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Guess Set should really follow suit!

Gather Information (Well Informed) check.: 1d20+15 29

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) check.: 1d20+15 26

Knowledge (History) check.: 1d20+10 11

Knowledge (Popular Culture) check.: 1d20+10 12

Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) check.: 1d20+10 11

Yow. Last few were rough, hope that's out of his system. Still, Set should have a pretty good idea that if there's a Norse goddess running around Freedom City, it's probably Thrude.

>Set's Reputation Chart for reference.

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Sorry, I forgot to make an OOC post. Thrude's trying to initiate a cooperative counter attempt against the storm.

Assuming normal rules are in play, if the storm is an effect that's currently under someone's control, then then they need to make an opposed power check. If it's an ongoing effect that isn't currently under anyone's control (like a Lasting effect that no one is maintaining), then we just need to make an unopposed power check with a DC equal to the rank of the power, +10 (so, for example, DC20 for an unattended rank 10 power).

Thrude makes a power check with her Environment Control. Set can make an Aid check (page 10 of M&M2E). It's DC10. If he makes it, he gives Thrude +2, and another +1 for every 10 full points by which he exceeds DC10 (so +3 at 20-29, +4 at 30-39, etc.).

Environment Control Power Check: 15.

Not great. AA, after Giz makes his Aid check, let me know if you'd prefer that I pop a HP to reroll or not.

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Thrude switches to her weapon+Flight AP and flies over to the broken roof at 1,000MPH (about Mach 1.3).  Set can choose to hold onto Hridgandr for the ride, or let it go, let it go...

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Let's call it a DC 20 Computers or Technology check to recognize Stratos' machine for what it was. 

DC 15 Gather Info or Streetwise for Weather Mistress. 

Everyone knows Dr Stratos - DC 15 Streetwise check (or DC 25 Gather Info, for entirely different things to learn) to have some idea what's up with him. 

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Thrude hath neither Computers nor Technology, and she be not a Jack of All Trades.


Gather Information check for Weather Mistress (untrained +4 CHA bonus): 14.  NUFFIN'.


Knowledge (Streetwise) check for Doctor Stratos (untrained +0 INT bonus): 18.


She has no chance of hitting DC25 on an untrained Gather Info check.

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Thrude: Dr. Stratos has been acting crazier than usual lately. Weather Mistress? WHO? And what the hell is that over there? Some kind of a thing? It is. 


Set: Dr. Stratos was kidnapped away to the Curator's Ringworld a couple of years ago and held for an indeterminate period. Since he returned he's been unstable and, well, CRAZY in an entirely different way - he's still a threat, but oddly defanged, as if his febrile brain has been pushed in directions other than mayhem and carnage. Usually, anyway. 


Weather Mistress is a thief, works for the Thieves Guild, is a gadgeteer who makes weather-control machines. Married to Adam Jury, the Mad Maple, just last year - but True North picked him up a couple of months ago. 

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