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  1. Persephone's Reflex save: 30. Her plants are slappin' aside some creepy babies.
  2. Octoman If there was a filter between the betentacled young man's surface thoughts and the spoken words accompanying his frantic gesturing, Miss Grue couldn't sense it. "WAIT wait wait, hold the freakin' PHONE here, all engines FULL reverse. YOU know MY roomie? You're, like, his MENTOR? He never told ME about that! He hasn't mentioned your name ONCE. Man, him and me, I thought we had a BOND. Just 'cause you're a GRUE and he's, like Grue-INFECTED or something, and the whole reason I became a superhero in the first place is 'cause a buncha Grue almost ATE me and my whole family when I was seven and OK yeah I hear it now." "Oh YEAH, HEY, speaking of, so, like, I'm not flying solo this time. I came here with another Claremont kid, one who's from AROUND HERE, who's got some serious SKIN in this game, feel me? And we hitched a ride with The Big Kahuna, top brass, MAXIMUS! MAXIMUS! MAXIMUS! but, like, with GILLS, know what I'm sayin'? We're doin' the Kansas City Shuffle, everyone's lookin' right, I went left, and when everyone else is lookin' right, it's Conan The Fishbarian and my squaddy they're lookin' at. The beacons are LIT, Gondor's callin' for aid, let's go outside and get our ROHAN on!"
  3. Anyone who can make a DC20 Notice check can read the spoiler text here.
  4. GM While the assembled heroes rescued the Elizabeth Dane and her crew, they could see a handful of new ships speeding into the bay, directly toward them. A quick glance through one of the several pairs of binoculars aboard the little fleet the heroes had cobbled together revealed them to be a Coast Guard coastal patrol cutter, less than one-seventh the size of the Elizabeth Dane, with hull markings identifying it as the Disco Volante. Two boats less than half its size followed a few hundred feet behind. When the Disco Volante was a little over a quarter of a mile away from the Elizabeth Dane, lightning seemed to strike again. There was a flash of light as bright as the Sun, a thunderous *BOOM*, and the ship exploded, consumed in a gigantic ball of fire. The two smaller boats that had been following it broke off to either side as they gradually came to a stop. After a few moments, they turned around and sped back out toward the open ocean. The radios on the two commandeered motorboats and on the Elizabeth Dane, the radios on every boat in the bay, every radio in the city began broadcasting a repeating message from a deep, echoing voice which sounded electronically altered. "VIBORA BAY NOW BELONGS TO THE DREADNAUT. ANY VEHICLE ATTEMPTING TO ENTER OR LEAVE THE BAY WILL BE DESTROYED. I WILL RELINQUISH CONTROL OF THE BAY IN EXCHANGE FOR A RANSOM OF ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS PAID TO THE FOLLOWING CRYPT0CA$H ACCOUNT: 3FZBGI29CPJQ2GJDWV8EYHUJJNKLTKTZC5. VIBORA BAY NOW BELONGS TO THE DREADNAUT. ANY VEHICLE ATTEMPTING TO ENTER OR LEAVE THE BAY WILL BE DESTROY-" Another message was broadcast on a different frequency, less far-reaching than the Dreadnaut's, confirming the loss of the Disco Volante and all ten of its crew members. The Dreadnaut now appeared to be not just an extortionist, but a mass-murderer.
  5. Persephone "You do what you need to do, Sugar Plum. She'll hold." "Toi aussi!" the green woman shouted after the metal man. She chuckled when the young saint climbed aboard her improvised seaweed raft the moment Cheval vacated it. "Waste not, want not. Hey there, Guapito, welcome aboard." Persephone's smile vanished as quickly as it had appeared. "We'll get there. We're singin' from the same hymnal." She released her grip on the kelp-fronds she had been using to steer the raft, and began a series of fluid gestures in the air around her. In response, bloated ropes of seaweed sprang up from the water and lashed back down again, probing the patches of oil around the ship that had been burning until The Woodsman's cryo-bolts neutralized the chemical reaction. The seaweed ropes wrapped around the floating bodies like octopus tentacles, lifted them out of the water, and deposited them into what little empty space could be found on the two motorboats Betsy and The Woodsman had commandeered. She was about to start growing medicinal flowers from her own flesh when the halo appeared around Sagrado Corazón and the sailors' wounds started knitting themselves closed. "Now THAT's teamwork. Great job, Corazón."
