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  2. GM The light raged, sizzling and blooming as the boys below cried out in pain. Most of them fell, convulsing, but the man with the crude blaster managed to stay on his feet, if unsteadily. Casting about, the man punched some switches on the cannon and tossed it to the ground beside the younger C's, where from the barrel emerged a hissing dome of energy that covered the thieves and the armored car. That done, he set off at a dead run into one of the alleys, vanishing into the shadows.
  3. Opposing DC16 Reflex for the group as a whole: 7. Failed. DC16 Will save, Blaster: 18. Rest of the gang: 9. Blaster sets his device to the Area Protection AP, sets it down to shield the Southside C's and hurries off into the alleyways next to Archer's vantage point. The C's lose their turn. Archer is up again.
  4. Okay First round proper. Octoman: Injured(x1), 5HP Red Lynx: Unharmed, 2HP Ms. Thursday: Unharmed, Flat-footed, 2HP Viper Star Crew: Unharmed(10), Grappled/Bound(x1)-GM White Lioness: Unharmed, Flat-footed, 2HP Artificer: Unharmed, Flat-footed, 2HP Dio: Unharmed, Flat-footed, 2HP Sun Dragon: Unharmed, Flat-footed, 2HP
  5. At the entrance, the cave is about 33 feet wide and 13 feet tall, so there's not a lot of room for flying over someone's head. It seems to slowly be getting more narrow, at least as far into the darkness you can see. At the point where Judy could see the flickering burning particle on the ultraviolet spectrum, its gone down to about 8 or 9 feet from floor to ceiling, and a width at around 20 feet. The height seems to stay relatively stable further in, but it does seem to continue to grow more narrow.
  6. How tall is the cave? Like, can people enter standing up? Would flying above someone's head be viable? Does it narrow as it gets further up?
  7. Legatus XVIII frowned as Pan frolicked off into the cavern, shaking his head slightly as a mild (and somewhat familiar) anxiety began to eat at him. Separation from the pack, the clan, the gens, was dangerous. To have people vanish and never reappear was a nightmare he often experienced. After a moment, he realized that his fingernails were biting into his palms, and he consciously unclenched his fists. Taking a deep breath, he looked at his roommate, his brows wrinkling. While he knew Adam was as tough as him, he also had friends, a girlfriend. They would be hurt if he was injured. "I should go first, Adam. I'm able to fly, if there's any pits or whatever." The only reason he hadn't leapt in after Pan was because Macedon had explicitly told them to stick together.
  8. Adam had no problem taking point. He was well aware that he was a whole lot less vulnerable than most. He wondered if the sandstorm would even truly bother him, or if he could shrug it's effects off without issue. Either way, he was quite willing to take the lead. "No problem." He said, stepping forward. "I have to warn you, my sense of sight only picks up things in the visible spectrum."
  9. GM "Keep the gun down," Macedon said, motioning with his hand to Ashley, but without telling her to put it away. The sandstorm was still raging outside, sand starting to fly into the cave. The ones at the edge of the cave could feel the wind by now. He seemed to be thinking of what to do, but all of that was obviously ruined when Pan made his move. He just stared, his one eye open as the golden trail disappeared into the darkness of the cave, then turned to the students. "Great. Flyboy do stuff like that often?" He put his backpack down in front of himself and dug into it, soon producing a revolver and a flashlight, taking it in his hand and holding it up before fastening his backpack again. "Everyone stick together, got it? We not no idea what these caves are like, and I don't care how fast you kids are, I'm not gonna lose anyone else. Use whatever you got, make some light, be on guard for whatever it is that Miss Smith is seeing. Lanchester, you take point. Everyone watch each other's back." The faint trail of Pan's pixie dust remained behind, ready to be followed...
  10. I'll trigger Pan's To live will be an awfully big adventure and All children, except one, grow up complications to give him a HP and push the story along a bit!
