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  2. Benny was not gonna be able to go toe to toe with the Super Nazi over there. But he wasn't going to stick it out right in front of him. So he just wasn't there when the shockwave ripped through where he had been, managing to flatten against the ground, in a blink before coming back up up and springing toward Ashley and Judy, to assist them in leaving before he got out. He was worried, legitimately, about the others, as he was making sure the rest of the teens, and other people were out of the reach of the blonde Teutonic bad news. "We need to beat feet!" His eyes swept over the rest of them, and only when they were getting out did he, aware that he might have to dart back in to snatch someone up.
  3. Reflex: 1d20+10 17 Well he has Evasion 2. So going to roll Tou Tou: 1d20+6 10 Reroll Tou: 1d20+6 18 So, ah, Ult Ref. per RL
  4. Well, I didn't exactly build Felix to avoid things: 12 Toughness: 25 or, rather, 24, because I forgot to subtract 1 for the Bruise. EDIT: Burning that HP for a reroll... literally a 24. Making it 34, because it's a reroll. That's much better than I'd anticipated.
  5. GM The blonde superman stared at Legatus, his face contracting into a disapproving frown. "Weak." He spoke perfect English, though with a clear German accent. "You cannot be the Centurion. Then, what are you? A sidekick? His cousin? His son?" Everything turned to golden mist around him. He quickly looked around, briefly waving his hands through the mists, like he was testing them. "Trickery? No matter." Still turned towards Legatus, he slammed his hands together. The force created was, frankly, amazing. The shockwave exploded from his hands, with both Legatus and Rebound being caught in the wave.
  6. That's enough to get you to the cave. Übermensch doesn't just accept this, he creates a Shockwave aimed at Legatus, since he knows where he is. Since positions are a bit up in the air right now, rolling 25% chance for him catching Forever Boy, Rebound, Watchdog and Daystar too, since they're all . For each of them, in that order, a roll of 1-5 means they get hit by the Shockwave: 16 3 11 7, And per TK's edit, he might get caught in it: 5 or less gets him hit: 12 Rebound gets hit too. @TheAbsurdist, @secondling: Its a DC26 Reflex Save to reduce the following DC31 TOU save to DC23. Give me a reflex first, then a TOU. Then, @TheAbsurdist, you're up. Visual Obscure near Church, 20 rounds, full fade 29 - Forever Boy - 4HP - Unharmed24 - Specimen - 3HP - Unharmed22 - Übermensch - Unharmed18 - Rebound - 4HP - Unharmed17 - Watchdog - 1HP - Bruise (x3) - 3 assorted explosives used11 - Daystar - Bruise (x1)2 - Legatus - 1HP - Bruise (x1)
  7. "I get what you mean!" Adam said, realizing he could fly. "He just made it so we can all fly, so MOVE!" He said. He hoped that Übermensch wouldn't catch up to them before they could escape. He knew Pan's powers fairly well, and guessed that that Übermensch was currently unable to see. That suited Adam just fine. They'd fought a bunch of nazis, but anyone that could rock Felix with a punch was someone none of them wanted to tangle with. He was a strong, brave young man, but this guy was on a different level and they had done a lot of good. He lingered for a moment, making sure his teammates and Macedon had a chance to start taking off before leaving himself.
  8. Adam is just gonna run, well, fly. Two move actions towards the direction they came in from, hoping to find the exit back to their time.
  9. Forever Boy Too fast, too strong. Felix still stood, but Macedon's reaction said it all, even with Pan's limited knowledge of historic villains. Run, yes, that seemed good. Everything about this one just screamed danger. The others, the Übersoldaten, they had been confident, but not like this. Not the way this one attacked without a word, striking at Felix and coming from out of nowhere. Fine, fine. Run away. He could help with that. "Everyone!" Arms out to the sides, he paused for half a second once he had their attention, then he slammed his hands together, golden dust exploding from the impact, all over the area. Ashley, Judy, Felix, Adam, Benny and even Macedon began to glow with a slight golden shine, Pixie Dust slowly falling from their bodies as they began to float. "Think happy thoughts!" Then he opened his hands up, quickly blowing air in between them. A storm of golden mists blew out from his hands, quickly covering the area around them, even as it left everyone but Übermensch able to still see everything.
