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The son of Cardinal and Blackbird, the orginal Raven's teenage sidekicks, Kristian Gerber has done more in the last seven years than most people will ever accomplish in an entire lifetime. Trained by the villainous mercenary Ronin, he has seen combat in some of the most brutal, war-torn killing fields the world has to offer. He has also been trained in the ancient tradition of the ninja, under Ronin's supervision, by the Seven Shadows Path ninja clan. Briefly a member of both the Shadow Academy and the Interceptors, Razorwing has decided to run solo, though he stills works with the Interceptors when his unique skills are called for.


As Kristian Gerber, he is a soft-spoken young man with a level head, though he prefers to keep to himself unless directly spoken to. However, when he dons the cowl of his alter-ego, he transforms into the weapon he had been forged by Ronin: cold, brutal, stealthy, and efficient.


Though he is skilled acrobat, detective, martial artist, and assassin beyond the ken of most, he also has a few tricks up his sleeve that enhance his already considerable prowess. After traveling to Shangri-La to complete his ninja training, he has become the totemic host of the Razorwing, a great winged terror of myth.

Having been operated on by Doktor Archeville for a gunshot, subsequent tests revealed that Kristian's heart housed a dormant nanite colony. The exact nature of the cellular-sized machines is unclear, though it is safe to assume that the persons who implanted them are looking to cash in on their investment if and when they bring him back into the fold…

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