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  1. You are amazing RocketLord! You did so much! Thank you so much!
  2. RocketLord said it would be easier to build my character with a PL 10 slot and have them be PL 8 with 150 PP.
  3. Victoria Vogel Power Level: 7 (105/105PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: A young mad scientist from Earth Victoriana who is a superhero to experiment and treat without a medical degree. She is at Claremont Academy to learn how to best use her abilities for good without attracting a mob with torches and pitchforks. Catchphrase: Mwahaha! Alternate Identity: Remedy (Secret) Birthplace: Earth Victoriana, North American Territories Residence: Claremont Academy Base of Operations: Claremont Academy Occupation: Full Time Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family: Emma Vogel (Mother) and Emil Vogel (Father), Ella Lopez (Sister), Peter Vogel (Brother), Ulrich Vogel (Brother), Mary Vogel (Sister) Description: Age: 16 (July 29, 2005) Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5’6 Weight: 225 Eyes: hazel Hair: shoulder length, dark brown Victoria usually wears self-tailored pants and button up shirts. She normally has a leather messenger bad with her in which she keeps the necessary supplies for her superhero activities, as well as her school supplies. Her hair is shoulder length, put in a simple braid. When engaging in super-heroics she wears her Remedy costume. When in her Remedy she wears a full face Venetian style mask, white with a red cross across the face. She has a bomber jacket in the style of the Special Zeppelin Service from her home dimension which has a copper colored symbol on the back, the Rod of Asclepius. This jacket was made from the skin of a super powered pig which Victoria had chemically enhanced on her home dimension and has pockets for her chemicals and medical supplies. Underneath the jumpsuit is a jumpsuit, charcoal colored with a red collar and red cuffs. Around her waist Victoria wears a utility belt the same shade of red as her cuffs which contains more medical supplies. It also has her “lightning generator” attached to it which connects to her lighting gun when in use. In the Remedy costume her hair is in a crown braid. History: Victoria Vogel was born to Ella and Emil Vogel on July 29, 2005 in the central portion of the British Empire’s territories in North America. The youngest of five children Victoria was a well-mannered and quiet child, if overly curious and with a somewhat disconcerting tendency to ramble to herself (this never went away). While Victoria was close with all of her family when young, she cleaved most closely to her father, a soft spoken kindly man, and oldest sister Emma, who practically raised her. Victoria’s astounding mind first revealed itself shortly after her sister Emma moved away to live with her husband, when Victoria was six. She heard her father lamenting the loss of a pair of hands around the farm, especially since their steam thresher was broken so she went out and fixed it. This was just the start, however. She developed formulas for hormonal supplements to make sure the Vogel pigs were larger than anyone else’s, making fertilizer that made their crops grow faster. Her father was delighted, but her mother was troubled. Ella Vogel loved her daughter but was beginning to worry about her interests not aligning with the life which was planned out for her. At the age of ten she began working on veterinary technology, becoming a wiz at curing diseases and healing wounds in livestock. She began selling her services around town, using the money she earned to buy subscriptions to scientific journals. And Ella Vogel became even more troubled. It wasn’t natural for a child to have such an interest in cutting things apart, or such impossible knowledge on how to put them back together again. By twelve she had reanimated her first animal. An attempt at healing gone wrong, she found that with a certain mixture of chemicals and the application of that most mysterious force, electricity, she could restore vitality if not life to those which had passed. She also began to modify the runts of the litter which her father had begun giving to her. Some became eerily intelligent, unnaturally savage, others extraordinarily strong. Her favorite was one named Hercules, one whose skin was impenetrable even to small arms fire. Ella Vogel watched her daughter twist the fabric of life around at will and saw, in her mind, a growing affront to the will of God. By fourteen Victoria had done her first true resurrection, bringing back a cat which had been dead for several hours. Victoria had also begun to notice how the other people in town looked at her. Sure, some of the townsfolk still came to her with an injured animal or ill child if they could afford a real doctor but they were beginning to look at her. They spoke in whispers around her, but Victoria could still hear their accusations: “witch,” “demon,” “mad scientist.” At this, Victoria began constructing an interesting design she had found in the Journal for Metaphysical Engineering, part out of curiosity and partly because of a nagging fear that she might have to leave town quickly. Furthermore, she understood that her experiments, if they were to continue, would need to be done in the dead of night. For this reason, Victoria designed and implanted in her own body a device which completely alleviates the need for sleep. Ella Vogel had had about enough of her daughter’s disturbing habits and sought the advice of the town’s Anglican priest. She feared her daughter had consorted with devils and when she had confided in her husband, Emil he had just quietly dismissed the whole thing. The priest believed her, however, and began to preach about the dangers in flying too high into God’s domain. To Ella’s despair, these fell deaf upon Victoria’s ears though they increased the disquiet of the town regarding Victoria. At sixteen Victoria finally achieved her most impossible feat, bringing a dead child to life. This finally turned her mother fully against her and brought the mob to her door. To escape with her life, she had to flee through the dimensional portal she had created, destroying it from the side on Earth Prime with only a leather jacket made from the hide of Hercules and her scientific materials. Going into hiding she fled underground in the subways of Earth Prime, creating a lab to explore the universe within. Exploring the unique actions and properties of electricity in this universe (primarily its predictability) she created a lightning