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  2. Cool. Since Super Breath is a Power Feat for Super-Strength I'm going go ahead an assume that Thursday's power ranks in it are five, sooooooooo... Move Action: Thursday's first going to try and move out of range of the Nauseate for Corinne's sake. Standard Action: Power Check: Super-Breath vs Obscure: 1d20+5 19
  3. @RocketLord Given the severity of the situation I think it would be appropriate for Forever Boy's complication to go off here, which would bring you back to 2HP. @Heritage Welcome back! If your game on returning I got no problem with that. You can go about explaining Lulu's return by saying she followed the metal "breadcrumbs" Gauss left behind straight to Salvo's portal, but it's up to how you want to describe it, of course. Maybe Lulu's used her psychic powers to find them instead?
  4. Just to be sure: Cultist 1 is in the middle of the room (I realized I made a typo in previous situation post, sory), how are you approaching from behind while getting around the door currently blocked by Cultist 2 that Strix and Ronin is fighting, with Cultist 3, the one with the shadows behind them. From your earlier post, I'm guessing you approach and stab the shadow cultist, Cultist 3, right? For the sake of keeping things moving, I'll assume you're going for the shadow cultist, Cultist 3, and roll his Toughness: 17 Fail by 17, so Cultist 3 is KO, if I was right in my assumption. Wadjet is up, otherwise I'll go with Cultist 1 and 2 once I get the chance after your IC post. Current situation around the room: Mr. Strix is standing at the doorway, with the hulking Cultist 2 in front of him, blocking him from entering. Ronin has reached outside the room and shot at Cultist 2. They are surrounded by 4 black humanoids that seem to be made out of Ink. If you interact with them, DC15 Will Save to see that they're illusions. Cultist 3 behind Mr. Strix has just been knocked out by Lady Horus. Dr. Thorne is outside the room as well, and Wadjet should be able to reach it this turn. Cultist 1 is still inside the room. 31 - Ronin - Uninjured - 1HP 24 - Lady Horus - Uninjured - 0HP 24 - Wadjet - Uninjured 24 - Cultist 1 - Uninjured 21 - Cultist 2 - Uninjured 12 - Mr. Strix - Shaken - 2HP 10 - Cultist 3 - Unconscious 7 - Dr. Thorne - Uninjured - 2HP Again: Disregard all of above if I'm wrong about the attack being at the Shadow Cultist, and I'll redo this post.
  5. His wheels still whirring in his heels he slid across the debris strewn floor of the bank towards the injured, using his somewhat enhanced strength to free them from rubble as best he could and trying to stabilize them, the glint of silver caught his eye and he turned to face his now transformed companion. "Not a lot of time!" He blurted out in a slight, controlled panic as the roof began to crumble further inwards. "Help me drag them out once I've got em stable! Or hold up the roof if that's your thing! Talk after!" And with that he focused his attentions fully onto the prone forms of those before him, doing what he could in lieu of paramedics and proper equipment for the job.
  6. Facsimile not being sure about the state of things is going to assume that moving them is a really bad idea so he'll dart on over on his heelies and medicine check them. SM for 16 result. He'll mostly be trying to get them movable so he can try to drag em out as he's unaware of chromiums powers but I assume it's clear to him that the building is about to collapse.
  7. Resisting demoralised with intimidate 1d20+16=23 Toughness save! 1d20+16=22 Dazed and bruised! Just realized I can't attack cause of my dazed but rolled it..I'll clear the dazed with my hp and miss merrily ic on my turn! 1d20+2=8
  8. Sekhmet carried Lynn up the stairs and through the first floor of the building without comment, having no objection to the proposed destination nor desire to remain in the ichor tainted puddles. She paused as she stepped out onto the sidewalk, glancing down at Set's burnt form slumped against the brick wall and wrinkling her nose. "Aaaay..." the godling greeted in a raspy crackle, robbed of his usual melodiousness. He raised a fist toward Sekhmet, shaking it weakly for a moment until the index finger popped back into place with a crack and the gesture became recognizable as a finger-gun. She did not quite manage to suppress a wince, though her expression schooled itself back into stoicism quickly enough. "Need I carry thee, also?" Set blew out a short breath that turned into a cough, frowned and tried again, successfully making a dismissive huff. "Phaw, look I not --hhk, ghn-- unto the very picture of health?" A bald patch on his scalp visibly filled in with red hair as he spoke. "Thy own congealed lifeblood pools about thy ass." He looked down as the sticky stains on the concrete, obscured somewhat by the blackened scorch marks of lightning strikes. "Tis but a scratch." With a grunt of effort Set lurched upward, less like an injured man standing up and more like a marionette being yanked unceremoniously off of a shelf. Stumbling back and forth unsteadily he rolled his shoulders loudly and did a very poor job of leaning nonchalantly against the nearest utility pole. "Again I say: aaaay."
