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The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

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That works for me!  Terrifica can make it all the way to Tristan if she wants to go that far; she already knows the way, thanks to Miracle Girl's eyes and Miss Grue's link from earlier.  Gimme an IC post, and then it's Heritage's turn.

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And so, we're back to Miracle Girl.  Who can, obviously, get to Tristan if she wants to take Terrifica's advice...although since I don't see the Move-By Action feat on MG's sheet (very weird; I could've sworn she had it), I'm not entirely sure that she can grab him and then fly away in the same turn.  Or, she's also got the movement speed to jet across the West End and intercept Julia, or get to any part of the house/bunker and reach the other hostages, or enemies, or whatever.  Options abound! 

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