gun to protect herself in this strange new world. Taking herself to a library, she found that in this universe those with power and ability became super heroes. Inspired, she wanted to become like them. She quickly found that Claremont Academy would be the place to be for to become like them. Somehow, she might find how to do good without attracting the anger of those she had helped. Personality & Motivation: Victoria is at heart a mad scientist. Her abilities are extremely useful and positively life-changing but her manor is off putting. She is endlessly inquisitive and can barely contain the urges her curiosity imposes on her. Her eyes have an intensity among them and she mutters under her breath frequently, discussing new ideas with herself. Victoria Vogel wants to help people. However, she doesn’t really know how to do this in a way which is non-threatening and ethical. She thinks that the best way she can do this is to become a superhero and go to Claremont Academy. After she becomes an adult she thinks she may settle down and become an actual doctor, but it frightens her knowing her identity would be public. Powers & Tactics: I approach combat as I approach all things: as a science. That said, I do have a few “methods” which are my preferred modus operandi when I am not testing out new equipment or procedures. When I am called to combat a my primary method of doing so is through my lightning rifle. The way in which those pure streams of power speed toward my foes is beautiful! Of course, my true passion is biochemical engineering and experimental medicine. For that reason my favored contributions to combat are restoring my companions to life and health through some quick use of various beneficial mixtures and first aid (assisted, of course through the use of that majestic force of nature, electricity). Furthermore, I can utilize a mix of enzymes and hormones to enhance the natural abilities of my allies, all through a quick depression of my syringe into their veins. When a suitable corpse is around (which is annoyingly rare) I can return its motive force (through electricity, external devices and chemical mixtures) so that it might rise to my side as a body-in-arms. Finally, I utilize a leather jacket in the style of the special zeppelin service made from the remains of my dear pet Hercules, a pig chemically improved to have enormously tough hide. Power Descriptions: The main offensive weapon Victoria uses is her lightning rifle. This has a wooden stalk like a normal rifle but has a copper sphere on the end from which the electricity comes. The gun is connected via wires to a small generator on her utility belt. To heal, Victoria does rapid first aid, applying odd ointments, injecting strange compounds and suturing wounds closed. To boost her allies or herself she uses a needle to pump a strange clear liquid into their veins. To reanimate a corpse (using animate object) she applies a small copper device to the temple and injects a dark green mixture of chemicals into the body. The protection effect device two uses is the toughness of the leather of the jacket in her costume as Remedy. Complications: •Curiosity Killed the Cat (and Mad Science Brought It Back): Victoria Vogel has a deep and abiding need to learn more about the universe. Unfortunately, this tends to cause her and those around her to suffer. This might’ve taught her a lesson eventually but one thing prevents it: mad science. It is really very difficult to see the consequences of your actions if you know that you can heal anyone who is hurt, bring back anyone who dies, and believe that you can fix everything else with enough time. •Only A Step Ahead of the Mob: Victoria Vogel has had bad experiences with angry mobs and knows, in some deep part of her mind which comes out in nightmares, that they will come for her again. •Really! I Run Out Now?: Victoria is able to improvise many of the materials necessary for making inventions but there are certain chemicals necessary for her animate objects, boosting, and healing abilities which can run out. Abilities: 2 + 2 + 2 + 12 + 6 - 2 = 22 PPs Strength: 12 (+1) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 12 (+1) Intelligence: 22 (+6) Wisdom: 16 (+0) Charisma: 8 (-1) Combat: 1 + 3 = 7 PP Initiative: +1 Attack: +1 Melee, +2 Ranged, +6 Lightning Rifle Defense: +3 (+3 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +3 Knockback: -6 / -1 Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 1 = 1PP Toughness: +6 / +1 (+1 Con, +5 [Protection]) Fortitude: +1 (+1 Con, +0) Reflex: +1 (+1 Dex, +0) Will: +4 (+3 Wis, +1) Skills: 60 R (15 PP) Crafts [Artistic] 3 (+9) Craft [Chemical] 7 (+13) Second Chance Craft [Electronic] 2 (+8) Craft [Mechanical] 6 (+12) Disable Device 2 (+8) Handle Animal 3 (+2) Knowledge [Life Sciences] 7 (+13) Second Chance Knowledge [Physical Sciences] 6 (+12) Knowledge [Technology] 7 (+13) Second Chance Language 1 (English [native], German) Medicine 7 (+13) Second Chance Notice 4 (+7) Ride 3 (+4) Search 4 (+10) Feats: 12 PPs •Attack Focus [Range] 1 •Attack Specialization [Lightning Gun] 2 •Equipment 2 (10 EP) •Improvised tools •Inventor •Precise shot 1 •Second chance 4 (craft [chemical], knowledge [life sciences], knowledge [technology], medicine) Equipment: 2PP = 10EP •Headquarters (Underground Hospital / Lab; Features: concealed 2, infirmary, laboratory, library, workshop) [6EP] •Masterwork Craft [Chemical] Tools [1EP] •Masterwork Knowledge [Technology] Tools [1EP] •Masterwork Medical Tools [1EP] •Multi-Tool [1 EP] Powers: 4+4+25+1+6+8= 48 Technological descriptors •Animate Object 4 (Reanimation; Extras: Increased Duration; Flaws: Action [Full], Limited [corpses], Range [Touch]) {4PP} •Boost 1 (Pick-Me-Up; Ability Scores; Feats: Slow Fade) {3PP} •Healing 6 (Mad medicine; Extras: Resurrection; Feats: Regrowth, Progression 6) {25PP} •Immunity 1 (Anti-Sleep Cerebral Implant; Immunity to Need For Sleep) {1PP} •Device 2 (Lightning Rifle; 10PP container; Flaws: Easy to Lose) {6PP} •Blast 5 (Electric shot; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose) {10PP} (Additional descriptor: electrical) •Device 2 (Super flight jacket; 10PP container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) {8PP} •Protection 5 (Super tough leather; Extras: Impervious) {10PP} DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 11 Toughness Damage Lightning Rifle Ranged DC 16 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (22) + Combat (7) + Saves (1) + Skills (15) + Feats (12) +Powers (48) = 105/105 Power Points
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