  11. Forever Boy "Do you hear that?" Pan asked the others, while he stared into the darkness. He could swear it was something. A voice. Someone calling for help. "There is someone in there!" he announced, pointing into the darkness that Judy had just told them had some kind of weird sandstorm thing inside it. Anyone else with any kind of enhanced hearing would be able to hear the same thing, the voice of a little girl calling out for help, stopping and sniffling, then continuing. Pan looked around at the others for a moment. Monster or no, whatever it was that Judy could see, it didn't really matter at all to him! There was a child in there, in the big unknown, and she needed help! "Sorry, my friends!" He at least acknowledged what he was about to do was probably foolish, but he did it anyway, throwing himself off the ground and flying into the darkness with a golden trail of Pixie Dust flowing behind him.
  12. The Moon. He was actually gonna go to the freakin' Moon. Connor zoned out a bit, just staring at the spaceship as Rachel explained. He caught the gist of it, at least. Some kinda thing that'd let him use his bow and arrow up there, despite the lesser gravity. Suits should be able to take a hit. Good enough for him. He'd insisted on stowing an extra bow and extra arrows in the supplies. Something to fall back on, if he ended up losing his current gear. He shook his head and slowly stepped closer to the spaceship, holding his bow in one hand, before he turned back to the others, a genuine grin spread over his lips. "C'mon, I can't be the only one here that's excited about going to the Moon," he asked. Stuff like that might be normal, every day events to everyone else, but not to him. Going into space, shooting arrows at bad guys on the Moon. Yeah, not really what he had expected when he signed up to help Corona, but he wasn't complaining.
  13. "What-" Leroy looked utterly nonplussed, though from the glance between Mia and Judy it was hard to say which had more to do with that. "Yes, Mustafic-Markov, I am from another dimension. We call it Earth-2. There are dragons and whalesquids and...many other such things. Throughout my formative years I was taught that Prime was a dominion of evil, a cold and harsh planet where greed rules and only a few heroes hold back everlasting darkness. But you have shown me, Judy, that kindness, purpose and joy can be found here. Such as I never knew at home" He frowned "This is very confusing, even troubling, but...I cannot agree that my mother is evil." "Amatuken Ransome-Conte has a higher duty: the unity of all Earths to one dimension and the creation of a truly equal and just paradise. Where she has gone, the oppressed are liberated. Where the shadow of her dragon fell, tyrants have perished in blood and fire. Her daughters have carried on the work, learning to wield and shape the One Power that binds realities. Their children, and others, hasten the embrace of worlds to us. Realms of such number and variety that I cannot describe them, all bent to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, empowering the weak and overthrowing the wicked." Leroy became very quiet for a moment, staring at his hands linked tightly around Judy's. When he spoke again, it was low and mournful. "She has done cruel things. All my family save Oloroo, my little sister, have done so when made wroth at the wrongs done across the omniverse. Evil things, I must call them in light of my faith. But...if her aims are so high, her devotion so wholly for others' betterment...can those make her evil? My second fathers, Nova and Night? My sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces? The many who follow them into battle? The dragons?" For someone always so careless and confident, Leroy was the picture of agonized uncertainty, eyes wide and body trembling. "Even if we do not agree...they are my family, Judy. I love them, and if they met you they would love you, I know it! However, if you think it best to break from them, it shall be done." He shook like a leaf, but his grip and golden eyes were steady. "I love you more." He cracked a smile. "After all, Dee: now I know you."
  14. Velocity Through the show's performance, Megan could not help but feel Lulu’s enthusiasm and enjoyment. There were still so many things that were a new experience to the teenager, and Megan was glad she was able to provide Lulu with these sorts of opportunities. The blonde woman smiled as Lulu used her illusions to copy one of the costumes used in the musical. "I am glad you enjoyed it. We will have to keep an eye out for any others that are coming that you might want to see. Perhaps one you might want to see with Adam." Now that the show was over, there was a bit more of a chance to talk than there had been as they made their way to the car. "So, how is the new year going so far?"
