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  1. Name rig Catchphrase you bet this fight is rigged Theme prototype wooden toaster Complications Enemy a war vet who volunteered to be subject to a new robotic body Reputation being the first battlesuit it of course draws attention both good and bad. Stats Str 12/34(+1/+12) Dex 10 (+0) Con
  2. Rig


    This is my brothers character.Qynzavier is a mutant who was born with the power to conduct electricity however his power was not good enough to protect his city from a corrupt goverment taking advantage of any person strong enough to work for their army so Qynzavier started to fight against the government but could not take action against them but one day after attacking the goverment he retreated after realizing they were too strong into a abandoned lab he found an old man who looked like he didn't get any sleep working on a bench as he saw Qynsavier and the old man said to him i know who you are and i know you seek more power he offers a handshake do you acept Qynsavier shakes his hand and gives a silent nod so the old man said lay on the operating table the old man grabbed a bone saw arter he cut off his legs he attached the tundra steppers to Qynsavier the old man said you have to stay here a few months to get used to your new legs.after a few months Qynsavier started to fight the goverment later earning the name cryo sleep
  3. How many points do I get if l get rid of flight, super senses and blaster also can I put those points in chain gun, homing missile and micro missles?
  4. Look up mutants and masterminds power profile pdf
  5. Can I use the power profile for help
  6. Can i liquidate flying, blaster and vison systems for power points?
  7. .....shit guess i will go with the standerd battle suit arcetype
  8. For powers homing missle1 chaingun1 armor8 strengh enhahnment 1 stats might be a bit too high though strengh 7 agility 4 fighting 9 awareness 6 stamina 9 dex 7 int 10 presence 4 before you ask me and my brother rolled d10s ps cant find the geting started section
  9. Well theres greed wich basiclly makes you a merc and doesnt have to be money it can be tech canibalized from villans as well
  10. Made during the cold war the rig protosuit would have been revolutionary, would being the key word an explosive accident killing the only people who know about it a long time later (modern) a man stumbles upon it bored out of his mind he starts to repair it. When he decides to try it he's a natural at and decides this can be a job.
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