  9. Yes, very much so! Also I wouldn't say no to a Deadhead/Grimalkin thread; she's not based in Bedlam, but she's willing to visit. I have a telepathic student at Claremont, so no doubt she will run into Horrorshow.
  10. In Discord last night, Heritage had expressed interest in having Grimalkin see Dok at least one last time.
  11. She's going to backstab Cultist 1 by approaching with her Concealment up (so hopefully catching him flat-footed) - she'll have to lose her Concealment to hit him since it's passive, but that's OK! http://orokos.com/roll/712549 = 11 That's ridiculous! I'll spend her _last_ HP on this - you'd better be a good friend, Mr. Strix. =D http://orokos.com/roll/712550 = 24 with the HP! That triggers the crit, too, so that's DC 34!
  12. Hello Dok good to have you back! I think a lot of the old skool character might want to make peace with the Dok A so you might consider a couple of social threads whilst you settle on the rebuilds, just to get your feet wet again.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hey Dok! Sorry I did not respond earlier, I was travelling to Eastern Washington for a deposition and then was at the depo. Look forward to your Claremont character (I have a Danger there currently). As for Dok A, I can certainly help with the Space stuff, as we have done quite a bit to develop the space setting. Currently there is a wormhole out near Pluto that connects to a wormhole network throughout our sector. The Freedom League maintains an observation satellite out near that wormhole. Another thing to consider is Coalition Victory Station (CoVic Station) which is next to another wormhole in the network. It is somewhat like a Babylon 5 location, where a variety of space faring governments have a presence and participate in a coalition that grew out of an alliance to fight back an invasion a few years ago (which is also when the wormhole network was created). There is an alien superteam located on CoVic station, the Praetorians and the Freedom League has been sending a member to spend time on the station on a rotating basis. As for before Dok leaves Earth, Velocity is still around and active with the Freedom League, though she was not involved in the Archeville storyline, so has no personal stake in that, but certainly would have heard about it from various people.
  15. Nobody panic! Nobody is dead! However, the building is about to collapse, and its a 250 Ton building to hold up / in place as is (always open to other solutions!) also DC 15 Medicine roll to triage the people lying down, if you wish. Also, an HP each for rushing into a collapsing building! Fax - Bruised - 6 HP Chromium - Bruised - 3 HP
  16. GM The bank had people tumbling out of it, and in worse shape than elsewhere. The other explosions were merely distractions for this event, it seemed. People here had bleeding heads and broken bones. Possibly worse, inside. And inside it was dusty. One could barely see, and barely breathe (if, of course, one needed to breathe). Masonry was falling from the walls and ceiling at alarming speed, and the very building creaked and groaned. It would surely be minutes, maybe seconds, before the entire building collapsed. On the floor, Chromium and Fascimile could see five people on the ground, either moving very little, or not moving at all...
  17. GM Dreadnought smashed the Giant heartily, and sent him flying a few feet, the force sending rumbles through the green valleys. Klara's fist again smashed, knocking the Giant back a step or two, seeing stars. Yes sir, there was an awful lot of smashing going on! "SMASH!" yelled the giants, almost in unison. This was not some form of telepathy or mind synchronicity. No, they just seemed to all have one default tactic. And they stuck to it. In fairness, it probably worked against most puny mortals. This was another matter, of course, but their skulls were thick and it took some time for the reality of the situation to permeate through them into their brains. And Smash they did. One giant stepped on Klara, one giant stepped on Dreadnought!
  18. Klara is shaken 1 round. Her attack, however, still hits! DC 25 Toughness save: Tough Save: 1d20+12 26 Giant makes it. Dreadnought is also shaken 1 round, meaning attack roll is at -2: a total of 11. However, as you say, the Giant is prone, so +4 for a total of 15 which does in fact hit. Tough Save: 1d20+12 29 vs DC 37 is bruised and dazed. Incredibly, not KOd! So two giants can act this round, and, predictably and slowly they will do exactly the same as before! Demoralise fast: 2#1d20+8 13 25 for Dread and Klara respectively. Then, SMASH (Again!) Smash: 2#1d20+4 16 21 I think that hits both (as Dreadnought all out power attacked), so another Toughness save DC 27!
