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Tiffany Korta

Character Edits 2016

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Edited by Da Durf



Drop his Device Flashlight and his Obscure effect. 


Replace them with 

AP: Blast 6 (poison, Extra: Linked [Drain], Flaw: Unreliable [5 uses/daily]) {6} + Drain Dexterity 6 (Extras: Linked [Drain], Secondary Effect, Flaw: Unreliable [5 uses/daily]) {6} (PFs: [Improved Crit 2, Incurable, Variable Descriptor 2 [Chemical/Ballistic/Bludgeoning/Concussive/Piercing/Slashing] {6+6+5=15/16}

AP: Blast 10 (what's a box gonna do?, Extras: Area [General, Burst], Penetrating 4 [as DMG 14], Flaw: Unreliable 2 [1 use a day], PFs: Variable Descriptor 2 [Chemical/Ballistic/Bludgeoning/Concussive/Piercing/Slashing) {16/16}

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Edited by Da Durf




Skill up time for Blodeuwedd. Whole 4PP to spend.


Acrobatics +2 to 17 (24)Skill Mastery

Bluff +2 to 17 (20)Skill Mastery

Gather Information +2 to 9 (12)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) +1 to 12 (15)

Knowledge (Streetwise) +1 to 12 (15)

Notice +4 to 15 (20)Skill Mastery

Sense Motive +1 to 15 (20)

Sleight of Hand +1 to 15 (20)

Stealth +2 to 17 (24)


Total Skills is 180R = 45PP

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Edited By Da Durf




Drop his current Dazzle effect. Replace it with: 


AP: Dazzle 6 (stinkbomb, visual and olfactory, Flaw: Unreliable 1 [5 uses a day], PFs: Improved Crit 2, Variable Descriptor 2 [Chemical/Ballistic/Bludgeoning/Concussive/Piercing/Slashing]) {16/16}

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Edited By Da Durf


Just looked at Waverider, and I can bump her up to PL 8 now. So yay.


10 PP to spend


+1 Attack Bonus to bring Attack to +4 Base (+6 Ranged, +10 Nauseate) [2PP]

+1 Defense Bonus to bring Defense to 6 (+3 Base, + 3 Dodge Focus, +1 Flat Footed) [2PP]


One Feat (Improved Initiative, new Init +5) [1PP]



Force Field increased from 7 to 8, along with it's Impervious Extra for a new Toughness save of 10. [2PP]


Super Senses picks up Extended (tactile), the 1 PP version. [1PP]


Vibration Control increased from 9 to 10, giving me more PP in the Array to: [2PP]

Increase Drain Toughness to 10 and Nauseate to 6. [No Increase in PP]


The other two will remain as they are.

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Big Update for Sandman to get up to PL 12 


Skills: 1PP

Buy 2 ranks of Knowledge Arcane Lore and Knowledge Cosmology. 1PP


Powers: 20 PP

Buy 4 ranks of protection (10 ranks total, Toughness Save +14, Knockback -7)  for 4PP

Buy 8 ranks of the Sands of Dream Array and update as below for 16PP



Array Rank 28 (Sands of Dream; 56AP; Extras: none, Flaws: None, Feats: Alternate Power 8, Drawbacks: None) [64PP] (Dream, Mental, Magic)

  • Base PowerCreate Object 15 (Walls of Sand; Extras: Duration(Continuous +1); Flaws: none; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Selective, Stationary, Tether, Precise, Progression 5 [250' cubes]; Drawbacks: none) {56/56} (Dream, Magic)
  • Alternate PowerDamage 12 (Nightmares to Life; Extras: Penetrating 2 +1, Range (Perception, +2), Alt Save (Will, +1), Mental (+0); Flaws: none; Feats: Dimensional(Dream), Indirect 3, Reversible, Subtle; Drawbacks: None) {56/56} (Dream, Mental, Magic)
  • Alternate PowerEmotion Control 12 (Sands of Calm; Extras: Area (General, Shapeable, +1), Selective (+1); Flaws: Limited (Calm Only, -1); Feats: Reversible, Progression 19 (Rank x1000 5' Cubes);) {56/56} (Dream, Mental, Magic)
  • Alternate PowerFatigue 12 (Sands of Exhaustion; Extras: Range (Perception, +2); Flaws: none; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Sedation, Reversible, Incurable, Slow Fade 2, Subtle; Drawbacks: none) {56/56} (Dream, Magic)
  • Alternate PowerIllusion 12 (Sands of Illusion; All Senses, 2,500' Area; Extras: Selective Attack (+1); Flaws: Phantasms (-1); Feats: Progression 8; Drawbacks: none) {56/56} (Dream, Mental, Magic)
  • Alternate PowerIllusion 12 (Sweet Dreams (Dream Control); Extras: Duration (Sustained, +1); Flaws: Limited (Sleeping Targets, -1), Range (Touch, -2); Feats: Triggered, Progression 15 (50 mile radius); Drawbacks: none) (Dream, Mental, Magic)
    •  Mind Reading 12 (Dream Travel; Extras: Affects Others (+1), Duration (Continuous, +2); Flaws: Limited (Sleeping Targets, -1), Range (Touch, -2); Feats: Insidious, Sedation, Subtle 2; Drawbacks: None) {40 + 16 = 56/56} (Dream, Mental, Magic)
  • Alternate PowerMove Object 14 (Shifting Sands; Extras: Damaging (12 ranks, +1), Range(Perception) (+1); Flaws: none; Feats:  Affects insubstantial 2; Drawbacks: none) {56/56} (Dream, Magic)
  • Alternate PowerStun 12 (Sands of Sleep; Extras: Range (Perception, +2), Alt Save (Will, +0), Sleep (+0); Flaws: none; Feats:  Affects Insubstantial 2, Reversible, Sedation, Slow Fade 3, Subtle; Drawbacks: none) {56/56} (Dream, Mental, Magic)
  • Alternate PowerTeleport 10 (Dream Step; Extras: Accurate (+1), Portal (+2); Flaws: none; Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Progression 2 (50' by 50'); Drawbacks: none) {56/56} (Dream, Magic)
Edited by HG Morrison

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Edited by Sophistemon
I feel that it might be prudent to wait until I'm awarded this month's points, then overhaul Upgrade all at once.

