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  1. Sure, that was the idea, the Asian-American would have been able to learn the kung fu just as easily if she'd been Latino-American or Irish-American, a kung fu master to teach her just wouldn't be present in an area a poor Latino or Irish family would live. The Triads thing I don't consider a sterotype either, it's well known that for example the Mafia recruits mainly from the Italian etnic community for higher ranks, it's just how the world works, that's differnet from a sterotype. What would be a sterotype perhaps (not sure) is finding out that her family had long ties to the triads and were all criminals who'd escaped to America to get away for example.
  2. Sure, makes sense, what about a boost like the one I'm using if I were to make that a power of it's own (or an array of only boosts only usable one at a time) Boost Physical Abilities 8 (PF Slow Fade, Extra Action – Move, Total Fade, Flaw Distracting, Heroic, Personal; Drawback Noticable [yellow aura, makes Stealth impossible, -1]) What you got there is a boost that lasts for 8 minutes, it takes a move action to activate and it fades entirely, however for those 8 minutes the character is unable to use her Dodge bonus to defense (otherwise she'd be over caps), and to activate the boost she needs to spend a hero point, and finally while the boost is active she changes unnatturally (I was thinking hair changes from black to glowing yellow, and a glowing aura), to such a degree that she can't use stealth or pretty much any kind of subtelty for those 8 minutes.
  3. Aha, thanks, what about Independent powers, same deal? EDIT: also is that a firm rule, so I couldn't have an array that was just boosts, only one of which could be active at once, like Boost strength, boost physical abilities with flaws, boost all powers with even more flaws, only one can be active at once?
  4. Good advice KnightDisciple, thanks. The though was that she originally grew up in the neighbourhood, but then got a scholarship and went away on school, while she was away her [relative, undecided if uncle, father or brother] was killed by a triad-related gang member they may have been part of, she returned home and set to work 'cleaning up' around and lower the crime rate, but on her first outing she was badly beat up the more streetwise thugs she was after. She was rescued by an old man who turned out to be an ancient kung fu master hiding out from Doctor Sin's lackeys, he decided to teach her what she knew, and maybe a year later she debuted as the Golden Dragon, working to protect the common people against criminals, while continuining her teachings under the master. She's given up her scholarship and moved schools to FCU instead to be able to stay near home. That's the background I have in mind in brief.
  5. Incidentally, if I were to bring up the kung fu master, would a chinese american (third generation) living in a chinatown like district and practicing martial arts fall under the 'racial sterotype of native americans getting shamanistic powers' type? I've worked some more on her, she's going to be a PL 7, and a girl, 19 year old, stat sheet and a pointer for appearance below, the image is of a character that appeared in comics but to be fair she appeared in that costume in a single issue and so it should fall under fair use. Let me know if this is not the case. Golden Dragon Katrina Wu PL 7 Martial Artist Abilities: Str 14 (22), Dex 14 (22), Con 14 (22), Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 14. Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+10), Concentration 8 (+10), Knowledge (Theology and Philsophy) 7 (+7), Language 1 (Chinese, Base English), Stealth 8 (+10). Feats: Attack Specialization (Unarmed), Defensive Attack, Evasion, Luck 2, Ninja Run, Power Attack, Takedown Attack 2, Tough 3, Trance, Up the Walls. Powers: Chi 10 (10 point Array) Base Power: Strike 4 (Extra Autofire, Power Feat Accurate, Mighty) Alternate Power Boost Physical Abilities 8 (PF Slow Fade, Extra Action – Move, Total Fade, Flaw Distracting, Heroic, Personal; Drawback Noticable [yellow aura, makes Stealth impossible, -1]) Alternate Power: Healing 5 (Flaw Personal, Extra Action Standard) Alternate Power: Leaping 6 (x100), and Speed 4 (100 MPH) Alternate Power: Autofire on Unarmed Damage 6 (Pf Accurate). Alternate Power: Ranged on Unarmed Damage 6 [PF Accurate 2, Drawback: Only available when using Boost] Chi Sense 6 (Basic, Innate, Accurate, Radius) Combat: Attack +4 (+8 Chi Blast or Unarmed), Grapple +10 (+14 with Boost), Damage +6 melee (Strike or with boost, Autofiret), +6 ranged (Chi Blast), Defense 19 (15 flat-footed), Initiative +6 (+10 with Boost), Knockback -2 (-4 with Boost) Saves: Toughness +5 (+9 with Boost), Fortitude +6 (+10 with Boost), Reflex +8 (+12 with Boost), Will +8 [Abilities 20 + Skills 8 + Feats 15 + Powers 20 + Combat 26 + Saves 16 = 105 Points]
  6. Okay, thanks a lot trollhumper and ShaenTheBrain, great examples overall and I have a much bettter concept of what's allowed and not. With that in mind I'm pretty sure I can steer through and avoid things that would be questionable. Killing Omega in particular reminded me of Superman's attempt to kill Darkseid on Justice League in particular, where he even within the context of that show considered him Fair Game for simply being a personification of evil, as well as Batman mortally wounding Darkseid with a gun in Final Crisis.
