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To help you out some Blaze, here is an updated map.  That line down in the lower left hand corner is about 50' long so you can get the rough scale.

Far From Home map 2.png

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Okay... long ranged encounter... SFX is getting a complex on her abilities being less than useful!  After this thread it's time for upgrades!


Standard Action: Blast 10 - 1d20+10 = 12 - Going to spend a HP as she's been so useless she needs a confidence boost!  1d10+20=21  If that hits, then DC25 Damage.

Move Action: Assess Feat

Free Action: Switch Create Array to Blast

Free Action: Switch Illusion Array to Confuse


Edit:  #8 is the only person in range for her, so that's the target.

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Not!Sullek rolls poorly for his toughness save, getting a 14, which is staggered and dazed, he is also knocked 25 feet away.  He saves vs the knockback damage (DC 20), but makes it.


Seresk readies an action and takes a free action to talk a bit.

Not!Adiri is dazed.


Not!X'madi is going to attack Paradigm with a TK blast, power attacking (-2/+2), she totally misses with a 11.


Magnetar will fire a magnetic blast at not!Varlis, hitting with a 24.  Not!Varlis only gets a 11 vs DC 27, so is staggered and dazed and suffers 9 knockback, which puts him into a wall, where he takes more damage, but makes that second toughness save.


Not!Santri will fire a disintegration blast at Paradigm, hitting with a 23 (Paradigm was going to let that hit anyway), the damage bounces off her Impervious, and she makes her Fort save vs the Drain.


Not!Amiki will fire a bolt of electricity at SFX, which would hit with a 16.  But Paradigm interposes, taking the hit, which bounces off her Impervious.


That brings us to,


Round Two


49 Robed Figure (unharmed)

48 not!Procyus (1) (unharmed)

38 not!Varlis (2) (staggered and dazed)

28 Lawrence (unharmed)

25 not!Zadvian (3) (bruised)

25 Rev (bruised, 4 HP)

22 not!Cor (5) (unharmed)

21 not!Sai’x (6) (unharmed)

21 Galvanic (bruised, 3 HP)

21 not!Pheydyn (7) (bruised, staggered, dazed)

20 not!Sullek (8) (staggered, dazed)

20 Paradigm (unharmed, 4 HP)

19 SFX (unharmed, 3 HP)

18 Seresk (unharmed)

17 not!Adiri (9) (bruised, dazed)

11 not!X'madi (10) (unharmed)

10 Magnetar (unharmed)

9 not!Santri (11) (unharmed)

3 not!Amikri (12) (unharmed)


The robed figure does nothing.

Not!Procyus comes running back around the corner, coming up behind the group to try to attack SFX, Seresk uses his interpose to get between them and activates his readied action to lash out with his tail spike, but misses with a 9


Not!Procyus goes ahead and hits Seresk, getting a natural 20 for a critical hit, Seresk only gets a 26 on his toughness save, so he takes a bruise.


Not!Varlis is dazed.  Lawrence again takes a full defense action.


Not!Zadvian kips up to his feet and rushes forward to attack Rev, hitting with a 29, that is a DC 25 toughness save for Rev.


Then it is Rev’s turn.

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Okay, with Cape having Rev be dazed….


Not!Cor will use create object to form a ramp up towards Paradigm, then surge to charge and attack her (using full power attack -5/+5).  But he misses badly with a 12.


Not!Sai’x flies over closer moving a bit behind and to the side of Paradigm.  She then unleashes a targeted cone sonic blast at the grouped good guys (going out 120’), getting a 18 on her roll.  That is good enough to hit Galv, SFX and Seresk (DC 27 toughness saves), just missed Lawrence thanks to his total defense action, misses Rev and Magnetar. 


Seresk gets a 31, so he is fine.


Galv will be up after her save.  Here is a new map Ecal.


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And... down goes SFX.  1d20+15=16 


That's over 11... staggered and dazed?  I don't think I can use a HP reroll as I did it this round for the attack.


Apparently it's a new round!


Toughness Reroll = 1d20+15=28


Made the save.

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Stop hitting her, Thevshi: 1d20+15 28 Nope.


So Galvanic has 1 Bruise and 3 Hero Points. 


