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  1. Morgan smiled wide at the description of Casey's noted exploit. "Hey. As a very wise novel character once said? 'All your life, people will try to take your accomplishments away from you. Don't you go and do it for them.' Granted that was about a young girl who was interested in math, so take it for what you will. Gotta love the original Sarah Harding. You helped protect an important political figure. That is nothing to scoff at, even if it was a team effort." he said, He was impressed. he'd known people did this kind of thing young, but... Well, when he was young he wanted to turn flying int
  2. "I've got literally nothing for the day. I work from home for 4 hours a day in the mornings. 'Being lazy' is pretty much what I do when I'm not going out flying. I don't think you'd look too bad with wings, a tail, and horns. Probably get plenty of fanboys at that point knowing how some people think of that stuff. Somehow Demons get far more positive attention these days than Angels, which always makes me giggle a little even if Fallen Angels still get the short end of the stick 'cause they're neither." he said, happily sipping his own delicious drink. Mango-Dragonfruit... Gotta love it. "Usua
  3. He nodded, letting her pay for this one. "I'll get yours next time, then." he said, smiling. "And yeah... Problem is whether I'll stay the way I am for the next eternity or so. I ain't aging, and I've got it on good authority I ain't likely to age anytime soon, so unless I get my fool self killed somehow? I'm staring down an unending road with a lot of dark clouds over it. For the name-calling? I mostly just ignore it and fly off. One of the best things about being able to fly? The idiots can't follow you for the most part and when you're up in the clouds everything just looks so s
  4. "Nah. I've mostly been getting settled in for a while, and trying to establish a presence first as someone who CAN help. It's been a bit, but there's just so much to do here as opposed to back home, I've just been trying to figure out HOW to step in and help without potentially stepping on anyone else's toes, yeah? If I screw up? Well, I'm only 'human.'" he said, laughing. Half-human or no, he wasn't perfect. He put a couple of the spicier wings on his plate and dug in as well. Gotta love the burn. "Whoo, yeah. That's the good stuff. If I had sinus problems they'd be gone now. How 'bout you? I
  5. "Oh, trust me. I know. When I was ten, it was 'take your child to work day' at my dad's firm. I could not sit in those office chairs. Ever." he said, grinning. "But yeah, everyone uses their powers frivolously every now and again... Well, the powers that one CAN. I fly to and from most places when I'm not in the mood to take my time or deal with traffic lights. And I've been asked to help friends move no fewer than three times because I can lift a couch- one-handed and fly it out the window rather than down three sets of stairs. And then up fifteen floors when we get to the new place." Thank y
  6. He saluted with his beer when Casey offered the toast to old-style journalists. Then he shrugged to her question. "It pays for my hobbies, and my investments pay for the bills. I could just as easily get by without the job, but I didn't want to just sit about and do nothing. It allows me to work from home and it's a lot better than customer service. Worked that in a call center while I was going through school. First day I came in? They told me I wasn't allowed to 'wear costumes to work.'" he said, chuckling. "I told them they were free to try and take them off if they'd like, but the medical
  7. "This is a scene wherein we're drawing attention, yes." Morgan said. "Most people are probably curious now that it's obvious there's no immanent danger or a massive fight breaking out, but it's best to let people get on with life and make an announcement later about what happened. You should maybe do an interview with a reporter to explain to people what happened so they can catch it in the news if absolutely necessary. Just be sure to have someone experienced in dealing with the press with you if you decide to do so. I'm sure that those who deal with extraterrestrial arrivals will be interest