  7. Actually I think that might be a good idea, would anyone be willing to explain what the PG-13 reasoning does entail and what's allowed and not to make sure I don't step over? PG-13 movies for example allows a lot of things specifically not allowed here (bad language, partial nudity, questionalble ethics), so clearly that's not the definition. Buffyverse might be a good pointer if Season 6 of BtVS was left out to a great degree (skinned men, questionable doings and plots).
  8. Sure, thanks, good advice! Exile seems like a good choice then considering her name. I'll look up those others and reformat my sheet. Other things look good so far?
  9. Thank you for the measured and calm words AvengerAssembled, I'll try to respond in kind by simply reposting my character sheet. SUPREMA (PL 10 / 150 PP) Abilities: 28 pp STR: 16 (+3) / 38 (+14) DEX: 14 (+2) CON: 16 (+3) / 30 (+10) INT: 12 (+1) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 18 (+4) Saves: 9 pp TOU: +15 (+10 Con, +5 Force Field) or +10 (+10 Con) FORT: +10 (+10 Con, +3) +3 (+3 Con) without powers. REF: +4 (+2 Dex, +2) WILL: +8 (+1 Wis, +7) Skills: 10 pp=40 r Bluff 12 (+16) Concentration 10 (+11) Knowledge: History 4 (+5) Notice 10 (+11) Sense Motive 8 (+9) Feats: 7 pp All-Out Attack Attack Specialization: Unarmed Dodge Focus Interpose Move-By Action Power Attack Takedown Attack Powers: 87 pp Comprehend 2 (speak and understand all languages) [4 pp] Cosmic Array [30+12=40 pp] [Cosmic Blast Descriptor is Cosmic Fire and can be partially resisted by both those immune to cosmic energies and fire effects, and can emanate from any part of her body - included stunted to an energy field aura - but is usually projected as yellow eye blasts, while the others are cosmic boosts, and could be countered by antyhing that can counter the Boost power] Cosmic Energy Control 14 (PFs: Accurate) [Dynamic] DAP: Enhanced Strength 22 DAP: Flight 14 (total of Flight 15 [500,000 MPH] ) DAP: Healing 9 (Extra: Action 2 [Move]) (Flaws: Personal) (PFs: Persistent, Regrowth) DAP: Leaping 14 (x50.000, 10 rounds to complete jump) and Speed 14 (250.000 MPH) DAP: Super-Strength 14 (1184 Tons heavy load, 19,2 Tons heavy Load with Enhanced Strenght and Super Strength 3, PFs: Groundstrike) DAP: Telepathy 10 (Earth to Moon) Cosmic Shield Array [5+1=6 PP] Force Field 5 AP: Shield 5 Cosmic Health Enhanced Constitution 14 [14 pp] Immunity 12 (aging, life support, starvation, sleep) [12 pp] Regeneration 1 ([Resurrection 1/week] (PFs: Persistent, Regrowth) [3 pp] Impervious Toughness 10 [Descriptor: Energy Absorbtion], (Flaw: Energy Only) [5 pp] Levitation Flight 1 (10 MPH) [2 pp] Morphic Costume [1 pp] Enhanced Feat 1 (Quick Change) Drawbacks Normal Identity (if drained of sunlight or left without sunlight for several days, Takes one minute to recharge in sunlight to regain them, Major, Very Common, -5 points) Vulnerable to Power Drains (Common, Moderate, -3 points) Combat: 16 pp Attack +4 (+6 Cosmic Energy Control/+6 Unarmed), Defense +5 (+2 flatfooted), +10 (+2 flatfooted with Shield) Knockback -5 with Shield, -7 with Force Field, -10/-12 versus Energy Initiative +2, Grapple +23 [Math: Abilities 28 + Saves 9 + Skills 11 + Feats 7 + Powers 87 + Combat 16 - Drawbacks 8 = 150 PP] Background: During one or more of the Centurion's visits on Ultima Thule, he left behind enough of his genetic material (assisted by covert scan of his biology) for a slightly rogue scientist to attempt to duplicate him combined with Ultima DNA. This scientist was Kal-Zor, the uncle of Kal-Zed, Superior, who wanted a legacy for his family that he could be proud of. In secret he worked to create a sort of "perfect Ultima" by combining the two cosmically infused bloodlines. What he ended up with, a daughter called Kal-Exia or Exia as a codename, became something else than he anticipated. While her potential for cosmic control was great, she seemed to have ended up with a mostly human physiology that needed regular infusions of energy to sustain. As she matured to young adulthood, she became able to absorb radiant sunlight and store it in her cells for some time to fuel her cosmic birthright, but by then the damage was already done. Kal-Zor considered Exia a failure, and wanted nothing to do with her, and his family had become even more ostracized in Ultima society for wrongfully using the genetic code of one of the only true outside friends the Ultima has had in milennia, and Exia took a brunt of those misgivings. Finding that she had no place at all in the society she was artificially born into, one night she simply set off into the skies on a southwestern trajectory, heading towards Freedom City, where