  6. Here's an alternate build: Power Level: 10 Tradeoffs: None Power Points: 149/150 ABILITIES 18PP Strength: 20/10 (+5/+0), 65/10 Lifting (Heavy Load: 100 tons / 100 lbs.) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 30/10 (+10/+0) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 20 (+5) COMBAT 24PP Initiative: +0 (+0 Dex) Attack: +6, +10 Melee, +10 Earth Blast Grapple: +24/+10 (+10 Melee Attack, +5/+0 Strength, +9 Super-Strength), +34 vs Earth/Stone (Perception-range Move Object 17) Defense: +10/+6, +5/+3 Flat-Footed Knockback Resistance: 5/0 SAVING THROWS 12PP Toughness: +10/+0 (+10/+0 Con) Fortitude: +10/+0 (+10/+0 Con, +0PP) Reflex: +10/+6 (+0 Dex, +4 Enhanced Reflex, +6PP) Will: +10 (+4 Wis, +6PP) SKILLS 87/88R = 22PP Bluff 15 (+20) Concentration 6 (+10) Craft (Artistic) 15 (+15) Diplomacy 10 (+15) Gather Information 10 (+15) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 10 (+10) Perform (Dance) 10 (+15) Sense Motive 11 (+15) FEATS 7PP Attack Focus (Melee) 4 Luck 3 POWERS 73PP Earth Control 19 (38PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [41PP] (Descriptors: Magic) Base Power: [10 + 10 + 18 = 38PP] Damage 5 (Feats: Extended Reach [10ft], Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Mighty, Variable Descriptor [Bludgeoning, Piercing, or Slashing damage]) [10PP] (Additional Descriptors: Stone Weapon) Enhanced Strength 10 [10PP] (Additional Descriptors: Stone Limbs) Super-Strength 9 (Lifting Strength: 65, Heavy Load: 100 tons) [18PP] (Additional Descriptors: Stone Limbs) Alternate Power: [38PP] (Additional Descriptors: Stone Projectiles) Blast 10 (Range: 10 100ft Increments, 1,000ft Max; Extras: Autofire; Feats: Accurate 2 [+4 Attack], Indirect 3, Precise, Subtle, Variable Descriptor [Bludgeoning, Piercing, or Slashing damage]) [38PP] Alternate Power: [38PP] (Additional Descriptors: Stone Constructs) Create Object 10 (Range: 1,000ft; Max Volume: 10 cubes; Toughness: 10; Lifting Strength: 50, Heavy Load: 12 tons; Extras: Duration [Continuous]; Feats: Indirect 3, Innate, Precise, Progression [Max Volume] 1 [10ft cubes], Stationary, Subtle) [38PP] Alternate Power: [38PP] Move Object 17 (Lifting Strength: 85, Heavy Load: 1,600 tons; Extras: Range [Perception]; Flaws: Limited [Earth/Stone]; Feats: Accurate 2 [+4 Attack], Precise, Subtle) [38PP] Enhanced Constitution 20 [20PP] (Descriptors: Magic, Stone Armor, Stone Limbs, Stone Shield) Enhanced Defense 4 [8PP] (Descriptors: Magic, Stone Armor, Stone Limbs, Stone Shield) Enhanced Reflex 4 [4PP] (Descriptors: Magic, Stone Armor, Stone Limbs, Stone Shield) DRAWBACKS -7PP Involuntary Transformation (Changes into Normal Identity and acquires the Disability [One Arm] and Disability [Paraplegic] drawbacks when she fails to save against a Nullify effect; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Major [Cannot resist]) [-3PP] Normal Identity (Frequency: Common [Full Action]; Intensity: Major) [-4PP] ATTACK RANGE SAVING THROW EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC20/15 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Stone Weapon Touch +5ft DC25 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical)* Stone Projectiles Ranged (1,000ft Max)** DC25 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical)* Stone Constructs Ranged (1,000ft Max)** DC20 Reflex Trapped Dropped Object Ranged (1,000ft Max) DC20 Reflex Avoided DC25 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Move Stone Perception Grapple vs +34 Pinned/Bound*** Thrown Stone Thrown (Str 85) DC25 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) *Variable Descriptor (Bludgeoning, Piercing, or Slashing). **Indirect 3. ***Limited (Earth/Stone). Abilities (18) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (22) + Feats (7) + Powers (73) - Drawbacks (7) = 149/150 Power Points
