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  2. CHEVAL So, the beast was magic of some kind? Cheval nodded in agreement with the man in the dark outfit. "If that's the case, then the things I saw below might have been seals keeping it in place." As Persephone descended into the cave, another realization came to him. [color=silver]"And if that's the case, then that means someone must have broken those seals on purpose!"[/color] And they might still be down there. He had no doubt that the two women could defend themselves, but still... "I'll join them below." He quickly added, before moving to the edge of the hole. He jumped over the edge, digging his fingers into the edge to try and slow his fall some. He probably wouldn't be hurt, but he might hit either Betsy or Perspephone. Reaching the ground, he called out to them. "I recognized some of the symbols. Christian images, Voodou. Seems like someone desecrated them with fire."
  3. Outside... Pan let out a laugh as Lulu's outburst, grinning somewhat apologetically to Adam. As Lulu decided to step out for a bit and leave herself in Adam's arms, Pan couldn't help but playfully nudge Adam's shoulder with his knuckles, grinning widely. "Sorry to break your heart there, my friend! I guess you will have to wait with any grand gestures until after graduation, after all!" Oh, of course he wasn't being serious in the least, but he couldn't help it. As much as he tried to be everyone's friend here, he heartily agreed with Lulu, about both Judy being a romantic, and Leroy just now feeling bad. He liked them both, they were his friends, but there were some more fitting ways to apologize for an absence, were there not? Not that Pan hadn't learned that from experience... But wait! "Micah!" He had completely forgotten in all the commotion. "I will check on him! Later Adam, give Lulu my regards!" Flying off, he left little but a trail of Pixie Dust behind as he flew to find his roommate. Inside... And find him he did, walking the stairs alone, guitar case in hand! "Micah!" Pan was already over him, quickly throwing an arm around his roommate's shoulder and pulling him close. "Do not worry about Leroy, my friend. His mouth is usually quicker than his mind, not that either has much to say when it comes to speed!" Not quite true, maybe, but he felt that Micah could use the support.
  4. "Yes! Much more audible, well done Heroditus!" Leroy had begun leading the way to Rita Kord at once, hoisting his luggage onto his head, beaming proudly at the Atlantean. "And, yes, from another Earth. There are so many shepherded to our universe they begin to challenge the stars in our Sky, and still there are countless more." "Many other cities on the sea have been built, the one on Earth-2 suffered a cataclysmic earthquake that shattered the islands and the Atlantis resting upon them. Due to outside factors, the survivors were the only humans alive on the planet before my mother arrived." He flicked the dormitory door open, ushering Heroditus inside. Heading up the stairs, his robes swirling, Leroy's face brightened "With aid from their magic and the dragons she awoke, the ruins were carved off of the planet and set in the air. Now it glimmers with dark crystal, orichalcum and eternal rivers, the old city a playground at its heart, humans and aliens and magical creatures of other realms living in peace in the heavens!" Coming to the landing, the otherworldly prince looked curiously at Artificer. "Do you have animal friends, Heroditus?"
  5. Combat/Saves Got all that. More evidence EP isn't perfect. Which is why I asked you to take a look. Fixed Niro while I was at it. His flat-footed bonus was also wrong. Powers I did not know that was a thing we had to do now. Corrected.
  6. Dio has never even heard of a living Deep One before, getting to know about their language and culture is a priceless opportunity to learn how Gorhummaz has moved other peoples.
  7. <.< Centering oneself would be good training for someone with Horrorshow's abilities...
  8. Stressed out by the hustle and bustle of Freedom City? Looking for a way to better control your powers? Secretly carrying a torch for a redheaded Southern Belle? Then join Claremont's Meditation Club, led by Lulu Beaumont! Not quite sure if this will lead to threads specifically, but Lulu's noticed several students she thinks might benefit from transcendental mediation, and she's eager to teach them! This would involve yoga mats and comfortable clothes for those who are interested. (Dok, don't feel the need to join; just couldn't resist be the 'rule of three' joke )
  9. Alright I spent the other points in the container to fix the elongation error I made grumble pointed out in chat and to add acute smell. corrected the melee focus and put that PP and the 5 from the drawback into his bike so now he has the battle cannon from a star cruiser as a sidecar.