  19. Salvo "Woah." The students descended from the ceiling in their transparent glass elevator and a bird's eye view of the entire atrium was revealed to them. Nicole adjusted the frame of her glasses to get a better look. Mouth slightly agape, her eyes flicked from one item to item. An unassuming disc studded with rubies and diamonds sat behind a glass case as a trio of scientists wrote notes on their clipboards. She could see a silver rod, as thin and long as a person's arm, discharge a brilliant white light that sent the the bars seen in a testing monitor fluctuating wildly. Several metal crates with X marks painted on their sides were stacked on a wagon bed, floating on what looked to be a quartet of repulsor engines. A woman, blindfolded, walked a simple maze as if she were using her eyes while several of her peers observed. "Yeah, like that over there." Nicole pointed out to Pan and Veronica. Near the elevator shaft, an oil painting shifted in time to an mechanical metronome, showing scenes of what looked to be the Western Front of World War 1. "Look at the signature and the timestamp. Elinor Travere's works have always been unveiled in batches. The 1883 series was her smallest and most unusual ever." Nicole pursed her mouth, silent for a moment as her brows furrowed in thought. "Sorry, they are somewhat popular among arcane collectors for having predicted events after Travere's death. and all but one of the paintings were accounted for. Except this is the last one?" The elevator stopped and they were deposited to the security booth. "Nicole Whitfield-Hall," Nicole stated as she drove to the security booth. "Good afternoon, Miss. I hope you enjoy the tour," said Mrs. Gray as she handed Nicole an ID pass, turning to give another to the next student in line. Then Nicole was on the other side, her eyes already glued to the nearest contraption. What looked to be a bio-organic metal. It shifted in its glass case, creating spheres and ink blots and other less defined forms as a scientist fiddled with a program on a nearby desktop, occasionally looking up to observe the shifting metal. He glanced as Nicole passed by but returned to his work without a word exchanged. "How would it respond to different stimuli?" Nicole wondered aloud, loud enough for the nearest student to hear. "The differences in practices between the Danger facilities and Archetech are huge. We'd segregate the scientists and engineers into different teams to tackle different problems in a segregated approach, but everyone mingles so freely here. It's familiar but different enough I can tell this isn't Archetech even without the Danger brand everywhere." She pointed to the bio-organic metal. "I recognize an alien substance any day. I've seen several come for testing at the Freedom City labs but I haven't taken an active part in them unless they involved exotic energies. Honestly, tests sometimes devolve into zapping the subject repeatedly to see what happens. Depending on what race or its satellite races that thing came from, if you spray pink neon over it, it'd either explode like a ten-pound bag of C4s or emit the best bubblegum perfume you'd ever smell. We still don't know how to differentiate the two."
  20. @Cubismo She cannot, but can make a search check to try and locate her Thursday also has a hold of Corinne. She certainly can use her her super breath with out issue, though this would effectively be a Nullify. So it would be a power check.
  21. Chromium paused, fascinated as the other super hero revealed himself, he had never seen one that looked like this before? They really did come in all shapes and sizes, with a thought he became liquid flowing out of the clothing and armor and stepping towards the bank his body solidifying into a solid silver shape. He prepared no weapons, he was one, and headed towards the door of the bank, it was of course a bank that was 'accidentally' targeted by a supposedly random display of anarchy...and the anarachists would just happen to have someone who preached love, lawlessness and liked a fat bank account. The world was so corrupt, you couldn't even trust your 'prophets', Bedlam had taught him much and he was expecting to find at least one Knight of Anarchy arm deep in money.
  22. Akhona is going to be busy hacking the computer systems and removing images of the girls normal identities but is not necessary for her to post now. It's a long term passive thing
  23. Hello! So many of you may have guessed by now that I am slowly working my way back to FC PbP. And II'll need your help to do so! I'm already working on a new character, Horrorshow, for use with the Claremont folks. I've got a first draft up in the Character Building forum. For my namesake character, Doktor Archeville, I was considering having him move out to Emerald City, kinda like what Tony Stark did in the comics (when he moved out west and started a new company). But then I thought, why not go further... to SPAAACE?! Before going, though, I definitely want to have some interactions with folks in & around Freedom -- answering (and asking) questions, making amends, bringing closure, get chewed out, et cetera. What's he been up to all this time? Therapy. Looots of therapy. Coming to terms with what he did & with what happened to him. (I also need to do some major cleanup & update of his character sheet.) Dead Head, I'm thinking of moving him to Bedlam. He looks like he'd fit right in, until he opens his mouth and starts talking! What's he been up to all this time? Maybe working on a cold case that lead him on a tour of several afterlife realms? Or lost in Sub-Terra? (His sheet also needs a little work.) Protectron... I'm not sure on. I never really used him much, and honestly can't recall if I ever had any plans for him. I'll probably just kerp him as a background/support character for now. (All four will probably need Guidebook entries, too!) Comments? Questions? Concerns?
  24. I guess people can just let Ouroboros fall and get crushed under The Golem.
  25. Mmm. Okay, in that case I'll say The Golem knocks both of you out of your platform, sending you on a freefall to the hard packed ground. Roll a Toughness Saving Throw. DC 20 if you hit the ground unless someone catches you within the surprise round.
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