  7. Dirge The Fryxian remained seated, but he leaned forward to meet Starlok's gaze. He still spoke as if the human were not present. "'Complications?' There is nothing 'COMPLICATED' happening here." As always, he augmented his words with gesticulation. A dismissive gesture accompanied his next remark. "If the HAIRLESS TREE-APE thinks I've IMPUGNED HIS HONOR, if he even UNDERSTANDS THE CONCEPT, then he can issue HIS OWN challenge." A clenched three-fingered fist accompanied the next one. "And if he likens me AGAIN to a DOG or a CAT or ANY OTHER DISGUSTING FLESH-EATING SCAVENGER, then I will issue MINE. In EITHER case, there is SPACE APLENTY in this system for us to SETTLE such matters WITHOUT endangering your ship OR your find. In fact, I am SO MAGNANIMOUS that, WERE such a challenge made, I would consent to DELAYING its resolution until AFTER the find is secured and the investigation is complete. But UNTIL then, since his CRUDE DECEPTION posed no threat to you OR your mission, I am under no obligation to SMITE him." Dirge chuckled and leaned back in his chair again, raising his hands to rest behind his head. "Either he truly DID learn the Galactic Standard in a matter of MINUTES, or he ALREADY knew it, but FOOLED the two of you into thinking otherwise. Either way, it seems you were CORRECT. He is CONSIDERABLY more intelligent than the rest of his species, and he may INDEED be smarter than you."
  8. Persephone "Sorry, Dear, I can't imagine this will help any with that." "<¿You do? ¡That's great! I did French in school, but I realized I needed to pick up Spanish when I found out a third of my patients speak it as their native language.>" "Oldcorne. Not far from my old stompin' grounds. No wonder they'd haul tail outta there lickity-split. Easton's unofficial motto may be 'Not In My Backyard', but Oldcorne's is 'Not In My Backyard, Or My Front Yard, Or Anywhere On My Block'. And Valentine's Day weekend? I'd bet a week's salary someone's gettin' married at Sterling Manor tomorrow, and they probably don't want any crime scene tape in the weddin' album. But now I'm startin' to wonder just how old some of the 'old money' is out in that neck of the woods."
  9. Persephone Camellia chuckled and averted her gaze for a moment. "I guess I can't blame you for pumping the brakes a little. Nobody ever accused me of taking things slow, that's for sure. And I know I can be a bit much when I turn my full attention on something." She closed her eyes and smiled, almost mischievously. Then she slid her chair closer to Marcus and looked up at him again. Her smile faded, and her eyes drilled into his. Her hand gripped his a little more tightly, and her other hand reached up to half-cup, half-stroke his cheek. "I know what it's like to be surrounded by people who all only want one thing from you. Even if you want the same thing, after a while it can still tear you up inside, leave you so outta kilter you start second-guessing everything you thought you knew about yourself." Her hand withdrew from Marcus's face to rest on the table between them. "But you need to pick up what I'm puttin' down here: If I wanted to be rich and famous, I wouldn't need Cheval to make it happen. I'm already trying hard enough to get out from under my family's money to want to start going after yours. If I'd wanted to be a kept woman, then I'd be fishing for gentlemen at the yacht club, or in one of the hotel bars on High Street. I'd ask my brother to set me up with one of his fellow executives at V.P. And Persephone has already politely declined SEVERAL endorsement offers. These days, she doesn't have much trouble getting onto the front page, at least not in this town. If I wanted the same for Camellia, I could do it with a single phone call, with one selfie posted to the right social media account. I'm not INTERESTED in Cheval." She broke off all physical contact with Marcus, pushed her chair away from the table, and rose to her feet. Then she turned back to him, and the smile crept back onto her face as she held her hand out to him. "I want the knight, not his armor or his horse or his castle." She led him a short distance into the main hallway of the house, then turned around and suddenly slammed her own back against the wall, simultaneously grabbing his shirt to pull him toward her. Her arms reached over his shoulders to wrap around the back of his neck as her lips rose to meet his. She kissed him softly but passionately for a few moments, then whispered into his ear. "And right now, Darlin', I'm interested in seeing what the knight looks like without his armor on."
