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    Ryder placed his hands on his hips and leaned back as the door closed behind Dragonfly. "How cool was that, right? I didn't really think about it until now but she could have been a lot less okay with me having her drone, right? I wonder if-- oh, you're making a face." His sister was indeed making a face as he turned around to look at her. "Ryder. What did you build?" He looked toward the ceiling to avoid her penetrating glare. "Um." "Is this the bicycle all over again?" "The bicycle wasn't even that bad!" "You broke your arm in three places, Ryder." "I mean, yeah, but only the one arm." "Only the-- Ryder!"
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  4. Gauss and the bikes continued to rise, slower than if she'd just grabbed them one at a time but it was keeping everyone nice and distracted, as well as significantly slower. "Now, now, I have zero intention of wrecking these gorgeous bikes. I don't even really care about the arms deal our aquatic friend here mentioned. Well, not directly at any rate. See, a little kitty told me that you," she said, gesturing at Dixie, "Had come into possession of a shipment of Daka crystals. Daka crystals that had been stolen. I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you didn't know they were stolen but we're going to need them back and the name of you seller."
  5. Gauss withdrew her hands from her hoodie pocket and lined up her shot as Pan bound up Ahab in solid shadows. Flicking a thick steel washer off her thumb, like she flipping a coin, she concentrated and formed a magnetic field to send the coin forward. While she was aiming for a limb shot, Ahab's struggles to break free moved him out of the way of the shot, the slug embedding itself into the wood roof of the building under the mad captain's feet. "You know, the more you talk the more I think tossing you into the whale's digestive juices would be a good idea...," the teen deadpanned.
  6. REBELLION Zombies building up behind him. He had to get away from the door. Mingzhu. Four guards. She had more people here than she had downstairs. He could deal with that. That strange singing voice again. It almost hurt. He wouldn't let it. Couldn't let it. He had things to do. Clutching the book tightly, the dark mass under the coat and cap glared at Mingzhu as she spoke. She did think he was the Terror, like he suspected. He should let it stay at that. Let them think the Terror had betrayed them. "Would've been better for you and the rest of your little conspiracy if I was the Terror." But no. He couldn't help himself. The darkness spread away, revealing a glowing white mouth on his face. His voice was almost a growl, gruff and hard. "I'm so much worse." He leapt away from the gate, towards the one guard that hadn't been affected by the song, slamming into him as hard as he could. "I am the Rebellion."
  7. Reb leaps straight at the uninjured guard and does a punch: 10 That... was bad. Gonna spend a HP to reroll that: 17 becomes 27 because I rolled below 10. DC26 TOU save for Bodyguard 1 if that hits. Also, Reb got Luck 3, so he should've been at 5HP before I just spent one, so now 4HP.
  8. alderwitch Nighthawk (4 posts) Hero Prom (IC, open): 4 Posts Kid Celtic (1 post) Mistletoe and the Fallen Moon (IC): 1 Posts Janus Danger (1 post) Shadows of the Sapphire Moons IC: 1 Posts Star Child (2 posts) Swinging on a Star: 2 Post
  9. GM You run up the elevator shaft just as more zombies rush towards you from farther out. They cannot freely move vertically as you do and they stand at the bottom of the elevator shaft, their arms and teeth reaching up for you. Then slowly, they begin to climb over each other, using other corpses as footholds and the sides of the elevator shaft as handholds. It is a slow but steady process, born out of their lack of pain and untiring bodies. The horde stuffs itself more and more into the elevator as the seconds tick by. And you reach the metal doors at the top of the shaft just in time to have Mingzhu's bodyguards slam them on your face. Even with four bodies holding the heavy doors closed, they do not last and you burst free. The warehouse proper is still as dark as it was when you had descended. It is wreathed in shadows. Even the shutter gate where the truck had been delivering corpses is shut tight. But instead of an empty warehouse full of boxes, before you are four of Mingzhu's bodyguards. They scramble to their feet, quickly recovering from your breakout, and reach for their weapons. Then you hear singing behind you, a many-throated song, more urgent than when you had first heard it and full of hate. The lyrics are still a mystery to you but the effects are obvious as you feel your ears ache and your stomach rebel. The bodyguards are caught in the song too and two of them collapse in a heap. One of them convulses violently, foam forming at the corners of his mouth. Another of them crawls weakly away from the singing, her gun forgotten in her wake. The other bodyguards look worse for wear from the song, a pale pallor cast over their skin, but they remain standing and turn their guns to you. Mingzhu is standing behind her bodyguards, the song affecting her as well. A phone is raised to her ear as she says says something into the phone. A moment later a scowl twists her face and she pushes the phone into a pocket. Her full attention turns towards you and her eyes only narrow further. "My my." Her voice is hard as steel and she raises her chin defiantly up. "The Terror has swapped its rags for decent clothes. Have you woken up? Plan a one-thing fight against your masters? You'll be put down and tamed soon enough." The singing and clawing and crunching grow louder as she speaks. The zombies are rising.
