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Found 1,173 results

  1. [IC] The Cretan Connection

    Mühlenplatz, Lucerne, Switzerland Saturday, April 21st , 2018 2:23 PM It was a beautiful day on Lucerne’s Mühlenplatz. People from both near and far enjoyed the sudden sunlight after a long winter by sitting in the restaurants outside and browsing through the various stores. There were travel groups, locals, and Swiss from other parts of the country. And there was Auguste Zoss. He’d not been in Lucerne for a while, there honestly weren’t that many reasons to visit the city. But today he was, thanks to an invitation by an old friend earlier in the day. He didn’t have anything else to do for the rest of the day, so it felt only fair to spend some time in the sun, amongst all the others. People were walking down the streets en masse, and Auguste was enjoying his coffee, occasionally peeking over at a man on a nearby table who was holding the most recent newspaper. But then, the occasional superhero noticed something. A glint, up on one of the roofs. A closer look revealed something quite disturbing. A man, set up with what quite clearly was a sniper rifle.
  2. Iron Works

    GM 19th April, 2018 The rain started coming down in the early afternoon and it had not stopped. It was a hot, heavy rain in a hot, heavy city. Frank Slate, Bedlam City Detective, was investigating a murder. He was an old dog, tough and weathered, his experience making him both competent and cynical. Another dead body in Bedlam City, and he hardly raised an eyebrow. Just another job. The woman had been crushed, it seemed. But by what? She wasn't talking, and could any forensic scientist make sense of the pulp that was her bones? It was doubtful she had a bone left in her cold dead corpse that had not been broken. Her body had been found in Gravewood Iron Foundy, just outside of Bedlam. It had an awful track record for safety, but nobody had ever turned up like this mess. Possibly it was an industrial accident, but nobody was talking, and Frank couldn't see any loose machinery. "Hell, what do I know anyway?" he grumbled to himself. Word spread fast in Bedlam. And maybe somebody who did know would help...
  3. Hung from the neck

    GM Wednesday 18th April, Midday, Outside WestRock Software The year was warming up with a clear sky and a hot sun. One could imagine swimming in sunlight, the way the midday brightness infused the air. And outside Lick Her and Shots, a disreputable bar just across the street from Hakim, there was screaming. And a gunshot of strange resonance (And yet, somehow, once knew it was a gunshot). A half dozen people started stumbling and screaming and running out of the bar, almost crushing each other in wild panic to get out. Of course, gunshots did that, but those in the know would be aware that Lick Her and Shots was a bar frequented by the army, or more precisely, Vets. Who, once could argue (PTSD aside) would be relatively resilient to the fear induced by gunfire...
  4. GM Atlantic Ocean April 9th, 3:00 pm Over the weekend three ships had been attacked. The sailors had reported giant snake like creatures that had emerged up out of the dark and struck. The sailors had expected to be eaten or for the ships to be sunk. Instead the serpents had plucked cargo containers off the ships and tossed them into the deep. Koa had seen the news reports and decided he’d look into it. He’d seen sea serpents before and, maybe Atlantic ones acted differently, but that wasn’t how they behaved. After class he jogged on down to the waterfront and dove in. If I keep near the ships coming in and out maybe I can catch these weird sea serpents in the act.
  5. Moira was a guest employee at Silberman's since the beginning of the year. She'd pop in every Wednesday ring the register, but lately she and Lynn had an idea. What if instead of register work, she pulled in customers? She and Lynn talked about it and they both agreed that she would dress up in a costume. For the past two weeks it was successful. More people in the store, more word of mouth, more sales. Good for all. Not that she didn't get a say in the matter, but Moira generally joyed the work. She would have done it for free, but that's not how businesses work. This week she and Gretchen - the two had mended bridges over the winter months, taking to warmer climes to get to know each other better - had been talking back and forth. They would take lunch break together and wouldn't come back for the rest of the shift. A few hours later, Moira woke up in Gretchen's room, rested. She hadn't slept this peacefully in a while. No mind talk from the parents. And then she noticed her bracer was gone. That thing never left her arm! She didn't want to wake Gretchen, but Gretchen wasn't there either. hopping up from the comforting bed, she raced to put on a night dress and scoured the apartment. For her bracer. For her lover. For any signs of what happened. And nothing had happened! The only thing rustled was the things that got in the way when they came in.
  6. You Can’t Park Here!-ic