  15. Some more pictures of the Baths. The giant rocks are full of all sorts of caves that can be explored. From the air One of the cave areas Another cave Same cave with a person for a sense of the scale
  16. Veronica Veronica gave a small smile at Pan’s comment. "It is always good to be ready for a little danger, makes life interesting." She replied, her smile widening as she began strapping some sort of harness around her waist. "I was telling Lulu that we will get underway tonight, so the rest of the afternoon can be for some more sightseeing." "The Horizon will move over near a national park on the eastern most island." She added as she picked up what looked like a snowboard. "I will meet you all over there." The teenage Danger then gave her friends a smile as she walked back down to the extended platform at the end of one of the massive catamaran's hulls. One of the crew members was waiting for Veronica, with what looked like a large, brightly colored U shaped paraglider. After sitting down at the edge of the platform and securing her feet into her board which rested on the water, the teenager hooked the cables from the U shaped gilder to her harness. Once it was secure, the crew member released the gilder and Veronica stood up as the wing caught the guilder and was then being pulled quickly away from the Horizon on her board in a generally northeaster direction. Once Veronica had left, the crew member made his way back up to the main deck of the Horizon and the platform began to retract back into the hull. "We should be underway momentarily." Prudence stated to the other teens. [color-orange]"Unless any of you are planning to follow after Veronica under your own power,"[/color] Prudence glanced slightly at Pan, "you are welcome to come up to the flydeck, where the views are better." She indicated the upper deck above where the group was standing. Sure enough, it was not long before the Horizon was underway as well, although by motor for the moment, moving back out into the channel and turning east. Those that followed Prudence up to the upper deck did find the extra high did provide for some great views of the nearby islands and the channel. The brightly colored parasail made it rather easy to spot Veronica in the distance as she appeared to follow a zig-zag pattern across a large part of the channel, gradually working her way east. It was not quite an hour later that the Horizon started to slow down as it drew near the south end of a large island that sat at the eastern end of the channel. Several boats of various kinds were moored just off the shore of the island, and the massive catamaran took up a position a little further out than the other vessels. But what quickly drew the attention of the Claremonters still aboard was the beach along this section of the shoreline. While it had the bright sandy beaches they had seen on other islands they had passed on the relatively short trip, it also was covered with massive boulders that stretched out into the water. "That is the Baths National Park." Prudence stated as she looked over towards the shore. "We will get the launch ready to take you ashore. There are masks, snorkels and flippers for anyone that may be interested as well."
  17. Neither, I'm jumping back on to the bow of the ship, with the nose behind me.
  18. Torpedo Lass "Oop... looks like they want a fight after all." She grabbed her vest and with a step back she jumps away, landing on the bow, the nose of the ship and the open sea behind her. Putting her vest on she saw the pirates scurrying up on to where she was. "I can do this all day, boys! What I want is your commanding officer on deck right now! I want to Parley!" She shouted. "At this point neither of us are in a good position. So it's time to figure out what the hell is goin' on!" Time to find out what they want... if they attack the goons should be easy enough, but she wanted it from their commander's mouth what they want. "Just so you know I can be reasonible, but all I care about is this ship, her passengers, and crew. Whatever reason you guys are attacking ain't worth harming any of them!" She did the last buckle of her vest. "Let's see how they respond..." she thought.
  19. Ruth shrugged, and morphed again, stretching out thin limbs, a narrow head with a thin lipless mouth, two tiny slits instead of a nose, and solid yellow eyes. His flesh took on a mottled mix of blacks, browns, pinks, reds, and yellows -- all the colors human skin could come in, as well as Grue crimson. This was Davyd's true form now, the one he reverted to when he was unconscious, though he was working on that. "Hey, I know I look like one of the aliens that tried invading us," his voice warbled, "that got stuck in mid-transformation. So yeah, I know about people freaking out. Heck, this isn't even the worst of it: when I first changed, I was just a giant blob, could barely control my body! But, like you said, we're hear to learn. And yeah," he nodded, "I know people judge others based on appearances all the time. And that sucks. But you & I know that's just a superficial read. Like the Claremont handbook says, our powers are what we have, not who we are; how we use them, what we do with them, will shape how others see us. So... maybe don't dwell on the "freaking people out" part, but instead focus on finding the right people to freak out. Like..." he glanced at their window, "maybe some crooks? I mean," he looked back to his roommate, "it worked for Raven, right?"
  20. "Well you can't be engaged to him if you're undercover, can you?" Danica asked, furrowing her brow as she considered the problem, momentarily forgetting that she was mad. She was not at all good with matters of love, romance and sex, but she'd watched a lot of her friends develop crushes and have relationships over the years. She'd also watched a massive amount of television, which provided lots of educational opportunities. "I mean, you don't have a real legal identity as Judy Smith, so you can't get married, and you can't get marred as Judy Cahill without revealing pretty much everything. Not just, like, your powers, but his powers, his background, the school, all of us... Did you watch the royal weddings in England? People get very, very into state weddings. You'd have to run away and get fake papers and elope or something like that."
