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  2. Time seemed to stop for Terrifica. Her brain kicked into high gear. She didn’t go full speed very often in the field. Her body wasn’t nearly as fast as her mind, after all. It hampered physical movement, and that could be dangerous. One outward physical sign of the change was her movements becoming exceedingly precise, so much that she wasn’t reacting properly to physical stimuli. The other was all expression draining from her face and body language. (Truthfully, they were simply shifting too fast to be fully expressed before they were overridden by the next input.) Her hands, however, worked quickly. She had three documents and two sets of tools out from her utility belt. She was what she did. This was what she was very, very good at. One could even say…terrific. In seconds she had a workable schematic in her mind. In less than five minutes she had a equally workable prototype on a worktable. She exhaled and her mental speed slowed to something more suitable to conversation. “Apologies, I had an idea. It was sparked by what this young lady said.” Terrifica smiled approvingly at Salvo. “Outside interference would be, of course, impossible. I’d expect no less from the Terminus. So we go inside. What we would need is a way to fool their sensors and get inside. I considered an explosive, but that seemed…crude. One doesn’t defeat the Terminus with strength. They would just be convinced to come again in greater force. Given how this invasion is going, I’d rather they didn’t learn that particular lesson. So.” She clapped her hands and gestured to her worktable. “I’d rather turn their own arrogance in using such a hostile dimension against them. This device is only a prototype and unfinished. However, once completed, one pulse should render the technorganic sheath protecting Omegadrones, transported equipment, and-hopefully-whatever it is they are using to keep the portal nexus functioning inoperable. With any luck, the resulting catastrophic loss of personnel and equipment should be blamed on technological failure as opposed to enemy action.” She smirked. “Meaning us. The resulting infighting should be, well, spectacular and keep the Terminus occupied for a while.” Terrifica sighed. “With all of that said, we’re not there yet. As I said, we need a method to get past their sensors and into the interior. And my device is missing…something. It does work, but the destabilization-while effective at disrupting drone level sheaths-could falter if faced with a more durable variant.” She looked meaningfully at Salvo. “Have you discovered anything that could help?”
  3. “Sure, we all will,” agreed Mark a little distractedly. “We’re a team. And I’m ready,” he said, straightening the blue suit and Windsor-knotted tie that were his trademark. Perhaps he could have worn a more practical outfit, but if his powers failed him over there, he was dead anyway. But then wasn’t this avoiding that the whole point of all this? I won’t make my son an orphan or my wife a widow - or let anyone else be. As the cosmic batteries fired up to power the Terminus gateway, he knew things wouldn’t be the same after this. Unbidden memories of Unitarian Sunday School came to him; the stories of the Harrowing of Hell. But what did that make them? It was easy enough to open the gateway, a flat displacement in the air that shimmered with the unhealthy rainbow color of gasoline on water. As ever with the Terminus, the trick was going to be getting out again.
  4. "Ah well, I do my best, sir." So much praise, he would have to watch his head didn't swell. Marcus's desperate attempt to escape helped him stay a bit more focused. "Speaking of, duty calls, ill be right back." A quick blast of sound from the bottom of his boots and the palms of his hands to send him soaring through the air to land gracefuly infront of the fleeing marcus "You might not believe it mikey but i don't enjoy hurting people, sometimes it's nessicary, i much prefer helping folks." He explains, turning to face him. "I'd like to help you too, but i can't if you don't let me." He explains holding out his hands "you've been used, dude, used and discarded, your lady could've bargained for you, you can walk unlike the rest of your buds here." It was blunt, tough truth hopefuly enough to save him a painful confrontation. "If you cooperate now, you can build yourself back up, i can help you. Tell them you cooperated." Hopefully it was enough but it was time for the coffin nail. "You run, you'll run forever, till you get caught, assumin of course, you can get past me."
  5. Before we get to that let me get an initiative roll from everyone to hammer out posting order now that we're into the meat of things.
  6. 20 - Replica - Uninjured, 2HP 19 - Black Mamba - Uninjured, 2HP 17 - Cannonade - Uninjured, 4HP 6 - Omegadrones Go ahead and let me know what Replica is doing, Cubismo.