    GM Saturday April 7th, 2018 6:00 pm Waco, Texas The Cameron Park Zoo was a point of pride for the city of Waco. Plenty of people used it as a source of outdoor recreation. Since early this morning dozens of people and cars had entered the park and none had come out. This alone would have been concerning. The fact that multiple bordering neighborhoods had been swallowed up as well made it all the worse. No less than a hundred people had gone missing, people had stopped going in, but no one was coming out. What had come out was a bear. From a distance, one might assume that it was one of the American Black Bears from the Cameron Park Zoo, perhaps even rightly. Except now it was about three times the size and when it had been approached by police it had breathed flames at them. To put it lightly? Not your average day in the park. Hyperactive had gotten the call about an expanded park early in the morning. He had at that point decided he wasn’t going to pick a fight with trees. When he’d heard the reports of missing persons he’d decided it might be his issue to fix. When he heard about a bear wandering down University Parks, it definitely became his issue to solve. So he decided it was time to run home.
  7. Off and Away!(IC)

    GM April 1st, 2018, 12.01 AM In the ruins of Tharask, Lemurian City of Hope, the Night Sea of Sub-Terra Tharask had been empty for centuries long before the Great Cataclysm destroyed Lemuria and her human twin. But in its highest tower, in the heart of the Drowned Citadel, the voices of serpents resounded. The robes glimmered in the emerald light of the torches, a light reflected dully in the golden eyes of the procession being described around the bloodied circle. Thin, hissing voices rose and fell in song as scaled arms tipped by claws brandished wreathes of bone and weapons of obsidian glass. As the serpent people sang, the light of the torches changed, first to a healthy, ruddy orange, then deeper and deeper into a sickly, nauseating red. The golden eyes were eclipsed as slitted pupils expanded to draw in more light, the sibilant voices grew louder and faster, a savage tempo building as the eldritch forces at work began to work their will on the world. Suddenly, with a blinding flash and a peal like thunder, the thin fabric of the world was torn away, flinging a being from another world into the circle! <"It works, it works!"> they cried jubilantly, dancing with glee as their leader, resplendent in a crown and robes adorned with sea dragon fangs, swept into view of the new arrival. He pointed a staff topped with a gilded skull at them. <"Demon of the void,"> he began, before pausing, eyes squinting dubiously. Something was...strange about this demon. They were more human-looking than most, for starters. <"What infernal realm do you hail from, creature? As thine summoner, I do command thee to answer, and answer only with the truth as it pertains to the spirit of my question!"> -------------------------------------------------------------------- Aquaria had made a stunning discovery during the transfer of Deep One relics to the Freedom City museum. A stone tablet imbued with protective power held an intricate map carved long before the stone was enchanted. It showed the way to an ancient city built as a refuge by the Serpents in the early days of their forgotten empire. Tharask had been a glimmering pearlescent jewel in the crown of the Serpent Empire, a place where song and art were the greatest skills that could be cultivated, shimmering spires reached to the cavern roof and its artificial Sun shone day and night, spreading heat and life eternal. Then the War had swept into Sub-Terra and by Atlantean magic the false Sun seared the city until was bleached bone white, all life burned from its streets and towers. The walls of the cavern had broken, letting in the surrounding underworld sea to cover everything in icy darkness. But the wonders remained and the legends grew. More importantly Tharask was directly(relatively, Sub-Terra made such things hard to pin down) beneath the waters of the Great Bay. So here she was, floating in a giant flooded cave surrounded by the spear-head tips of pallid, crumbling buildings that smelled like death. With the unmistakable lights and sounds of a Serpent ritual drawing her closer to reptilian shadows and hissing voices.
  8. (IC) Under Cove-r

    GM “Be careful with that, ya mook.” The hissed voice echoed in the gloom of the cavernous space, and was coupled with the sound of a slap as one of the intruders into the quiet space smacked his fellow upside the head. They called it Devil’s Cove… or at least, some people had done, a very long time ago. Most people now didn’t call it anything, because most people didn’t come to this water-logged cavern a few dozen miles from Freedom City’s harbour. Why would they? There was nothing out this far. The wi-fi reception was terrible. But there were some things it had going for it. This late at night, when the stars are in the sky and the moon is shining down on the waves, there is a kind of quiet beauty to it. Serene, even. The natural cavern is far enough away from the city that there’s no intrusion of sound or pollution this far out. Few prying eyes came out this far. Which also made it a fantastic place for smugglers. The submarine that they had used to get this far was now surfaced at the mouth of the cave, the dull, dark metal glinting under the pale moonlight. The top hatch has opened, and a dozen people are in the process of quickly and efficiently unloading the cargo. Crates upon crates of contraband have filled the belly of the submarine, and in amongst all of them was the secret that had – unknowingly – ensured that the entire venture would come crashing down. Somewhere in there, there’s some Daka Crystals. The extremely valuable items were due for sale to some very unsavoury characters, and word had hit the street that they would be coming in tonight.
  9. Sunset Wheel

