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Found 561 results

  1. ooc

    OOC for
  2. ooc

    Ooc for Here we go! @Supercape
  3. ooc

    OOC for this thing right here. Ask me anything. Because I forget stuff. And forget to do stuff. You know how it is. Before I forget (natch), this might help with understanding who the Empress is.
  4. ooc

    OOC for this , where Synth investigates some shady stuff! (Great description, I know )
  5. ooc

    OOC for this. You can bring in your characters in one by one, or meet privately nearby and come in as a group, or whatever suits you best. It's now early the following morning after Tristan's disappearance; he went missing around, let's say, 10PM that night, and the police haven't turned up anything yet.
  6. ooc

    What can you do about dino DNA!?
  7. OOC for this Hope it works, it's a bit short but this way a lot of the details on how the two message each other or what Tristan is currently doing are up to you to decide! Timeline-wise, I'm not sure if you want this to be pre- or post-kidnapping, tell me and I'll adjust the date! Tagging players as usual: @Blarghy
  8. ooc

    OOC thread for this thread, as we'll need it sooner or later.
  9. ooc

    Initiative time! Woodsman 10 + True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:3Powered by RANDOM.ORG Woodsman goes on 13. Sniper 10+ True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:19Powered by RANDOM.ORG 29 Spotter 8+ True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:17Powered by RANDOM.ORG 25 So it's Sniper: 29 Spotter: 25 Woodsman: 13 in terms of init so far
  10. ooc

    @Ari @KnightDisciple @Tiffany Korta Let's hunt some not so friendly neighborhood space vampires:
  11. Ooc for: @Tiffany Korta @Heritage
  12. ooc

    OOC thread for this this be the mood.
  13. Just making this OOC thread to help better expand on ideas and what not.
  14. This is the place where the rolls go. Also, ask me anything. I mean it. Well, anything thread related.
  15. ooc

    For rolls and suchlike pertaining to this adventure.
  16. OOC thread for this thread. @Raveled @TheAbsurdist Blue Jay and Asad fight a chase thing. Okay RAVELED, here are the rolls: DC20 Notice to hear the engines of the badfolks before they arrive, if successful +5 to the following Reflex and Initiative rolls. DC15 Reflex from Blue Jay and Asad to dodge the shower of glass when the F.O.E. potentiate descends. Fail and you get a Bruise. Two initiative rolls, choose the higher for the encounter at the Enclave Retreat. Second for the chase scene through the Elysian Forest. Using Dreadnought and the Air Cavalry from the Emerald City Knights campaign for the baddies. Dreadnought("Air-Martial") first initiative: 25, second: 13 Drones: 22. Second: 17 Regardless, Asad gets a HP for his Misery Girl being flung into the sky, and Blue Jay gets one for being caught in her civilian ID. Assuming Blue Jay hijacks one of the drones to serve as aerial mount or otherwise gains some fast-moving capacitium, or Stunts a faster Swinging. And for the chase scene, please roll three Reflex saves at DC15, 18, then 20 to try and keep up with each section of the sky-flight, and an Attack roll to destroy the drones and free the captured guests, vs DC19. After that, Dreadnought slips out of his armor and leaves it to fight the heroes. It takes three hits and then self-destructs convincingly. DC15 to hit and +15 Toughness. If any escape with their valuable cargo, they tie into the later group thread.
  17. ooc

    This is the OOC thread for Viva Val Verde.
  18. @olopi OOC thread for this thread. Sha'ir meets some great new friends and gets into wacky vampire shenanigans!
  19. OOC for this thread. Emerald City PCs only, but if you want yours in only say so. Everyone's day gets a little weirder with the city's first-ever local supervillain. And all the people who want her dead. (The title is ironic.)
  20. OOC thread for this, where definitely science crimes happen. Rolls post upcoming,
  21. @olopi @EternalPhoenix Ok so ooc for: