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  1. Jessica was still growing into this monogamous relationship with Jack, but she felt content with him. And that was enough to keep her eyes on her pride and joy. Waking up next to him made her happy. It didn't feel like almost two months had passed (59 days but who was counting? Her, that's who). He had school, but they shared time together in his off time. Last night was one of those nights, and today was one of those days, It was the weekend and they had actual plans. Shopping. For Christmas? Maybe, but definitely for each other. She had to contain the carnal spirit of Greed. Having a shower before he had even woke up, she stood stood over his sleeping form. She knew how he slept. Kissing him on the cheek before whispering in his ear, "time to wake the dead," she chided him playfully.
  2. Looking for threads with Jessica. She's a Freedom City character. Triakosia and Jessica find some hijinks to get into? Maybe some find them?
  3. She watched him shuffle through his pockets to see if he was going to pull anything funny, but apparently, to her eyes at least, nothing happened. Diamond Clover, huh? She shuffled to remember anything about it. Nope. Well, no news is good news? But man, an audience to perform in front of was right up her alley. It being a late night, there was maybe a few carnal spirits she could gather before time with the family. She smirked at the flyer, taking it in her hands to inspect facetiously. "A few hours," she asked, "well I do have midnight plans. But getting paid to make people look good? I'm for that. How long should it be?"
  4. The old man was most likely hitting on her. Cute. She smiled, thinking she would break the poor fellow. Not that she was going to act on it. Then again, Freedom City held a lot of surprises. "Stage magic, Leo," she asked, faking ignorance, "well I've seen enough beautiful assistants to know how to go through the motions." She pantomimed pointing at things. But with flair! Stage magic was fun, but once she saw through the strings and mirrors, she only paid attention to the pretty girl on stage and the rubes in the audience. And sometimes, the thieves in the audience. This guy, she would have to keep a close eye on. She stopped doing the silly, but accurate, movements, putting her hands on her hips, "so, Leonardo, what do you think?"
  5. Jessica's plans for All Hallow's Eve was familial. She had been gaining energy for the ritual that would happen. Today was all about gathering carnal spirits. Wrath was simple in this city. Chase down a few criminals, hope they resist, claim self defence when you teach them a lesson. Sloth was not waking up until two. Gluttony was scarfing down everything she could see from the time she woke up. She had to go grocery shopping on Friday for that. Pride came simple as well. Feeling like everything she did was right. Even though she did take a few liberties. As long as she kept to herself and didn't hurt anyone (that didn't deserve it) while doing it, she was content. She was short on Envy and Greed for this reason. Right now, the Boardwalk, her familiar stomping grounds, was where she was. Taking in the sights. She didn't have work tonight, but she could have talked to a few of the club owners. As she stopped to think, she tapped a message on her phone to her mom. Though someone had other ideas. She looked up to see the mysterious man. A few people pointing her out to him. "Good evening," she greeted with a confused voice.
  6. She sighed when she heard about the curfew, fakely defeated, "sure sure, education and all." Sometimes she forgot that he was still in school. Physically and mentally he was ready for the outside world. But you had to have some grounding. Maybe they could go to college together next year? Something she'd talk with him about later. For now she was not wanting him to get in trouble. Also, he didn't seem to know the significance of his tattoos. Something she would teach him later. The tattoos were very enticing in so many ways! She didn't get on him again, but as they walked home she made light touches of the tattoos. The two cuddled, more than friends, they were officially together. As they got closer to their destination, she stopped and kissed him. "I know you have only a few hours, but, well, I want to teach you some things." She kissed him again this time longer. As if she were letting him go for a long time. She pulled back, "And those etchings could teach me a few things." She smirked, "consider this a crash course." She unlocked her front door and beckoned him in.
  7. Well, she didn't know how to be much more forward. As he took off the hoodie, she noticed some artwork on his body. It was awesome to see. She lightly touched his arm, tracing the design with her fingers. "Oh," she grinned as they almost lit up. She looked up at him, "magic?" The bear on his back is what got most of her attention, as she lightly massaged the whole thing. Wrapping her arms around him she hugged him from behind, "I have so many questions, Bear. So much to learn. You from me, me from you." She floated around to in front of him. "My place?"
  8. "Hm, second date," she said reaching in his pocket and pulling out one of the burgers. "You know, this is sort of an outing. A chance meeting. Not really a date. Though we can do better," she rested against him as she floated. Her arms around his neck, she whispered, "what about that camping trip?" She laughed, it was something they'd talked about in jest back in the day. And it was too out of nowhere for just now. But they'd do it one day, she hoped. "Nah," she pulled back and kissed him on the cheek, "but let's make it something fun and memorable. Like the first time." She floated behind him and lazily, rested on his back, "and give me your coat. I wanna feel you, not fabric."
