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Found 1 result

  1. Vignette Ideas

    So, I thought we could probably use a thread to throw out and discuss vignette ideas for upcoming months! Here's mine, and I'm tossing out a format that I thought might be helpful. Feel free to offer ideas on either format, or concept! Also, as a reminder, anyone is welcome to comment or suggest ideas. You don't have to have funny colored names to participate at all! Vignette Proposal Month: December, 2016 Event Tie In: Potentially! Concept: A blizzard (either mundane or not!), hits and hits hard. The vignette provides opportunities for characters to be snowed in together, caught in the weather, or just dealing with inclement weather. There's a potential for a concurrent thread dealing with the weather's source if its supernatural. I might even be willing to run that thread, especially if AD will give me back up on dealing with combat. (I hate running combat so much).