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2PP on skills: 6R to Computers and the remaining 2R to Diplomacy.


Skills: 96R = 24PP
Bluff 4 (+6)

Computers 10 (+15)

Craft (Chemicals) 10 (+15)

Diplomacy 10 (+12)

Disguise 0 (+2/+12)

Intimidate 8 (+10/+12)

Knowledge (Earth Sciences) 5 (+10)

Knowledge (Life Sciences) 15 (+20)

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 5 (+10)

Knowledge (Technology) 5 (+10)

Language (Latin) 1

Medicine 15 (+16)

Notice 4 (+5)

Sense Motive 4 (+5)




Totals: Abilities (26) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (24) + Feats (24) + Powers (74) - Drawbacks (0) = 170/173 Power Points

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This is to be added to Nevermore's sheet. Between the partially-tapped Veteran Award (split between CT and Nevermore, currently) and the un-tapped Vet Reward I've got, I can cover this. Just add it on, no need to subtract anything else. Should give him another 19 ranks of the Equipment Feat. 


The Unkindness (Vehicle; "Car") [95EP]


Size: Huge [2EP]

Strength: 50 (Light Load: 4 tons; Medium Load: 8 tons; Heavy Load: 12 tons) [4EP]
Defense: 8 [0EP]
Toughness: +10 [1EP]
Features: [9EP]
Alarm 4 (DC 35)

Reusable Ejector System (Requires Flight, Slow Fall, Swinging, or a DC 15 Acrobatic Check to avoid 10 feet of falling damage)

Navigation System 2 (+10 Bonus)

Remote Control
Powers: [79EP]

Communications 5 (Radio, 5 miles; Extras: Area; Feats: Selective, Subtle 2) [13EP]

Immunity 9 (Life Support [Disease, Poison, All Environmental Conditions (Cold, Heat, High Pressure, Radiation, Vacuum), and Suffocation]) [9EP]

Variable Plating 4 (8EP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 1) [9EP]

Base Power: Concealment 3 (Normal Vision, Normal Hearing; Feats: Close Range, Selective) [8EP]

Alternate PowerProtection 2 (Extras: Linked [Impervious Toughness]) [2EP] +  Impervious Toughness 6 (Extras: Linked [Protection])  [6EP]

Speed 3 (50mph / 500ft per Move Action) [3EP]

Super-Movement 1 (Sure Footed 1 [Reduce Penalty 1/4]) [2EP]

Variable Motive System 2 (4EP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 1) [5EP]

Base PowerSuper-Movement 2 (Sure Footed 2, Total to Sure-Footed 3 [Reduce penalty 3/4]) [4EP]

Alternate PowerSpeed 3 (Total to Speed 6 [500mph / 5,000ft per Move Action) [3EP]

Super Senses 6 (Analytical Visual Senses, Distance Sense, Lidar [Vision Counters Obscure [Darkness], Radius]) [6EP]

Weapons Array 15 (30EP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [32EP]

Base Power: Dazzle 10 (Visual, Auditory; Extras: Area [General, Cone, 100ft cone]; Flaws: Action [Full]) [30EP]

Alternate Power: Damage 10 (Extras: Autofire, Range [Ranged; 10 100ft Range Increments / 1,000ft Max Range]) [30EP]

Alternate Power: Nullify 10 (All effects of an electronic circuit descriptor at once;10 100ft Range Increments / 1,000ft Max Range; Extras: Effortless) [30EP]


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Spending all 15 points.  I want to buy off his Nightmares Drawback, not because I don't think it fits anymore, but because with his new nice Fortitude bonus, it just doesn't seem like a real flaw anymore.  Putting the other 12PP into skills and feats in my ongoing quest to play Psychic Batman: CSI Edition. 


Nightmares Buy-Off [3]

Knowledge (Tactics) Benefits 3 (I'm not sure how to describe them all in a brief fashion that'll fit on a single line like the rest of the Feats, so would it be alright if I just wrote it more or less like this, with a link embedded to the House Rules post detailing this set of Benefits?) [3]

Master Plan [1]

Luck 2 [2]

Skills 6PP=24R [6]

Drive 2

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 5

Knowledge (Streetwise) 5

Knowledge (Tactics) 5

Stealth 7



Skills: 30PP=120R

Bluff 7 (+10)

Diplomacy 2 (+5)

Disable Device 7 (+10)

Drive 2 (+5)

Gather Information 12 (+15)

Intimidate 12 (+15)

Investigate 7 (+10)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 7 (+10)

Knowledge (Civics) 7 (+10)

Knowledge (Current Events) 2 (+5)

Knowledge (Streetwise) 7 (+10)

Knowledge (Tactics) 12 (+15)

Knowledge (Technology) 2 (+5)

Language 4 (Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Spanish)

Medicine 2 (+5)

Notice 7 (+10)

Search 7 (+10)

Sense Motive 7 (+10)

Stealth 7 (+10)


Feats: 20PP

Benefit (AEGIS Agent, Knowledge (Tactics) 3, Security Clearance, Wealth) 6



Dodge Focus 6

Improved Initiative 2

Luck 2

Master Plan





Drawbacks: 0PP




Totals: Abilities (36) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (21) + Skills (30) + Feats (20) + Powers (53) - Drawbacks (0) = 174/174 Power Points


Leviathan     BENEFITED by GIZMO


Spending most of his points to kick up his combat caps to PL12, with the last PP to a new Benefit feat to reflect the new charity Tristan has recently started up. Also selling his Improved Grab feat (I think it's a bit too powerful) and his Bluff ranks (since I've been playing him as a bad liar) in exchange for some new Immunities.


