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My Roommates


The people I live with. We're all cool with each other, but I know what people are thinking. So here's my rundown.


Daphne Brooks. 21 (looks to be in her late twenties). Caucasian. 5'6". Robust figure. Hair stylist. Smokes like a chimney. Call me Toothpick in a friendly way, thinks I need to eat more. Wants Mark so badly, but doesn't think she has a chance. She's thinking about moving out, but pays the lion's share when Karen can't.


Mark Hallow. 25. Black. 6'2". Body by Gym. Interns at the Albright Institute. Spends every moment of his life getting bigger. Though I was a child at first. Thinks I'm some kind of trap. Is nice to me anyway. Thinks Daphne is nice to him to a fault. He likes her as a friend. Is putting the moves on Karen.


Karen Moon. 23. Causcasian. 5'4". Dangerously Curved Figure. Dancer. She takes pictures of everything she does. Can drink anyone under the table. Unfortunately, I know she's a witch without her knowing I know. Loves Daphne as a best friend, depends on her when she doesn't get paid. Thinks Mark is a show off. Might be grooming him for something.

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