  10. Dirge Dirge snorted. "Nonsense. The dogs you Lor keep as pets cannot understand your words, but no one would call you 'rude' while speaking of them in their presence, just as they would not call the dog 'rude' for voiding its bladder upon the floor while you did so. It is the same with Terrans, and other lesser races." The blue-furred giant laughed. "Let me know if this one performs some trick worthy of amusement, and I will run to the mess hall to fetch it a treat!" As he leaned back in his restored chair, the Fryxian's gaze drifted to the tetrahedral ship floating on the main viewscreen. He silently fantasized about the glorious doom he hoped might await him in the halls of the Stigmata. Perhaps a swarm of ferocious alien beasts have taken up residence in the ship, and the only way to destroy them before they land on an inhabited world it is for one of us to stay behind and manually overload the reactor core...Or mayhap the warp drive will malfunction, and straining my powers to the point of my death will be the only way to contain its power and prevent it from creating a black hole that would consume this entire sector...
  11. That's 3 people who are no longer trapped thanks to Betsy proving that she does indeed lift.
  12. @Tiffany Korta Betsy's Impervious 10 is just one point lower than what she would need to ignore the damage from the unsecured cargo sliding randomly around the ship, so she still needs to make the DC20 Reflex save (and if she fails, the DC25 Toughness save) once she's aboard. (We're talking multi-ton pallets and containers here.) As far as getting onto the ship in the first place, she has two options: Through the breach at the water line (before Cheval closes it), or on the upper deck. The upper deck is at least 50 feet above the water line, so if she wants to enter the ship that way, then she needs to climb up the side (DC20), or power stunt a movement power. If instead she wants to bring her boat alongside the hull breach and jump through before Cheval closes it, then her 10 feet of standing long jump should just about do it, but she'll need to make a DC15 Reflex save to avoid the molten metal around the rim and dripping down from the top of the rim. If she fails, then she needs to save against the same rank 10 Corrosion effect as Cheval. Once she's on board, go ahead and make a DC20 Strength+Super-Strength check. Success means she cleared enough debris to free one trapped/pinned person. Every 5 points over is another one freed.
  13. @angrydurf Short answer: That works, kind of. Of the 30 crew members, I'm going to say...7 are currently wounded. You're correct that the Stabilize power feat specifically exists to relieve you from having to make a power check to stabilize someone, so don't worry about making a check at all, or burning any Hero Points. That general mechanic I outlined above is a tool, not a straitjacket. Sagrado Corazon is welcome to take the empty spot on Persephone's platform, and I'm willing to have her spend her "round" using her Move Object effect to collect and consolidate the wounded. Persephone's power check is 25, so she can move 3 wounded people over to Sagrado Corazon's treatment area. That "treatment area" should probably be the very small amount of empty space on the boats that Betsy and Woodsman commandeered, because the Elizabeth Dane is currently leaning at a significant angle and still has unsecured cargo air-hockeying around both the upper deck and the cargo bay. So that's 3 of the wounded stabilized, 4 still untreated. I'm also going to say that those 3 were the ones in the water or otherwise easily accessible, and the other 4 are currently trapped or cut off by debris. @RocketLord Cheval succeeds in closing the hull breach. The Elizabeth Dane is still tilted, but it's no longer in imminent danger of sinking to the bottom of the bay. Also, I'm going to retcon that Damage 10 effect from the molten metal into Corrosion 10 instead. So have him make a DC20 Fortitude save against Drain Toughness 10. Since his Toughness is Impervious, if he fails the save, the Drain has to drain Impervious ranks as well as Toughness ranks, so he'll effectively only suffer half the usual Drain. If he fails the Drain save, and loses enough Impervious, then have him make the DC25 Toughness save as well. If Cheval fails the Drain save by even one point, then he gets a Hero Point for the setback. @Tiffany Korta What's Betsy going to do with her time?
