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  1. Well this was a fine, strange mess. He'd hardly been at Claremont for a few hours and already spirits of nature were looking to meet him alone in some secluded woodland area! Caught in the middle between his own curiosity surrounding this bizarre Dryad business and Riley's heated outburst, Lee was precariously placed in a perilous predicament. At least Cathy shed some light on the matter, but even still, Lee was leery to poke the obviously agitated fella with an axe about the nature of his association with... well, with nature, it seemed, even if every instinct told him to do otherwise. Perhaps later, once things simmered down. "Thanks, Kyle! I'll totally check it out later," Lee finally finagled out, fishing the card out from between Kyle's fingers as politely, delicately and -- above all -- as quickly as he could muster, stuffing the coordinates alongside his half-crumpled brochure already crowding his pocket. Guess it looked like he'd be making plans for a clandestine midnight rendezvous sooner than he'd expected! "So, uh... yeah! How 'bout that tour? Maybe hit the cafeteria along the way?" continued the squirrely young boy, desperate to move the conversation along as his eyes drifted between the assembled trio. "We're totes down for some extra company, Kyle."
  2. "Well that just makes it sound even radder!" addended Lee with a solid nod at the description provided by his guides, whilst simultaneously shrugging off Riley's apology for his curiosity. "Seriously. How could anyone call a team that punches godlike-whatevers in the face lame?!" Before Lee could segue into Riley's next question, another new face entered the room -- this one sporting a message just for Lee! With a telltale swish of his tail, he could only imagine what was so important that someone would be sent to pass the word on. Maybe Miss Summers was skipping the return visit? Maybe it was about his new roommate? Perhaps, still, it revolved around his pending curriculum! "And I'm Lee," the squirrely youth added in tandem to Cathy's greeting, hoisting a jovial wave towards the newcomer. "So, what's up?"
  3. Heyo! Do you like free stuff? Do you like vidja games? Do you like free vidja games?! Of course you do! Here, take this extra stuff I've just got lying around and can't do anything with, and give said stuff a good home. Just give me a poke with what you want, and I'll shoot it to you via PM or whathaveyou. Free Games!
  4. "Nice to meetcha! I'm Fox Squirrel!" replied the young squirrely lad bedecked in brown-and-red, tail swishing briskly as he greeted the astoundingly tall woman and the other heroic comrades now assembled amidst this strange menagerie. With the cavalry arriving and the remaining patrons more or less out of harm's way, and with Fox Squirrel's own furry lil' pals beginning to converge into fewer yet larger gaggles to fend off the remaining avian offenders, the chipper teen hero could breathe a sigh of relief. While he wasn't exactly sure what a Corvid was, Lee nevertheless gave the giantess an affirmative nod before he shifted his gaze towards the massive flock perched among the grassy landscape in front of the nearby manor, an eerie chill creeping up his spine as the flock bored a hole straight through him -- straight into his soul -- with their beady little eyes. "Maybe. Also, they're totally creepy. I mean... I swear those crows are just staring at us," Fox Squirrel continued, rubbing the goosebumps prickling up on his bare arm with the tips of his fingers, replete with a shudder. "That can't be normal around here."
  5. "Lucky me, I guess. Can't wait to meet the guys who stayed!" Plopping the bags down with a decided measure of relief, Lee turned his focus back to Riley, smile unwavering at his newfound compatriots' inquiry into what sparkling conversationalists squirrels must be. "Oh, y'know. Typical squirrel stuff," said the equally squirrely kid nonchalantly, as if he'd heard this same question a thousand times, yet still managed to retain that unerring air of chipperness. "What kind of nuts they like, where to get said nuts, the best trees to hide those nuts in, how funny it is to throw nuts at things. Stuff like that. Back home the squirrels were nice enough to let me know when they saw some weirdo in a costume doing things they weren't supposed to be doing, but I'll have to win over some new squirrel buddies out here before they start trusting me like that I bet," Lee rambled on, enthusiasm spilling over despite his best endeavors to remain cool. "But hey, never underestimate that squirrely spirit! You'd be surprised what those little guys can do." It was Cathy and Riley's discussion of a team name and its degree of coolness, however, that'd instantly managed to pique Lee's interest. "What's Young Freedom?" he inquired, his naivete and curiosity instantaneously making themselves noticeable as he shifted his gaze between the two guides. "And why would people think it's lame? That name sounds totally rad for a team!"
