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  2. Visionary stares into into space as the maze spreads through his mind, just barely snapping out of it. Enraged by this...mental hijacking he fires off a blast of Protonic energy from his eyes, only to...hit nothing "This is getting us nowhere!"
  3. Chitin Move Action: Acrobatic Bluff: 1d20+5 15 Standard Action: Charge Malachite; Power Attack 2: 1d20+6 24 That'd be a DC 22 Toughness Save if it hits. Ryder's Defense drops to +9.
  4. Judy's smile fell away from her eyes for a moment - before she reached up and patted her hair. "Ah did it myself from a Youtube tutorial. With a little help cleaning it up afterwards, of course." Her smile curled at the edges on that one before she said, "You'd look nice with short hair. You should try it." She sat up and moved around her room, finally parking herself somewhere that must have been a dresser or desk with her phone propped up on it. "Ah'm really glad to see you. I, ah, wanted to ask you something about telepathy, if that's okay."
  5. "Oh my Lord, it looks amazin'! You look so cute!" Lulu ran her fingers through her coppery locks. "Ah don't know if ah could ever be that brave. And you doin' it in the...Pale Building, no less!" She clutched her hands to her heart dramatically. "Oh Miss Judy, you are mah hero! When ah grow up, ah want to be just like you!"
  6. Chitin's energy darts blasted into the dark wizardling - he cursed and threw his arm up to protect his face as small energy blasts struck his side and upper torso. And many other things - the use of the darts in the confined space of the hallway saw an Exit sign and the overhead lights explode in a shower of sparks as the darts found home, a few more burying themselves in the wall with a sound like bullets striking granite. And then Angelic arrived. She was quicksilver power and speed, wings folded behind her like an Art Deco figurehead, eyes glowing white as she crossed the space to where the boys fought within seconds. She landed and spread her wings, blue-white lightning seemed to crackle along the struts, polished so bright Chitin could see himself reflected in her metallic body. Then she turned to him and hissed in a low, throaty, obviously artificial contralto - "We are inside of a building!" She reached back as if catching her wing by invisible cords, then brought her wing down across Malachite's raised arm with a slash of energized metal. The wizard cried out in pain as Angelic cut where Chitin had blasted, bleeding now from a deep cut in his arm. "Who are you!?" he demanded. "I am Angelic," Eira sneered, spreading her wings just a little wider. Cursing he pulled a knife from nowhere with his good hand and hurled it at Angelic's throat. She brought her other wing down at the last second and the thrown blade hung there, held in place by the electricity between the 'bones' of her wing before suddenly disintegrating altogether. Eira glared at Malachite and said coldly "Pathetic."
  7. Hah-hah, yes, good, good. Reflex: 22 Tou: 21 He is now bruised. Angelic has entered the chat! Move Action: flies up HP: Surge Move Action: STARTLE well that wasn't helpful 27 Standard Action: hit him =20 Hits by 1! Tou vs 25 18 Bruised x2 and dazed! I'll give myself an HP to counter the hit. Malachite throws a knife at Eira https://orokos.com/roll/837757 = 25 a hit! Tou vs 24 25
  8. Yesterday
  9. "Yellow!" Ryder spun to his left, shifting the computer tower to one hand and shielding the robug with the other, pushing her out of the way. The thrown blade sliced through his upper right arm, tearing through the bright green hoodie and staining it with a growing patch of red. With a hiss of pain Ryder fell to his knees, the deep cut burning like fire but he continued to shield Yellow with his body. He managed a shaky grin as she buzzed in alarmed concern. "It's okay, I'm alright," he assured her, setting down the computer and bracing himself against the hallway wall. As he staggered to his feet with Yellow sitting in the palm of his hand Ryder called over his shoulder, "The way you say 'intern' tells me you think you can get respect without giving it. Probably treat the people who make your food like crap too, huh?" He turned around, his right arm hanging to the side with the hand resting heavily on his belt, his expression hard. "I did want to ask what you wanted but now? I think we're just going to have to ask you to leave." "CYMK! Dream in colour!" With a burst of displaced air and a flash of light the Chitin armour reappeared, superimposed over his frame. Yellow made a harsh buzz that was almost a growl as he raised her up to the front of his helmet. The robug's form unfolded and incorporated into the faceplate, the translucent wings forming a visor etched with a hexagonal pattern over his oval eye pieces as they turned a deep purple. The thorax split in half and flatted against the forehead so that the stinger halves formed little horns. "Yellowjacket Instar! Kick the nest!" New yellow bands of armour appeared and fastened over his arms and legs, forming a striped pattern over the black of the base suit. The new chest plate repeated the hexagon shapes with black trim and added a high collar and yellow pauldrons. Before the rush of wind had even died down Chitin clenched his fists and pulled his elbows back as a flurry of red beads of energy launched from the hexagonal chambers in his chest plate, spiralling and dancing through the air before converging on Malachite with explosive force! "And it's not spying when someone sees you break into their house!"