is where her story truly begins. Description: Kal-Exia or Suprema as she's intending to call herself (figuring Centuria would be too presumptous) is a beautiful woman who looks in her very early twenties. She's has golden blonde hair, almost white in coloration, usually held up elegantly with a clasp, and an athletic build. Her face is that of an eternally youthful and beautiful Ultima, with some slight romanesque features inherented from the Centurion. She wears a dress close to the common appearance on Ultima Thule, a modest white armless dress going from her neck to just above her knees, slited in sides to allow her legs free movement, and golden boots and bracers. The dress has golden S on it reaching from just below her collar to midway down the dress. The dress is made of morphic materials, and can take the form of for example jeans and a top if she needs to blend in more, and is several degrees tougher than normal material, protected in turn by a slightly shimmering gold force field that she wears. In high flight speeds the force field seems to stretch out behind her, forming angelic wings.
  10. This will be the last I post on that damn skyrim armor, in it's defense it's a modular armor where you add whatever you want to use, with more bits slowing you down more and more. The one I posted was the one closest to the Archetypes Ultima appearance I could find, below is what it looks like with all the bits added, at which point it will be slowing down your movement and attack speed compared to the skimpy version which protects much less.
  11. First off that picture of Sharon Stone is only sexual if you've actually seen the movie, in which case you are probably old enough to be reminded of it. If you havent' it's a picture of a beautiful woman with a confident look and an elegant buisness suit. It's all about intent, take the picture for what it's protraying, not the contextual background, any more than you would be free to assume the base character is a british martial artist who drive getaway cars because I posted a picture of Jason Statham from the Transporter. Secondly, again on the armor, see my above post on context, and also please look up that Ultima image in Archetypes and Legacies, I brought up that armor (admittedly skimpy, I said it in the post I posted it in) to compare it to the Ultima one, where it's essentally just the bikini type. That armor has covered the shield arm sufficiently to deflect blows, it's got both shoulders partially covered, the legs are covered (it's not shown but the boots are heavy armorc covering every part not shown), and the crotch section is also metal and covered, and it's got details that add to functionality if not protectiveness. Overall a much better costume, if not a much better realistical armor (I didn't say it was, I only compared it to the breast-cups). In terms of costumes, it's much less revealing than what many superheroines are wearing, even ones not considered objectifying. Okay, then let's analyze what I said, instead of what you said, and you can see where I started to become defensive; The costume as I said above, is well within stated limits for, well the setting for one and if I looked hard through that sample thread you posted I can probably find one or two women with more revealing costumes. As said it's less revealing than Ms Marvel's costume, or certainly Wonder Woman's costume, and certainly more covering than at least two Freedom City stock characters, which whoever is to take part in this game would have been "exposed" to (not that I think a woman in a seashell bikini if not portrayed sexually is damaging to the young 13 year old minds, I wouldn't show it to an 8 year old that watched Young Justice certainly however). It does not show cleavage to any degree whatsoever, it's not necessarily tight-fitting, but it does show some leg, so that'll definetly get the blood pumping, given that no other superheroes shows legs she'll be quite unique. That's the costume, now the comment that started this thing that derailed entirely; Semi-stripperific was interprented to mean butt naked, which I in the prvious sentence specifically stated her Force Field makes impossible. What I meant was "strategically torn" as often happens to heroes, naked with breasts and other naughty bits would not be semi-stripperific unless your definition of stripperific involved hardcore pornography. Notably this was when I still didn't know what the term meant (it's since been explained, and it was a bad use), and I assumed actual stripperifici would still cover naughty bits, as I considered say Angela's costume (which I'm not posting here even) as actual