  10. Charlie caught on to something in what Callie was saying. If Alek and Ashley had noticed, they at least didn't comment on it, and well, better safe than sorry, right? He spoke up in between Alek suggesting they moved to the stairs, and him moving to grab him by the shoulder. "Wait, you're supposed to be Callie Summers as a teen, right? And right now, Callie Summers is, well, older than Alek and Ashley, at least. So, if we assume you're time travelling, you're from some time in the 80'es? Or at least got memories from there if she's a clone or something like that?" He looked from Callie to Ashley to Alek. "Then how do you know about youtube?" He raised an eyebrow, looking at Alek after asking his question. "How long have you been here before you got to the mansion?" Who knew what she'd gotten up to already? Alek's hand was definetely not tight on his shoulder, no. Not at all. And of course there was no message behind that that Charlie clearly understood. And sure, the boss had a point there, but on the other hand... There was some fun to be had here. Charlie accepted it for now, quickly slipping out of Alek's grip and falling back to walk next to Callie towards the downstairs that Alek was leading them to.
  11. "Boss Lady basically never talks about how she was in her childhood. I'd say ask Boss Man but maybe we should let Boss Lady, the older one, do the talking first." There was an undercurrent of genuine concern in that statement. Duncan Summers was healthy, but it was in the sense of "healthy for his age", and at this point one might be concerned for his heart. "Hn. Doesn't seem like a clone or android situation. Let's get down to the Rookery, I think we still have that tachyon scanner hooked up after the thing with the Shroud." Wait what shro- "Anyways. Ashley, Charlie, let's help bring our new guest downstairs. I think the stairs got renovated since she was here last." He he spoke, Alek moved up next to Charlie and clapped a hand on his shoulder. That hand definitely didn't tighten slightly on said shoulder at Charlie's blatant flirting with what appeared to be a young, time-traveling version of Alek's mentor. That was absolutely not what happened. "We can run some scans and at least try to rule out what didn't happen, then figure out what did happen." With that, the current Raven began to guide the group to a room off the hallways, one that Young Callie likely knew as just an empty storage space, but now apparently had an entrance to a stairwell that led to the much-less-public section of the Summers Manor grounds. It was clear that between her "present" and this future, some renovations would be made...
  12. Courtney made sure to give Dreamer a fragile smile and a quick "Thank you" as the latter made it clear that wasn't planning on leaving her in the wind. With the said, and her clumsy attempts at deescalation well and truly over, Ultra Girl kicked her weapons systems to high gear as the Ultio Suits made their attack. It took Courtney's computer brain only fractions of seconds to calculate the apparent variables of the unfolding battle. Whatever laser weapons the MarsTech goons were using against Dreamer's Carnifex was evidently useless against the dream-creature's hide, which immediately drew a sigh of relief from Courtney. Not wanting that respite to go to waste, and wanting to stick close to Dreamer just case one of the suits go to close, Courtney set her eyes on the sole remaining Ultio Suit that wasn't preoccupied by one of Dreamer's constructs. "It didn't have to be this way," she says to the Ultio Suit, surprised by just how angry she is feeling right now. As if to reflect her mood, Courtney's sky blue eyes turn into a overwhelming and flashing red that quickly gives way to a blast of ruby light aimed towards the Ultio Suit.
  13. Since Dreamer already has two of the Ultio Suits in Box Jail and Carnifex is nomming on Ultio Red, Ultra Girl is going to pick a fight with the one unboxed Ultio Suit. She's going to go about this by setting her Weapons System Array to its Alternative Power Laser-Vision and just blasting them. For the record, her Ultra Systems Dynamic Array is set currently to its Base Power. Ultra Girl Free Action: Switching from Base Power to Laser-Vision on Weapons System Array. Standard Action: Using Laser-Vision on unboxed Ultio Suit. That's a initial Attacking Ultio Suit: 1d20+8 13 but I'm going to use a Hero Point to roll again. Attacking Ultio Suit: 1d20+8 9. That's also terrible but hopefully the boost to 19 should be enough to hit. Damage is 23 Toughness.
  14. Will save: 15 Initiative: 24 Lucky lucky indeed.
  15. GM The pale man looked at first Naomi, then at Raya and smirked. "Hey, lemme see that phone real quick, yeah?" He held his hand out towards Raya, palm open and waiting for her to hand it over, with a wide grin on his lips... and almost instantly, the phone's charge dropped, reaching 0 and shutting off in a matter of seconds. "Oh, would you look at that? Guess somebody forgot to charge their phone, huh?" The large teen moved closer, getting up right in front of Naomi, with a dopey smile playing over his lips. Either he hadn't noticed Naomi moving her hands to speak, or he didn't care. "Hey." He was obviously trying to sound very charming, but not doing too good at it. "You're looking really good. Wanna go grab a bite with me and my pals?" The last guy, the short one, stayed behind the large guy and stayed silent.
