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  1. "So does that mean we are heading out tomorrow or later this evening?" Stephen asked with a slight shiver. He was hoping to at least get a day to rest from all the flying they'd done within the past couple of days. Checking out the snow mobiles, he grimaced inwardly at the thought of piloting it with little experience. "And will we also have the time to try our hand at these vehicles? Because i'm not all that familiar with how they operate."
  2. Zipping his jacket even further up, Phantasmal squinted at Priya in a mix of bewilderment and amazement. He was wearing multiple layers as it was and he could barely keep from shivering. Once it was revealed that she had some form of power though, he stopped thinking of her as strange and focused more upon what should could do offensively with her powers. Moving along with the other group he sighed and shivered again as a gust of frigid air blew threw. "Just wait till we get inside." He thought to himself whilst pulling his hands closer to his chest. "Then we can talk and warm up all we want." He started to scan the area around them, trying to see if there was anything unusual sticking out, even though that term would probably apply to the entire camp since it was in the middle of the artic.
  3. Phantasmal: Edge of the World
  4. Looking at Dr. Jefferson's eyes made Stephen pause for a short bit as Dr. Deoxy and Mammoth continued to converse, and then he nodded his head and mimicked the Doctors action of pushing his glass to the bar tender. "Alright then, I'm in." He says whilst standing up. "Hopefully this will go well." Turning to her and nodding his head. "Lead the way Doc, cause as i see it you're the only one who can at this point."
  5. "...Catbird?" Stephen said whilst squinting his eyes at the large Metahuman. He almost missed the entire one sided conversation from him and in fact was still process what he said. "How old is this guy?" Was his thoughts as he absentmindedly lifted up the lower half of his hood so he could sip his drink. The burning drink helped him focus more on the tasks at hand, and helped him edge out the chattering Mammoth. "Dr. Jefferson, are we the only ones our employer has hired so far?" He asks once his drink is downed, quickly and quietly pulling out a disposable towelette and wiping down the rim and inside of the glass. "Because if we are going after this history changing discovery then I'd doubt that she'd rely on only one group, metahuman's or not." After setting down the glass, the towelette disappears from his hand as he stores it in his dimensional pocket. "Just figured I'd ask now in case you knew before hand." Tugging his mask back down over his face he readjusted his seat in order to make eye contact with the good Doctor. "Also, given your history with expeditions like this, what's the possibility that we'll be racing against another team of tomb raiders?" "Because I really want to know if someone else is walking in on my job before I actually start it this time." He thought bitterly, causing his two index fingers to twitch.
  6. Stephen didn't exactly feel at ease as he came through the front door of the building that housed their rendezvous point, only perking up slightly at the sight of the sign that implied that a bar was up ahead. Maybe it was the idea of working alongside a few hero's for the first time, instead of running through the nearest wall in order to get away from them. Either that or the Chinese food he had last night was starting to come back up on him. Making his way to the bar he noticed the group of three... perhaps only two people and one small giant standing near the bar. He recognized the woman with the bow on her back as the archaeologist they were supposed to confer with and took a deep breath. He took this job figuring it would be a good transition from how he used to work most of the time, figuring that archaeology was just another form of taking things that belonged to other people and handing it over to someone who would pay for it. The money also wouldn't hurt that much, as did the possibility of establishing a decent rep with a few of the local superheros around here before he started talking about signing up with Project Freedom or another group. So with only slight hesitation he walked up to the bar with his mask on and asked the bartender for a rum and coke before turning the the others to listen in on their conversation.
  7. Are we coming already dressed up in our superhero gear?
  8. Alright, that sounds fine. And I think i fixed the signature line.
  9. Sorry for the long wait. Sure i'd love to try it out. Just hope you guys don't mind the whole learning curve thing.
  10. Hi, any room for a newbie? I've got a ex-thief who can walk through walls and can pack a punch.
  11. Thanks so much. Is there any thread or discussion on Project Freedom so i can read up on it?
  12. Alright, so i removed Autofire and accurate from the pistol description. And due to how i calculated those add on's up, i had two power points left over. On your advice i put one into another rank in specialization and the other into four more ranks of the notice skill.
  13. Alright, so i updated his attack for his pistols to plus eight, and updated the DC to 27 for the save. I gave up one rank in weapon specialization and put it into dodge roll, and took another point from defensive roll and put that point into dodge roll as well. So his DEF should be 11, and his toughness should be 8. And i'm pretty sure that it meets cap. I also changed the auto fire and accurate feat onto the pistol blast instead of on the device. And i'd love to try to play with that concept of joining project freedom.
  14. Alright, so I edited it to where the ranks are showing, and i took a point off of the defensive roll feat so to where he has a +6 to toughness with it instead of +8 like he was before. Sorry i guess i skipped over that house rule. So now his toughness and defense should be 10+9=19. 19/2=9.5. So that should meet cap if i'm doing this correctly. Also, i took that one power point from decreasing defensive roll and bout four more ranks in gather information, as story wise he would need a lot of information about any of the places he was going to go into before he broke into them. And on the attack and damage, do auto fire and sneak attack factor into that cap, or am i doing it wrong? Cause if they don't count, I think i meet it since +10 to attack plus 10 from blast damage equals 20. So after dividing it i should be at the cap limit. Also thanks about the backstory comment, took me a bit to figure it out.
  15. I'm rather new to this, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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