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Positions Available, Part 1

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“You know what it's like for people like us to form relationships sometime, and imagine how hard that is when you on the wrong side of the law. Dating and the single villain is not a happy fun time, I guess that why you often get super couples forming. The only people who get it worse is celebrities, at least some of use get a private life." she looked off into the middle distance for just a second "Besides right now she's having the talk with him..."


And true to Merge's word just as she was speaking Nicki had caught up with Lance to have the conversation. With her hair done up in bunches and her thick glasses and slightly dowdy clothes she looked nothing like Merge, which was more or less the whole point.


“Hello there it's Lance isn't it?" she made especially sure to look down at his name tag “I'm Tanya and I'm a friend of Merge. I couldn't help but notice that you interested in her and I thought you deserved to know about Merge. She passionate and giving but she also tended to burned through things really quickly, I've never know her follow anything for any length of time. Just go careful so she doesn't hurt you feeling, and well you really don't want to know what she'll do if you even think about hurting hers."

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 Lynn snorted and shook her head. "Oh don't I know it! I doubt I'll ever date another 'Muggle' again."


Then she looked in the general direction of the sales floor.


"'The talk'?" She sighed wistfully. "Kids just grow up so fast these days..."


Meanwhile out on the floor, Lance stood there transfixed as 'Tanya' gave him the straight dope on Merge; as she spoke, his cheeks got a bit pink, and all he could muster was the occasional 'yes, ma'am' or 'no, ma'am'.


Behind the counter, Gretch just shook her head and mouthed the words, 'You're doomed'.

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Whilst Nicki was all stoic and serious on the outside she was suppressing a grin on the outside. The poor lad didn’t know what had just hit him, still it was good practice for dealing with the full on nature that was Merge.


And finally have fun and don’t even think of breaking her heart, it will not go... well!” will a gentle tap on the arm she returned to her seat to enjoy her coffee.


Merge however had none of Nicki’s reserve and had a broad grin on her face


“Well this is going to be fun!” her smile faded and she added, with some apparent mental prodding “Obviously if you think such things are inappropriate I can keep thing strictly professional.”

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Lance continued to just sort of nod; this was all too much information for him to process right now, and he retreated behind the espresso bar, where he felt a bit safer. Gretchen was still smiling at his obvious discomfort. "It's scary when you know she's more powerful than you, isn't it?"


"Uh, yeah, it kinda is."


"Good. Because that's how it feels for us most of the time."


"Yeah, I guess it does; never thought of it that way before."


"You're learning. That's the important part."


Back in her office, Lynn let out a long sigh. "Look, I could make a whole speech about not dating your coworkers because it's a bad idea, because it usually is. But that never stopped anyone, and besides, I'm dating my assistant manager, so I have absolutely no room to talk." She paused and frowned for a second.  "I should probably rectify that some day soon." Then she shook her head and looked back to Merge.  "Just no matter what you do, please be careful, okay? That's all I'm gonna say on the matter."

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If Merge was going to say anything snarky she obviously choose to bit if down, she would probably make an interesting Poker opponent. Instead she gave a little nod as if Lynn had said the most sagely thing in the universe. Which it could be for dodgy maze that was romance and love.

“The lucky thing about being a duplicator is that you can guarantee that such things won’t get in the way of you work. That and free calories and generally a lack of disease, though it’s bad enough when Nicki get’s a cold!” she gave a little chuckle “Though I promise that I won’t take up Lance’s time when he’d working.”

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"Yeah, but that's the best time to flirt," she said with a sigh and a wistful smile. Shaking her head, she made a 'get thee away' motion with both hands as she walked back towards the sales floor. "Okay, now it's time for you to amscray; I'm a terribly important person with things to attend to. Shoo, raus, andele andele!"


Meanwhile, Gretchen resumed their mental conversation.


-I must say, of your many bad ideas? This is the most recent.-


-Har har.-


-In all seriousness, I meant what I said about backing your play.-


-Thank you.-


-Am I also taking numerous precautions and making back-up plans and redundancies in case she betrays us all? Absolutely.-



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Merge got up and began to leave the office, only to pause at the doorway and looked around with a look of "fine then". At times she seemed a like a proper grown up, other times just unbridled ID. And this was apparently better than she had been before.


“Thank you for this opportunity, we're going to try our best to do the best we can."


Luckily for she had Nicki to balance things out, who seemed to have a much more serious head on her shoulder. Sort of like one person stretched into two, or more, people at a time.

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