to down my misery in..." He glanced down at the bottle in his hands "Bourbon, tonight.." He gave a dark chuckle "Besides, the bounty was placed by another villain from what I know."
  12. David paused at the strangers greeting "Hi" he replied shortly "Nice bike..now, if you'll excuse me.." He went to walk around the odd looking man, hoping to lay low, but getting ready for anything since the man was undoubtedly a bounty hunter..his whole "old west" vibe put david's senses on alert. He quickly hurried down the street, hoping to slip away without a fight.
  13. Sounds cool, ironhide will definitly be in it somewhere
  14. David norris, formerly known as the villain "Ironhide" walked down the darkened streets of the fens-dirty though they were they were home to the dangerous meta-human. He ignored the numerous drug-junkies & other criminal elements, wishing only to be left alone. He'd heard from his contacts at the arena that a several thousand dollar bounty had been put on him after the robbery of a powerful buissnes man, and decided that going around always looking over your shoulder was no way to live..but he refused to turn himself in to the police, since he doubted they had any way to seriously hold him. He was also getting tired of the media classifying him along side truly crazy super villains like white night, dr. sin and dr. stratos..he did'nt want to hurt people, or rule the world..he just wanted to live comfortably and not have to worry about his "friends" turning him in for protection.
  15. zero21

    Flip that hero

    OC link viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2687
  16. This game was set up by myself & quotemyname as a way to get former villain ironhide onto a more heroic track-probably following in colts footsteps as a bountyhunter
  17. zero21

    Flip that hero

    Ok, i'll tryin come up with something in a few days...maybe you mistake him for a bum & try to get him to stop squatting in a home in the fens or something :lol:
  18. This would be perfect for ironhide to meet other hero's thanks to colt possibly dragging him to it-since ironhide has to be dragged, blackmailed or threatened to go to any social events at this point as a reformed villian..how do you play poker with a guy that just last month you were ready to fight? :lol:
  19. Ironhide will probably show up, possibly dragged by colt to make him better at empathizing with people.
  20. zero21

    Flip that hero

    Maybe instead of a straight reformation thing your character could drag ironhide to the poker game and/or circus as a way to get him started on being a nicer person before he goes off on some villain iron-age style.
  21. zero21

    Flip that hero

    Gradual, he's probably going to come off like an iron-age hero at first -and thanks
  22. zero21

    Flip that hero

    I'm looking for a game that I can put villain turned hero character "Ironhide" in, any suggestions? He's still surly & standoffish with a definite disregard for the rules but is tired of people classing him like other villains.
  23. zero21


    It's been a long time since I had any doubts about my path-one does what they have to after all, but recently i've begun to wonder if my choices were what they should've been. I look on tv and see other villians like Dr. stratos & white knight killing & maiming..and I shudder to think that people would group me with them. I'm no freedom leaguer, but maybe..just maybe I can be a hero of a sort again. Time to move back to the fens, where I first started my life in freedom city..and to get a new suit so nobody recognizes me..but what to wear? Considering how I tend to act, I might try to get ahold of that one foreshadow guy for some tips on what a new costume should consist of..it's been a long time since I cared about what I looked like, or did..but I think this is for the best, I can be scary & fight fire with fire without being classed like that raging headcase white knight..hope I can fight him someday, show him what a real man can do as opposed to going after people who can't fight back. Regardless of what happens though, the fens-my home will not be home to these malcontents & monsters for much longer if I have anything to say about it-after all, I am Ironhide
  24. Ironhide inwardly cringed at the idea of killing innocent people, not so much because of capability, but because it brought attention the wrong attention to be precise. He agreed to be the groups muscle, hoping Ronin held up his end of the deal..he hated it when people broke thier word. He is, however, happy to hear the demon Belphigor might end up helping him out some if the strange martial artist was a no show.
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