  10. Time for Pan to work some magic. I stunt the following power off the Tricks array and use a Move Action to activate it, giving all the PCs Flight 6: - Flight 6 (Extras: Affects Others, Area [General Burst], Feats: Progression [Area] 1, Selective) (60 ft. radius) (500 MPH / 4400 ft./rnd) {26/26} And spend a Hero Point to get rid of the Fatigue. Then I use Obscure to give everyone that gets to move after Übermensch a chance to not be hit. Visual Obscure near Church, 20 rounds, full fade 29 - Forever Boy - 4HP - Unharmed24 - Specimen - 3HP - Unharmed22 - Übermensch - Unharmed18 - Rebound - 4HP - Unharmed17 - Watchdog - 1HP - Bruise (x3) - 3 assorted explosives used11 - Daystar - Bruise (x1)2 - Legatus - 1HP - Bruise (x1)
  11. Legatus The Teen of Adamant staggered back from the blow, shaking himself vigorously. That had... hurt. Not a lot, but he'd been lucky enough that it hadn't broken anything. The sheer amount of force the blow had given him shook him inwardly, but not as much as the name. He knew this foe. The Centurion had often struggled to stop him. Well, crap. Breathing heavily, Legatus prepared himself for what was about to come.
  12. So that is what gets praise? Efficiency? Well, at least it will be clear when I deserve it. And why would he comment on Max's takedown? Not like mine was better. Shaking her head, she looks to the villain that appeared. He cuts an intimidating presence... Which looses most of it when he then misses his first hit. The taunt Spectre throws out works, so Knight of Earth moves a clump of earth to shoot at him from the side. Unfortunately it looses its integrity before hitting himi, transforming into nothing more than loose earth that falls to the ground, instead of an actual blast of earth.
  13. GM The monster trashed against the container. The air flow was starting to be affected, even if it wasn't entirely blocked yet. At least it seemed like Emerald Spider was on to something. It roared again, pulling back to slam against the container once more, when the small portal opened behind it. It didn't even see the electric pellet coming before it was hit in the back, the electric shock coursing through its body. Outside, Emerald Spider and Justice could hear another roar, just as angry as the one before it.
  14. Justice Wait, wait, bad guy trapped, pounding on the thing. So, what to do? Really just what should she do? ES sounded like she didn't have any idea aside from trying to keep him in there, and really, that was a great idea, but maybe, just maybe, trying to attack it somehow? But how were they gonna attack it while trapping it inside that thing? That was... yeah, she wasn't sure how she was gonna do that. Then... "I got it!" Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes! This was gonna be awesome! A quick look through the utility belt, a pair of goggles. Experimental x-ray goggles, the best kind of x-ray goggles. Put on top of the armor, and... yes, it worked! She could see everything the bad guy was up to in there. Then, adjusting her belt a bit and... yes, yes, this should work. One hand on her belt, the other on her gun, taking aim at the container and... maybe this would work. Pulling the trigger, the pellet flew towards the container. A small pinkish purple portal opened, the pellet disappearing into it. Another portal opened inside the container for a second, the bellet flying out towards the monster.
  15. Let's count it as layering snares on top of it. Each application adds +1 TOU, which might make it last a bit longer! If you manage to layer a total of 3 Snares on the container before he breaks out, he'll start getting hit by a rank 10 Suffocate effect. Justice grabs some X-Ray goggles from her utility belt and slaps over her armor, adding this power: Super-Senses 4 (Penetrates Concealment, Visual) [4PP] (H.U.D., Computer Analysis, Technology) That's her move action, and for her standard, she shoots in front of herself and starts using indirect to shoot at the bad guy while he's inside the container, which should catch him off guard: 29 Well, hits no matter what! DC21 TOU save for the bad guy: 16 Actually got lucky there! Bruise and a daze, and you're up 16 - Emerald Spider - 2HP - Unharmed 13 - Justice - 1HP - Unharmed 9 - Enemy - Bruise (x2), Trapped in Container (TOU+11) (1 Snare applied)
  16. GM Seresk continued leading the group of teens deeper into the Devotion. trying his best to respond to the various questions being put to him. But at the same time he seemed to miss the tension that was building between several members of the group. "Again the answer to your question varies based on time." The Praetorian responded to Leroy’s question about worlds leaving the Delaztri Empire if they wished to. "When I served the Empire, worlds were allowed to leave freely, although few did. In earlier centuries, I believe it was much harder, if not impossible to do so." From the stairs, the small group entered into a room that was only slightly smaller than the cargo bay they had just been in. But while the cargo bay had been square, the outer most wall of this room, on which the door they had used to enter was located was curved, while the other three walls formed a rectangular shape. The group was walking along a path that cut straight through the middle of the room to a door on the opposite side. To either side was a slightly raised area upon which a variety of advance equipment and devices were located. Seresk identified the room as a biology lab. On the raised are to the right were what appeared to be various hydroponics containers, although all were currently empty. To the left were a variety of workstations and various devices. Leading the group out the door on the opposite end, Seresk took them into a large circular chamber in that seemed to be at the center of the disk section of the vessel. In addition to the short hallway they had just come from, similar short hallways extended out in either other direction. Just a short distance in front of the hallway to the right, just off from