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The lunch room of Ripley High School was all abuzz with the latest gossip.  The star of the school's football team, Ross Montana, had gotten into a scuffle with his best friend and local farmboy Anthony Anderson .  Apparently, the well off Montana's family was buying up local plots in a bid to begin an industrial farming operation in Ripley.  A business that would almost assuredly put the Anderson family out of business.  Both teens could be seen on opposite ends of the lunch room, only fueling the rumor mill all the more.


"You owe me twenty cents."  A soft voice whispered from behind before setting a carton of milk in front of Dancia Devons.  The cheery faced red headed girl made her way over to the other side of the lunch table.  "So what did you get on Mrs. Greenwalt's test?  I'll be done for after my mom sees my grades."

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Whilst Daisy "Dancia" Devons appeared to be a normal teenager she had in fact been rocketed from a dying world picking up amazing powers through her journey through the void. But that didn't mean that didn't mean she got away with not doing tests.


"You know you did well you always do." Daisy smiled at her friends as she carefully counted out the money "I struggle to find time to study, what with my other activities..." she gave a little conspiratorial glance around.


"Still I think we both do okay."

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Jane O'bryant was usually at the top of her class.  Which made her far off dream of one day becoming a physicist not feel too far off.  When she didn't have her head in the clouds.  Or trying to convince her friend to take her along on her side activities despite her own mortal fragility.


Jane's voice faded out from Daisy's perspective as the sound of screaming deafened her ears.  "This is a hold up see!  Unless you lot want to buy the farm, you'll give us all the goods!"  The unmistakable sound of a locomotive grinding on rails faintly heard.  A quick visual scan of the cafeteria confirmed that the sound was coming from a few miles a way.  Otherwise known as a skip, hop, and a jump for the girl with the might of three hundred men.


As Daisy's senses returned to the focus returned to the immediate area she could see an expectant Daisy staring at her.  As if awaiting an answer to a question.


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