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So, he's smart enough to keep his distance, Leviathan thought in a flush of pride.  Unfortunately for him, he doesn't have a choice!


The huge beast laughed off this magical attack; even the minor scuff it inflicted on his scales almost immediately smoothed over.  "You fight with every advantage," he mimicked Aquaria's words.  "But it will not be enough!"


He wasn't nearly as agile or elegant of a swimmer as the Deep Ones, but Leviathan could certainly outpace a human in the water; he rushed forward boldly, making no effort to defend himself, and brought both of his hands together, folding his fingers to make one big hammer-fist, raising his arms above his head as he loomed over Ikatare.  The attack left him very exposed, but Leviathan didn't seem to care.  His concern was to slam those enormous hands down and drive his opponent into the sand like a nail.

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Leviathan saw the blow strike home - and felt aquatic-adapted flesh bruise beneath his fists. But his blow caused a flare of eldritch energy along Ikatere's body, a miniature version of the golden sign on which they fought acting like a force field to deflect the blow. "Foolish Surface-Man," hissed Ikatere in what Leviathan recognized as heavily accented English. "Do you think your blows can hurt a champion of the Gods Below? I have been marked with their sign!


Naia and Sea Devil squared off again, a fight that for the moment (despite the latter's armor) appeared to be evenly matched - as Leviathan watched, the former's metal trident scraped against the latter's electrical one as their blades locked together; a shower of steam and bubbles coming from where the two were locked in combat but nothing more dramatic than that. Their Lemurian was coming a little too fast for Leviathan's translator but what he could make out sounded like scatological curses from both Deep One females - there was far more profanity in the ancient tongues of the deep than anyone on the Surface might have guessed. 


Of course, there were other profanities. "You've hurt me, but not bled me yet," hissed Ikatere. "When this is done," hissed the Keeper, "we will see who bleeds! We will not cower before the light of the Surface. Let the Light you love so well be your undoing!" And then came another blast from his trident - this one that struck Leviathan full in the face. 

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