    GM Saturday, March 24th Later Afternoon... The sun hung low in the sky, and the shadows were long, but it was a surprisingly warm day, and people were in fair spirits. Jackson street was a smaller road in the Theatre district, full of more avante garde art and artists. As was the case when art was less than a blinding success, money was thin in wallets and pockets. And this close to the Fens, the paucity of wealth started to blend with the abundance of crime that goes with it. Perhaps the highlight of Jackson Street was The Square Moon, a Sort of Jazz club. It was "sort of" because it played all sorts of esoteric and crazy music of limited popularity that proclaimed itself to be both artistic and cool. And usually had some maddening time signature. In addition, the Square Moon attracted all sorts of new age and wiccan types and had a barely believed reputation for being seeped in sorcery. Outside the Square Moon, a tall man of Asian heritage in a cool turtleneck was pacing up and down and smoking heavily, quite worried. He was stopping passers by and those coming in and out of the Square Moon showing them pictures of two kids, but with limited success. Maybe the young man known as Facsimile might help as he passed by? And meanwhile... Victoria Gold has received a hand written, hand delevired note of brief nature. Trouble at the Square Moon with Katarnachists. I need your help. Meet me outside at 5pm. Wear a circle. Followed by the sigil of the Guardians of the Wheel. Which, as far as Victorian Gold knew, only the Guardians of the Wheel knew.....
  10. Try Harder! (IC)

    Early Summer 2018 Jordan International Airport The busload of tourists who had recently been getting ready for their tour of Freedom City were certainly getting an eyeful, thought Watchdog. As the driver recovered from the punch she'd landed on the side of his head, she had to wonder if the touring company was going to give them their money back. "You think you can smuggle poison dope in my city? Those kids _died!_" The truth was that Rodrigo here was a pretty low-level dealer, but a sound beating from a vigilante was just the thing to get him to lay off and move out of town. Or so the Raven had suggested, anyway, and so Ashley had passed on to her superiors. He hadn't actually killed anyone with the watered-down crap he was selling to the nightshift package handlers, but if he thought he had, he'd probably run off and do something stupid that would lead the Raven or the cops to his boss. "I didn't kill anybody I swear to God!" Rodrigo wept, putting his hands up as he braced himself against the side of the bus. "SWEAR TO ME!" responded Watchdog as she kicked him again, knocking him to the ground and drawing her pistols. She really did hate dealers, and that made it easy to put real menace in her voice as she advanced on him."SWEAR YOU DIDN'T POISON THAT LITTLE GIRL! GO AHEAD!"
  11. April 2018 The Castle Aquaria climbed her way up the side of the skyscraper, sticky pads clinging to opaque panels rather than translucent windows. She didn't normally indulge herself in this way, but it was much too dark for Surfacers to see clearly outside - and the driving rainstorm outside disguised her from any prying eyes below. The warm wet wind, thick with ocean-scented rain, felt wonderful on her skin. Freedom City was never quite as comfortable as her home waters - but at times she could dream, and imagine a better place. Once she reached the floor where she and Jessie lived, she wriggled her way to one of the secret access panels installed for the benefit of flying superheroes or outdoor maintenance and made her way through a supply closet to the secluded floor where she and Jessie lived. Padding her way nearly silently down the corridor, as usual careful not to alert their neighbors, she took only a few seconds to nimbly lope down to the rooms that she and Singularity shared. She had a fish under her arm, thick and juicy, and there would be frying tonight!
  12. Welcome to Crimebusting Monthly! [OPEN]