  10. Justice Robin handed over the amulet with a hint of hesitation, giving it a long hard look before letting go of it. She had to admit that she found at least a little bit of satisfaction in Salvo's reaction to seeing Z-Space. It was a pretty cool place, after all. "Yeah, I know." Robin shrugged, throwing her hands out to the side. "Trust me, I've tried to find out what that thing is, but nothing's really worked. Its some kind of weird energy, its connected to Z-Space somehow, and it gives a massive energy output. That's all I've really figured out, no matter what kind of tools I've tried." She followed Salvo into the kitchen. Robin was starting to feel a bit anxious. Salvo still had the amulet, and honestly, she kind of wanted to get it back in her hands. She hadn't been this far from it for a long while. And then Salvo gave her little speech on magic and it all sort of clicked into place. "Wait, magic? The amulet's magic?" If she sounded like she didn't believe it, then that wasn't quite right. She just hadn't considered it. "How can you tell? I didn't even think about it. All of this," she spread her arms out, motioning towards the open window, "it didn't really scream magic, y'know." She shook her head at the question about magic. "I don't really know magic, but I know its there. I've seen my share of stuff in Emerald, y'know. There's lots of hidden secrets." Robin took a step back when the amulet was suddenly held up between them. Salvo's voice sounded more like a command than anything, like she didn't have a choice. She was getting into Robin's personal space, and asking about her family here, even if she didn't know about it. Robin hesitated. Should she tell Salvo? She was rough around the edges, she could be a pain, but she was a hero, right? And Robin was the one talking about trust. "My grandmother gave it to me. I got no idea where she got it, but she's had it since forever."
  11. Alright, not exactly what Mette had meant, but it probably worked! She thought Eira might have some kinda fancy hacking systems or something like that, and she should probably ask about what the brat could do at some point, but right now, it meant they cameras weren't looking directly at them, so that was something at least, right? Mette pulled her hand slightly back when it passed through Muirne, staring at the shadowy tendrils with a mix of fascination and horror. Just what was her powers? What was this entire thing that was going on with her? She gritted her teeth, fighting back against that light feeling of dread. That wasn't what Muirne needed right now. "What do you mean? What kind of magic?" She clearly had issues with magic. Mette probably shouldn't tell her how her own powers were probably some kind of magic, right? "There's magic in this place?" She looked over at Klara. "Can robots even do magic?"
  12. GM "We'll take them." Ultio Blue seemed set, reaching out his hands towards Ultra Girl to have Ultio Red handed over, while some of the other Ultio Suits went for the other fallen. He looked at the Ultra Girl and the Dreamer briefly. "You should go. There's probably some other groups heading this way soon." Then he was off, flying to the West, the rest of the group following close by. The Dreamer, the Carnifex, the Dreams and Ultra Girl were left behind, alone where a fight had just taken place. They would perhaps notice that people had appeared on the streets, some with phones held up and filming the battle. If they wanted to leave, it would probably be a good idea to do it soon.
