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  1. The Seeker For the briefest moment, he considered turning tail. He had been wondering if he might be outclassed when he saw his suspect taking off with jets of flame. If it were simply a matter keeping up pace he wasn't afraid of losing his target, but if he could simply fly off or bypass obstacles by simply skipping over them, then he was at a risk. It was the reach into the pocket that caused Seeker's heart to skip a beat. A brief moment of memory, countless shouts of "Gun!" in his past, and consideration of what kind of weapon this likely super-criminal would be carrying caused a moment of hesitation where he nearly missed his next jump. Steeling himself, he decided that he had come too far, and his target was unlikely to let him just walk away. He swung himself forward again, hoping to take down his suspect before he could draw whatever he had on him.
  2. The Seeker The swing from one rooftop to the other didn't give him a lot of time to examine the other figure. A quick glimpse gave him enough detail to confirm that this guy fit the description, as it were. He didn't have a lot of hope that this person was going to be friendly, but very briefly he thought "Please just stay there." As the figure turned tail to run, Sam huffed to himself. Landing on the roof and breaking into a sprint, he muttered "Fine. Let's do it your way, then."
  3. Interesting. Sam regarded the figure on the opposite rooftop, and played through the possibilities in his mind. The most likely was that this was Talon, whose attention had been caught for obvious reasons. This could also theoretically be another, unrelated super who came to investigate of their own accord. The final possibility, and the one that worried Sam the most, was that this was the individual who had planted the bomb in the first place, out to see if his trap had done its job. Regardless of who it was, Seeker thought to himself, if they realized someone other than the police was investigating, they would likely either talk to him directly or flee. And if he was on the ground talking to the police at the time, they would likely get away if they were to run. That wouldn't do. With that in mind, Seeker drew himself up to his full height and launched his grappling hook, breaking into a run in order to swing over to the other rooftop. If this person wanted to talk, or even cooperate, he'd be happy to oblige. If they ran, he'd catch and question them. Simple as that.
  4. Went ahead and rolled a 35 for stealthing it up on the rooftop.
  5. The Seeker Seeker paused and thought. His first instinct was to flee. There was too great of a risk that he had been seen at some point and hadn't realized it, and that could compromise him almost instantly if he were to be spotted for a second time. That said, the bomb had raised more questions for him that he needed answered, and this was likely his best way to get them answered. It didn't make sense for the bomb to be a defense against trespassers or anything of the sort. If Talon had set it up on the assumption that anyone breaking in would be annoyed enough by the smell of a used toilet to flush it, then Sam had to applaud him on his ingenuity. It made more sense, though, that someone had broken in before him and set it up with hopes that Talon himself would trigger it. And if Talon already had enemies, that didn't clear him of suspicion, but it did cast things in a different light. His curiosity now piqued, he made the decision to hang around. He approached the edge of the roof closest to the front entrance. Making his best effort to remain unseen from the street below, he attempted to listen in on any chatter from the street. First he would determine if he had already been made. If he was in the clear, he would make approach and offer to aid in the investigation.
  6. The Seeker Two for Tragedy 8 IC posts, x2=16 2PP
  7. The Seeker Cursing again, he stood and sprinted to the window. Mid-run, he reached and grabbed a handful of papers from the table and jammed them into his pocket. As quickly as he was able, he threw the window back open, jumped through it, swung around the edge to his right-hand side, and clung to the wall outside. Slamming the window shut behind him, Seeker began to climb back to the roof. While he wasn't thrilled about having his cover blown by an exploding toilet, he realized as he climbed away that the situation acutally presented a unique opportunity. He might be able to use this to spot Talon in plainclothes. For now, though, he needed to get some distance. First he needed to get to the roof and find the best method to get away unseen.
  8. 17 to search the living room. Time to hustle.
  9. Seeker slid across the floor as he dove to protect himself from the explosion. Cursing, he climbed back to his feet and examined the space behind him. So much for leaving no trace. Mentally kicking himself for such a rookie mistake, he turned his attention back to the living room. It was the only part of the space he hadn't yet searched, and it was small enough that he would hopefully have enough time to spot anything important and quickly analyze it before exiting. Even if there was nothing there, he still had the cube in his pocket and he could grab some of the papers on the table if nothing else.
  10. 24 squeaks by on the reflex save, and a 19 for Toughness. Sam is a lucky guy.
  11. "Oh God." It was no small effort for Sam to keep himself from retching. "This has to be some kind of joke." He attempted to center himself and analyze the room. He examined it slowly, from top to bottom. The ceiling was normal, there was likely just another apartment above. The walls were smooth, nothing odd here. The shower was just a shower and the sink was just a sink. However, something was not quite right about... "No way." He braved a step closer and took in the offending toilet. He couldn't quite explain what it was, or what it could possibly accomplish, but it didn't seem to fit quite right with its surroundings. Once again, he was left with only one path forward. Swallowing the smallest bit of dignity in the process, he took a step forward and did the only thing that made sense. He flushed the toilet.
  12. That's a 36 for checking the bathroom.
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