  14. Octoman "Dude, THE UNKNOWN is where I LIVE! BRING. IT. ON! Seriously, Man, that whole 'Look before ya leap' gimmick, it's OVERRATED. Study, train, practice, SURE, but when it comes time ta put fist ta face and foot ta ass, when you're IN THE MOMENT, ya gotta just let INSTINCT take over. Ya already know whatcha gotta do before ya do it, and standin' around thinkin' about it isn't gonna make ya do it any better. It's just gonna make ya SECOND-GUESS everything and PSYCH yourself OUT. That's why Tinder's so popular." Octoman yelled, throwing his hands up, then stage-whispered and motioned with one hand like he was sweeping a bunch of dishes off of a table. "DON'T THINK! Just swipe." "This guy's OLD SCHOOL. That means death-traps, puzzles, giant props, THE WORKS. Even if we DID jump the rails and do a major sequence-break, there's NO WAY the hostages are just sittin' in a dungeon playin' Go Fish. They gotta be, like, in a cage hangin' over a pit of acid, or tied to the strings of a giant piano, so if you play the wrong note they get crushed under the hammers, some wacky crap like that."
  15. Dirge "<OFTEN I have heard the lesser races CLAIM that they COMPENSATE for their FRAILTY with CUNNING. MOST of the time, in MY experience, they merely survive on LUCK. But this HAIRLESS BRANCH-SWINGER now INTRIGUES me, if ONLY because he has ALREADY inspired HUMILITY enough to temper even YOUR grand boasts.>" The woolly warrior snorted as he accompanied Starlok back to the bridge of the Pale Rider. "<At ANY moment I could fuse my feet where they stand with an electromagnetic charge SO POWERFUL that GRAVITY or ANY OTHER FORCE would REND THIS SHIP ASUNDER before I budged A SINGLE MICRON. With the PRESS of a BUTTON, the generator in my belt buckle can create an environmental force field strong enough to spare me even MILD DISCOMFORT whether I float through THE VACUUM OF SPACE or swim under THE CRUSHING DEPTHS OF A GAS GIANT. Still, I suppose it is wise to avoid draining the battery without necessity. And as for your PROPERTY...>" He hoisted the coiled chain from his torso and tossed it toward its former resting place. The links melted together into a blob again during their flight, and as they touched down they took their original shape, down to the smallest detail. The chair was completely restored. "<It would violate every code of sacred hospitality in the galaxy for me to deprive you of it once your defense no longer took priority. A TRUE Fryxian would rather DIE than DISHONOR himself so.>"
  16. No, with the range on a crossbow, he doesn't need to save against the fire. He beat the base DC15 by 9, so yes, he can put the fire out in both the cargo bay and the water on that side of the ship. So now no one else in those locations has to make any saves against the fire either.
  17. Octoman Free Actions: He maintains his Sustained effects (Additional Limbs, Elongation, Morph). Free Action: He maintains the grapple, and also applies a Chokehold. Reaction: He burns a Hero Point for Heroic Feat, to pick up Distract (Bluff). Standard Action: He attempts to Distract Gabe. Bluff check: 30 (He takes 10 with Skill Mastery). That's opposed by Gabe's Bluff, Sense Motive, or Will save, whichever is higher. If Gabe loses, then he's Dazed for one round. Move Action: I got nuthin'.
  18. Octoman "GOOD SAVE!" Octoman flashed a thumbs-up gesture at Soliton as she pulled the cop out of the toxic gas cloud. "Damn, Man, that was NOT RIGHT!" Damn, this chick's like a brick wall! I could pound on her all DAY and still not wear her out! WOW, that did NOT sound right! C'mon, you know what I mean, ME! One of Octoman's tentacles slid up around Angela's throat and squeezed. But maybe she still needs to breathe? I hope so. I could really use a break right about now. "That's enough outta YOU! I mean, don't get me wrong, you're TOTALLY right, your boyfriend's a freakin' PSYCHO who really needs to listen to you more. I bet he's like this at home, too, isn't he? Goin' on about how his exes are all 'CRAZY', but HE'S the one with H.R. Giger posters and the human-skin lampshades? Be honest, 'OUR friends' are really YOUR friends who just kinda PUT UP with him, right? Does he even let you hang out with your friends anymore, or does he get all jealous and NEEDY and you're slowly losin' touch with everyone else 'cause it's not worth the passive-aggressive little tantrum he's gonna throw if you leave him alone for even one goddamned afternoon? Freakin' emo sadboys, am I right? They seem all brooding and deep at first, but then you figure out that he doesn't really want a girlfriend, he wants an EX-girlfriend he can write whiny poetry about." While he babbled on, Octoman kept glancing over at Gabe, making sure the homicidal teen was still focused on him.