  10. Frowning at the empty reply box Fa'Rua wondered if she'd pushed too far and pondered how to reel it back before the reply finally arrived and she breathed a sigh of relief. She quickly perused the answer and smiled firing off a reply to not keep the other woman waiting. Casual comfort, I like it. not too aggressive but positive Athletic 1.77m, Hair white going to violet tips... Punk I guess is your word? The translation matrix seemed to suggest it applied, What is it they say images are worth more words? the translation matrix seemed to struggle a bit with idioms. The message was followed by a file transfer which considering the distance traversed was quite snappy. If Ashley opened it she'd see a waist up shot of a pale toned humanoid, She was wearing a flight suit but had it rolled to the waist and belted by the arms with only a midriff baring tank top. The woman's hair was bright whit down to the roots, probably natural, and ombre'd through pastel lavender to a deep violet at the tips. It was long on top but tightly cropped at the sides and currently hung over her face playfully almost hiding the elfin curve of her features and hinting at the almost luminous purple of her eyes. The hair did nothing to hide the slight point to her ears. There now you can picture me whenever you like Dark hair is, rare, for my people, very exotic, which given where you're from should probably surprise me less.
  11. Argh. The +7 attack with the claws/fangs is left over from the previous construction, which used Inaccurate Mighty Damage instead of just applying the power feats and drawbacks directly to his Strength bonus. That's fixed now. The missing skill rank went to Search.
  12. Combat The Attack line lists a +7 Claws/Fangs bonus; since base melee attack is +3, I'm assuming there would be two ranks of Accurate or Attack Specialization somewhere, but I'm having a heck of a time finding it. Skills You've paid for 24 ranks of skills, but you've only bought 23.
  13. Yes, good. Let's see, here. Combat/Feats You've bought Attack Focus: Melee 7, but you're only using Attack Focus: Melee 6. Powers You've bought an 80pp container, but you've only used 78pp of it. Tally You've bought a -5pp weakness that isn't figured into your pp costs, in the Drawbacks line and in the Totals line - so you have 5pp still to spend.
  14. Lynn sucked air through her teeth. "See, that's a tough one." She leaned back and called into the kitchen. "Hey Grim2? Do you think you're alive?" "I mean, I guess so," came the uncertain reply. "But then again, you can dismiss me with a wave of your hand, so I'm acutely aware that I'm f###ing temporary." "Yeah, it's complicated," Lynn said with a vigorous nod. "But yes, completely solid, completely real. Has all my skills, powers and memories, except she can't make more copies." "Or open the stupid Vault." "Yeah, there is a weird glitch or something where she can't open my pocket into Faerie, which is annoying." There were sounds of pots and pans clanging in the kitchen, and then 'Anne Hathaway' began loudly singing 'Somebody To Love'. "Each morning I get up I die a little, can barely staaand on my feeeeet!" Lynn rolled her eyes and shook her head.
  15. Combat / Saves With a base defense of +5, Dragoneer would have a +3 flat-footed bonus, not a +2. With 8 Impervious Toughness and 2 non-Impervious Toughness, Dragoneer's max knockback modifier would be -9, not -8. Defensive Roll gives a +2 Toughness bonus, not a +1, though I believe the final +10 is still correct. Powers For the same of sheet math, now and in the future, please note the actual pp costs of array powers, not what you paid to get them (since the 1pp cost is already folded into the purchase of the array itself). The Character Sheet Template has some solid examples of how to do this.
  16. Micah had moved quickly when leaving the scene. He heard more shouting, but he ignored it. Judy had made her choice. 'What are you so mad about, Roebuck? You barely talked to the girl last year. You're not on the same team and you only hung out a few...okay more than a few, but that's not the point. You did nothing, nothing happened. Leroy's a take-charge-er. I'm sure they'll be happy.' He even only kind of sounded bitter in his own head. Lulu probably caught a few whiffs of it just from the intensity of his emotions. He slowed down when he entered the actual dorm hall; it took most of his willpower to suppress a sigh at how busy the hall was. Instead, he used the agility he'd been developing the last year to slip around people with quiet "excuse me" and other apologies, before slipping into his dorm room. He stepped out just a couple of minutes later, gripping his guitar case in hand...and just in time to see Ashley and Judy stepping into the elevator. Perhaps the girls saw him, perhaps they didn't. Didn't matter to Micah. He just turned around and headed for the stairs, intending to get away from everyone...
