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Hot Shot

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“That does sound like a plan. This way we cover both avenues at the same time, we should be able to strike before any other groups that are interested. I should be able to get the mask without too many issues if it’s still at a police station, hopefully. Zyte may even help with that one …”


Being the one to interact directly with the mask (likely), was something that Cass would insist on for the moment. He still didn’t exactly trust Armitage and there was a chance he was just playing with Bonfire and that he’d just run off with the mask at the first good opportunity. It wasn’t likely, but at this point Cass had learned to incorporate those thoughts into what little planning he did.


“Oh, Zyte shouldn’t be too big an issue. A bit of storycrafting, a bit of mischief, and I’ll have him where he’s needed. I’ve got some plans, no worries.”


He didn’t. He’d deal with it as it came up, but he had some ideas of what might work….

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And but a few moments later, outside the ship, at the docks!


"Hey! Look who it is!" grinned Ztye, reflexively pointing his camera away from Chill Pill (who looked rather dejected), onto Bonfire. 


"We were awesome! We found nothing! Awesome, huh?" asked Zyte, not letting the complete absence of anything awesome detract him from his assessment of such as absence as, in fact, awesome. 


Chill Pill was trying to ignore the various sailors and loaders pointing at him. His confidence was wilting by the picosecond. 


"This isn't, you know, quite what I thought being a superhero would be like. Are you sure this is good for my image?" he asked Zyte. 


"Sure, sure! Mingling with the people of Freedom City! Shows your human side!" said Zyte, keenly. "Trust me!"


Chill Pill didn't look very trusting. And he gave a grimace towards the new Hot Shot, Bonfire, who (by his estimation) was stealing the show.


"What did you find? Anything awesome?" Zyte asked Bonfire, filming every second. 

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