Free Action: Extra Effort, to stunt off her Enhanced Strength: Damage 15 (Extras: Targeted Area [+1], Selective Attack [+1], Flaws: Full-Round Action [-1], Feats: Accurate) [31PP]


Full Round Action: ATTACK! All-out Attack for 5, against numbers 3, 5, 6 and 8. Super-speed blitz: 1d20+14 28 DC 30 Toughness rolls for anyone hit. 


Free Action: Switch dynamic array entirely to Super-Strength, switch main array to Reaction Damage


End of round status: Bruised x1, HP 3, Fatigued next round unless she burns a HP

- Strength 14/Super-Strength 8: Grapple +17

--Defence +3, -3 Flat-footed

--Free Damage 6 attack vs anyone who hits her





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Okay, some saves:


Not!Sai’x: 14, this one I will reroll (have a HP), so she gets a bruise


Not!Cor: 32 NADA


Not!Zadvian: 10 OUT


Not!Sullek: 28 bruised


The two bad guys after Galv were dazed after acting last round, so miss their actions this round.


That brings up Paradigm, who will power attack Cor (-2/+2), hitting with a 20, so DC 35 toughness save for not!Cor, who gets a 31 so only a bruise.


Hmm, she will surge and punch him again (same power attack), 11, boo, reroll: 24, not!Cor gets a 25 this time, so Staggered and dazed.  There is 13 knockback, (DC 28 toughness save), which he gets a 31 again.


Paradigm will then ready her Interpose again.


SFX is up!

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Seresk will ready an action again and his interpose.


Okay, not!Adiri will stand up and then do a leaping charge at Paradigm.  Even with the +2 from the charge she misses.


Not!X'madi will move over slightly and try to grab Lawrence with her telekinesis, but she just misses with a 18.


Magnetar will fly over and attack not!X’madi, he hits with a  22 for DC 28, not!X’madi gets a 29 so is fine.


Not!Santri will move forward more and again attack Paradigm, hitting with a 28.  Once again the damage bounces and Paradgim resistsresists[/url] the toughness drain.


Not!Amikri will focus on Galva and use a perception ranged Suffocate attack (sucking the air away from her), DC 16 fort save, which you should easily make.



Round Three


49 Robed Figure (unharmed)

48 not!Procyus (1) (unharmed)

38 not!Varlis (2) (staggered)

28 Lawrence (unharmed)

25 Rev (bruised 2, 4 HP)

22 not!Cor (5) (bruised, staggered, dazed)

21 not!Sai’x (6) (bruised 2)

21 Galvanic (bruised, 4 HP)

21 not!Pheydyn (7) (bruised, staggered)

20 not!Sullek (8) (bruised, staggered)

20 Paradigm (unharmed, 3 HP)

19 SFX (unharmed, 2 HP)

18 Seresk (bruised)

17 not!Adiri (9) (bruised)

11 not!X'madi (10) (unharmed)

10 Magnetar (unharmed)

9 not!Santri (11) (unharmed)

3 not!Amikri (12) (unharmed)


Again the robed figure does nothing.


Not!Procyus comes running in again to try to grab Lawrence, Seresk uses his readied action and makes an accurate attack (+2 atk/-2 dam), hitting with a 26.  A DC 26 toughness save, which not!Procyus only gets a 18 for bruised and dazed (and suffering 7 knockback).  That sends him to a wall, where he takes another DC 22 toughness save, which he makes.


Not!Varlis was recovering from the daze last round, so gets to its feet this round.


Lawrence continues to take a total defense action.


Rev is up (and still lying prone).

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Free action: Take 10 with Skill Mastery / Acrobatics for 21, to get back on feet as a free action. 


Move Action: Elongate Arms 25'


Standard Action: Fireball on 11,12,6. 


(Damage 8 Ranged General Burst)

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Reflex saves and toughness saves vs Rev’s air burst:


Not!Amikai: Reflex: 18, so half damage, DC 19 toughness save: he still misses with a 13 so bruised and dazed.


Not!Sai’x: Reflex: 29, so with Evasion she avoids.


Not!Santri: Reflex: 16, misses, so DC 23 toughness save: makes it with a  24.

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Not!Sai’x will fire sonic blast at Galv, hitting with a 28!, that is a DC 32 toughness save for Galv!

After the Fort save and Toughness save, it will be Galv’s turn.

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