the center of the room was a cylindrical column that rose up into the ceiling above. "This is the core of the Devotion." Seresk stated as he indicated the different hallways, indicating the one to the left led toward crew cabins, the one straight ahead went to the infirmary, and beyond a similar cargo bay in the opposite arm similar to the one they had entered through. To the right was the ship’s reactor and science lab. "The level above us contains additional living quarters, recreational and exercise facilities, as well as the dinning area and a shuttle bay. But we will be making our way first up to the bridge." The Praetorian stated as he led the group over to the cylindrical column which turned out to be some sort of elevator, as nearly seamless doors facing the center of the room slide open at his approach. There was more than enough room in the circular platform inside the chamber for the entire group to fix and the doors closed as Seresk spoke something in a langue none of students recognized and the platform began smoothly rising up to the highest level. When the doors opened Seresk led the group into a room that was somewhat smaller than some of the ones they had passed through and was generally square, as opposed to the larger circular chamber on the lower floor. There were doorways on either side that looked rather like airlocks, but Seresk led the group straight towards the doorway directly across from the elevator. Through the door the teens found themselves on what was clearly the bridge of the starship. Various holographic displays and control panels were spread out along the walls of the room half oval shaped room. There were four chairs spaced about the room, one just to the left of the door facing the back wall among several displays and consoles, another slightly forward on the right side of the room. Another two were toward the front of the room in a slightly sunken section of the floor around a long curved control panel. One of these was occupied by what appeared to be the pilot, a humanoid alien who currently was focused on the controls. The last chair was in the center of the room, situated behind the two forward chairs. It was also occupied and currently turned forward. But shortly after the group walked onto the bridge, the chair turned around and its occupant stood up as she greeted the group. "Greetings my young friends. I am Amara Val-Ren, also known as Paradigm." The figure said in greeting with a warm smile as she looked over toward Eria, who she gave a small nod. "So very good to see you again Eira." Paradigm stood about five foot eight and was dressed in a full length white bodysuit with black diamond shapes with golden trim on the shoulders and upper chest. Her black gloves and boots had similar trim and she wore a long black cape. She had a generally human like appearance, with dark orange skin and long hair that was a mix of black and dark purple. Her eyes were a dark yellow. While she had a lithe build, there was certainly something about her that seemed to suggest power, confidence and authority. "You are just in time, we should be approaching the wormhole at the edge of your system shortly."
  17. Opposed roll to Taunt: 18 He's demoralized! And that's a hit. With your Autofire extra at just one target, that's +3 to DC, so a DC28 TOU save for the bad guy: 30 He makes it, no damage. Give me an IC, and I'll follow up with the enemy's actions. 20 - Villain - Unharmed, Shaken (2ATK/Checks, 1 round) 18 - Spectre - 1HP - Unharmed 8 - Knight of Earth - 4HP - Unharmed
  18. Everyone gets a HP for saving the village! Yay, heroes! And with the little breather out of the way... Initiative: 22 Attack roll: 30 @secondling: Give me a DC36 TOU save. Übermensch is here and we're back in combat. I'll follow up with Forever Boy after I got the result of Legatus' save, in the case that Legatus goes flying. To be clear here: This is a fight that can maybe be won, but the objective should probably be escape. 29 - Forever Boy - 5HP - Unharmed24 - Specimen - 3HP - Unharmed 22 - Übermensch - Unharmed18 - Rebound - 4HP - Unharmed17 - Watchdog - 1HP - Bruise (x3) - 3 assorted explosives used11 - Daystar - Bruise (x1)2 - Legatus - 1HP - Bruise (x1)
  19. GM "Fairy boy's right." Macedon had finally caught up to the heroes outside the church. He was bent over, breathing heavily, but he was there. "The cave's opened up again. I've told everybody to get in there, and we'd better go too. Whatever the Magic Mesa wanted us to do, we've done it, an' its time to leave before we mess up time." He paused as he looked around at the fallen Übersoldaten, and whistled once, raising the tip of his hand. "You stopped the Übersoldaten? Guess you're all gettin' A+ for the class. Now, let's go. Don't wanna get caught here." The young heroes' celeration were shortlived. A whistling sound from above was their only warning. A streak of dark grey was all they would see, then the sound and shockwave from the impact as something struck Legatus. It was like thunder up close, like an explosion. The force, the speed of it all, for a moment he might think that the Centurion had arrived and mistaken him and the others for villains, or maybe Donar had returned to his feet and thrown the hammer, but as everything slowed down, it became clear that it was worse. Much, much worse. The man that had struck Legatus was tall, muscular and blonde. His dark grey uniform sported red gloves and the red and black SS insigna on his chest. Hovering above the ground, cosmic energies crackling around his fists, his eyes cold and calculating. He barely seemed to notice his fallen comrades, he only had eyes for the young American heroes that now surrounded him. Macedon was, for the first time since the students had met him, at a loss for words. His lips felt dry. His heart was beating like he had only experienced once before, the last time he had seen the monster that now stood before them. He could only barely manage to speak his warning to the students. "Übermensch... Everyone run! NOW!"