Base Attack +1 [2]

Base Defense +1 [2]

Benefit (Charity CEO) [1]

Leviathan Transformation Container:

Enhanced Constitution +2 [2]

Enhanced Strength +2 [2]

Immunity 2 (Cold, High Pressure)


Abilities: 0 + 0 + 10 + 10 + 2 + 4 = 26PP
Strength: 10/34 (+0/+12)
Dexterity: 10 (+0)
Constitution: 20/44 (+5/+17)
Intelligence: 20 (+5)
Wisdom: 12 (+1)
Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 10 + 8 = 18PP
Initiative: +0
Attack: +12 Melee (+5 Base, +8 Attack Focus, -1 Growth);

+4 Ranged (+5 Base, -1 Growth);

+8 Improvised Throwing Weapons (+5 Base, +4 Attack Specialization, -1 Growth)

Grapple: +12/+26
Defense: +7 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus, -1 Growth), +2 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -2/-12

Saving Throws: 0 + 4 + 4 = 8PP
Toughness: +5/+17 (+5/+17 Con, +0)
Fortitude: +5/+17 (+5/+17 Con, +0)
Reflex: +4 (+0 Dex, +4)
Will: +5 (+1 Wis, +4)


Skills: 86R = 23PP

Computers 10 (+15)

Craft (Chemicals) 10 (+15)

Diplomacy 10 (+12)

Disguise 0 (+2/+12)

Intimidate 8 (+10/+12)

Knowledge (Earth Sciences) 5 (+10)

Knowledge (Life Sciences) 15 (+20)

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 5 (+10)

Knowledge (Technology) 5 (+10)

Language (Latin) 1

Medicine 15 (+16)

Notice 4 (+5)

Sense Motive 4 (+5)

Feats: 24PP

Attack Focus (Melee) 8

Attack Specialization (Improvised Throwing Weapons) 2

Benefit (Charity CEO, Wealth 3) 4

Dodge Focus 4

Equipment 2

Improved Grapple


Takedown Attack 2


Equipment: 2PP = 10XEP

Headquarters: Private Lab

Size: Medium [1EP]

Toughness: +10 [1EP]

Features: [8EP]



Fire Prevention System


Laboratory 2 [Masterwork]


Security System

Powers: (All Mutations) 76 + 4 = 80PP


Leviathan Transformation Container 14.8 (Active; Drawback: Activation [Full Action, -3])  [74PP]

  • Enhanced Constitution 20 [20PP]
  • Enhanced Strength 16 [16PP]
  • Growth 4 (Large; Strength +8, Constitution +4) [16PP]
  • Immunity 3 (Cold, High Pressure, Suffocation (Water)) [3PP]
  • Leaping 3 (10x) [3PP]
  • Regeneration 15 (Bruised 3, Injured 6, Staggered 6 [No Action]; Feats: Regrowth) [16PP]
  • Speed 3 (50 MPH, 500 Ft./Move Action) [5PP]
    • AP: Burrowing 3 (5MPH, 50 Ft./Move Action in Soil (Less in Harder Materials)) [3PP]
    • AP: Swimming 3 (10MPH, 100 Ft./Move Action) [3PP]


Morph 2 (Any Humanoid) [4PP]

Drawbacks: = -0PP

DC Block

ATTACK        RANGE      SAVE                 EFFECT
Unarmed       Touch      DC 27 Toughness      Damage (Physical)


Totals: Abilities (26) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (23) + Feats (24) + Powers (80) - Drawbacks (0) = 179/179 Power Points


Edit: might help Adept's new Tactics benefits if I actually had the Master Plan feat.  I've cut out one PP of his new skills to buy that.


Double edit: added some Immunities to Leviathan.

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I would like to have Facsimilie Moved into the PL10 slot formerly occupied by moon-moth and bring black knight back into play in the now vacant PL7 slot.


here is a revision of Fascimile to go with the new power level. Not sure if this is how i go about this but i figured it was a safe bet.


Edit: sorry for the double post! didn't check!



Abilities: 8 + 4 + 8 + 0 + 4 + 4 = 28pp
STR: 18 (+4)

DEX: 14 (+2) 

CON: 18 (+4) 

INT: 10 (+0)

WIS: 14 (+2)

CHA: 14 (+2)


Combat: 12 + 12 = 24pp

Attack: +6

-Melee: + 10 (6 Base + 4 Attack focus (Melee)

-Ranged: +6

Grapple: +14

Defense: +10 (6 base + 4 Dodge focus)


Saves: 4 + 6 + 6 = 16pp
Tough: +4 (+4 CON) 

Fort: +8 (+4 CON + 4)

Ref: +8 (+2 DEX + 6)

Will: +8 (+2 WIS + 6)

Skills  13pp = 52 ranks

Bluff 8 (+10)

Concentration 8 (+10)

Diplomacy 2 (+4)

Intimidate 2 (+4)

Knowledge (physical sciences) 4 (+4),

Language 4 (Native:English, German, Romanian, Korean, Spanish)

Notice 8 (+10)

Sense Motive 8 (+10)

Stealth 8 (+10)

Feats 12pp

All-Out Attack

Attack Focus (melee) 4

Dodge Focus 4

Move-by Action

Power Attack

Takedown Attack


Equipment: 10pp = 2pp


Motorcycle (9ep)

Defense bonus: +0

Toughness: +8

-Speed 5 (250 mph, 2500 ft per round.)

