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  1. No worries at all! PP has been awarded for Bestia's December 2017 posts. In addition, I've created your reward tracker, here, which can be used to watch character slots and player advancement. Welcome to the site! - Fox Ah, didn't realize how things worked yet, my apologies. Bestia http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10083-do-students-ever-show-up-early-open/ http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10136-mute-storytellers/ Should be six posts for December. ^^;;
  2. Cheri's eyes widened as she saw the massive wall give them a bit of an arena, , her stance lowering a bit more as she suddenly felt a bit more cramped. Whatever it was, it would probably be a real pain to try to break through. But she was talking, and explaining quite a bit. As she chided the people who'd injected their opinions and reinforced Cheri's own decision making, this Zenith was now giving a bit more information. Finally deciding to focus on one another, the rabbit-eared girl would smile a bit, a wash of relief over her voice. Despite the danger, her adolescent fears were actually a bit eased as she looked at the state that girl had seemed to become. "I think I get it. Alternate personalities or something, right. That means you are just a defect, one with some really awkward and dated references. Thank you!" Cheri's body rushed forward at her top speed, moving to simply leap and grab at Zenith's face. Like before, she wasn't aiming to hurt the girl, but pin her down. She didn't know if this transformation made Corinne's body any tougher, and her brief stint as Bestia had let her realize just how easy she could really hurt someone if she let her new strength go out of control.
  3. Cheri's entire body tensed up. Her feet sank into floor, as she felt an intense weight and a building pressure, her stance shifting a bit as her lower half bent a bit, ready to fly away with those speedy legs of hers, as her arms raised in some vain attempt to prove she wasn't scared of the glowing girl. Some people glowed, some people talked in weird suddenly shifting voices. This was her life now. Cheri had enough resolve to accept that much, as her tensing body only grew more and more so, the inevitable clash building up. She was only half aware at the second half of Corinne's angry rant, though she got the jist of it. Cheri's eyes didn't dare look to the girl genius who was trying to calm things down, she seemed nice. An idle thought went to protecting her Cheri wasn't sure just how strong she was, but part of her wanted to jump forward now to prevent the chance that she and Corinne would get her hurt. Her hands curled a bit, not into fists, but grabby little digits ready to yank this glowing girl and toss her as far away from the others as possible. Can't back down. Never back down. Never be weak. This other boy called this glowing Corinne Zenith. Must be her 'hero' name or something.He was trying to be reasonable here, and she had already had a run*in with the authorities. Given Zenith's size, she might have to pay to have some repair work done on this cafeteria when she tossed her. Maybe a little extra for screwing up on her first day? The rabbit ears twitched a bit, as the next moment passed and Cheri's body sank a bit, she had a plan in mind, Move Zenith quickly, secure the area, get blasted or something... her plan kind of faded at that point. She'd be relying entirely on instinct. Could she? I could run. Toss her and bolt. That's not... Is that weakness? This other girl had stepped in, reprimanded them... and more importantly... she was protecting the person that Cheri was most worried about. A slight ease of tension flowed through the rabbit's body. She felt that bravado at needing to keep another person safe ease up, which only opened a gaping hole that her fears could amass within. She already had the spring pulled, she couldn't emotionally stop it from launching, but now that Rev had taken the measures to keep remove one of the major concerns, and the others had been so quick to jump on the situation, she wasn't going to have to think any further. Cheri's body launched, high and forward, as she used her speed and bounciness to her advantage. She wasn't looking to take Zenith down just yet, instead she rose as high as she could before moving to make another leap from the ceiling, and bound behind the girl with her intense speed, landing with a loud crack, as her voice flowed with a terrified fury. "I step where I please! You seem eager to spend a lot of time with the floor. If that is what you want, I'll knock that petty head a few times. Maybe you'll be able to handle things a bit better after that!"
  4. Cheri's features darkened for a moment as she sat there... the various forms completely cutting out, her body almost looking like a furry biomass was morphing about just under her skin, as her features completely took onto her Rabbit Totem. She didn't know these people well enough for anyone to pick up on the somewhat subtle messaging that would give out, especially as her eyes completely focused on Corinne after being apparently reprimanded. She wouldn't try to interrupt or defend herself until after it seemed like the girl had said her piece, only staring a bit more coldly as it went on. Once Corinne had stopped, the now rabbit girl simply scooped up her things, carefully resealing the remainder of her meal, before standing properly. "I don't know what earned that kind of response... but it seems like you have more issues than I do. If this was some kind of test to see how calm I can be or something, I guess I'm failing. Maybe this is just your own inability to get why someone wouldn't want to deal with all that stuff you think is so important, or maybe you are somehow thicker than me? I make my meals, because that way I can see how different foods react with my new body. What gives me energy, what tastes good. I know what I've eaten, what combinations I have tried, and what sorts of things work for me. Even before I transformed I didn't have any big dramatic aspirations, and I found something I want to be good at, regardless of whatever useless powers I might have gotten in the mix of some helpful ones. If you are too stressed out on your own circumstances to get that, it isn't really my problem. If you wanted to antagonize me... I really haven't tested the upper limit on how far I can chuck some overly judgmental schoolgirl."
  5. Cheri's eyes would suddenly widen, as she whirled around at the arm, her features wildly changing as she completely transformed, as he heart raced. She had been so involved in 'studying' that she'd completely phased out anyone around her. Rabbit features flowed from her after a few seconds, and Cheri stared, breath panting as she found herself looking at a chest, and slowly raising her chin to follow up to a face. A girl... it was just a girl... a really huge.... enormous... impossibly tall... girl. It was something even more though, as the girl had something of a bizarre totally inhuman aspect to her. For a moment, Cheri felt herself compelled towards some sort of modern demon representation comparisons... but she instead just smiled as she stared at the girl. She'd expected to seem some more bizarre types, given her own state.. Those eyes, though. Cheri would find herself calming a bit, as she processed the question, answering as she stuffed her initial fright away and kept it as far from her voice as she was able, managing to sound somewhat jovial, as she closed her eyes and let out a wild smile. "Nobody really knows~ I barely get it myself. My name is Cheri Ash, though, so I at least know that part."
  6. Cheri would find herself stuck in the library as well, she had a rather hefty box of cards in front of her, as well as the slim catalog her mother had handed her before even coming to Claremont. It was a book of the animal kingdom, and supposed to be a present given to help her develop further. Of course, knowing her family it was more likely a token gift her father had given her mother to hand off to Cheri, but the use of it couldn't be questioned. Cheri wasn't entirely certain just what the upper limit on her abilities was, but she could assume what she called totems of any animal she could think of. The book gave some pretty basic ideas, but these little statistic cards would serve even better, giving Cheri a glimpse at the scientific name, a picture, and general description of a massive amount of different sorts of creatures. Seeing each one, she would focus, trying to take on their traits for a moment. She'd worn her 'hero' outfit, a simple black crop top and skirt designed to allow her changing body enough space to develop without needing to fuss too much. IT still required some adjustment right about each time, though, and it was getting a bit exhausting to be going through so many different forms so quickly. Cheri's breath would go a bit ragged as she'd shift into an ape totem,sighing, as she hit her head into the desk. "I'll never remember all these..."
  7. If the sudden cold shift in Corinne had affected Cheri, it wasn't displayed in her demenor, safe for her ears floating upwards... before slowly slinking back, seeming to be absorbed into her hair, restructuring somewhat as the black fur matching her hair flowed away from them, and the white fur lining that matched her face was all that remained. er ears grew much smaller and less prominent. It wasn't clear if it was intentional or not, as Cheri clicked her tongue before responding. "Mm. I'm not personally concerned with hiding. There's no real reason for me. I'm identifiable, and I'm not exactly worried about my family's security. They have more than enough to keep them safe. For me, it is more about... progression. Seeing the different ways people have developed makes me curious about what I might be able to do in the future, and I want to run towards that future~ The way you look at things, it is a bit interesting, but it seems to be a lot more... mm... sensitive than I do. I'm a goal oriented person, and I'm sure I'll have roadblocks, but I more or less want to just crash through- Oh hell." Cheri's eyes darkened, as she'd carefully reach behind her, pulling a newly formed tail through the customized hole in her skirt, quickly retying the knot at the upper band fitting the slim parting to fit her new shape. Herr body felt heavier as she did so, heaving a bit of a sigh as she rubbed her thumb on a palm and took her seat again. "In any case... If I get hungry, I'll eat. I'm not going to starve myself or anything. I just feel like it is more important for me to handle as much myself as I can."
  8. Cheri smiled a bit, as she'd take a small fork from her bag, and rather delicately began to eat the mixture she made herself, smiling as she listened to the comments around her. Looking to Corinne, she'd point her fork and nod her head in a solid affirmation, her ears popping up to bounce a bit showily. "I actually agree to that ideology. I was taught that self reliance is one of the world's most important qualities, so for both my meals and training, I intend to perform properly. I've never really worked out before outside of walking around the grounds for general atmosphere, so I might need to bring more if I'm going to be expected to do a lot of weight lifting." She would pause a moment, before flicking her fork between her fingers and continuing with a bright smile. "And I hope I wasn't being offensive. Not everyone should pursue heroism as an occupation, I just happen to want it. Part of reaching that goal is going to be dealing with this place for a while, I guess. I can't really just wear a mask to any effectiveness, so I get one shot and one reputation. Gotta make sure not to screw up, y'know?"
