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  2. During the Communion Incursion, dozens of worlds in the path of the Communion advance were evacuated to save the civilian populations and deny the Communion as many additional drones and other material as possible. On one Lor world so evacuated was a high security prison which was also emptied, its inmates placed on a prison transport vessel, the Sar-lan for relocation. However, among the inmates were a dozen incredibly dangerous individuals, who either were superior examples of their species unusual abilities or had gained abilities far beyond those their species normally exhibited. This group of prisoners, led by a highly intelligent, former Lor Mentat, engineered an escape and took command of the Sar-lan, which was initially presumed lost during the war. However, at the conclusion of the Incursion, the Lor received reports of suspected sightings of the Sar-lan and, with its resources stretched thin due to casualties in the war, the Republic requested the assistance of the Praetorians in tracking down the transport and recapturing its occupants. The Praetorians managed to track down the Sar-lan in orbit around the remote planet Dreeda III and discovered the escaped prisoners had taken control of the small Lor colony. The Praetorians quickly came into conflict with the escaped prisoners, and in particular the twelve exceptional beings among the group. After defeating this Deadly Dozen, the Praetorians were able to easily deal with the other escaped prisoners, freeing the world and returning all the prisoners to Lor custody. Currently, the Deadly Dozen are once again in Lor custody on a prison world. Apperances Praetorians: The Deadly Dozen Far From Home (As Time Shades)
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  4. "et seams more versahtile zen ze sword. I mean I have a sword." She tapped her hip not far from where she had put the folded up bow, the weapon she was indicating looking more like a Machete then a proper sword. "I've made some prahgress hunteeng down ze weapons dealers en lantern hill, but I sink zey know same one es lookeeng now."
  5. I was pinged! Initiative: 1d20 7 And now back to the law, business and accounting caves!
  6. Nicole She couldn't help but whimper as Corinne invaded her space, an inch or two separating the girls noses. Corinne's stare made her squeamish and her own eyes flickered to the sides as if searching for an escape, before she averted the whole of her face to the side. Her wheelchair moved backward in an attempt to escape Corinne's grasp until she hit the wall beside Marquez's office and she could go no further. "You're... Right." Two words and they made her feel terrible unlike anything else said since. Emotions warred across her face - defiance, anger and shame - before the light in her eyes went out and she let her whole body sag. Defeated. Tired. Those were her last words to Corinne in their last afternoon together, though they did not just refer to the now. Corinne was always in the right.
  7. Time for Oz to summon the mighty truffles the treasure vault golem! Summon 12 ("Truffles!"; Magic Animated matter Extras: Heroic, Fanatical, Duration (continous) )(60/60pp) for stats I'll use
  8. I was thinking on the power as a whole - holy blessed type weapons would be kryptonite so to speak, and he'll have a rough time against any sort of holy man. He'd still be incorporeal at least but yeah; otherwise a sitting duck. If this isn't in line with assumed power levels and stuff then I'll swap things around so the impervious is a seperate power with the flaw applied to that.
  9. "Maybe we're lucky, and it's just been slowly building up?" Elizabeth asked, eyeing the sand. Or the dig uncovered it and they haven't tried to clear it out. Or, I don't know. Sand ghosts? We have to be positive!" She sounded less positive than she wanted to sound. Still, a new room with new things to explore - she made a slow circle, inspecting the walls and the dais and the obelisks, leaning forward and poking at the latter with one careful finger, like she expected it to light up and intone dire warnings. "Someone has a really impressive bed, don't you. Doesn't he? Is he still, uh, in there?" She turned her head to look at Veronica, a pair of concerned eyebrows crudely drawn across the top of her mask. "Maybe he knows what's up. Speak, spirits, and be heard, and so on."
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    GM "No!" The panic was clear in the woman's voice, as she raised her hand. Still blocked in by Ronin, even as Mr. Strix aided Lady Horus, she tried to push past. Raising her right hand, ink seemed to pour from under her nails, before shooting forward in a stream that passed by Lady Horus. Her final gambit failing, the powerful light from Lady Horus' seemed to start boiling even the ink still left on her fingers, like the ink from the books. It seemed all that was left for her to do was see what Lady Horus' would do.
  11. @Grumblefloof: Let's hit you with a Fatigue effect, and that's +1HP. So, while we know that Lady Horus will succeed, Cultist 1 do get to go before Mr. Strix and Dr. Thorne, so... Seeing that Lady Horus is up to something, the cultist targets her, throwing a blast of ink right at her: 15 And that's a miss. @Avenger Assembled Do your thing! 31 - Ronin - Uninjured - 2HP 24 - Lady Horus - Uninjured - 0HP 24 - Wadjet - Uninjured 24 - Cultist 1 (Illusion Creator) - Uninjured 21 - Cultist 2 (Big Brute) - Unconscious 12 - Mr. Strix - Shaken, Fatigued - 1HP - Defense -2 till next turn 10 - Cultist 3 (Shadow) - Unconscious 7 - Dr. Thorne - Uninjured - 2HP
  12. I'm letting the heroes basically combine their powers for the power check here, so the two 8's come from Dr. Thorne and Strix each adding their 8's to Horus' roll.