-STR: 15 (+2)


Smart phone (1ep)

Powers: 7 + 48 = 55pp
Immunity 7 (Resiliant Phisiology, Mutation, Immune to Environmental Conditions (All). suffocation (All)) [7pp]
Object Mimicry 8 (Mutation; Mimic 40pp Pool of traits as a move action) [48pp]


Steel Mimicry (40/40pp)



    Density 6 (+12 Str +3 toughness (impervious),  Weight x 5) [18pp]

    - Super Strength 2 ( +10 Strength; effective Strength 40, Heavy load:  3.2 Tons)

    - Immovable 2  ( - 2 to knockback, +8 to Resist Movement)

   Impervious toughness 7 ( Impervious Toughness) [7pp]

   Protection 3 (+3 toughness) [3pp]

   Speed 4 (100mph 1000 ft per round. PF: Alternate Power 1) [5pp]

    -AP: Leaping 4 ( x25 jumping distance)

  Super Strength 3 (Effective Strength 55 Heavy load; 25.6 Tons PF: Shockwave;(100ft Cone.))[7pp] 


Summary of changes

+10 Toughness save (Impervious 10)

+20/25 Grapple w/Super strength and density.)

-10/12 Knockback (w/ Immovable.)

 Unarmed attack +10 DC25 Toughness save.

 Effective strength 55, Heavy load 25.6 tons.

 Shockwave 100ft cone, DC20 Reflex save for half, DC25/20 Toughness save




Totals: Abilities 28 + Skills 13 (51 ranks) + Feats 12 + Powers 55 + Combat 24 + Saves 16 + Drawbacks 0 = 150



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Big update time!




Dex + 4 [8PP]

Wis +2 [4PP]


Ref +1 [1PP]

Will +3 [3PP]



Drop Attractive


Skill +13PP

Bluff +4

Diplomacy +4

Gather Information +4

Investigate +1

Knowledge (Arcane) +3

Knowledge (Business) +5

Knowledge (Civics) +6

Knowledge (Popular Culture) +9

Knowledge (Streetwise) +4

Notice +4

Sense Motive +4



Protection (Impervious) to 12 [2PP]

Add Super-Sense 3 (See Undead [Extended, Ranged] [3PP]

Speed +2 (100 mph) [2PP]

Super-Strength +2 (Heavy Load 50 tns) [4PP]



Player Name: Tiffany Korta
Character Name: Revenant
Power Level: 12 / 15 (250/250PP) [278]
Trade-Offs: None
Unspent PP: 0

In Brief: Once she was a brave lawyer that did her duty, and paid the ultimate price. Now she carries on that duty from the "other side".

Alternate Identities: Lucy Harker
Identity: Public, but thought dead
Birthplace: Freedom City
Occupation: ex-Lawyer
Affiliations: Bloodhound Detective Agency
Family: Florence Harker (Mother, Deceased), Abraham Harker (Father, Deceased)

Age: 119 (DoB: May 26th 1897)
Apparent Age: 30
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Undead
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black


Desc2QvtBw6.jpgription:Before her "accident"she had an average appearance, a face that wouldn't stand out in a crowd. Something she took advantage of in her profession so not to scare those working around her. Unlike most people though death seems to have improved her looks. Her pale white skin and black eyes have given her an exotic alluring appearance. And her ability means her skin is flawless with no marks or blemishes, except for a small dimple on her forehead where the bullet ended her previous life.

Her only clothes are those she wore on her last day in 1927. A simple but particle dress suit, though her only defiance of 20's fashion was a pair pants. Well preserved by her disposal they still seem to be in a relatively good shape.

Power Descriptions: Her mystical nature keeps her body perpetually in the state it was just before she died, though her flesh is now pale and cold to the touch. This allows her to almost instantly regenerate any damage caused to her.

History: When one of the first Mystery Men bought in one of the city notorious Mob bosses Sebastian “the Revenant†Giovanni there was a problem. An excessively violet man, even by the standards of his fellow gangsters, he and his men murdered and intimidated anyone that stood in his way. So naturally none of the lawyers in or out of the city wanted to risk their life to prosecute this man.

Except one.

Lucy Harker was a fine civil lawyer chafing at the small minor cases she was allowed to try, after all she was "just" a woman. A male lawyer would have been moved on to higher profile case, whilst she was stuck trying petty claims. She knew that unless she could find a case to make her name, she would be stuck in this position in the rest of her career. The trial of Giovanni could be just the kind of case to catapult her to fame, though the risk could be just as colossal. After consulting with her family and her fiance, Lucy volunteered to prosecute the Mob Boss.

Though not yet a highly skilled lawyer the defence had not expected anyone to dare tackle such a dangerous case. That and jury confidence was bolstered by this brave woman's actions, along with the newly active Mystery Men, resulting in a cursing Giovanni going down for his crimes, promising his revenge on the young lawyer.

His men came for her two days later. Bundling her into a car they drove her down to one of their new building projects down Broadway. There they simply shot her and dumped her into the foundation of the building. Stoic to the end she showed no signs of fear, instead looking her killers straight in the eyes.