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  8. GM As the emergency services struggled in - and the audience cooperated, Felix raised an eyebrow. "I say you before. With that short girl" he commented. Said short girl, Pixie, was still invisible, of course. "So you are some kind of superhero. Of the benign kind, thank goodness. Plenty of shattered bones from the other type. Not that things are so clear cut. This is human behaviour" he sighed. "As for information. Well, first off, my bones didn't break. Not now, anyway. Plenty of breaks in the past" he explained, pointing to his legs. "Some kind of genetic problem. They snap easy" he said, bluntly. "Now, I don't know what that means, but it is an observation. I was the only one without any snappage. Which is a world first" he explained. "I dont know anything about this mistress of bones, but it looked awfully like Marcus Skull's girlfriend. Or ex-girlfriend, seeing as she walked out him..." Marcus Skulll looked up from his blooded nose and broken guitar. His wits restored, his appreciation of the situation sunken in, he quickly turned and tried to run....
  9. GM The next few moments were a blur, the lanky, inhuman figure of Mannequin running and leaping between cars as he sent out lashing claws skyward, raking and scything at the wavering, birdlike shapes of the Omegadrines high overhead. Intent on the cars beneath them, the 'drones ignored the barrages to their loss. One was caught in a constricting glob of goo that shorted out its howling jetpack, sending it hurtling the ground just in time to catch a searing blast from the light-wielding Prism, its wail of pain cut short as another crackling claw silenced them forever. Seemingly blind and deaf to their own peril, the 'drones continued to fire on the convoy, one screaming whip of destruction slicing and sizzling through a car's corner, a wheel flying off and crashing through an abandoned house. The people inside screamed, but they didn't dare to stop even as their car rocked and scraped on. Another rain of light, another claw of storms, and another 'drone fell crashing down, its jetpack sputtering and whining pitifully before the wretched thing fell into the bed of a pickup truck, crashing straight through onto the road, luggage and what few personal things the family driving it could grab falling out with it. One of the passengers jumped out, trying to grab for whatever he could. Catching Mannequin's eye, the old man waved the hero over. "Hey! We need some help!" Glancing at the remaining 'drones, then at Prism, Mannequin dashed off to help get the couple's cargo onto another vehicle. Aloof and aloft, the remaining flying 'drone's arcing whip tore up asphalt, a bliding spray of grit and oily rock clatterin at the windshields of the convoy's lead.
  10. Always happy to play with others. It gives me connections for other games! @Ari
  11. Okay. New initiative order: Prism: Unharmed, 2HP Omegadrones(x2), Unharmed(x1), Staggered(1x1), Bruised(1x2), Injured(1x2)-GM Gauss: Unharmed, 3HP I'll post for the Omegadrones and Mannequin's actions, @Thunder King and @Azuth65 would you post Prism's actions and Gauss's arrival?
  12. Indeed it would Ari, she's still a Claremont Kid .
  13. @Azuth65 Gauss is still in Claremont, right? Or just in school in general, So some kind of school trip would still be something in her life?
  14. @Tarrakhash Yes, to reiterate from Discord, it's just the day of the year, not some special super-hype eventuality or locale. Just one if those normal snowstorms in late June. For sakes, I'd say one or two other PCs would be neat but your call.
  15. Well I still need something for Chromium to do if you have the time, @Avenger Assembled
  16. All in all he was rather pleased with himself, he'd avoided making a fool of himself and even managed to impress pixie! twice no less, it had all worked out so well, he was a little tempted to just call it a day, arrange to meet up with pixie outside and leap off into the sunset on his way back home, but there was a bone breaking mad cultist leader out there that he'd let get away, knowingly and willingly no less. He couldn't stomach the thought of letting them off completely scott free, not without at least trying to bring them underwraps for real at least once before calling it a night. "THANK YOU, THANK YOU! PLEASE COOPERATE WITH THE EMERGENCY SERVICES WHEN THEY ARRIVE!" he boomed out over the crowd of faces "IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFORMATION REGARDING THIS CULT OF BONES BUISNESS I URGE YOU TO COME FORWARD WITH IT TO EITHER MYSELF OR FCPD. THANK YOU, YOU'VE BEEN A WONDERFUL AUDIENCE! GOODNIGHT!" and with that he unplugged the guitar from himself returning it to the devestated stage and hopping off into the moshpit, careful not to land on any of the injured people. "Now comes the hard part, pixie he mumbled as he approached Mr. Mossau. "Good evening Mr Mossau, i was wondering if you'd heard anything regarding this whole...bone head cultist affair, seeing as you're a journalist in this area." he opened up diplomatically, unsure if a man as observant at Felix Mossau would recognize him in his transformed state.