  21. Dead Head appeared in the cell holding the nurse and the orderly, standing at the door. He nodded to Strix, then moved towards the nurse, grabbed her upper arms in a firm grip, and looked her over. "This may get a bit messy," he announced, "but not as messy as the alternative." His eyes flared again with their eerie cyan light, which he locked on to the nurse's eyes. His chest began to slowly rise and fell, mirroring her shallow breathing. "C'mon out, ya little..." The light from his eyes increased, making her look even paler. "Alllmooossst... there!" Her body began convulsing, though he held firm. Her eyes went completely red, then the red deepened to black. The black seeped from her eyes, her mouth, her nose, at first a dribble but steadily becoming a stream that arched impossibly up and flowed towards Dead Head. Much of it hung in the air between them, as if transfixed by his eyelights, though a few strands still clung to her. But in time even those broke from her, leaving a small sphere of shattenblut in the air between them. "Now t'see which'll hold out longer -- its existence independent of a host, or my concentration."
  22. Dead Head nodded, and moved to stand before Hernandez's cell. The smell of burning flesh was a bit stronger, but the Red Death vampire was still, huddled in a corner, no longer struggling against the manacles. "Alright, Roberto, lemme get one more good look atcha." The lights in the dungeons flickered, as they often did, and suddenly Dead Head was on the other side of the door, inside the cell with Hernandez. If he noticed the entrance, he made no show of it. Dead Head took a step forward and crouched down, and the green-blue flames in his eyes flared up as he studied the vampire's aura. "Okay, there's the general animatin' force, the physical enhancements." He crept a bit closer, "an' there's the connection to les mondes d'ombres, the shattenwelt." Another inch closer, "an' there's where yer soul used ta-" Hernandez suddenly sprang forth, hissing and clawing, straining against the silvered chains but coming just short of connecting. Just as Dead Head planned. The revenant smirked and cocked his head, looking the vampire square in the eye. "Ah, an' there's the rage, the hunger. Yep, I think I got everythin' I need. Much obliged, Roberto." He tipped his scalp to the vampire, the lights flickered again, and the vampire found himself alone in the cell again.
  23. He shrugged a bit, as he looked at her, his lips pressed tight, and that loutish face of the thick necked teeth was placid, but there were wheels spinning. "I s'pose. I mean, most mooks I've punched ain't nothin' but punchin' the clock themselfs. Anger ain't pretty, but it's not the common thing. Most... what? At-risk yoots ain't gonna be offered a devil's deal often. Mostly it's the way for them to make ends meet. Been there, hustled on the street. Got lucky, and fast enough hands to get out of that." He punched his other palm with his wrapped hand, grinding, and testing the wrap there. "I ain't sayin' yoose words is wrong. Just, I dunno. I ain't much for ethics really. I guess more ways I see it from the ground. Sometimes lookin' down from the rooftop. Either way, I gotsta tell myself that I'm right when I'm knockin' skulls, yanno?"
  24. "There's something up there," said Judy, the tone in her voice making Ashley swivel her red-helmeted head back at her. "Something inside the cave." She focused her eyes on it, orbs radiating like a cat's eyes against a bright light. "It's in the tunnel, like some kind of weird...sandstorm thing. Ah've never seen anything like it, but it's definitely not normal." She rubbed the radio transmitter on her wrist nervously. "Well...forget that, then," said Watchdog, her gun coming out. "We can't just go into a dark cave with a hostile."
  25. He arched his brows a bit, as he slowly drank down the water, then shrugged a bit at that. "Sure buddy, I ain't mucha teach, but I can give it a go." He grinned a little bit, his loutish features brightening up into that expression, as he moved to get some tape. "Though, lookin' at ya hands, we're gonna need to wrap them up first, and then we can put gloves. And I'll do the pads." He seemed more confident than in the tech room, his though his eyes were as sharp before, but this? This was his element. He unspooled the tape to start the wrapping as he looked levelly at Claude.
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