  17. Lulu laughed, which came through a bit like a mixture of wind chimes and a gurgling stream. - The drama? I'm afraid so. If anything, it's a bit heightened due to all our powers! - Though there was no accompanying sound, Nick had the distinct impression that the telepath 'pulled up a chair'; the contact seemed closer and more friendly. - So I'm guessing your powers have something to do with sound. Is that why you can't talk, because your control needs work?- There was a pause, and suddenly Lulu's cheerful demeanor evaporated as a cold, dark chill seeped into the invisible space between them. - My telepathy kicked in when I was ten years old. I thought I was going crazy; all those voices saying all those horrible things...-
  18. Archeville grinned. They'd had this conversation a few times before, always with a similar outcome. It had become something of an inside joke for them, and a way to gauge each other's moods. "No rush, no rush. We've got time." He nodded towards the gold and rush leaf-patterned cloth, his hands still working on Penny's core. "Would you mind reaching out to her? I no longer have her contact info. Oh, and that does raise a good point: do we postpone our departure until after Oktoberfest? I've had to miss the past several -- the last one I attended was the 200th, in 2010, but that was around when things started going very wrong for me." That was around the time his Other had gained more independence, and started physically manifesting, warping his body into a hideous fish-man when it took over. He turned his head slightly, looked Penny in the eyes, "I think I would like to go to one more before leaving. We'll be coming back, of course, it's not like that would be the last one I could ever go to." "You'd mentioned," he turned back to face Mona, "checking in on family and the Interceptors before we go, and some other minor things. Was the anything big you wanted to do before lift-off?"
  19. The young man from Iowa slumped limply on top of his amplifier. The battered blue-and-white guitar sat across his lap, and he slowly ran his fingers along the strings. The motion was rhythmic and judging from Claude's data catalog, a soothing mechanism to stave off a full-blown panic attack. Fortunately, his breathing and heart rate both looked to be dropping. Nick loathed being like this. Keeping himself quiet, managing his 'sensory inputs', navigating the school, and dealing with new people had been too much. To his Midwestern mindset, you accepted problems and dealt with them. This was needless stress and self-pity. He wondered what he could possibly do to manage. To top it off, he felt rude for running off. They were his future classmates. Maybe they could use his help. He knew one did. Ben's music snapping off brought Nick back to reality. The volume had bothered him, yes, but he'd also half-consciously been analyzing and appreciating the music. The speaker brand he couldn't pick out yet, but they were quite good, and the syncing with the smartwatch and phone were nice touches. Likely a very techie guy that one, and one he'd like to meet. Several deep breaths steeled him for another trip outside. Maybe even introduce himself to the group. With all the background chatter in his head, he almost missed Lulu's telepathic message. Which meant the initial response Lulu received was a riot of images and sounds pulled from nearby radio and television sources. The synesthesia lasted only a second or two before Nick pushed the Cacophony into the background. In the real world, he was still and looking around the room blankly. Uh, hi, Lulu. Yeah, you sound different, came Nick's mental whisper. A background static hiss was noticeable, and for a moment he broadcasted a comparison of Lulu's real and mental voice, complete with graphs. Sorry. I kind of automatically quantify and analyze sounds. Oh, yes, I found my room, thanks. This feels so weird, like I'm thinking to myself. Sorry, didn't mean to imply you or your powers are weird. Sorry. So...yeah...questions. Is...is this sort of the normal around here? Worry permeated the question.
  20. Down in the cave, Persephone is going to use her Comprehend Plants power to talk to any plants that might be nearby, and then, if she gets any replies, she's going to switch to her plant-based Postcognition AP and try to see what happened in their presence, if anything, related to Croczilla or the zombie horde.
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