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Shoot, sorry! Got working on a damn paper and totally lost track of things here.


Mindsteel charges at the group of villains with his psiblade, using the Area Attack extra of his super-speed to get an attack versus each of them. He's going to miss Downtime, just barely hit Sandstone, and probably miss (21) Gamma. That's a DC20 Will Save for Sandstone and possibly Gamma.

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Alright. This...could have been better, could have been worse. Using a chakram for a long range attack on the teleporting guy that hit her.


That's a 24 DC21 TOU save if it hits.

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Sorry for the delay, had a weekend of murder and didn't get much time for any of my games. T_T


Breaker's going to spend this turn (and an HP) to get enough Move Actions to shift the Warden and the married guard out of the line of fire - toss 'em in the elevator. Next turn, though? PUNCHINGS.

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So first thing's first drawing his multi purpose escrima sticks as a Free Action.  Shifting to the Bo Staff configuration.


Then knowing full well of the ensuing move from the frying pan and into the furnace situation they have going on there.  He's going to hot foot it (Ha)!  Across the corridor while warning the others of their surprise or at least what he could put together about it.  Depending on how far the distance is might take both move actions to cross if so will post as such.

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