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Found 572 results

  1. This is the place where the rolls go. Also, ask me anything. I mean it. Well, anything thread related.
  2. ooc

    OOC for this. You can bring in your characters in one by one, or meet privately nearby and come in as a group, or whatever suits you best. It's now early the following morning after Tristan's disappearance; he went missing around, let's say, 10PM that night, and the police haven't turned up anything yet.
  3. ooc

    OOC for this thing right here. Ask me anything. Because I forget stuff. And forget to do stuff. You know how it is. Before I forget (natch), this might help with understanding who the Empress is.
  4. OOC for this. As always, ask me anything.
  5. ooc

    What can you do about dino DNA!?
  6. ooc

    This is the OOC thread for Viva Val Verde.
  7. OOC for this Currently, Clarkson's in Warne's office together with him. Upgrade has already been informed and can arrive whenever it feels appropriate!
  8. OOC for Here. Can I get a Notice check please. DC 17?
  9. ooc

    @Supercape OOC for here.
  10. OOC thread for this thread. Salmon and Kid Kamehameha foil a spot of horrible human experimentation. @Kolohehonu
  11. OOC thread for this thread. Scarab III versus tech-crimes. @Tiffany Korta Okay, so Tiff. Would you make me a Reflex save for Scarab to get herself and the panicky guard away from the grenade? Or do you have some alternative notion?
  12. Ooc for: @Tiffany Korta @Heritage
  13. ooc

    OOC for this So for a few posts, just setting up an meeting between Zyte and Hyperactive, with parents as go-betweens.
  14. OOC thread for this thread. You thought it was over eighty years ago but it wasn't. @Exaccus @Sailor
  15. ooc

    OOC thread for this thread, as we'll need it sooner or later.
  16. ooc

    This is the OOC thread for this. In case rolls happen. What madness would that be, I wonder! Feel free to ask questions; I don't intend to dwell over-long in the starting spot, but this gives me a bit more time to try and get ducks in rows.
  17. ooc

    Ooc for Here we go! @Supercape
  18. OOC thread for this thread. Best of the 80's meets ghost haps.
  19. ooc

    OOC thread for this this be the mood.
  20. ooc

    @Ari @KnightDisciple @Tiffany Korta Let's hunt some not so friendly neighborhood space vampires:
  21. ooc

    Initiative time! Woodsman 10 + True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:3Powered by RANDOM.ORG Woodsman goes on 13. Sniper 10+ True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:19Powered by RANDOM.ORG 29 Spotter 8+ True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:17Powered by RANDOM.ORG 25 So it's Sniper: 29 Spotter: 25 Woodsman: 13 in terms of init so far
  22. ooc

    OOC for this , where Synth investigates some shady stuff! (Great description, I know )
  23. OOC for this thread. Emerald City PCs only, but if you want yours in only say so. Everyone's day gets a little weirder with the city's first-ever local supervillain. And all the people who want her dead. (The title is ironic.)