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  1. I must plead inexperience, both for myself, and on the part of Damon
  2. Might owe Blur Rose an apology, We'll see.
  3. Arriving late, Damon was just getting inside when the car pulled up, and out of habit managed to notice the men in their costumes. Being largely unknown in town, he was able to make his way through the crowd to Velvet Chiara, and adressed her body guard so as not to appear a threat, "I was wondering if the men that look a bit like the KKK are part of tonight's entertainment."
  4. Mr. Blue needs to know how to contact the Stranger...
  5. So, multiple times Mr. Blue has dirrectly asked The Stranger questions, like how to contact him later after he collects information from the ghosts. Kinda need to be able to meet up later...
  6. Sorry for being absent this weekend. Went north, then south, then back north again. Gather Information for soul searching aye!
  7. "A good point, I'll ask around and see if any of the local ghosts know of a necromancer in town. How would you like me to contact you if I find anything?" Mr. Blue assumed that any necromancer would have attracted the notice of the local dead-but-not-departed. He seems to not quite understand The Stranger's comment about reburying the bodies, though the look quickly passes. "I'd be willing to bet that these two were raised from the ground near wherever the sorcerer is holed up." As he says the word sorcerer his voice gets a bit of a bite to it, clearly Mr. Blue doesn't like them.
  8. Using transform to fix the bank
  9. Mr. Blue 'ports down to the bank floor and and walks over to The Stranger, saying, "More likely it was straight-up bank-robbery. Your corps had a sign around it's neck demanding the teller put money in the bag they brought with them. By the way, call me Mr. Blue, What should I call you? Also," He turns to the tellers and the glass the revnants started to break, "if you don't mind, I'll take care of repairs." With that he gestures towards the teller windows and magics them whole again, along with the damage to the walls that had occurred during the fight.
  10. I think Raveled is waiting for R. Bluefish to post.
  11. Shooting the same one, then going to extra effort to hit him again. Spending a HP to counter the fatigue. Two DC42 perception blasts
  12. The magical bolt hits the zombie again, and again it takes a chunk of dead flesh out of the undead abomination. "By the way stranger, What should I call you?" Mr. Blue asks as he preps another shot, wanting to finish it off so he could figure out where the creatures came from.
  13. Gonna Blast the same one again. Perception, DC24
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