And that should have been the end of Lucy Harker. But unknown to her in her youth her mother had been bitten and almost turned into a vampire, only to be saved at the last minute by some courageous vampire hunters. Somehow the curse of the vampire was passed to her through her blood, so when she was buried her mystical nature was triggered keeping her “alive†but in a state of hibernation. When the building was demolished this year Lucy awoke to a brave new world.

The last few weeks Lucy has been enjoying the wonders of this new world. Slowly she has come to realize that her time “dead†has somehow changed her. Despite having nothing in this world but the clothes on her back she has decided to use her new found gifts to help those around her as one of these Mystery Men now wait is that what they're called now?

Taking the nickname of the man who ordered her death the Revenant has started her journey to a wider world.

Personality & Motivation:Despite all that has happened to her she still remains a rather upbeat personality. Though she still mourns for the loss of everyone she's ever know, after all to her it all happened yesterday. This chipper and upbeat, something that tends to confuse those who judge her by looks alone.

A defense mechanism of the time as "just" woman in a man's world is a snide sarcastic sense of humor which has started to drift towards black humor.

Her logical side tell her that all those involved in her death have long since perished. But that doesn't stop her enjoying attacking mobsters. At the moment she has restricted herself to low level hoods as least until she can discover some of the high level boss. And return the favour that bought her to this second life.

Though this time she'll make sure to keep an eye on the prosecuting lawyer!

A woman out of her time: Must has changed in the world in the 80 odd years since she died. Though she voraciously consumes modern culture, as much as she can without money, many terms and idea still confuse and confound her.
Dining on Ashes: Her undead state has dulled her sense of touch, smell and taste. Only strong smells and tastes well even register as being there.
(Grand)Father-in-Darkness: The vampire whose blood has led her to this state is dimly aware of his Daughter-in-Darkness. If he ever learns of her existence he may become curious how she has escaped the disadvantages of being a vampire.
Abilities: 20 + 8 - 10 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 46PP
Strength: 30 (+10)
Dexterity: 18 (+4)
Constitution: -- (-10)
Intelligence: 20 (+5)
Wisdom: 18 (+4)
Charisma: 20 (+5)

Combat: 20 + 20 = 40PP
Initiative: +6
Attack: +10 base, +12 unarmed
Grapple: +22 (Base Attack + 10, Strength +10, Super Strength +2)
Defense: +12 (+10 Base, +2 Dodge Focus), +5 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -11

Saving Throws: 0 + 9 + 10 = 19PP
Toughness: +12 (- Con, +12 Protection); Impervious 5
Fortitude: - (-)
Reflex: +13 (+4 Dex, +9)
Will: +14 (+4 Wis, +10)

Skills: 128RP = 32PP
Bluff 15 (+20)
Diplomacy 15 (+20)
Gather Information 10 (+15)
Investigate 5 (+10)
Knowledge (Arcane) 10 (+15)
Knowledge (Business) 10 (+15)
Knowledge (Civics) 10 (+20)
Knowledge (Popular Culture) 10 (+15)
Knowledge (Streetwise) 10 (+15)
Languages 1 (English [Native], Latin)
Notice 16 (+20)
Sense Motive 11 (+15)

Feats: 6PP
Attack Specialization (Strike) 1
Dodge Focus 2
Improved Initiative 1

Powers: 30 + 24 + 32 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 13 = 111PP

Immunity 30 (Fortitude Saves) [30PP]

Protection 12 (Extra: Impervious 12) [24PP]

Regeneration 30 (Recovery Bonus 14 [+9], Disabled 8 [no action] Injured 6 [no action] Resurrection 2 [1 day], Feats:Persistent, Regrowth) [32PP]

Speed 4 ( 100 mph / 880 ft. per move action) [4PP]

Strike 2 (Feats: Mighty) [3PP]

Super-Senses 2 (Darkvision) [2PP]


Super-Senses 3 (See Undead [Extended, Ranged]) [3PP]

Super-Strength 6 ( Lifting Strength 60 [Heavy Load : 50 tns] Feats: Groundstrike) [13PP]

Drawbacks: -4PP

Vulnerability (Fire, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Major [x2]) [-4PP]

DC Block:

Unarmed Touch DC27 Toughness Damage
Strike Touch DC29 Toughness Damage (Physical)

Abilities (46) + Combat (40) + Saving Throws (19) + Skills (32) + Feats (6) + Powers (111) - Drawbacks (4) = 250/250 Power Points



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I noticed, in retrospective, that one of the powers that Warp has just plain shouldn't work. Her 'Entropic Shroud' effect, the Drain Toughness aura, doesn't have any duration mods on it. So it really shouldn't work at all, and I don't think I can make it work without buffing her Terminus array, which I don't want to do yet. So I'd like to have the power just straight up removed from her array.

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Okay, doing a few new things for Casey:


1. Adding 3 ranks of new skills.

2. Adding 4PP worth of Feats.

3. Adding new AP to Enchanced Strength.

4. Adjusting Heatvison slightly.

5. Adding X-Ray Vison to Super-Senses.

6. Adjusting skills slightly.



Miracle Girl


Power Level: 10/12 (173/185PP)
Tradeoffs: +2 Toughness/-2 Defense
Unspent PP: 0
In Brief: Super-strong teen with the gift of flight.
Alternate Identity: Casey Blankenship
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Colorado Springs, CO
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: Claremont Academy
Family: Margaret Blankenship (mother), Col. Steve Blankenship (father), Josh Blankenship (older brother)

Age: 19 (DoB: December 27, 1997)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Honey-blonde

Casey is a good-looking, athletic young woman with green eyes and long blonde hair. In her civilian identity, she typically wears her hair up and out of the way, and favors cotton or flannel shirts, loose-cut jeans and light hiking boots year round. An oversize shoulder bag made from natural hemp holds her whole life, including her MG costume. Casey still wears her old glasses, even though she no longer needs them; she feels they help to maintain her 'ordinary girl' cover, plus she just really likes the way they look on her!

Casey's bio-energetic field is always active, but it is usually barely visible to the naked eye, manifesting as more of a healthy glow to her skin and golden luster to her hair. However if she uses her powers for more challenging tasks, the glow becomes far more visible and radiant. When she's active as Miracle Girl, Casey loses the glasses and lets her hair down, which tends to billow around her face when she flies, and she literally glows; yes, she knows it's a bit much, but it actually helps her maintain her secret identity! She also wears a form-fitting costume of red, white and blue with a gold belt with several pouches for gear.

Casey's family lives in Colorado Springs not far from Peterson Air Force Base, and until recently she attended Air Academy High School. She's been an active Girl Scout since she was little, and she recently earned her Gold Award for building a wooden foot bridge at a National Park near her home. Up until recently, Casey only knew her dad as US Air Force Colonel Steve Blankenship; she had no idea that her father actually worked for AEGIS as Vigilant ('America's First Line of Defense!') and would probably have never found out, due to concerns over national security.

Casey has been around aircraft her entire life; her father began taking her up in his Cessna before she could ride a bike. It was during a weekend training flight that a bizarre accident occurred; a summer storm suddenly came upon the tiny aircraft, which was was struck by lightening as Casey hurried to get back to the airfield. The bolt passed right through both her and her father, somehow transferring some of his powers to her. After the incident, Casey was taken to a secure location where it was explained who her father was and how important it was that his identity be kept a secret, and she swore an oath that she would. When it was discovered she now shared some of her father's gifts, AEGIS contacted Headmistress Summers and asked if she could accept a new student.

Personality & Motivation:
Casey is thoughtful and outgoing, and makes friends easily, though sometimes she comes off as a bit of a goody two-shoes. She is passionate about volunteer work, and sees heroism as merely an extension of what she's done most of her life. She also loves the romantic notion of being a newspaper reporter like her grandfather who worked for the Miami Herald for thirty years, even though she knows in modern times it means less and less. Casey tries to tell the truth at all times, but understands that a secret identity does require the occasional 'white lie', as much as it pains her. Outside of journalism, her interests include almost any sort of outdoor activity (hiking, camping, skiing and white-water rafting are among her favorites), as well as reading, playing board games and shopping with friends. Casey has also loved aviation since she was a little girl, something her pilot father instilled in her; even though she can now fly under her own power, achieving her student pilot certificate is still one of her proudest achievements.

Powers & Tactics:
Casey is getting more comfortable with her powers, but is still working on her tactics; so far, Miracle Girl is a fairly straightforward fighter, primarily relying on her impressive strength and speed to get the job done. She can take a lot of punishment, so she's happy to draw fire away from less physical heroes or to protect innocents. Her super-breath offers her a good option to take out a lot of mooks at one time, and her keen eyesight and ability to monitor emergency frequencies give a heads up when danger is near. Miracle Girl's body isn't actually any stronger, faster or tougher than any normal human's; a strange golden bio-energy field, channeled through Casey's own brain, allows her to accomplish these feats. Psionic energy is capable of disrupting that field, meaning Casey is more vulnerable to mental attacks. She has come to apreaciate the value of stealth and occasional trickery when fighting crime; though she tries hard to be a 'good girl', these minor deceptions give her a little secret thrill.

"Yeah, he's my dad..." - Casey's father is Col. Steve Blankenship, aka Vigilant, 'America's First Line of Defense'. It's not quite as cool as it sounds.
"I know he just wants me to be safe." If any of Vigilant's enemy's figure out who Casey is, they might try to get to him through her.
"No, I really am a Girl Scout." Scouting has been a major part of Casey's life since she was five years old; she takes her pledge to the Scouts and their values very seriously.
"There might be a story here." Casey is both naturally curious and has a reporter's instincts; if she thinks there's a wrong that needs to come to light, she will do everything in her power to expose it.
"Are you going to finish that?" Casey needs to eat about twice as much as a normal girl her size to keep herself going.

Abilities: 4 + 4 + 4 + 6 + 2 + 4 = 24PP
Strength: 30/14 (+10/+2) (50 w/Super-Strength)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 30/14 (+10/+2)
Intelligence: 16 (+3)
Wisdom: 12 (+1)
Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP
Initiative: +9
Attack: 6, Melee +6, Ranged +6, Unarmed +10, Heatvison +14
Grapple: +20 (+10 Str, Attack 6, Super-Str 4)
Defense: 8 (+6 Defense, +2 Dodge Focus), 3 Flat-footed
Knockback: -9

Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 8 + 9 = 17PP
Toughness: +12 (+2 Con, +8 Enhanced Con, +2 Protection)
Fortitude +10 (+2 Con, +8 Enhanced Con)
Reflex +10 (+2 Dex, +8)
Will +10 (+1 Wis, +9)

Skills: 76R = 19PP
Bluff 4 (+6/+10 Attractive)
Craft: Structural 2 (+5)
Diplomacy 8 (+10/+14 Attractive)*
Intimidate 8 (+10)*
Knowledge (Current Events) 2 (+5)
Knowledge (Earth Science) 2 (+5)
Knowledge (Pop Culture) 2 (+5)
Knowledge (Technology) 2 (+5)
Languages 1 (Spanish)
Medicine 4 (+5)
Notice 13 (+14)*
Pilot 3 (+5)