  6. Fox Squirrel New Squirrel on Campus - 5 posts Unkindness, Conspiracy, and Murder - 1 post 5 + 1 = 6 posts
  7. Back in Summers' office, the pending return vis-a-vis his academics left an all too familiar pit in Lee's stomach, the mere suspense more than enough to instill a modicum of nervousness within him. But that nervousness, though practically palpable, stayed right there in that office as he made his exit, relieved to be reunited with his de-facto tour guides outside. For a moment there's the telltale hint of dread on the squirrelish young man's face, but just as quickly as it made itself evident it evaporated into an unrepentant display of unnatural sunniness. "It's okay," Lee laughed with a smile, both in response to Riley's query and Cathy's chastisement as he saddled up alongside them bags in-hand, giving his most noteworthy feature a casual flick and swish for dramatic effect. "People ask me, like, all the time about my tail. But hey, it makes an awesome conversation starter, so it totally works out!" Lee brimmed enthusiastically. "But nah, I don't turn into a giant squirrel or anything like that. I've always had a tail. Runs in the family," he continued, discussing his appendage as casually as one might the weather. "I just have squirrel-like powers, so it comes with the package: agility, teeth, claws, the works. Oh, and I talk to squirrels," stated Lee, the last bit rather nonchalantly. "Probably way less awesome than what you guys can do or, y'know, what I guess most of the students here have going on." Clapping his hands awkwardly, Lee shifted his gaze between his newfound peers, eagerness rife on his face. "Alright! So, how 'bout that campus tour? I want the whole shebang, not just the basic walk. But, uh, maybe you could show me to the dorms first? Bags full of clothes are surprisingly heavy!"
  8. "Oh, man. That's a relief. That I can keep at it, I mean," Lee nervously laughed again, relaxing both his shoulders and in his seat a little too much. For some reason he'd expected this conversation to go completely one-eighty in direction, with Miss Summers abruptly shutting down any notion of superheroic activity until graduation. It took him a moment to realize just how unprofessional it must have seemed to suddenly begin slouching in front of Claremont's deathly serious headmistress before affixing his posture rapidly to avoid further embarrassment, noticeably unnerved by the woman's piercing gaze and accompanied by a sharp clearing of his throat. "That's really the only big question I had, Miss Summers. Ran into these folks, Cathy and Riley, and they said they'd give me the grand tour and stuff. Pretty sure I can manage from here between em'."
  9. Perfectly content to follow along with Cathy and Riley to the Administrative Building to meet both his benefactor and (hopefully) benevolent overlord, young Lee was absolutely livid with excitement. He'd been on campus for less than an hour and so far, Claremont had proved to be the single weirdest place Lee'd been to yet. In an equally weird measure, he was grateful for that! Back home he'd always felt alienated amongst his peers. In comparison to a super-chill girl and a guy who hides in trees and carries a hatchet, he had to admit he was suddenly feeling a little more normal by comparison! Still, they seemed like nice enough people, and besides, what's a little weirdness between prospective friends, right? At their arrival, Lee dropped his bags off outside the door before heading in to meet Miss Summers, plopping into the plush chair at her behest after reciprocating the middle-aged woman's surprisingly fierce handshake. It wasn't her brevity or her directness that unnerved the boy, but the inquest. There were, of course, a million questions he wanted to ask Callie Summers -- but perhaps that was expected, given both his newfound home and the rare opportunity presented to him. But there was one that burned brighter than any other and, perhaps, it was a question best left unasked. Yet Lee felt he had to ask anyway, even if it meant metaphorically shooting himself in the foot. "So, uh..." he began, his fingers and tail in a synchronized dance of nervousness. "So I know I'm here to get an education, and that Claremont's got a pretty unique student body. That's very cool, and I'm totally jazzed just to be here! Really!" he continued honestly, accompanied with a side-dish of nervous laughter, "But... but let's say I'm interested in continuing to pursue more hands-on extracurricular stuff. What's the official, y'know, stance on that exactly?"
