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Avenger Assembled

(IC) Pop Quiz: That Long Tongue Liar

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Phaedra sighed and set aside her tea.  "Thank you for the conversation," she said to 'Keith', "as well as for the tea and attending to Reeke.  But I think it is time we should move on."  The half-breed sounded calm, almost bored, and she turned to raise an inquiring eyebrow toward Cathy.


"Ready to go?" she asked, "if we don't have much time we really should get on with loving and cherishing, yeah?"

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Keith frowned, the illusion fading away. Demons knew the foulest of curses and the most honeyed of praises and could move from one to the other like the beating of fire-scorched feathery wings. But being ignored was not something demons readily understood - or handled easily. "I'm trying to save you a lot of trouble, girl," he said seriously. "Even if your friends don't flush the Cancer fast enough, your girl here's gonna die. It's just a matter of fact. Question is, does it happen on your terms? Or His?" he asked, making a dismissive gesture that was somewhere in the direction of the One Above. 

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