  20. Forever Boy "It is a rare thing that you can save everyone." Pan's voice was surprisingly somber. "But that does not mean that we should not try. I believe we did the best we could, today." He was hovering a bit above the others, looking like he was focusing, listening. "I can hear the people we saved. They are running towards a cave, to the North. Some old American told them to hide there." He grinned, while he could see Macedon making their way towards them. "At any rate, we were victorious! We defeated the great villains of the past! That should be cause for celebration, should it not?"
  21. Examining the stitching and design of the dress with a critical eye Sagrado Corazon frowned and shook his head, "This is the real deal, or a good enough copy it might as well be." the young latino explained with some confusion, "Which even if she was, not recent." he posited carefully, "Wouldn't mean she was still wearing what she wore when alive right?" The saint tilted his head as if there was a distracting noise with a slightly pained look on his face pinching his brow before shaking off whatever had distracted his thoughts, "Not from around here, overseas." he put forth without explanation, "And only recently out of the ground." he frowned at the dress and placed it with care back in the evidence box eager to not be touching it. "So if she was, a," he paused in disbelief at how weird his life had gotten, "Vampire. How long would she have been buried?" "Oldecorne?" Chris winced slightly started slightly as if from a loud noise, "Yea Yea I'll come, always wanted to be mistaken for a gardener."
  22. "And as for you," Eira hissed at Aja in a voice like molten quicksilver, "you see what happened! The moment you stepped out of line, they kicked you like a disobedient cat." She jabbed the finger of her free hand in the White Lioness's direction as they walked towards the headmistress's office, her voice a low whisper as she glared at her with flat blue eyes. "Or will you tell me you deserve to be punished for defending their system too loudly?"
  23. Adam arrived just in time to see everyone standing around. The ubersoldaten were all out. He sighed as he looked around. "I, I honestly don't know." He said, eyes cast down. His head hung low. "We have done more than would have been done if we had not arrived. We went up against freaking nazis. Nazi supervillains! We're alive, we saved people, we helped. Don't think of the people that died. Think of the people that would have died if we weren't here. There are tanks that won't kill another Allied soldier, and I imagine a couple of the ubersoldaten are out of commission for a few days, at least. That's good, right? We helped, right? Even if we didn't help everyone?" His voice wavered between confidence and the realization of what they had just gone through. He was tired, he wanted to find Lulu and just...melt with her, to relax with her, to let go of this experience and return home.
  24. Legatus Felix looked at Watchdog, bowing his head apologetically. "Sorry, I, uh, didn't think that through as well as I might've." He scratched the back of his head, embarrassed, before Judy's words pulled him out of it. He took a moment to look around, before answering, his voice grave. "I think... I think it would have been much worse if we weren't here. Sometimes..." XVIII blinked unshed tears from his eyes. "Sometimes that's all we can do." He looked up at Macedon. "How are we going to leave, if we cannot stay here?" Or now, I suppose.
  25. "It's Ragnarok!" said Watchdog with a smirk before she cut the wire, watching as Donar whizzed past Judy's head and buried himself in the far wall. Son of a bitch! she thought shakily as she and Judy staggered out of the church together, the latter still glowing like the sun before she suddenly dropped to her knees and started retching, though with nothing in her system there was nothing to bring up. "That was awful!" she said. "All those people!" She looked up at the others, Ashley's arms around her, and the blood on her face was like rainbow fire against her glowing skin. "Did we even help them?"
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