  9. Cheri stared for a moment as she looked at the other girls who were being tagged as firsties. She hadn't yet spoken to them, and that realization stuck her as being somewhat awkward. She had never been quite this nervous before, outside of the once. She fought the urge to physically shake her head, instead walking in as she ran a hand back across the dark ears, rubbing the particularly soft spot at the base where her straight black hair meshed with the dark fur of an ear, and the thin white fur that laced her head, finally feeling calmed down, she peered at the trays and shook her head. "Mm, thank you for the offer, but I don't expect I'll be using too much free food. To stay optimal, one needs to prepare their diet themselves." The girl moved to sit a few seats away from the grouping, as she took one of the food pouches from her bag, simply bending open the rough metal casing it was in, and opening the bag. She needed to keep it cool and not squished in case of a sudden jump, after all. She'd just work at resealing the little box for the next day, as she removed the moist, fresh salad greens, sprinkled with thin lines of carrot, from her bag. Her ears twitched at the talk of the doom room, a slight smirk coming to her face as she thought to herself a bit about it, before speaking. "It makes sense. Just being different doesn't make one a hero, after all. You have to want it. Would there be a point in training someone who didn't want that responsibility?"
  10. Tier: II (Ask before using.) Character Name: Trevor Ash IV Power Level: 12 (180PP) Trade-Offs: +4 Attack, -4 DC Unspent Power Points: 0pp In Brief: Fear Inducing Mob Boss Alternate Identity: The Tremor Identity: Secret Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: Independently Wealthy Affiliations: Metus Family - Wife (36) "Naome Ash" - Daughter (16) "Cheri Ash" Description Age: 39 Apparent Age: Middle Aged Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6'9" Weight: 245 lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Black Appearance - Power Descriptions Invisible, and almost untraceable. The Tremor's fear is often regarded as merely his presence, with very few being aware of his mutation. History - Personality & Motivation - Powers Tactics The Tremor does not partake in much combat himself, instead he utilizes his minions to handle such things for him. When he is forced to get his hands dirty, his fear aura will typically break the will of any who approach him. On touch this effect is amplified to even greater degrees, eventually sapping the very will from his victims. When facing particularly heroic obstacles, he partakes in monologues to break apart team work and strike where he can see weakness. Complications Truly Secret The Tremor does not engage heroes directly. He has no desire to, and when forced to he will often move to make his retreat. Keeping his true identity hidden is paramount above all else. Unfeeling Despite his own ability to invoke fear, the Tremor does not understand people all that well. His sway in the underworld is extremely impressive, but he is far too apathetic to connect with any but the most dedicated. Parental Protectiveness With his child being a fledgling hero, the Tremor has no desire for her to get herself killed before he can make her into an asset. Abilities:: 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 60pp STR 20 (+5) DEX 20 (+5) CON 20 (+5) INT 20 (+5) WIS 20 (+5) CHA 20 (+5) Initiative: +5 (+5 Dex) Combat; 12 + 8 = 20pp Attack: +6 (+6 Base Attack) -Ranged: +6 -Melee: +16 (+10 Attack Focus: Melee) Defense: +12 (+4 Base Defense, +8 Dodge Focus) -Flat footed: +2 Grapple: +17 (+5 Strength +12 Melee Attack) Saves: 4 + 4 + 7 = 15pp Tough: +12 (+5 Con, +7 Protection) Fortitude: +10 (+5 Con, +4) Reflex: +10 (+5 Dex, +4) Will: +12 (+5 Wis +7) Skills: 12pp = 48 Ranks Acrobatics 4 (+9), Bluff 4 (+9), Diplomacy 4 (+9),, Gather Information 4 (+9), Intimidate 8 (+13), Notice 4 (+9), Search 4 (+9), Sense Motive 8 (+12), Stealth 8 (+13), Feats: 36pp Attack Focus (Melee) 10 Dodge Focus 8 Benefit 3 (Filthy Rich) Connected Contacts Master Plan Minions 12 (Five PL10 Minions) Equipment: 11pp = 55ep Unspent EP: 0 Sword (+3 Melee | Crit: 19-20) [5ep] Headquarters Vehicles [27] Geigercrash (90 PP) Miss Veil (90 PP) Powers: 8 + 5 + 13 = 26pp Security Suit 2 [Device, Hard to Lose; Technology] [8 pp] Protection 7 (Impervious 3) [10 pp] Immunity to Emotion [5pp] Emotion Control 12 (Aura of Fear [1/rank], Area: Burst, Touch Range, Fear Only; Continuous, Subtle) [13pp] (Mutation, Emotion) Totals: Abilities 60 + Skills 12 (48 ranks) + Feats 36 + Equipment 11 + Powers 26 + Combat 15 + Saves 20 + Drawbacks 0 = 180 DC Block Name Range Effect Save Unarmed Touch Damage DC 20 Toughness (Staged) Sword Touch Damage DC 23 Toughness (Staged) Aura of Fear 60' Radius Emotion Control DC 22 Will (Staged)
  11. Cheri would find her herself doing some brooding, super heroic brooding. The morning light caused her eyes to widen a bit, the cat-like slit wandering as she walked down the campus. A sweater far too large for her was slung over her body, the hood covering herself up as she walked along. She looked like an idiot, that much she knew, but it was one of three possible measures of getting around without a problem. She was supposed to be behaving, so simply landing on campus and scaring the co-eds was out, and she didn't really like feel of wandering around with a cloak up. Scales were weird. So a hoodie was the easiest measure, though it still felt rather awkward on her. She kept her tail coiled along her upper leg as she walked, and the hood drawn forward as far as she could. Her ears laying fairly flat along the side of her head, even though they quivered here and there to new noises. Arriving at the Academy, she would sigh in relief, pulling the hood back and basking in the cool winds. This was one of the best parts of her transformation. She got cold, sure, but she had such lovely natural insulation. Maybe she could use a Polar Bear or a Penguin for extreme temperatures? Though, if that made her waddle she'd have to retire in disgrace. Her eyes looked over a bit, as she saw the fairly empty campus, still early in the morning, her ears raising a bit as she'd track for the friendliest public venue she might be able to approach. She didn't get much, meaning that nobody was likely outdoors, or at least nobody having much fun. Deciding to take the map she'd got upon accepting the offer to join the student body, the girl continued forward, looking at a nearby place the hang out. The cafeteria seemed like a safe option, even though her bag carried a carefully planned set of three meals in vacuum sealed packaging. Cheri's steps stopped, as she somewhat roughly slapped her cheeks. As she was, this was the only way she was going to even feel it. Her face flushed a bit, as the hesitant thoughts would be suppressed. "Stupid. Time to try an introduction, maybe." Cheri's left leg bent as it stepped forward, and she'd dart off... if she gave herself a chance to think she'd chicken out. Maybe more literally than she liked~ The girl rushed the cafeteria door, skidding a bit to a stop, as she'd almost burst on through, opening it with a lot more force than she was intending, and realizing it immediately, as she stopped, and looked at the others inside. She was meaning to have some kind of cool introduction, relying on her impressive personal magnetism and finer tutelage in ettique and the social arena. Instead she just stood in the door way, looking at the others inside curiously.
  12. An INT of 8 is actually fairly average among high school students, as per the Hero High sourcebook. Given how sheltered she was growing up, she hasn't really been challenged too much in that respect. She doesn't really know a lot of information, though she's a bit better at using what she knows with her somewhat higher Wisdom, and quite skilled at pretending to know things with her fairly high Charisma.
  13. Alright, I did a bit of an overhaul and included the primary variable configurations that Bestia is most comfortable with. My will save is at 5 now, so it is at -3 PL, in addition to adding a few skills and feats that her basic training at Claremont would gift her. I also added another complication for her appearance. It is too well mitigated by her Wealth to become a true drawback, probably.
  14. I fixed up the sheet a good deal, and dropped her down to PL 8, with the capped Combat/DC tradeoffs I have. The Will Save was a bit of a last minute thing when I realized I had spare points. I didn't want to toss them into the variable, as having a fully variable 30 points is already fairly potent, and I couldn't think of feats or skills she should have. Dropping that and the drawback canceled out nicely. The 4 points I returned from combat gives her 13 spare, probably a good idea as with training she'll eventually grow stronger. As far as the Rabbit state, I tried to explain the issue she has with the new complication I substituted for dropping the Involuntary Transformation drawback.
  15. Thank you. ^^ I believe I cleaned up the powers, which I think was your concern, to adhere to that sort of template. I did look at the Mimic, as well as Ultimate Power's Animal Mimicry skill. I just didn't feel that either of them really had the theme that I was personally going for.
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