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  1. Sorry for my dissapearing, Holdiays became a bit too much for a while, I'll try to get a post in today.
  2. The German World War 1 vet is in if you'll take him!
  3. Ehh, can I still post Gauss' IC resposne without intruding upon the Initiative tracker?
  4. "Oh really, Du kleine Scheisse?" Gunther said as he walked over to the armored mercenary. Despite his weariness, the german sttagered over to the mercenary, said to Phalanx "You should probably get the woman to her court date, ja? Unless someone else can do it?" Then Gauss started the build-up kinetic energy in his fist. "Now you listen to me, thug. These men, they won't hurt or kill you. No, because there nice guys. I," he said holding up a hand crackling with kinetic force, weakened by his wounds but still deadly "am not. Perhaps you have heard of the first world war? I imagine so. I thought in that war, you little Schweinhund, in firt and filth and muck, and I killed men like they were rats, men who were much better than you, much more innocent, much less deserving of death. Now think of this, if I was willing to kill those men like rats, what does that make you in my eyes?" Gunther slammed a kinetically charge fist into the mercenary's midsection. "And think about what you can do to keep me from making your life hell!"
  5. To heck with it, have Phalanx fly her off. Intimidation roll just for fun 1d20+9=16. Then he'll punch back-up 3 for the heck of it. Damage from Kinetic Strike, -3 from Fatigued is a DC 22 Toughness with Knockback 3, Mighty, Improved Critical 2.
  6. Wait, I thought Back-up #3 had flown off?
  7. Gauss was a little taken aback by the vigilantes rather rude reply to his offer of help. "Fine, du kleine Schweinhund" he muttered under his breath. He went towards the front of the train when the last mercenary flew off and the whoever that was on the ground broke down, he decided to hes back. "Well, it looks like we have someone trying to evade a court-date. I don't suppose you can fly?" he asked the vigilante.
  8. Gauss leaned out of the trail care and fired off another shot, only for it to miss completely. Grunting in annoyance he prepared for a second shot. He must be sick or something, he wasn't this bad at aiming. Admittidly, in the War his targets hadn't been moving this fast. He leaned back inside to see a man in spandex beating up one of the power-armored men. "You want some help with that, herr...?"
  9. Guuh! I swear one of these days, I will hit more than 50% of the time, if I have to bribe the dice roller with software to do it! IC will be up soon, feel free to skip me though, as it's just going to be "made a shot, missed" post again pretty much.
  10. Gauss will just try the blast again at this point. Not going to leave that train for now. 1d20+4=20 DC 24 Toughness I believe.
  11. Gauss fell to the floor of the train, the Ast of energy sending him to the edge of concioussness, but he still managed to reflexively fire off a blast of kinetic force, this time hitting his opponent and it appeared to Gauss' strained vision, knocking him from the sky.
  12. the one who shot me, so 5 I believe.
  13. Blast roll 1d20+9=20 Hit?
  14. 1d20+9=10 Well that's a greatly failed toughness test. Curse you to Bloody Hell Orokos!
  15. Gunther grunted as the energy blasted him again, and his bones felt even more battered than the last time. The German ran back into the other train, saw the man flying away, and fired off another blast of kinetic energy that sheared off part of the side of the train, and hit the flying enemy, but failed too make any lasting impact. Why did I come to America? Gunther thought to himself.
  16. It appears that Time travel also cursed Gauss with bad luck. I'll get the IC up soon. Also please don't call him an Unermensch.
  17. Okay, so will move back to Car 1, Attack on Backup 5 1d20+9=26 Yes DC 25 Toughness test +Knockback 6
  18. Good point, will do that as my action then. Jump to a place with a good LoS, and delay a Blast standard action.
  19. Can he reach anywhere with a 150 foot leap range? If so, is it a place he can Blast any remaining mercenaries or aid his fellow Heroes in any other way? Sorry this is taking so long, I've been busy with school lately.
  20. Oh, well haha! Also, is the part of the train Gauss is on the one that came to a stp or the one hurtling towards the gap in the tracks?
  21. Will reroll with the HP, come on 15! 1d20+9-23 Oh C'mon! Will have actions up soon.
  22. Toughness Test: 1d20+9=10, I'll get my action up soon.
  23. Gauss watched as the blast of energy evaporated on contact with his shield. Converting his production of Kinetic energy again, he pointed both hands at the armored warrior. "Not good enough, Kleine Kinder. Let me show you how your Grandvater did it." He pulsed with both blasts, and missed again. Or not he thought inside his own head. It seemed that besides that one lucky hit he had gotten in earlier, today was not really his lucky day. He got ready for the power armored warrior to hit him with another heavy blow. Then all of the sudden a blast of magic fire came out of nowhere and narrowly missed both Gauss and the thug. Now it looked like even more people were getting involved, but at least now it was feeling more and more like a warzone.
  24. Free Action: Switch back to the Blast AP Move Action: Quick startle 1d20+9=12 Standard Action: Blast 1d20+10=11 Free Action: Extra Effort for another Standard Action Standard Action: Blast 1d20+10=15 And I'm back to the really bad rolling now. I'm guessing those are all misses?
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