  19. Octoman Free Actions: Maintain his Sustained effects (Additional Limbs, Concealment, Morph). Move Action: Activate Elongation and stretch out his Additional Limbs. Standard Action: Grapple attempt against the mysterious stranger. Since he's attacking from concealment, this may be a surprise attack for his target. If it is, then his target loses his dodge bonus and suffers an additional -2 Defense. After that, however, the Passive Concealment effect ends. He'll Accurate Attack for +2 Attack / -2 Damage, and All-Out Attack for +2 Attack / -2 Defense. Attack roll: 16. If that hits, Grapple check: 51.
  20. Octoman DEFINITELY not the janitor, then! Octoman's tentacles stretched as the coiled up like springs. When he'd built up as much muscular tension as he could, he unleashed them, launching hundreds of feet of tentacle flailing at the mysterious stranger. The effort disrupted his skin's ability to monitor and mimic the light being reflected off of his surroundings, causing him to appear as if someone had cut an Octoman-shaped piece out of a photograph and then clumsily pasted it onto another copy of the same picture. "Sorry Mister Mad Scientist! No unleashing GIANT MUTATED CARNIVOROUS HYBRID ANIMALS to rampage through the city streets until your demands are met today! Not with THE CRIME-FIGHTING KRAKEN HIMSELF, OCTOMAN on the job! These animals are staying nice and UN-mutated today! EAT TENTACLE! Wait, no, that would probably hurt on my end. These things are actually kinda sensitive. Damn, I should really workshop these catchphrases BEFORE I run into the bad guys. It's like, UNPROFESSIONAL, y'know? Like, GECKOMAN wouldn't be out here slingin' his ROUGH DRAFTS at you. I mean, y'all decided to pull this crap on MY DAY OFF, so it's not like you were gettin' my A-game ANYWAY, but STILL."
  21. Dirge "<As you wish.>" The Fryxian reached out with a meaty blue three-fingered hand, and the floating spikes melted together into an amorphous metallic blob, which reformed itself into a coiled chain. Tendrils of electricity and ripples of heat shimmer surrounded both his arm and the metal throughout the process. The coils slid up over his arm and the massive rack of horns atop his head, resting on his shoulder and across his chest. He slowly lumbered toward the human until he was within arm's reach, then bent down and sniffed. His bright orange eyes with their peculiar rectangular pupils bored into Archeville's as he spoke to Starlok, as though the man he held eye contact with wasn't even in the room. "<He doesn't smell any WORSE than the rest of you hairless apes do. But he doesn't smell BETTER, either. NONE of you have a PROPER MUSK. With no fleece to soak it up, you just let it FLOAT AWAY. It's a wonder how any of you find mates to breed with at all.>" He shook his giant head, then turned back toward Starlok. "<So, what 'AID' does the PUNY APE think he can provide to justify his presence? Or is he merely a CURIOSITY the two of you wish to keep around for ENTERTAINMENT value?>"
  22. I'm keeping things vague for the moment when it comes to the rescue and relief efforts. There's lots of stuff to do. There's a big ship that's tipping over, sinking, and on fire. It's full of people who are panicking, injured, and/or trapped. In the next round of IC posts, feel free to describe your PC assisting in the rescue effort however you prefer. We're not in combat rounds yet; I'm keeping the time interval vague, too. Just pick a task, and make a check with whatever skill, power, or other trait makes sense. Most checks are going to be DC20. See the example list below. For every 5 points you exceed the DC by, you get an increased measure of success. Aid: If you want to spend your round helping another PC do their thing, then make a DC10 Aid check with whatever trait makes sense, using the standard mechanic: If you succeed, you give them +2 to their check. For every 10 points you exceed DC10, you give them an additional +1. Inspire is also an option. Mechanical notes: At 50,000 tons, the Elizabeth Dane is a Heavy Load for Strength 110. At over 600ft in length, she is HQ Size Level "Huge", which is Character Size Level Awesome +2. She has a crew of 30. Movement: The side of the ship is smooth metal, slippery from the water, but there broken cables and ropes dangling over the side. Climbing aboard without any movement powers requires a DC20 Climb check. The water in the bay is "Rough Water", so, without any movement powers, swimming is a DC15 Swim check, or DC20 if you're trying to rescue one of the people who have already gone overboard. If you want to move from one area of the ship to another without first clearing the debris blocking your path, then you need to make a DC20 Escape check. Hazards: Anyone who gets anywhere near the ship needs to make a DC17 Toughness save against lethal fire/heat damage due to the heat radiating off of the burning oil pools, the fire on the lower deck, and the molten metal around the hole in the hull. For anyone who enters the water immediately