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Found 676 results

  1. Hot Shot

    Ooc for this No rush, but you may wish to roll Knowledge (Streetwise) and Notice
  2. The ooc for this thread.
  3. Stay Local(OOC)

    OOC thread for this thread. Phantom does some triple-shifting. Again. @alderwitch Rolls and OOC question/answers here!
  4. Far From Home OOC

    The OOC for this thread, continuing things from Superpowered Babysitters Wanted.
  5. Bounding Dreams (OOC)

    Okay, @BlazingCoconut, let me know if this is okay! And if it is, gimmie initiative!
  6. OOC for this thread. Zhu and Lexa have likely met at least one fellow student at Claremont that went to the Nicholson School.
  7. Do You Carry Asparagus Racemosus [ooc]

    Here is the OOC thread. Although we don't need a roll yet, socialization, then things!
  8. Family Ties OOC

    Right, let's start things out with a post about her typical evening routine and give me a notice check that I'll use when I reply.
  9. The Butcher

    ooc for this
  10. Block Head

    ooc for this
  11. She's a demon blooded sorceress, he's a shaman with a bear of a temper. They fight crime! The ooc for: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10273-what-made-my-hamburger-disappear-ic/
  12. OOC thread for this thread. Jessica Witchblood debuts, and faces a demon tree. Will she win? Who knows. Will you survive? No. @Jessica Witchblood OOC thread Blood.
  13. Bloodsong

    OOC for this
  14. Pitching In [OOC]

    The Pitching in Thread, now with more OOC!
  15. Hey guys! Finally have things ready to go for this adventure and hoping you guys are ready as well. Do forgive me for making error here and there. I mainly play 3E and this is the 1st 2E I've run so bare with me. The 1st bit of story is going to be just Facsimile until you get into the thick of it. Shouldn't take too long to get there so don't worry about having to wait to play Blue. I look forward to running this for you guys. @Zeitgeist Blue and @Exaccus
  16. Darkness Unleashed [OOC]

    Destroying the cursed daystar for fun and profit! Only without the profit! OOC thread for Corporis (@Thogphog) and Rosethorn (@Darksider42)!
  17. The Helix Project [OOC]

    Scientists playing with things they don't understand? Accidental dimensional repercussions? YES PLEASE! This thread is for Facsimile, Mannequin, and Replica (maybe?).
  18. Sick Filth (Semi-Open, OOC)

    Taking one or two other heroes who deal with the supernatural and have a more grey tone. This will mostly be a combat deal, but making connections never hurt. Corporis will be appearing in this thread, as a 'debut'of sorts.
  19. The Room Where It Happens [OOC]

    OOC for incoming thread!
  20. OOC for this thread, as we are sure to need it at some point.
  21. Winter Wonderland [OOC]

    Heyo everyone (: welcome to OOC
  22. Thinking of a Place

    OOC for here
  23. Deeper Underground

    OOC for This!
  24. [OOC] A God Among Insects

    Cavalier, The Traveller, Paradigm, and Hyperslice investigate rumors of "godlike" intervention on a planet where the Golden Age is the Dark Age.