    March 31. The Internet. 11:45 EST It wasn’t always easy, but the superheroic costumed detective (among a few other things) Terrifica had sent out her carefully worded invitations. Terrifica herself was at home in Boston. Her husband was still awake, but her two children slept the sleep of the very young and carefree. She had taken great care to retrofit this particular chat room software (“borrowed” from a certain popular program) to be invisible to all but the most dedicated searchers. No program or system was entirely unhackable, but there was something to be said for going under the radar to avoid being hacked in the first place. The ultimate purpose of the chat room was the same as the invitations. Terrifica’s very nature precluded not looking into mysterious or suspicious circumstances, and what she found was often criminal in nature. Therefore, it needed stopping. And while various law enforcement bodies were quite capable in their own right, there were situations they were not fit to handle. Situations that required a…superheroic touch. Terrifica interceded in this situations when she could, and requested assistance from her protégé and friend Miracle Girl when she could not. However, this still left certain situations unresolved. This would not do. She had wrangled with it for the better part of a year, but there was no realistic choice. She would have to outsource further. To that end, the invitations (one time use links, as she would provide permanent ones to the regulars) and the chat room. She had informed Miracle Girl in person a few days ago, and requested her presence as well. LittleMissTerrific loitered alone inside of it for now, a welcoming message (Welcome to Crimebusting Monthly!) and a short list of rules (1. Be civil to each other. 2. Respect each other’s privacy. 3. Try to use common sense.) pinned to the top of the general channel. There were four channels. #general, #herostuff, #suggestions, and #askagenius. Contrary to what those who didn’t know Terrifica well might think, #askagenius was not where Terrifica would be replying to questions. She had a bot for that, linking to Wikipedia and various other pertinent websites for information. All that there was left to do…was wait.
  13. Codus Immortus: Icy Juice

    March 25th, 2018 Club Immortus, London... Late Evening Mr. Murk awaited patiently. He was a patient man. He had all the time in the world, and quite possibly longer. And yet, whilst things were not urgent, he felt the need to act. Something had gone missing, and that something was important. Not merely because that something happened to be an apparently immortal woman encased in ice in a hill in Wales, but because he could forsee some of the web of possibilities that had been wrapped up in this act. It disturbed him. The rules of the Codex Immortus were far from perfect, he knew, and must always be examined - not just by him, but by wise minds of its members. But he was, for the most part, glad that they were there. They had been used positively from time to time. He was not sure this was one of those times...not sure at all. So he had sent for Voin and Comrade Frost for help. Dreanought too, was intimately mixed up in this, but he would need awakening...it would be about now, by his timekeeping. He remembered their favourite drinks and favourite foods, and had arranged for them to be prepared. He knew, after all, when they would be arriving. For himself, he drank some Gin and tonic. For now, at least. He had a Pinot Noire and Chicken salad waiting, but he confessed to himself he had no particular thirst or appetite today...
  14. GM March 15th, 2018, 2.37AM The Battle Roil, the Red Waste, the Well of Rage Moira was very rudely yanked from a dream as she was flung through space. A strange, powerful hand had her by the wrist and Moira could feel something large, metallic and bulky behind her. The air whistled around her ears and a great black sky stretched from horizon to horizon, broken up by the distant silhouettes of towering spires of red rock. Vast mesas and dark canyons broke up the dreary expanses of red tableland that otherwise ran as far as her eyes could see. With a jolt the hand securing her whipped out savagely, sending Moira hurtling towards one of the mesas, the pillar of rock rushing to meet her! Moira for just a moment looked into eyes just like hers, in a face just like hers. As she sped towards the ground she saw that this doppelganger was wearing an ornate suit of brassy armor covered with decorative figure inlays featuring scenes of love and war. She heard her own voice shouting down after her. "Let's do this, you sloppy piece of copyright infringement! Let's see how comic-book Scion deals with the real thing!" From her back swung golden wings, and with a roar the other Moira came racing for her twin!
  15. Take Me Down To The Paradise City

    GM The Paradise, 6PM, March 24, 2018. Rose had done this for Maybelle before. It was not so successful. She swore if it didn't work this time that... there were plenty of fish in the sea. She just wanted to see her friend happy, and not so obsessed with work. It was fine to a degree, but workaholism was bad! Luckily, Rose knew just the person to wind Maybelle down. There was a concerted effort, with Rose at the head, to get Maybelle dating. So, right now, in the middle of winter, they would go to some place warm. The Paradise is a 'tropical resort' year round. Which was fine, she enjoyed the warmth better than the cold. Warmth lead to summer clothing. Of which she made sure Maybelle bought. No work clothes, she warned. Finally, there was the hook up. Rose said they'd met before under inopportune circumstances. And no, it wasn't Greg, again. They would wait in the - very warm - waiting room. There were dressing rooms to get ready for the resort theme.
  16. Monorail Slam

    GM Saturday, Feb 24th, San Diego... Gilbert Gibbens was a short man, in an apparently ill fitting suit that seemed to show his sweating body off very well. "I have a condition!" he would explain, wiping his brow with his handkerchief. Sometimes he would sneeze as if to punctuate said condition. He had thinning hair, and looked as if he was in his mid forties. He could of course not track down Tsunami, but he had hedged his bets. And so here he was, trying to be patient, sitting in a park which was moderately busy, by a pool, under a tree, having a coffee that used to be hot, but was now getting cold, at midday. He had placed a series of cryptic messages and symbols in the local newspapers and magazines. It had cost a small fortune to do so, but he had enough money to meet the need. A student of Eastern philosophy would understand. The Sun, at midday, by still water, under wood. Life in the midst of steel and masonry. Stillness admidst motion. And so he hoped that Tsunami would get the message. He presumed that she would come in disguise, or incognito. But he really had no idea if she would come at all. But he was at least trying to reach out.
  17. Night Light (IC) [Solo]

    Freedom City University - Dormitories 1:03 a.m. The fire alarms should have gone off sooner. The sprinklers should have put out the fire. The fire department, at least, was reacting precisely as they were trained to, but as the dormitories went up in flames, the fire trucks were still a ways out. Most of the students seemed to already have gotten out, quickly filing their way onto the asphalt parking lot. Campus security guards were all ready moving people away from the burning building, as well as keeping gawking pedestrians back. Onlookers watched as flames licked out of the windows of the second floor. The doors on the first floor pumped out black smoke, but was otherwise untouched, for the time being at least. Some of the students cried, but most murmured and whispered, waves of "Did everyone make it out?" and "Where's so-and-so?" and "What started this?" wafting through the air. The flow of startled and sleep-deprived students had ceased, but the flames showed no sign of stopping in kind as fire began to climb to the third floor. The orange and red glow of the burning building shone like a beacon in the night, and everyone stood and watched in rapture as they waited for the fire department, the awaited sirens not far in the distance. Then a scream rang out, a young woman calling, "Micah! MICAH!" The student shoved through the crowd, looking for the absent Micah. Frantic, the girl ran up to one of the security guards and grabbed his sleeve. "My roommate, she's still in there! She's still on the second floor!"
  18. Road Warriors: Gold Rush!

    Freedom City Central Downtown Wading Way 13:15 21st of march 2018 Wading way was a nice neighbourhood, anyone you asked would tell you so, lots of strong local businesses operated out of there so there was a lot of opportunity for work and a strong economy, resilient even in the face of the rampant meta-human events that seemed to be perpetually going on around the infamous city of heroes, which thanks to the wealth and affluence of its occupants seemed to weather the storms of energy blasts and super strength backed blows better than other neighbourhoods. They had been enjoying a nice run of good weather as of late, perfect infact for taking ones lunch out to the various civic parks or even just to the bench around the corner from your workplace, it had all been going so well, but then, it usually was before something kicked off. That in this case a bright red steam locomotive ripped through the air with a thrumming cascade of light and strange energies, was something novel but hardly unique in the face of day to day occurrences, many watched none nonplussed it it slid across the ground smoothly, held aloft on a cushion of light and air and pulled up outside the bank. A scant few moments the doors flung open and a crowed of extremely similar looking cowboys, far more than one would reasonable expect to fit into the cab of such a vehicle, raced from the street into the glassy front doors of the wading way 3rd national bank. It was going to be one of those days it seemed.
  19. Bing-Bong, Bing-Bong (IC)

    Spring 2018 A Saturday evening Anna appeared in Jette's office, sitting in the office chair directly in front of the latter's desk. She was smirking, her legs crossed demurely before her, and wearing an orange tracksuit like someone who'd gone jogging in a Bedlam winter. "Hey, Rocket Shorts! Remember me?" There was only one person who had ever called Jette Rocket Shorts, even though she'd heard almost nothing of that worthy since she'd gone to jail - three years _after_ Jette herself had gone behind bars. Anna Cline was a good twenty-five years her senior, closer to her late partner's age than her own, but the smile lines were thin enough and the blonde hair real enough that it was clear she didn't look her age; if anything, she looked Jette's age or a few years younger.
  20. HATERS Unite