stripperific, as do I consider the costume I posted, which was said to be approved if the very obvious bits was included. This kind of exposure would still be an embarrasement to the character, and as such she'd look into an alternate costume, as I'm trying to protray a kind of Supergirl here, and a young girl especially from a foreign land exposed to even minor amounts of exposure would find it embarrasing is what I assumed. If the Ultima are all nudists (which I have no idea about) then this doesn't apply obviously. That's what set it off, and that the comment was misconstrued and that there could be several meanings to "revealing costume" for example was the only thing I was arguing, then I was asking about what stripperific actually meant, and providing examples one way or another as I quite a bit up had already said; As in me already giving up the argument about the possibility of even a semi-torn costume being possible (although at this point the realism involved if that never happens at all boggles the mind). And this is considerd hostile, to the point where players are "writing me off"? And then you in addition to when saying not to nit-pick everything specifically nit-pick two things to enhance my flaws? Specifically hostile on a page where the TV tropes say you're ready to heckle off mary-sues and trolls and the like mercilessly, which I assumed to mean meant an adult forum, even within the PG 13 limits? I don't know, if this is you heckling it's more annoying but it's having the same effect.
  12. Yeah you really haven't seen Skyrim armors have you? It's contextual, in the setting where a fur kilt with a fur bra (base armor that shipped with the game) can be upgraded to provide 95 % protection, that is dragon bone covering a shield arm, dragon bone boots, and metallic parts to cover other pieces. I can't even show you 99 % of the user created armors because it would certainly break the code of conduct here, and a lot of the armors that came with the game are just as skimpy. One of the most protective armors for men is a large panty with a belt, headband, bracers, fur boots. Trust me, in the context of the setting that is a very concealing armor among Light armors.
  13. Okay sorry but WTF? At some point in this discussion someone seems to have forgotten to have looked at my actual description. It's this, it's Ms Marvel's Warbird costume, white, but with the front as a tabard instead reaching down to the knees, knee high boots, and bracers. Except for the elbow length gloves, that's a less revealing costume than Ms Marvel wears. Siren of the Freedom League is wearing a seashell bikini and a net. The Hellqueen is wearing bondage gear.
  14. See now that I can get behind entirely, let me show you an example, I didn't like the Ultima's chaimail bkini (or perhaps breast-cups are more like it), but this is one of my favorite Skyrim armors that is revealing yet functional and as such I don't consider it over the top; That's the kind of armor that while revealing and sexy to a degree doesn't stretch the imagination that it could actually be a functional armor, the main flaw of this armor is that the model has too large breasts to realistically go into close combat too often (historical amazons were known to cut off their breasts for this purpose, or just one because they got in the way of pulling the bowstring back), and is a whole other degree of realism and functionality over the breastcups armor, despite being almost as revealing. I don't view that armor as sexualizing in a way to turn the wearer into a sex-object, just a sexy costume, there's a very big difference. Wonder Woman's costume I'd call sexy, Power Girl I'd call sexualizing, and I can't decide on the last two Supergirl iterations. To me the white-shirted and hairbanded version from Animated Superman and Justice League is the best Supergirl, as she should remind of a teenager. As for the other image I posted, the Alex Ross version, I'd certainly hope it's a fully covering under, as I hope Supergirl is usually wearing thick wool panties, otherwise putting it on a flying hero would have unfortunate implications. To be clear, while my hero's costume is a a dress who's bottom end is close to the girl of that picture (more like a knight's tabard than a dress for the lower part) she's most certainly wearing something to cover up underneath. I hope that should be obvious. Also by the way, I think that costume I posted is over the top actually, it just skirts the line too much, but more importantly it's put on an innocent Mary Marvel like character, which is sexualizing to her rather than sexy.
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