  13. REBELLION Elliot looked around when the sound disappeared. His expression changed rapidly. Surprised, alert, wary, then some measure of safety when he looked down at Naomi's latest message on the phone. The side of his lips curled into a crooked grin that quickly disappeared, before he waved his concern off. "I'm fine. Don't worry about that. This is more important anyway." He looked around again, making a loud "HMPH!", and when no one reacted, he leaned forward, holding a hand up to the side of his mouth so that no one else could see. "Did you look into the Elysian Academy? Its not really a fun place, but its worse... so, I'm gonna expose myself a bit here, but don't take this the wrong way: Its a super villain school. My parents pretty much forced me to enroll there, wasn't my choice. They're trying to teach us all to be villains or something like that, and the headmaster really doesn't like MarsTech's whole Ultio Suit thing. I'm not sure what exactly they're up to, but they want to do something big."
  14. Yeah, no worries on the misunderstanding - I wrote "Shadowborne" which does seem to imply birth in shadow, but was intended to mean "borne by shadows" as in, the shadows bear X. The other things have been addressed!
  15. The name for the Immunity Aging read that way to me, so I apologize on that. Yeah, Training serves a different function, and I'd just do Magic and Shadows (and Bludgeoning). Otherwise, Training is applicable to all powers that a character had to 'train' to utilize. For single Ranks in a Ranked Feat you don't need to put a number (just a book keeping note.) Though notation within Arrays should list how much of the total PP from the base power they are using, Example: Lariat Qualities - 20 PP Array [22 PP] BP: Whip Crack - Blast 10 {20/20 PP} AP: Close Strike - Strike 10 {10/20 PP} AP: Shadow Snatch - Snare 8 (Feats: Tether, Chokehold, Reversible, Accurate) {20/20 PP}
  16. Legatus Clarkie? That's a new one on me. Felix tilted his head bemusedly at Kendra's words before he sighed inwardly. Oh, good. Time travel. I'm still not recovered from the last time I went into the past. He absently rubbed his ribs, remembering the unpleasant sensation of feeling them break beneath Übermensch's blows. At least he hasn't tried hunting me down in the present yet. Shaking his head to clear out the memories, he smiled diplomatically at Kendra. "Well, I'm not sure of much about time travel, but, well... Sometimes people - especially adults - aren't willing to be friends with just anyone." As Benny arrived nearby, he grinned at him. "Oh, hey Benny. These are new students. Kendra and Luke." He indicated each as he spoke their names. "Kendra, Luke, this is Benny. He's also a junior here, so he knows a bit about the place." Glancing at Luke again with bright blue eyes, his smile became sincere. "People should feel safe when we're around. Ideally, they should feel safe when we're not around, too, but we can't exactly control that." At the word dragon, his bi-colored brows arched, but he remained quiet for a time, thinking. "Well, I know some heroes are associated with dragons, and indeed, we have a dragon here on campus. I think." He paused, frowning. Huh. Is Dio still around? I know Leroy had that spat with Judy, but... "Maybe you could learn a thing or two from him."
  17. Okay. Roll that, Notice again, and I'll get mine's up in a bit.
  18. The Carnifex will continue with the Intercept maneuver
  19. Hey @Kaede Kimura, can you pick a Maneuver and who will do it?
  20. GM The Terror faces you and your sister. It stretches its arm to the side, hefting your mother higher for all to see. For a heartbeat, the three of you stand still. The only movement in the study is your mother's struggle. She whimpers coarsely as she catches scraps of air. Then lightning strikes again, setting the room ablaze with light. The lightning shakes the Terror into motion, and as if she were no heavier than a doll, it tosses your mother over the study's desk. She lands with a crunch and lays there, cradling her arm. Thunder rumbles and the Terror turns and climbs out of the broken window. In a few moments, it vanishes, dark miasma fading into the dark of night. "Mom!" Your sister rushes to your mother's side. Worry is in Elaine's eyes as she looks over your mother for injuries. After a few moments, it seems that your mother got off lightly, no permanent harm done save for the scare The Terror had given her and brief strangulation. "Mom, it's alright." Elaine cradles your mother's face between her hands. Yet your mother still stares off into space, not quite meeting Elaine's eyes. But Elaine wraps her arms around your mother, whispering sweet comforts to her. "It's alright. Your alright. Your alright." After a while, Elaine looks to you. "Elliot, can you check... check on her? I think she's one of our maids." Elaine's eyes look up, to where the body lies on your mother's desk. Lying facedown, you can't quite see how badly she's been hurt.