Search 7 (+10)*

Sense Motive 3 (+5)
Stealth 8 (+10)
Survival 4 (+5)

Swim 3 (+5/+13)

Feats: 16PP
Attack Specialization 2 (Unarmed)

Attack Specialization 1 (Heatvison)
Dodge Focus 2
Equipment 1
Improved Initiative 2

Improved Sunder

Luck 1

Precise Shot

Skill Mastery (Diplomacy, Intimidate, Notice, Search)

Takedown Attack

Ultimate Toughness

Equipment: 1PP = 5EP
'Bug-Out Belt' contains:

First Aid Kit 1EP
Flashlight (headlamp) 1EP
GPS Receiver 1EP
Multi-tool 1EP
Rebreather 1EP

Powers: 4 + 16 + 18 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 2 + 10 + 9 + 13 = 88PP

Communication 4 (Radio, 1 mile range) [4PP]
Enhanced Constitution 16 [16PP]
Enhanced Strength 16(Power Feats:  Alternate Power 2) [18PP]

     AP: Freezing Breath, Selective Cone Damage 8 (Flaw: Full Round Action, 80' cone)    

     AP: Heatvision, Blast 6 (Feats: Accurate 3, Precise)
Feature: Mimicry [1PP]
Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP]
Impervious Toughness 6 [6PP]

Protection 2 [2PP]
Super-Senses 10 (Extended Vision 3 [10,000 ft], Infravision, Microscopic Vision 1 [Dust-size], Radio, X-Ray Vison [Resisted by Lead]) [10PP]
Super-Strength 4 (Strength 50, Heavy Load: 12 Tons, PF: Super-Breath) [9PP]
Swift as the Wind 6 (12PP Array, Feats: Alternate Powers 1) [13PP]

Base Power: Flight 6 (500 mph) [12PP] AP: Quickness 12 (x5000) [1PP]

Drawbacks: (-3) = -3PP
Vulnerability (Psionic Attacks, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Moderate [+50% DC]) [-3PP]

DC Block


Unarmed      Touch   DC 25 Tough   Damage

Ice breath   Cone    DC 23 Tough   Damage

Super-Breath Ranged  DC 20 Reflex  Trip

Abilities 24 + Combat 24 + Saving Throws 17 + Skills 19 + Feats 16 + Powers 88 - Drawbacks 3 = 185/185 Power Points


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Minor edit request to change the text in a complication... Due to the amorphous nature of plots and what-not that don't occur for various reasons, Sakurako's thorn in her side of a sister will be sticking with "Hardwire" as her moniker. So "I got sister issues" is the only thing needing an edit.



"I got sister issues": Sakurako has a Sister who has become a mercenary for hire by the name of Hardwire, a professional hacker, and has it out not only for Sakurako, but Sakurako's family.

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This is less a series of edits than a complete overhaul, so if this passes inspection please don't hesitate to simply replace the current sheet with what follows below. The goal with this reassessment of the character was to emphasize simplicity. The original build was much clunkier by comparison, whereas this one should be quite a bit easier to make out. It's also much more suited to allowing Upgrade to shine at what he was intended to do: wade through enemy fire without getting a scratch in the paint, and delivering a fistful of good old-fashioned American justice to the enemy. Any additional advice you may have regarding the improvement of the build is, as always, very much appreciated. I've checked and double-checked the math, but this is me we're talking about; please confirm my numbers. If this build is acceptable, simply replace the previous sheet with the following.



Player Name: Sophistemon.

Character Name: Upgrade.

Power Level: PL10, 158/158PP.

Trade-Offs: -5 Defense, +5 Toughness.

Unspent Power Points: 0

Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30.

In Brief: An AEGIS agent pilots a walking tank in defense of truth, justice, and the American Way.

Residence: Freedom City (Lonely Point Naval Base).

Base of Operations: Lonely Point Naval Base.

Catchphrase: “It's time for a little shock and awe.”

Alternate Identity: Ethan Stone.

Identity: Secret / Classified.

Birthplace: Eglin Air Force Base (roughly three miles away from Valparaiso, Florida).

Occupation: AEGIS agent tasked with piloting the X-09 Armored Mobility Platform.

Affiliations: AEGIS, the USAF, DARPA, and the DoD.

Family: Meryl Stone (wife), Lilly Stone (daughter).

Description: Ethan Stone is a tall, athletic man with bright blue eyes, cropped black hair, and an easy smile. As Upgrade he pilots the X-09 Armored Mobility Platform, an enormous suit of chrome powered-armor designed to showcase the very latest of America's experimental weapons technology.

Age: 35.

Apparent Age: Mid-thirties.

Gender: Male.

Ethnicity: Caucasian (European-American).

Height: 6’2”.

Weight: 185bs.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Black.

Power Descriptions: The X-09 AMP has been equipped with a staggering array of cutting-edge weaponry, nearly impenetrable armored plating, reactive defenses, strength augmentation, supersonic flight, and an autonomous repair system – all powered by a uniquely compacted LFTR thorium reactor.

History: Seven years ago USAF pilot Ethan Stone was shot down over enemy territory and spent three weeks trapped behind enemy lines. Despite overwhelming odds he managed to evade capture, sabotage multiple enemy installations, and eventually commandeer the aircraft with which he made his daring escape. The escapade resulted in a recruitment offer from AEGIS and his competency there made him worthy to serve his nation in a new way: as the pilot of the X-09 AMP, known to the world as Upgrade.

