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  1. You Can't Con A Conwoman!: 1d20+11 22 I guess you can.
  2. You can take 10 on knowledge checks. So 20!
  3. Jessica was not quiet during the ride. With the small talk going she questioned the two large guys on where they were from and what they did and what they wanted out of life. Jessica teased Carson some more. She was a very talkative person when she had nothing to do but wait. She did mention seeing the guy in her neighborhood before. Water under the bridge since she was seemingly joining this operation. Though she told them that she was not sure how undercover she could be, given her 'lovely predicament'. Eventually the chatter stopped when they got to the destination. She resisted a laugh when she saw Jay pulled out. Floating above the ground a bit, she held on to Carson from behind. Not trying to gold on too tight to him, but having a ride into the shop. "Thanks, Carson," she whispered in his ear, "you'll be the first to get what you deserve," playing more on her words. When they got inside the Tarot shop, she lowered herself back to the ground. Not that Jessica was short, just that Carson was huge. "Yeah," she nodded to the woman, "we heard you needed some help that we, uh, non-traditionals could remedy."
  4. The incident? Also, a minor question, how tall is everyone around here? Jessica is 5'10"/1.78m. I just want to know if she's looking up or down at some of these people
  5. This little song and dance. Jessica mentally noted the guy she remembered. "My name is Killian," she used the name when she didn't want to be known, though she was unsure if Jay had that information in her notes. Though Jay being referred to her girlfriend, she laughed a little under her breath. They didn't care if they were right. "And this is," she was cut short by Jay's impromptu greeting. She was sure the demon girl could rip Martin to shreds, but Jessica was here on her dime. Might as well keep up with her. "Carson," she said looking at the leader, "I'm sure you're a man who could show someone the way around a place," she teased him with some double entendre. "Maybe me, you, your boyfriend, and her can go meet the captain. Like one big party?"
  6. Sense Motive: 1d20+2 9 Oblivious! Bluff: 1d20+11 14 Getting the low rolls out. 22 if Attractive plays in to it.
  7. Seeing as they did break in somewhere, Jessica thought that she should have expected it. But it seemed weird. Cops, in a homeless shelter? Sure, she'd go with that. "Oh man," she giggled, "look, we're just on a spree. Doing evil things. Like letting homeless people into a homeless shelter." She stood in defiance, taking a step towards them. "So, we let these poor people continue freezing," she looked over to the group, the youngest one in particular and then back to the guardians of the shelter, "or you can stand down. I'm sure you have procedure," her voice turned from mocking to pleasing, "but maybe you could do the right thing for once?" She took two more steps, each one moving her hips, "If not for them, there could be something in it for you." She meant the publicity, but minds tended to wander around her.
  8. If you have parents, children, loved ones, whoever. Hug them, tell them you love them. Spend time with them. Love them all you can. There may be a day where you can't do that. My son was 19. He had his whole life ahead of him. I remember talking to him the day before, on my birthday. And now he's gone. None of us were prepared for this. I'm missing a piece of my heart now. I'll be here sparingly for however long it takes.
  9. Jessica didn't want it to come to that. But you have to do what you have to do sometimes. She nodded as he pointed to his side arm. She smiled, wordlessly, showing him her hand light up with flame. Still, the dogs were corrupted, and she couldn't uncorrupt them. At least they had a distraction. "Mack, are you going to come with us? Hm? I said I'd have your back." She looked him in the eye, "I don't want you hurt. Besides, I want you to witness what happens to bad people who do bad things," she grinned wickedly. She took the bowl of tuna from him if he'd let her. "I've been told I do taste sweet," she laughed, recalling his earlier statement. Humor, even if gallows, to alleviate the horror they were about to face.
  10. Try to get up as a free action. Acrobatics: 1d20+10 11 Fail horribly. Shoot Dark Fist with Fill With Sin. Attack Dark Fist: 1d20+10 26 DC 25 Will vs Magical Sin Damage.
  11. It was probably the worst flip ever seen. There was too many people here. And water was everywhere. And she probably tripped over her heels... that she wasn't wearing at the moment. Horrible. She grunted, floating to an upwards position. Hoping no one saw the pitiful display, she turned her attention to Dark Fist, "you are a horrible host, sir. I am definitely leaving a bad review on this warehouse of ill repute!" With her foot, she nudged one of the downed guys who tried to grab her. Smiling, she looked at Dark Fist, "you need better henchmen. I could have been one. A damned good one." She smirked, "but hey you blew your chance. Now I have to fall into a life of heroics. Oh the tragedy!" A magically static and distorted word that almost sounded like 'Sloth' came from her vocally, but it didn't even look like she said it. Seemingly from that weird incantation, a smoky apparition shot towards him, entering into him through his face and chest. "Now I have something to work with. What a lovely predicament."
  12. Jessica listened to Mack's plight, taking in everything she could. Of course Hector would use the powers of evil for his own gain. Forget great responsibility, everyone used it for their own gain. Jessica did use it for her own gain, sure, but never to harm anyone who didn't deserve it. Super-drugged up punks destroying a burger joint? Yeah. Evil tree who wanted to eat her friend's cat? Yeah.The dogs, however, didn't deserve this. But now, unless they didn't stand down, they were going to have to be put down. And it was all going to be on Hector's head. "I assume there's some tuna around here somewhere then," she questioned Mack, "it would be helpful." She continued to follow Mack, "just stay close. I got your back."
  13. So easily they were transported, Jessica didn't expect it. Of course, that was the point. Though the trip, quick as it was, was not the problem. It was the destination. A missionary. Bound to be holy ground. Jessica looked at Jay. Her normally happy-go-lucky demeanor replaced by shocked mixed with perturbed... fear? She wanted to stare daggers into her 'guide', but she had to do something. "Listen," she said gruffly but soft to the other 'real' demon, "I don't do church. I don't do missions. Consecrated, sacred, holy, whatever." She pinched the bridge between her nose and tried to center. "I'm going to do this, but we get the hell away from here afterwards." Besides. Homeless people in the cold? Not inside. This would be a good deed. "OK," she spoke up to the crowd, who were too blase to even notice two demons in front of them. She walked slowly to the mission door as the people huddled around her. It was the strength in numbers that made her fear abide. She looked at the sign. "This door," she questioned rhetorically, "this is it?" She poked at it a few times. Once it didn't burn her hand or anything, she stared at it. She looked to Jay, "hey, you still got those bolt cutters?"
  14. I'm sorry, I have not been well for the past few days. If I don't get something done this evening, please skip my turn.