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[IC] Diaspora: The Trek Outwards

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Ak'kar looked upon the scene with horror.  Something was controlling these people like marionettes.  Perhaps a hive mind?  Ak'kar forced himself to adopt a regal pose and put his hands behind his back, then called out to the possessed men.


"I am Ak'kar Kalmari, true heir to the throne of Illthus, and Captain of this ship.  Your attempts to commandeer it have been thwarted.  Any further violence will be met with severe reprocussions.  Whatever you are, you who controls these men, leave now and I promise an armistice.  Stay, and I shall strike you down with the righteous fury bestowed upon my person as Prince of Illthus."

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They only looked at him with vacant stares, their mouths not moving, just like their bodies. They didn’t seem to have understood anything, or perhaps they were really good at ignoring it. More likely than not it was as Ak’kar was assuming, and they were being controlled. Then, after a few seconds, he could hear a voice.


He didn’t know where it was coming from. It sounded far away and strange, with a heavy accent. It’s words were slow. And nobody else in the room seemed to realize it, as everybody was standing there unmoving and waiting, weapons drawn.


“Bring us towards our desired destination and you will be allowed to leave alive. “

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