surrounding the ship or the exposed lower deck, the save jumps to DC20. For anyone who actually touches the burning metal rim of the hole, the save jumps to DC25. Anyone who moves onto the top deck of the ship or into the cargo hold below needs to make a DC20 Reflex save to avoid the now-unsecured cargo sliding around and falling down. Anyone who fails needs to make a DC25 Toughness save, nonlethal damage. I'll let Interpose and Deflect work against this as if it were an attack, so you can take the bullet for someone else. Example Actions: If you want to lift/move debris to clear a passage or free a trapped crew member, make a DC20 check, either Strength + Super-Strength or Move Object (or something else if you can justify it). For every 5 points you exceed DC20 by, you free another person or clear another exit. If you want to try to put out a fire, then make a DC15 check. If you succeed, you put out the fire in one location (the cargo hold, the water on the side of the ship with the hull breach, etc.). For every 5 points you score over DC20, you put the fire out in another location. Multiple people are already injured and even dying. If you want to administer first aid, make a DC15 Medicine skill check. If you succeed, you administer aid sufficient to either stabilize a dying person, who will now survive their eventual trip to the hospital, or you restore mobility to a formerly immobilized person. For every 5 points you score over, you help another person one step. If you're just trying to evacuate people from the ship, with stuff like personal movement powers or Move Object effects, then your check is base DC15 instead, since that's relatively easy. Just remember that you need some place to put them. Success gets one person off the ship, and every 5 points over gets you another person evacuated. If you want to try to repair the hull breach, the power check (Strength + Super-Strength, Move Object, etc.) is DC25.
  23. GM The hull markings identified the sinking, burning bulk carrier ship as the Elizabeth Dane. She was over six-hundred feet long and, fully loaded as she currently was, she weighed in at over fifty-thousand tons. The air around the ship was filled with a suffocating heat. It was surrounded on all sides by a field of burning oil, floating on top of the water around it like black algae. The explosion had punched a hole in the left side of the hull big enough for a person to walk through. The ragged edges of the hole were still burning, so brightly it hurt to look at them. Chunks of molten metal were still dripping off and falling into the water, which boiled around them as they continued to burn while plummeting into the depths of the bay. The explosion might have involved some incendiary substance like magnesium or phosphorous, or it might have been the result of metahuman abilities. But not supernatural ones. Betsy couldn't see any traces of of that. And whatever caused it, it couldn't have been anything the ship was carrying, because it was obvious from the way the metal was bent inward that the explosion came from outside. Since the hole in the hull sat right on the water line, the Elizabeth Dane was taking on water, and fast. The ship was already tilted to the left. Numerous straps securing the stacks of massive metal shipping containers to the top deck had already snapped in half, sending several containers sliding around the deck and a couple of them into the water. Several pallets and crates, some of them also on fire, had also tumbled out from the lower deck exposed by the hole in the hull, where flames and unsecured cargo continued to run rampant. There were bodies in the water too, some moving, some not, some at the surface and some below. Even above the roars of the ocean and the flames and the grinding of metal on metal, the screams of the crew could be heard. Above decks and below, some men were incapacitated, some were trapped, and others were running around trying to aid them, to prevent more accidents, or to right the ship. Debris and unsecured cargo was now blocking several portals and passages, severely limiting movement around the ship.
  24. Persephone The green woman smiled wide when she saw him. "Hey there, Sailor! Climb aboard!" The bed of seaweed that Persephone had summoned up from the depths and woven together into a small makeshift raft swung back around to Cheval, and several braided green tentacles slipped out from it to hoist the massive metal man aboard. There was barely enough room for both people on the raft. Persephone stood in front, each of her hands pulling a seaweed stalk taught. She seemed to be using them to steer. She leaned back, pressing her body against Cheval's. "Grab on, Darlin'. Don't want you falling off and sinking. I imagine we got enough people to fish out of the bay as it is." The seaweed stalks flailed around at the edges of the raft, dragging it across the surface of the bay, like the cilia of a bacterium swimming through its host's bloodstream.
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