  10. Fox Squirrel may not have been a superhero for very long, but until this point he'd thought he'd seen some strange things in his brief tenure. Oh, sure, back home there'd been plenty of costumed weirdos, but this? This was something he could never have expected. Heck, he'd hardly believed it himself when the squirrels came calling, their worrisome chitter-chatter afire with fear and awe that the birds had gone nuts. But here he was, the squirrels' wild stories all but confirmed as Lee stood garbed in his heroic raiment, perched atop a distant rooftop as he looked to the darkened skies. Even from this distance the whirlwind of avian activity engulfing North Bay's manors was enough to send a shiver down the squirrely hero's spine. Whatever fear the clarion cry of the birds might have instilled within him were quickly replaced by the more plaintive of the populace below, their siren song of endangerment more than enough of a catalyst to spur Fox Squirrel into action! With a quick clawed clamber and a bounding leap, Fox Squirrel launched himself from the roof to the urban jungle below, utilizing the cityscape below to traverse his way towards the panicked scene. Swinging from street lamps and bouncing off of parked cars, the acrobatic rodent-themed hero sped his way rapidly towards the fear-riddled homes in a flurry of natural athleticism, a faithful entourage of his tiny furry friends hot on his heels as they reached the epicenter of this bizarre bird-battered Bay. While putting a stop to the eerie flock was certainly up there on the list, first thing was first: Fox Squirrel had to get these civilians out of harm's way. "Everyone stay calm! Help's here!" shouted the young hero over the caws and clamor of the denizens in peril in a vain attempt at restoring some semblance of hope. There were so many -- like a menagerie gone amok! While the smaller birds might be a nuisance, it was the larger ones that were a genuine menace, and though Lee was no tactician, even he knew he couldn't be everywhere at once. He needed a plan or, preferably, some backup; since he was terrible at the former and lacking in the latter, it was time for Plan B. "Get somewhere safe! We'll try and hold em' off!" cried Fox Squirrel again in desperation. He couldn't be everywhere at once, true, but he was hardly ever alone. Steeling himself for the inevitable, Fox Squirrel let slip the squirrels of war with a vibrant "Chkk-chkk-ckkkt!" Like clockwork, his faithful miniature pals took to the field, assembling in teams between the birds of prey and their intended human victims, ready to intercede and protect the denizens -- and their home! -- from the invading felonious flock!
  11. Claremont was certainly full of surprises, what with kids plopping from the sequestered boughs of trees and all! Had Riley not announced his presence, no doubt Lee would've been wholly startled - who hides in trees like that anyway?! Never one to balk at the sight of oddities, however, Lee rolled with the unorthodox introduction like a champ, returning the young man's firm handshake while mustering a wholehearted "Likewise! I'm Lee," accompanied by all the vim and friendliness such a warm welcome ought to be repaid with. "Pfft. I'll be the judge of who's cool or not," winked the squirrely teen playfully in response to Cathy's opinion of the clique status quo, replete with a joyous flick of his own over-sized tail, barely repressing the urge to make a chilly pun out of politeness. "So what are we doing just standing around here? I can't wait to get settled in and see what else this place has goin' on!" Lee prattled on excitedly, ever the perpetual lil' ball of positivity.
  12. "Oh. Oh, totally. That'd be great, Cathy! Thanks!" brimmed Lee with earnest enthusiasm and unbridled casualness, shuffling his bags full of clothing and other such necessities again as he returned Cathy's smile, trying hard to ignore the chill settling between the sharply contrasted duo. "If it's not too much trouble, I'll take all the help I can get."
  13. Claremont Academy, Main Gates Friday, Late Afternoon, March 4th, 2016 Where many of Claremont's future alumni arrived in a fanfare of activity and a whirl of commotion, Lee Young's was much more surreptitiously serendipitous. He'd arrived not unlike anyone who'd just traveled from the opposite side of the country, both jet-lagged and weary when the nondescript taxi had finally deposited him outside the entrance of Claremont Academy, easily recognizable from the colorful brochure provided to him a week prior and still stuffed in his jean pocket. Dressed in a humble red flannel shirt and jeans that had already begun to fade and toting both a hefty looking backpack and matching duffel bag, that same measure of weariness was soon replaced by undiluted excitement at finally having arrived. With childlike mirth, the young man's obvious squirrel-like tail was unabashedly aflutter as he took in the grandiose scope that was Claremont Academy with an unparalleled sense of wide-eyed wonderment. This was a whole new world for Lee, and the idea of having genuine peers rather than being that one weirdo who talked to squirrels in school was as refreshing an idea as it was an earnestly heartwarming prospect. But before he could get to shmoozing and settling in, he had to figure out where exactly he was supposed to check in. The brochure only covered so much, and Claremont Academy was, after all, a big campus -- bigger than any Lee had ever seen, that was for sure! Peering about, there were plenty of students carousing about the campus, meandering here-and-there in groups or about on their own. Never one to balk from a golden opportunity, this was the perfect chance for Lee to kill two birds with one stone... y'know, metaphorically speaking. "Excuse me!" cried the squirrely teenager as he trotted over, his face an energetic testament of sunshine and good vibes even as he shouldered the burgeoning bags across his shoulders and fished out the modestly crumpled Claremont Academy brochure from his pocket. "Hi! My name's Lee. I'm supposed to see Miss Summers about my enrollment, and I was wondering if you might be able to give me some directions."
  14. Super! I'm totally down for some action a la The Birds!
  15. If this is still a thing, I rather like the idea of tossing Fox Squirrel into the fray with Plague Rat or the Matriarch, provided there's still some interest there.
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