    GM Simon Gordon's little movement actually started 25 years ago, so he claims. When the then unknown force of the Terminus invaded Earth. Millions died. All because of the Terminus. It was found later on that there were 'sleeper agents' born of the incident. Children of the Terminus. Some used their powers for good, others for evil. But Simon Gordon knew the truth. They were all lying in wait. They would call down the thunder again. It was only a matter of time. Simon found like minded folks. Some with fervent belief. And then his message began to spread. He was a leader. Over the past few months, Humans Against Terminus ERuptionS - a term that Gordon cooked up himself after people called their group 'haters' - grew in size and visibility. The HATERS went national Simon got the ear of media. Suddenly everyone knew a little bit about the Terminus. Enough to know that a scary dark invasion was bound to happen. How the public perceived it was split. Though most saw it as a tinfoil conspiracy theory, others knew such things could happen! March 17, 2018. Noon. Simon was going to educate the masses, personally. He advertised a meeting in Liberty Park. His like-minded would come, but he wanted his detractors to come. He wanted the fence sitters and unknowing to come. He would explain how the HATERS's goals and ideology. There was a small stage with a banner above it reading HATERS. No one was on there, but there was a large group of people swarmed around it. The presentation would be starting in thirty minutes.
  21. Interstellar Space Along the outer length of the Perseus Arm, near the border of Khanate Space Lor time mark 1795.3 [March 2, 2018 (Terran Calendar)] The Praetorian spacecraft Kavaca moved along through the dark void of space, currently moving a considerable speed, but not nearly at its top speed. Aboard the sleek silver spacecraft were several members of the Praetorians. Ha'li Ca'vur, an independent Grue that typically assumed the form of a Dordant female was at the helm of the Kavaca. Ha'li, or Hazmat as she was also known, found the sleek Praetorian craft to handle far better than a craft its size should, performing as well as a standard Starfighter might. Chlo'zel Elzak, also known as Galvanic, was also on the bridge of the Kavaca, seated at a science station. The Tempestian was monitoring the Kavaca's powerful sensors as they continued to scan the nearby regions of space as the vessel moved through the parsec. Also present on the bridge were Magnetar, who had magnetic control powers and the towering, eight foot tall reptilian Seresk. Magnetar was seated in another of the chairs on the bridge, handling the vessels navigation. Seresk was seated in an oversized chair at the communications station, monitoring for any transmissions. The four Praetorians had been sent out to this region of space near the Stellar Khanate to help patrol the area around several systems that had declared independence from the Stellar Khanate following the Incursion. For some time this region had been in considerable turmoil, with numerous pirate groups operating in the area, not to mention the power struggles within the Stellar Khanate. With the independent systems aligned with the Coalition worlds, the Praetorians had offered their assistance in protecting the region, working in conjunction with the Star Knights to help patrol the area and deal with any threats. Currently the region seemed to have stabilized some, the numbers of pirates seeming to have dwindled. But that did not mean that the patrols of the area had stopped, even if they had started to become generally less eventful. "Bring us around to heading mark 5." Magnetar stated to Hazmat. "That will take us toward the Alurian System. Anything on sensors?" He asked Galvanic.
  22. Igneus (PL 10) - NotaHoneyBadger