  8. Morgan nodded, accepting the nudge and letting it go, going back to his regularly-scheduled laid-back line-standing. "Meh. 'Morgan' works just as well as Nephilim." he said, shrugging slightly. For all he might be a snob for himself? He wouldn't begrudge others their choices in food or drink, so her reaction to his liking of mango-flavored drinks had no impact. The talk about small towns, however got him talking again. "Brainerd wasn't too small, all told, but it was 'small enough.' Problem was? The priest. Dude just would not get off his high horse about mom and me, and kept tryin
  9. Nephilim took his drink back and followed along, just getting to know people. Good step to establishing himself, yeah? "It's more that hydration is a good thing on hot days, and we've come up with methods of keeping our drinks pleasing. Sweet is 'good' for most folks, but it's not really 'nourishment' save that it helps keep you hydrated. And food is... Weird. It's at once necessary, a hobby, and a point of contention. Sleep is necessary, for the most part, due to needing to 'recharge' and it's how our brains process a day's information, storing what is deemed 'important' information while dum
  10. "Nothing beats lager for putting out mouth-fires." he said, nodding as though spouting sage wisdom. "I've got zero problem with picked-up food. It's what i eat ninety percent of the time. The only real question I ask is 'where to go for variety.' One can only eat takeout Chinese so often. Which is why I'm glad I found a Thai place, a Vietnamese place, a Mexican place, and an good old fashioned sandwich shop within a few days of moving here. That and a good bar via my friend Emily. "i'll let you decide who gets what, since you brought the food, yeah?" Worst case, in Morgan's mind, was they part
  11. "Indeed I am! Morgan Belial King, in full. Or Nephilim. Some shorten that to 'Neph.' Please don't blame me for the middle name. it was mom's contribution." he said, smiling wide and shaking her hand in turn. "Nice to meet you, too. In person, anyway." he nodded and took a seat as comfortably as he could, leaning forward slightly before back. his own reasonably tall frame letting him rest his wings on the chair back with a bit of work and positioning. "I probably wouldn't have been any better. My ability to cook extends to 'follow the video or recipe to the letter' and usually 'recipe' includes
  12. Morgan flew through the air reminding himself of exactly what he'd signed up for. Honestly? he'd posted his profile expecting it to sit there in internet oblivion where he would inevitably forget about it. And then someone messaged him about it. Cute girl? Flyer? Yup. All good signs. Not to mention highly unlikely to be a villain in disguise. he'd tried to be open and upfront with the prospective date in messages, hoping this wouldn't wind up being an elaborate setup... Last thing he needed was to be Super-Punked... While his mind turned to potential horror-stories of heroic-commu
  13. Searchable Profile [Photo 1: is a selfie of a young-ish looking man with black hair wearing sunglasses, swim-shorts, and sandals. No shirt, allowing the well-muscled and tanned form to be visible, even with the dark black-feathered wings providing a bit of shade with how he has them unfurled. Photo 2: Photo taken from above the clouds, looking down on the bay with wisps of cloud entering or leaving the frame. Photo 3: This one is taken at a bar, with the man dressed up in a modified suit with his arms and wings around two other people.One is a young woman with brown
  14. Nephilim smiled. "Well, Welcome to earth then!" he said happily. "This is Freedom City... You kind of landed in the park. Sort of." he looked to Sunset lake. "You kind of landed in the lake. Ah well. No big deal. Just be careful if you need to land like that again. A lot of people tend to get scared when fiery balls of stellar doom fall from the sky. Want some iced tea?" he offered, holding out the cup. "It's one of my favorites. Cold-brewed Wild Orange Blossom and Youthberry with a twist of lemon." He pondered her words for a moment. "The Forebears? 'Ones-Who-Cultivate?' And 'Miss
  15. "I'll look into it, but I don't tend to dress very fancy 'in uniform.' I only tend to dress up in normal clothes unless, like today, I'm just relaxing in the sun... or getting some delicious Starbase Summer Flavors. Mango-Dragonfruit refresher... I just need to decide if I want coconut milk or lemonade..." he said, trailing off as he weighed the options in his head. On one hand? Lemonade was good for the tartness it brought to the drink. On the other? Coconut Milk was just as good in a sweet way. "If 'Nephilim' is too much? 'Neph' works just as well. I don't tend to make much in t
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