  9. She wished that she was ready for this, but the surprise was equally as satisfying. Wrapping her arms behind him, she pulled into the kiss. Her actual feelings for him, as well as the lust in her, wanted to make this last longer. Reflexively she held on as he pulled away, but seeing as this was his moment for her, she let him go. The roiling mass of emotions between them made her less a friend and more what they both wanted from each other. "I'm sorry for your loss, Jack," she said still feeling the situation, trying to keep her hormones in check. "Yeah, I did want you like that back when we were just a super duo," she pulled her hands through her hair, showing off to him. "But you know," she smirked, "I think it was better this way. We learned something along the way." She floated towards him, putting her hands on his cheeks and kissed him again; this time less forcefully, but audibly enjoying it. "Bear," she questioned rhetorically. "We both have our quirks," she held on to him, enjoying his body heat, "I promise I'll be with you as long as you'll be with me." She grinned, "remember when you started calling me Crim? The bloodbath that was that little fight? I'm going to call that our first date."
  10. As they approached the holy site, Jessica cringed. Visibly. She could feel the carnal spirits fleeing from her. Her power over them waning. Her stomach turning as she thought of her inevitable demise. But she had gotten this far. The only way she was getting out of this was to go through with it. She mentally noted that she was going to exit stage left as fast as she could if she saw a dark altar. As much as Jessica was a talker, she was quiet here. Not a word spoken since she began to get the supernatural willies. She eyed the goons sharply as they pushed her. "I'm going," she snapped. She wondered if this was affecting Jay as much as her. Maybe her pure evil type was less affected? Maybe she was just expendable, after the demon died she'd just go back to Hell for a hundred years, like some fantasy novels Jessica read. She tried to avoid touching everything. Even the ground. Floating towards her destination. Her stomach turned. This was going to suck.
  11. The wake up would technically be Alternate Power: Healing 7 (Extras: Action [Standard], Restoration, Total; Flaws: Limited [Others Only]); Power Feats: Regrowth, Stabilize, Variable Descriptor [carnal spirits]) {31/32} ("Belay Sin's Wages"; magic) If you want me to roll, I'll roll it. But what I will roll for is Intimidating Ye Quan: 1d20+4 21 +2 if this little scene is helping to intimidate to him.
  12. The sight of the water bubble was an impressive one. Jessica had been in this town for only so long. She hadn't seen everything. And the though of all these powers made her both envious and prideful of her companions. Then again, very few would want what the demon sin sorceress could do. Not that it mattered. She reached out to Ye Quan, thinking about reclaiming some of her own vitality from him though his sins. But no, she had a job to do. The sins he had amassed disrupted some, belaying ther inevitable consumption of him and giving him some of his vitality back. He was awake at least. She grinned exaggeratedly, showing a full row of teeth, looking menacing. "Now," she said putting a finger on his forehead, "let's get down to brass tacks. And if you question me, I know where to find some. So, first simple question," she pushed his head back with her finger, "where are the slaves? Where are the people you stole. Tell us now before this gets... wetter." She looked to Tsunami, nodding as if they knew what each other meant. Improv investigations? Yeah, that's what she was doing.
  13. The quiet shove off should have been an indication of things to come, but Jessica was content in her and Jack's renewed partnership and friendship. She lazily floated beside him, thinking of taking his arm as they walked, but he looked like he was lost in thought. And as much as she wanted to talk to him, she was in full 'lean on me and I'll be there for you' for him. His sudden words shocked her out of her complacence. More? She smiled, but this obviously wasn't one of their lecherous jokes from a while back. He was serious. "What do you mean changed, Bear," she asked, floating in front of him, entering his nonexistent personal space, for her at least, "do you need some help? I can always help you." She knew what he meant, well, about wanting more, at least. Though the thought of an old school relationship? It sounded fine. She hadn't been monogamous since... ever? But she could see herself with him.
  14. Jessica looked at the downed leader with a sigh. People rushing out wasn't good either. Hannah was here, or was she? She still had to find her companion. Ye Quan couldn't help. Well, maybe later. But later may have been too late! The two other heroes introduced themselves. "Yeah, I was looking for a friend," she said. "No no no, not in that way," she laughed as she corrected herself, "I know someone who might or might not be here. She was taken." She gave the two heroes the name and description of her friend, explaining what she had gotten herself into. She looked down at Ye Quan and nudged him with her foot, "I need to question Darkness here. I can wake him up. But do either of you have a way to restrain him?"