  17. Arrowhawk broke off from her glaring to look at the woman in the bedraggled clothing. "Chick who wrestles?" she asked, a mix of disbelief and wry amusement in her voice. A smile briefly crossed her lips before turning back to the old woman, baring her teeth once more. In all this, she hadn't once let her grip on the woman waver, supernaturally strong grip clasped on her shoulder. "I was born to death," hissed Osla. "I grew up in a realm of death. And I walked straight out. I do not have the patience left for riddles and enigmas, for gods and for monsters." This was true, she did not have the patience to deal with the Sunhawk's mannerisms today. Her nerves were fried. "I want this done with. Now."
  18. Claremont is pretty much always accepting new characters, because who doesn't want to relive high school but this time, with super powers?
  19. Pinnacle beamed the Spider a broad smile, "Well, Electron got away, but we were able to stop her from stealing the shop owner's inventory, so there's that, I guess," he ran a hand through his short cropped hair, "Not bad for my first team up." He watched as Kowalski and the police officers finished their canvassing of the witnesses, shrugged. "I'll try to stay in touch with Kowalski, she seems like she's a workhorse, you know?" A brief pause, "So if you ever need a hand, check in with her and I'd be ready to assist." He extended his hand, "It was a pleasure working with one of the city's first and finest Spider." Even as he shook her hand, he knew that he'd have some explaining to do with Phan, for bailing on their study session, thankfully the whole situation had been able to be contained and resolved in short order, though it still frustrated him that they hadn't been able to apprehend Electron and that she was still out there ... somewhere.
  20. GM "Ah, we have a trinity! A trinity of....ah...interesting!" The Hornet seemed to have realised something. "Yes, very interesting. The pieces are the same, but the board has been changed, a new actors have arrived. This makes things very interesting. I wonder what..." He caught himself muttering. As cunning as the Hornet was, he appeared to have a habit. When engrossed in his intellectual acts, he muttered out loud. Up to a point. Now, he shut his mouth closed. "Well, its interesting. That is all" he said, his will exerted. "Wales is very green. Nice sheep" he said, in concillatory tones to Voin. "As for experts in archeo-biochemistry, I suppose it is possible there are experts other than myself" he conceded. "Reagant knows more of chemistry, and Phantom more of the mystic arts. Yes, I have studied the happenings of the world, and Sin's network is vast. But I know of none who have mastered both magic and biochemistry together, as I have!"
  21. Sadly my only character's are in either Emerald City or Bedlam, I should probably work on a Claremont character at some point!
  22. Move action to move into melee range w/Omega Drone, Free Action to switch Array to Rank 1 Flight; Rank 4 Super Strength; Standard Action to initiate Grab. Grapple attempt on Omegadrone [Acc Atk; +2/-2]: 1d20+7 [20] If successful, an Opposed Grapple Check; Opposed Grapple Check; 4R's SS Active [+24 Grapple]: 1d20+24 [43]
  23. Pinnacle watched the monolithic engine of destruction approach the refugee's makeshift camp, transforming buildings, storefronts, homes, any structure in it's path to so much rubble and twisted steel. He tried to push the thoughts of survivors huddled in the familiar corners of their homes or apartments, only to be ground to powder beneath the massive weight of the engine's tracks. Anger flared in his chest, his breath came in tight, controlled measures, his hands flexed, and then the Omega drones took to the skies. Their sight was enough to remind him of the situation he now found himself in, Dreadnought his blunt, boisterous attitude hid a professionalism and experience that Christian could only hope to attain, in time. The Praetor, casually discussing the methodology of butchery amidst children who had too recently been torn from their loved ones, and here he was, novice, green, a memory tugged at his thoughts. Images from the television witnessed only yesterday, streams of drones, enough to blacken the sky, and here, only four. Surely it had to be a trap, the mechanical monstrosity beneath him likely housed hundreds more, but he thought of those dirty, grime encrusted faces at the camp, and if he faltered here, if he faltered now, how long would it be until an engine like the one approaching them now rolled on Emerald City, crushing his home, his family. "No," he was unaware that he was speaking aloud, "Not today." And with that he dove towards the approaching drones, flying in a tight formation enabling them to provide cover fire to one another in the event of hostilities, of resistance. It had worked well enough to restrain Electron when he first confronted her in Emerald City, and he'd been practicing since then. He swooped down, using his momentum to bring him on level with the lead Omegadrone, wrapping one broad arm under it's arm, constricting like an iron band across it's chest, while his right arm came under the drone's right arm, his hand gripping it's neck and attempting to crank it to the right, holding the drone like a shield to provide cover from his allies.
  24. The communicator thing is fine, Tarrakhash. Omegadrones Initiative: 1d20+4 6
  25. A liquid spill has made my keyboard very tempermental will be back tomorrow after it has yet another day to dry.
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