  16. Salvo As the Justice took to the air, Salvo straightened and watched as she protested, performing her suit up sequence. Colors of all kinds were reflected on Salvo's visor and through the portals Salvo could sense vast space beyond each one. Another dimension then, something the Doors-double could have teleported away to. It was a possibility, Salvo noted, if Mars really did steal Justice's technology then Justice's technology was always on the table. "Yes, anyone could." Salvo replied, a twinge of doubt entering her thoughts, but instead of engaging the flying Justice she instead turned away and strode towards the downed Justice. "Mars, if he had stolen Justice's technology could. A psychic could have penetrated my wards, fooling me could. The same could be said of a versatile illusionist. The public knows what Justice can do, superficially at least., and so anyone could copy her tricks" Salvo kept her radar sense on so as to keep tabs on the flying Justice behind her. Then she reached down and hauled the downed Justice on her shoulders, securing the Justice firmly with one arm. She began to pat her captive down, searching for anything that was a gadget or device. "In the heroing business and especially concerning powers, everything is on the table." "I fought a duplicate of the impostor when you left, for example. She could turn invisible, used a weapon that fired huge amounts of electricity, and could teleport or disappear or something else. Possibly she could alter her appearance too. I don't know." With a burst of flame she hovered to the Justice's flying height and turned midair to face the other hero. "All we can do is minimize the possibilities. So tell me something Justice told me in confidence."
  17. REBELLION "Great." It was mostly a mutter, barely audible, but Elliot clearly recognzed the group as they approached. He stumbled back after being shoved. They way he quickly caught himself made it more than obvious that he was used to this kind of abuse. He stood up straight and adjusted his jacket. Elliot looked at the teens, was about to open his mouth and say something... and seemed genuinely surprised when first the woman he'd bumped into and then Raya Wells stepped in to defend him too. "Its not gonna help anything. Just let them get this out of their system and they'll move on."
  18. Bodyguards Aid Strength Opposed Check: 3#1d20+3 = 21, 16, 8 Leader Strength Opposed Check: 1d20+3+7 = 17 Lucky, lucky Rebellion. Will Save: 4#1d20+5 = 24, 15, 9, 16 Initiative: 4#1d20+2 = 20, 14, 13, 18 Lady Mingzhu Will Save: 1d20+13 = 19 Initiative: 1d20+6 = 8 *** 24 - Rebellion, 5 HP: Unharmed 20 - Bodyguard 1: Unharmed 18 - Bodyguard 4: Bruised, Injured, Sickened 14 - Bodyguard 2: Bruised, Injured, Nauseated, Stunned 13 - Bodyguard 3: Disabled, Helpless, Staggered, Stunned 8 - Lady Mingzhu: Bruised, Injured, Sickened Roll a Will Save DC 15 and Initiative for me while I get the IC up.
  19. CHEVAL It wasn't long before there was a knock on the door of the office. Marcus felt like he should have spent more time with Betsy. She knew more about the supernatural than he did, despite his connection to the Loa. And with everything that had happened on the night they all met... well, he should have sought her out. But everything happened so fast... or so slow. It was kind of difficult to tell some times, to tell the truth. Ms. Brooks had called, so he came. If nothing else, Ogoun had been itching for him to do something lately, and this might let him punch something bad.
  20. Not enough to see the based on just their appearance.
  21. Notice: 1d20+8 = 18 using Skill Mastery
  22. There's a pretty much unlimited space inside the portals that Justice creates, as far as you can sense. Not much else that those senses help with. Give me a Notice check.
  23. Strength: 20 Could be better, but lets see what happens.
  24. REBELLION Abracadaver was pissed off. So, a zombie, but with feelings? Weird. Something to remember, at least. Moving swiftly between the zombies, Rebellion waved between them, kicking them away as they came too close, punching them to pieces with his free hand. Keep the book close. Don't lose it. It could be used later. And Abracadaver and Mingzhu clearly wanted it. What better reason to keep it out of their hands? Elevator shaft was the best choice, even if the elevator wasn't there. Get away from all these zombies. They would be in the way. He didn't need that if Abracadaver showed up or if Mingzhu could do something special. At least she thought he was the Terror. He could do things the Terror couldn't. Another punch, a kick. Breaking through, moving towards the lift. Once he reached it, he would leap as far as he could, then start to run up it. Get out there quick.
  25. Well, The Carnifex's action is fairly simple. She jumps up and takes a swing at Ultio Red. And I was right in my worry that my dice would betray me! 1d20+4= 5! Hero Point, cause no thanks! 1d20+4= 23 I really hope that hits, cause if not I'm in trouble! If it does Toughness DC is 25 The Dreamer is gonna use Dreamscape to generate a box around a two of Ultio Suits. DC17 (Max at PL) Reflex saves for them. Anyway, the maximum toughness she can achieve based on ranks is 15, but since that exceeds PL caps it is probably toughness 7. The box has a hole in the bottom so if it was lifted the suits could escape and weighs a lot.
  26. Zombie Toughness Saves: https://orokos.com/roll/812015 Yep. Rebellion crushes everything in his path. More zombies are coming but the way out is now free. Give me an opposed Strength roll as you find the heavy metal doors at the top of the lift closed.
  27. Yep, let's keep up with the zombie punching and move to the lift shaft.
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