  21. “Yeah it’s definitely our responsibility.” Lucke chuckled at Felix’s words. “People should know that they are safe when we are around right?” Plus recognition always left him with a pleasant feeling, a bit selfish perhaps, but whatever, he never told he was a saint. “I know the feeling… got a younger bro myself…” He grinned again. “Less fun? I bet, it’s still school ain’t it?” Another chuckle escaped his lips. He frowned a little when he realized that yeah, Kendra hasn’t been listening to a word he had said, nor actually registered his presence until now… ‘Come on…’ Then again, she seemed a bit, well off… Enthusiastic at least and that was a plus. “Nice to meet you too.” He remarked. He had to contain a ‘whoa’ when she so casually showed some of her magic (he was not gonna give someone who had just ignored him the satisfaction), but he would have to admit that it was impressive. ‘Winning over all time…’ Was it even feasible? “Ambitious aren’t we?” Whatever, weird was going to be his new normal. Besides, it was not like his own life was less outlandish. “Myself, I love stories.” He smiled playfully. “As for me, well I woke up one day and found out I’m a - ” ‘Language Luke’ “Well Dragon… Which is crazy, if you ask me. I mean my life has been normal until that.” Perhaps not exactly, given the kind of troubles he had gotten himself into, but still… well those were ordinary problems. “I can show you, but we are gonna need some space.” He smirked as he stretched his arms behind his head. “And I don’t want to be some kind of monster or whatever, especially if I can use well this... to, you know… help people out. And in my place a lot of people need my help ok?” He ruffled the hair on the back of his neck. ‘I definitely need to work on my sales pitch…’ He mentally chuckled. “Hey whatsup man?” He turned to welcome Benny, waving back at him. This new guy seemed more like one of his people at least. Although he probably was some kind of alien in disguise, who knew right?
  22. Chitin Standard Action: Activate the CMYK Driver! Move Action: Activate Yellowjacket Instar! Hero Point: Surge! Standard Action: Attack Malachite with the CMYKuarrels! That's Damage 8 (Extras: Area [General, 80’ Cone]) [16PP], so a DC 18 Reflex Save to halve a DC 23 Toughness Save.
  23. Name: Danica Holmes Codename: Chelone Year: Junior! (it's only taken four years, she's very excited to finally be an upperclassman!) Current Intramural Team: New transfer to Blue Squad Current Roommate: Not sure Reflection: Danica has made a lot of friends and learned a lot at Claremont, but she's also become more aware of her limitations than ever before. She is hoping to figure out in the coming years how to use her gifts to benefit the world, even if those ways may not involve a lot of action-adventure. Community Cause: Danica helped save the zoo that one time, she'd like to volunteer there more when there are no disasters happening! And hey, now that she's a lofty junior of 34, maybe she's ready to start showing some younger students the ropes.
  24. Name: Eira Katastroff Codename: Angelic Year: Senior Pronouns: Her Current Intramural Team: Orange Squad Current Roommate: Lulu Beaumont Reflection: Ugh Eira would never, ever admit this but she wants to make friends and be liked. She's doing okay with this so far? Community Cause: Visiting sick kids in hospitals, building things for them.
  25. Okay, so, as per discussion in chat going to retroactively have Ryder use Interpose to block the attack on Yellow. Chitin Toughness Save vs DC 24: 1d20+3 8 Wuh-oh! Toughness Save vs DC 24; HP Reroll.: 1d20+3 22 Hooray! He takes an injury.
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