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Found 605 results

  1. Midnight Run

    OOC for this
  2. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    OOC for this. You can bring in your characters in one by one, or meet privately nearby and come in as a group, or whatever suits you best. It's now early the following morning after Tristan's disappearance; he went missing around, let's say, 10PM that night, and the police haven't turned up anything yet.
  3. Crystal History (OOC)

    What can you do about dino DNA!?
  4. Quarrel in the Quarry (OOC)

    Okay, I think it's initiative time!
  5. Skyjam(OOC)

    OOC for this thread, Levity and Sha'ir deal with sky ghosts. @Sailor @olopi
  6. OOC thread for this thread. Scarab III versus tech-crimes. @Tiffany Korta Okay, so Tiff. Would you make me a Reflex save for Scarab to get herself and the panicky guard away from the grenade? Or do you have some alternative notion?
  7. OOC thread for this thread. The whodunnit of our time! Citizen's Murder Mystery. @Avenger Assembled
  8. Industrial Strength

    OOC for this
  9. OOC thread for this thread. You thought it was over eighty years ago but it wasn't. @Exaccus @Sailor
  10. Soviet Kitsch

    @Supercape OOC for here.
  11. Horrorshow (OOC)

    OOC thread for this thread, as we'll need it sooner or later.
  12. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    Feel free to describe the gathering of the group in a post or two to get to the arrival if desired. Tracing back through the website where they post the pictures and the contest entries reveals it's run by a small promoter that is the known point of contact with the group. He is however notoriously tight lipped about these particular client citing their desired privacy and 'artistic process'. Raina have an HP for Merlin losing access to his electronic toys inside.
  13. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    So HP to Gremlin for the railroading but teleporting kinda wrecks this whole set up Alice will be coming too without more than minor bruising whenever Fox wants to post. At most Gremlin, L0vel@ce and Savant might have heard something about Bedlam Savings and Loan getting hit last night by an organized crew. Obviously you all are in some way suspects. Lou knows nothing about the bank job but does know he's supposed to be scouting for a crew to pull a delicate heist for the Scarpia family that can't use their usual guys without risking tipping off the other families to what they are pulling. Lots of delicate physical and computer security to get past among other issues. Government building important records that sort of thing.
  14. A Peculiar Proposition (Open)

    OOC for here.
  15. OOC thread for this thread. Weekened Man runs afoul of the fearsome Red Lion! @Mafia Whale Please roll what you feel best fits knowing about the famous and jealously treasured daka crystals. I'd suggest Knowledge(Physical Sciences/Technology) myself.
  16. Set in His Ways (OOC)

    The misadventures of Scarab and Set down Miami way for myself and @Gizmo The IC for this little escapade is over here
  17. No magical signature obvious on it other than that of Phaedras recent teleporting it. Talya will recognize the folio as british issue WWII era top secret correspondence. The kind of thing mission briefs were delivered in on base. Once opened the folio is full of large glossy photos of the Dojo, Talya coming and going, with Min, Eric, the Kids, Gina, Ellie, students etc. Also schedules of the dojos operating hours, open classes, comings and goings all in the same tidy script going back for around a month and a half. There are not however any pictures of any of them in their alter egos, secret ID's appear to be safe, well other than one assumes, Talyas.
  18. Long Way Down(OOC)

    OOC for this thread. Suspense and suspicion at the first open court of Atlantis!
  19. Cold Open (OOC)

    Princess is using EternalPhoenix's Princess build. Denise Weaver is using EternalPhoenix's Psionic Energy Controller build.
  20. Romance Dawn OOC

    OOC for this. As always, ask me anything.
  21. Unsportsmanlike Conduct- (OOC)

    Ooc for http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/9668-unsportsmanlike-conduct-ic/ Here we go! @Supercape
  22. [OOC] Milk Run

    OOC for this
  23. Dueling Storms OOC

    This is the place where the rolls go. Also, ask me anything. I mean it. Well, anything thread related.
  24. Viva Val Verde (OOC)

    This is the OOC thread for Viva Val Verde.