  13. Wait, how does that math work? My understanding is that one character, presumably Horus, would roll a power check to counter, and everyone trying to help would roll an Aid check against DC10, providing a +2 bonus to the "lead" character if they succeed (and another +1 for every 10 points they score over that DC10). It doesn't look like Tiff rolled a power check to Aid at all? I get that the 13 is Horus's effective power rank, but where are the two "8"s coming from?
  14. Okay, Given the nature of Sgt. Shark's abilities, we'll say that Notice check gives you a strong smell of chemicals like plastic and lubricants even beyond those coming from the wrecked train - this thing isn't a person! One True Scotsman's Initiative http://orokos.com/roll/737674 = 26 Aquaria: = 16 So we're at Sgt. Shark: 30 One True Scotsman: 26 Sea Devil: 16 You're up, @Supercape
  15. 13 + 8 + 8 = 29 32! Made it!
  16. Protection 15 (+15 Toughness [Enhancement: Impervious +10, Flaw: Limited (weakness to Consecrated/Holy)] [13PP] What's intended here? Is the Flaw on the Impervious Extra? The Power? (I would not recommend putting it on the power - it's too dangerous for you.)
  17. GM After setting the flyer down in a small valley, Starshot and his crew geared up to begin their reconnaissance of the nearby village. Since their attack on the pirate outpost, gaining the flyer and stopping briefly by the Xeno the power levels of Starshot's equipment had not been an issue. Indeed, the crew was now not nearly as resource strapped as they had been when they had set out into the desert following the crash on this world. Laark still had his large club slung over his back, but he also had a blaster pistol sidearm and a laser rifle, as well as a number of grenades. Soreen had two blaster pistols and a few grenades as well. Ermorada and the Kurabanda made their way out as well, still armed with their bows and clubs. A few of the Kurabanda were designated to stay behind with the flyer, gathering nearby vegetation to cover the vessel to make it harder to spot from the air. The Starshot and his ragtag group started off into the steep hills above them. The terrain was steep and difficult, but perhaps the biggest concern was the sparse vegetation on the hillsides, making them mindful of whether they might be visible or not. Finally, after a couple of hours, they had reached a small ravine. According to Starshot's HUD in his helmet, the village they were here to take a look at should just be over the hill they were at the bottom of.
  18. I think it's just @TheAbsurdist now!
  19. "Yeah I once turned into an explosive gas and detonated...also been water and had a car battery react with me." He recounted "hurt like heck and the first one forced me out of my form...prolly cause I was made up of reacted and unreacted materials. " He reasoned as he watched the robots work at the stain he'd made before shuffling themselves back away "with the water it was the battery juice that reacted and fell out of me." "Uhh ..sure! Do I even have an internal sense of touch though?" As he walked out from under the space plane and towards a more barren area of the hanger. "I've turned into things I've had in my mouth before, and tried to turn into air in my lungs but I dunno if it was from that air or just the air around me." He explained as he rested his hands against his abdomen and tried to focus on sifting out the peppery ginger ale from the caustic acid flavour still in his throat. It was difficult to pick out but ultimately he managed to sort it and with a bit of effort his flesh and blood once again vanished in a wave of white light and heat to be replaced with carbonated ginger ale, his black hair now a bubbling mass of white froth atop a body of swirling pale brown fluid. "Huh...neat."
  20. "DO WHAT HE SAYS!" Frankie bellowed the order as the guards briefly hesitated before slowly lowering their weapons. "Now get out I'll deal with this." he added earning unconvinced looks from the thugs but their eventual obedience. Word of Frankies sterling loyalty would get around, that was a certainty. Liam and Judex arrived moments after the guards left and could over hear muttered curses and resolute determination to get out of the flop house and see if they could get back in with the Mara. With the room empty of his fellow criminals whatever limited resolve Frankie had left him and he began to spill all he knew. "I'm dead is what you mean." he grumbled, "I don't have a name." he replied flatly, "All I know is he has the purest shit in this town and isn't with the families." he slumped back in his chair limp in Strix's grasp. "Came to me with some, made an offer, I took it." he shrugged, "I drive my van up to the warehouse, hand off the profits, his guys load the the van and I come back." Even without Strix's gifts he'd probably have broken, with them he was rattling off what he knew almost mechanically. "He came down here with a couple of his heavies, a duffle bag of guns and a duffle bag of cash and drugs to pay off some guys for the hit." Frankie droned on. "I put word out, he had names and pictures from some cop." He shuddered, "Probably a dead cop." "Anyway he said they went to the cops about our operation and had to be dealt with." Frankie seem unbothered by having been instrumental in the hit on the kids. "He has his heavies around the warehouse, bunch MAX junkies the way they toss the cargo around. Office in the warehouse with jars of weird ass shit, safe where he keeps cash and records, we record who and what we sell, one guy fucked it up and they were finding pieces of him for a week." "He's a damn psycho and..." Frankies eyes grew wide for a moment and he fell silent and began shaking violently and screaming in abject terror before soiling himself and trying to get away from something, something other than Strix it was like he didn't even see the vampire any more. A moment longer and he slumped eyes open but unfocused and breathing weak insensible to any stimulus, catatonic.
  21. Nicole Ambassador Ortilac's made fine points. Humanity needed to band together first instead of squabbling among each other, and also institutionalize systems related to metahumans. Claremont was a step towards that, but she knew that she was one of the privileged few to have gone through its training. There were many others who had less to go on and some of them were vulnerable enough to be snatched up by vultures to use powers for criminal activity. Those assembled took offense at her and her questions, but she was merely asking out of curiosity so she ignored the murmurs and pointed looks her way. Then Ortilac turned his attention to Leroy, and Nicole and Gauss leaned in towards one another. "Or we could board a ship and go to the asteroid field we passed on the way here. Imagine." Nicole's eyes sparkled. "Zero-gravity and deep-space space rocks. How much could you move without anything pulling you down?" She noticed then Ortilac beaming down at them though she did not know why. A quick mental replay of the past few seconds revealed his question, and ever happy to learn more Nicole raised her hand again. "Ambassador, are there any pertinent cultural or historical facts about the Li we should know about? I would like to know if the Coalition embraces the diversity of its many worlds instead of merely gathering them for their technological advancements."
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    Serena responded quickly. "Hey! We were totally supervillains! We didn't just fight the Freedom League. There were others. Did a lot in two years. We stole super-tech, we robbed banks, and heck, we once fused an entire lot of squad cars to the pavement. We even managed to make a super-kid quit, once!" She stopped. "Actually, that's kind of awful. We wedgied her and hung her from a street light by her underwear. She cried," she said as she looked off into the distance. "I hope she's okay. And not angry. She's probably angry. I'd be angry." "Yeah I'm not proud of that one."
  23. "Exploding would be bad, yes," he agreed, coughing a bit to mask his nervous laugh. "Has, uh, has that happened to you before? You said you've mimicked energy, I'd imagine that was somewhat explosive, but have you ever mimicked an explosive substance and then detonated?" As they talked, a glint of metal and some movement caught Facsimile's eye. It was some sort of green metallic beetle -- no, a beetle-shaped robot -- about the size of a fat housecat. It scurried up to the mess Facsimile had made, then the wingcase opened and several smaller beetle-bots emerged. They began to scoop and vacuum up the mess, wipe the area down, and spray assorted disinfectants. In mere moments, the area looked clean as ever, and the baby bugs went back into mombot, who then trundled off back into one of the crates that dotted the hangar. "So, are you up for another experiment?," Archeville asked, paying no mind to the robots. "I'm interested to see if your transformations are limited to surface contact, or if you could mimic something inside you. That is, something that you've swallowed... like the ginger ale I just gave you. Though, in the interests of full disclosure, I'll warn you that there's a slight chance you'd instead mimic your own stomach acids, though that chance is small. Still, best to do so on the concrete, away from any metal," he gestured vaguely towards his spaceplane. "So, does that sound like something you'd be willing to try?"
  24. "Wellll, you weren't really a supervillain," offered Richard without really thinking about it. He blinked, took a moment to process what he'd said, then did what he usually did - he went faster. "Er, I mean, I know you guys fought the Freedom League, but that's just because there wasn't really any game in town after 1993, not the way there is today. I mean, it wasn't like you were in the..." "I'm telling Mom," Holly said with a smirk. "Your mother and I are a team," said Richard firmly, fidgeting slightly in his chair despite that. "And your mother knows the importance of tactical analysis."
  25. Davyd sat across from Lulu, squeezing himself in between Pan and Veronica. "Oh, hold on, let me see what I can do about this." With some conscious effort he made himself just a bit taller (now back to his original height) and skinnier, so the two on either side of him had more room. "This is almost," he chuckled, "a bit like that time I wore a corset." After several moments looking over the menu (and peeking at Lulu), he ordered some conch fritters and jerk fish, and the same ginger beer. "I'm guessing," he said as he returned the menu to its holder, "that they were not able to see the name of the ship? No identifying marks, no way to easily tell where it was from? Or what it might have been carrying? Treasure would be nice, sure," he nodded to Pan, "though I'm unclear on the rules for salvage... but I'm more worried about something nasty on board, something that might have caused it to wreck."
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