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Jann carefully put Flare onto the ground, before sitting down. Standing also exerted his body, and with the state of his arms right now, his legs were more important than ever. From there, he watched. He was not one for negotiation, he would leave that part to somebody more accustomed to it. Then, she mentioned the way of delivery, and there he interjected.


“Either powder or without any visible part, likely mental. Cannot say, but may have experienced it earlier. Grenades, uncertain if they are part of it or were at the same place at the same time. If mentally there will be no easy way of doing it, effect too powerful. “


“And he still has a large amount of fanatical followers. May need bigger guns than we have.”

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"Don't give me the "oh woe is me" schtick.  You may have had a bad break but you sold guns to murderers.  My sympathy only goes so far in the case of those who are accomplice to killing innocents.  That being said, I do know some people with possible connections who could get you what you need in or out of prison, maybe.  I ain't without a heart darlin'.  So I'll promise ya this:  I won't just let ya die okay?"  


Max really was at a loss on what to do with Snowbird, despite his bravado.  On one hand, she was a criminal, on the other, if she was telling the truth, turning her over would mean killing her.  Could he do that?  Could he sentence a woman to death like that?  His gut reaction was that he needed more information to make the right decision but he knew, deep down, that no amount of information would make that decision easier, or righter.


Listening to Jann's experience did make it seem like it was a possible mental attack.  Spitfire didn't remember seeing any explosives go off, other than the bag he jumped on top of.


"Great, so a super powerful psychic who turns anyone he wants into junkies looking to do anything for a fix?  That's not at all disconcerting.  How do we get close to someone like that?  How do we defend against it?  I may be over estimating him, but it's better to think worse case scenario and be wrong then assume a cake walk."  For the first time of the night Max was at a loss on what to do next.  He wasn't even sure what to do with the bad guys he already had captured, let alone how to defeat the one behind all this.  Max took a step back, slumping slightly, frustrated and feeling outclassed.  What am I gonna do? He thought desparately.

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"You ain't over estimating him, darling" replied Snowbird. "He scares me to hell and back. You understand how he works, right?" she said with a shudder. "He can get anyone under his spell with enough time. I think the gangs, they are just his.." she paused and shuddered again "...experiment...."


She tried to get a grip on her anxiety. "I think he has bigger plans. Those guns must be for something more than just thrill seeking street gangs. Beats me what he wanted them for, but I...look, he's not the kind of guy you say no to, right? I don't want to get zapped with his crack" she said adamantly. 


"If he didn't scare me so much, I'd help you take him down myself..." she conceded. "And so would my partner". 

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