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Crash on Volturnus (IC)

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The trample grass proved easy to gather, the passage of the massive creatures having smashed the glass sheath around the blades of grass.  Soon there was a good sized pile toward the middle of the trampled path, with a second pile nearby to feed the fire over the night.


After having a dinner from the supplies provided by the Ul-Mor, the watch shifts began as those not on watch settled down to try to get some sleep on patches of ground that had been cleared of all the shard grass and the broken glass sheaths.  When Starshot laid down and listed to the sounds round him, he heard very little other than the occasional stirring of the nearby grass by the wind.


The night passed without incident, and eventually the morning came, Soreen being on last watch as the sky began to brighten as the sun rose up over the horizon the group could not see among the tall shard grass.

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Starshot woke slowly, dreaming of forests, mountains, and clear lakes. His childhood. It was a pleasant memory, spoiled quickly by the memory of events that followed in Germany. He found himself betwixt the two memories as he moved through his gear. He was a prudent man, a military man, despite it all. He had found that checking equipment and supplies was wise, and the ritual of it gave him some space in his head. 


Thus, he said little whilst in the ritual. Once completed he found himself refreshed and focused. 


"Onwards then, as magnificent as this grass is, I would rather be out of the field. Onto more pleasant lands, I hope!" he said, full of hope in his voice and little in his heart. He was enjoying the sights, but there would be more blood spilled before the end of this journey, he wagered...

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"Yeah, would be nice to be somewhere where the foliage won't cut us to ribbons if we try to hide in it."  Soreen replied in agreement as she finished up gathering her gear and slung her pack onto her back.


Laark already had his gear on as he pulled Phalen up and got the crazed alien ready to move as well. 


Given the herd of large creatures the group had been following had turned south, the opposite direction they wanted to go, there was no choice but to go back to cutting their own path.  So the time consuming work began, with Starshot and Laark taking turns at cutting a wide enough path for the group to make their way safely through. 


After several hours they had managed to get a few kilometers, when Starshot hacked away come shard grass to come upon another clearing.  However, just as he was finishing clearing the entrance to the clearing, he glanced down at the space just beyond the path he had cut and noted something odd.


There was several stalks of shard grass lying on the ground, the glass like shell around the stalks covered in some liquid that was causing it to sizzle and dissolve…

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