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  1. Crush

    Noob questions

    Thank you for your answers. To answer your question about vigilantism, think Daredevil or Batman. Not on the powers side of things, but the ethics. When your criminal types are less take over the world types and more the drug pushers and muggers. While not going full kill mode, the retribution will be swift and painful. I should note that the characters will not be delighting in this behavior, but are not looking to hear excuses for why that guy is doing bad things again. The reason I ask is that this game is cooperative, and alienating other players would kind of defeat the purpos
  2. Crush

    Noob questions

    Looking to do a duo of equal power. Is Sidekick 25 on a 150 point character OK mechanically? Also, though being 150 points, the character(s) would be PL8 in power. That OK? How does the hero community feel about vigilantism? Not straight killing, but pragmatic heroes who try to stop criminal activities before they start. First time offenders may get a lighter touch depending on what the situation is, but repeat offenders get no quarter. "You've made your bed now lie in it."
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