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Do students ever show up early? (OPEN)

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Cheri smiled a bit, as she'd take a small fork from her bag, and rather delicately began to eat the mixture she made herself, smiling as she listened to the comments around her. Looking to Corinne, she'd point her fork and nod her head in a solid affirmation, her ears popping up to bounce a bit showily. "I actually agree to that ideology. I was taught that self reliance is one of the world's most important qualities, so for both my meals and training, I intend to perform properly. I've never really worked out before outside of walking around the grounds for general atmosphere, so I might need to bring more if I'm going to be expected to do a lot of weight lifting." She would pause a moment, before flicking her fork between her fingers and continuing with a bright smile. "And I hope I wasn't being offensive. Not everyone should pursue heroism as an occupation, I just happen to want it. Part of reaching that goal is going to be dealing with this place for a while, I guess. I can't really just wear a mask to any effectiveness, so I get one shot and one reputation. Gotta make sure not to screw up, y'know?"

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