Personality & Motivation: Ethan Stone has dreamed of flying since he was a very small child and his choice of career was no surprise. Fittingly, he has a light and breezy personality backed by a steely, patriotic determination to see things through. As Upgrade he is intended to serve as equal parts a superhero and piece of living propaganda. The AMP is designed to show the American citizen that their government doesn't have to rely on supernatural powers: a man and his machine are more than enough.

Powers & Tactics: Although Ethan Stone doesn't have super-powers of his own, he is a highly skilled agent of AEGIS and his training makes him more than a match for most mundane opponents. As Upgrade he has access to an indestructible war-machine equipped with state of the art weaponry. In combat Upgrade will position his substantial bulk between his enemies and any noncombatants in the area before attempting to overcome his foes with all of the force afforded to him by superior firepower.


Accident -- The X-09 AMP is more of a vehicle than a suit and its size can be disadvantageous.

Honor -- As propaganda, Upgrade is expected to conduct himself in a manner befitting a hero.

Responsibility -- Upgrade's actions are beholden to the whims of the Department of Defense.


Abilities: 4 + 4 + 4 + 2 + 4 + 2 = 20PP

Strength: 14 (+2)

Dexterity: 14 (+2)

Constitution: 14 (+2)

Intelligence: 12 (+1)

Wisdom: 14 (+2)

Charisma: 12 (+1)


Combat: 20 + 20 = 20PP

Initiative: +10 (+2 Base, +8 Improved Initiative)

Attack: +6 Melee, +6 Ranged

Grapple: +8 / +16

Defense: +5 Base, +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -7


Saving Throws: 4 + 6 + 5 = 15PP

Toughness: +2 / +15 (+2 Con, +13 Protection)

Fortitude: +6 (+2 Con, +4)

Reflex: +8 (+2 Dex, +6)

Will: +7 (+2 Wis, +5)


Skills: 72R = 18PP

Bluff 4 (+5)

Computers 4 (+5)

Craft: Electronic 4 (+5)

Craft: Mechanical 4 (+5)

Diplomacy 8 (+9)

Disable Device 4 (+5)

Escape Artist 4 (+6)

Gather Information 4 (+5)

Knowledge: Technology 8 (+9)

Notice 8 (+10)

Pilot 4 (+6)

Search 8 (+9)

Sense Motive 4 (+6)

Stealth 4 (+6)


Feats: 18PP

Accurate Attack

All-Out Attack

Benefit (Agent of AEGIS)

Dodge Focus


Improved Aim

Improved Defense

Improved Grab

Improved Grapple

Improved Initiative 2

Improved Overrun

Improved Pin

Luck 3

Move-by Action

Power Attack


Powers: 73 = 73PP

Device 18 (Hard-to-Lose, Limited to Group (Training), All Technology, 90PP Container) [73PP]

Power: Primary Array (32PP Array) [37PP]

  • Base Power: Healing 10 (Extras: Action 2; Flaw: Limited to Self; Feats: Persistent, Regrowth) [32PP]
  • Alternate Power: Corrosion 10  (Feats: Accurate 2) [1PP]
  • Alternate Power: Blast 10 (Extra: Area Burst, Targeted; Feats: Accurate, Homing) [1PP]
  • Alternate Power: Blast 10 (Extra: Autofire 1; Feats: Accurate 2) [1PP]
  • Alternate Power: Blast 10 (Extra: Penetrating; Feats: Accurate 2) [1PP]
  • Alternate Power: Snare 10 (Extra: Backlash; Feats: Accurate 2) [1PP]

Power: Secondary Array (16PP Array) [19PP]

  • Dynamic Base Power: Flight 8 (Max speed of 2,500mph) [17PP]
  • Dynamic Alternate Power: Super-Strength 8 (+40 STR carrying capacity, +8 to some checks)

Power: Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP]

  • Disease, Poison, all Environmental Conditions, & Suffocation

Power: Protection 13 [13PP]

Power: Super-Senses 12 [12PP]

  • Danger Sense: Vision, Darkvision, Direction Sense, Extended Type: Vision (-1 per 100ft), Infravision, Radio, Radius Type: Vision, Tracking: Infravision 2 (normal movement speed)


Drawbacks: (-6) = -6PP

Disability -- Oversized Build (Uncommon, Minor) [-1]

Normal Identity -- Activation Sequence (Common, Major) [-4]

Power Loss -- Executive Override (Uncommon, Minor) [-1]


DC Block:

ATTACK                    RANGE     SAVE                                                         EFFECT

Unarmed Strike 2      Touch        DC17 Toughness (Staged)                        Damage (Bludgeon)

Corrosion 10             Touch        DC25/20 Toughness (Staged)/Fortitude   Damage/Drain (Technological)

Blast 10                     100ft         DC25 Toughness (Staged)                        Damage (Technological)

Snare 10                   100ft         DC20  Reflex (Staged)                               Snare (Technological)


Totals: Abilities (20) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (18) + Feats (18) + Powers (73) - Drawbacks (6) = 158/158 Power Points.


Movement Notes:

Flight -- 2,500 mph / 22,000 ft per round.

Jumping -- Running Jump 12 ft, Standing Jump 6 ft, High Jump 3 ft.

Throwing Distance -- 22.4 tons 5 feet, 100 lbs 2500 feet, 10 lbs 1.9 miles.


Carrying Capacity Notes:

Light Load -- 7.5 tons.

Medium Load -- 14.9 tons.

Heavy Load -- 22.4 tons.

Maximum Load -- 44.8 tons.

Push/Drag -- 112 tons.

Edited by Sophistemon
Toughness error corrected; replaced one rank of Luck with Fearless; adjusted Powers & DC Block; +1 to Will; fixed formatting errors(?).

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