    Igneous Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: -1 Attack / +1 Damage ; -4 Defense / +4 Toughness In Brief: College student with the power to control rock and magma. She is normally cocky and enthusiastic, but deep inside she has a burning temper. Catchphrase: None Theme: None Alternate Identity: Micah Terran (Secret) Birthplace: Celestine, Indiana Residence: North End, FCU dormitories Base of Operations: None Occupation: College Lab Assistant Affiliations: Dr. Christopher Sallai – The experiment Micah was running when she gained her powers was for Dr. Sallai’s research. He is the only person aware of her condition. Family: Loraine and Cliff, Mother and Father. Both are back home in Indiana. Description: Age: 25 (DoB: 22 April, 1993) Apparent Age: 22 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5’ 4” Weight: 431 lbs Eyes: Amber Hair: Copper With fiery copper hair and bright amber eyes, Micah has a striking appearance. She is slightly on the short side, and very athletic. Ever since she acquired her powers her skin has been blotched and speckled. She claims it is a rare skin condition, but it is really rock and mineral embedded in her skin and muscle. As a typical college student, Micah often wears whatever is the most comfortable, particularly sweat pants and sweatshirts. As of late, she has been buying and wearing the cheapest clothes she can find. Micah has no costume. Instead, she grows the rock embedded in her body, covering herself from head to toe in dark igneous stone. When she does, her hair turns pale and translucent, and floats seemingly of its own accord. Her eyes turn into glowing orange embers, and tongues of flame trickle out of the cracks in her skin. During this change her feminine figure is obscured by the rock coating and replaced with a masculine appearance. This, in addition to her voice becoming much deeper, has no doubt helped Micah immensely in hiding her identity. During this transformation, Micah’s clothes are invariably destroyed in this process, which is why she now typically wears the cheapest things she can find. History: Micah’s transformation from a hardworking, studious geology student to a superpower was nearly instant. An experiment testing the melting points of rocks based on various factors resulted in what should have been a horrible accident. A malfunction in the equipment sent molten magma into Micah’s heart. Instead of dying, her physiology changed. Now the magma is her molten core. Magma feeds her veins, her bones have been replaced with stone, and rock is embedded in her flesh. With this change Micah also gained an innate attunement to the earth around her, including limited telekinesis. Although shocked and frightened for days after, Micah eventually became enticed by the idea of becoming a hero. The idea of adventure and excitement unlike anything she had ever experienced was too good to pass up… and if she could do some real good along the way, why not? Personality & Motivation: Motivation: Thrills; to a lesser extent, goodness. Micah is bold and extroverted, and almost always carries a smile on her face. In her mind she is friendly, but to strangers she often comes off as pushy. Micah is intelligent, and combined with her academic fervor she has amassed a significant reservoir of knowledge pertaining to the sciences. Both athletic and a thrill seeker, Micah quickly acclimated to the idea of being a costumed hero after her powers manifested. Powers & Tactics: Micah possesses enhanced strength, stamina, and durability, as well as the ability to manipulate earth. In a fight, she prefers to rush into unarmed combat and rely on her strength and armor. She is just as capable at grappling and throwing opponents as throwing punches and kicks. If necessary, Micah uses the environment to her advantage, cracking the ground to send out shockwaves and wreck the terrain, or backing opponents near walls where she can entrap them. By striking rock surfaces with her fists or legs, she can send shrapnel at her opponents. To protect civilians or teammates, she will interpose herself between them and the attack. When that isn’t enough, Micah can create walls of rock to act as cover, as well as feed her shrapnel ability for return fire. When she loses her temper, Micah ignites her body. She can melt stone or cause it to burn. Her shrapnel ability sends forth burning rocks or magma, and her shockwave ability can cause flames to spew from the earth in a wide area. Micah’s attunement to rock lets her sense vibrations around her. The molten core that acts as her heart make her immune to heat and fire. However, magma can always be cooled back into stone… Power Descriptions: Granite Gauntlet – Micah hardens her fist and aims for a knockout blow. Shrapnel – Micah strikes the ground or a wall, sending a spray of broken shards at opponents with uncanny accuracy. Burning Shrapnel – The same as her Shrapnel ability, but Micah ignites the rock as she strikes. The resulting projectiles are more dangerous, but also harder to control. Crack Earth – Micah strikes the ground, sending out a shockwave as the ground quakes and splits. The aftermath leaves an area of jagged protrusions and wide crevices. Erupt Earth - The same as her Crack Earth ability, but instead of raising protrusions to impede movement, Micah summons fire from the earth to erupt from the crevices. This leaves a cloud of lingering flame and ash. Rock Wall – Micah stamps the ground, causing a large wall of rock to shift upright and provide cover. Complications: Temper – Certain things just set you of. When you lose your temper, you lash out at whatever provoked you. Power Loss – All of Micah’s earth control abilities require her to physically and forcibly touch rock. If she is immobilized or restrained from moving her legs and arms, or has no rock around, she cannot use those powers. Destructive – The majority of Micah’s abilities are highly destructive, resulting in rubble, shattered walls, and fissured streets. Micah may not be able to use Earth Control abilities in certain circumstances, for fear of risking injury or death to civilians. Abilities: 22 + 2 + 28 + 4 - 2 - 2 = 52PP Strength: 32 (+11) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 38 (+14) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 8 (-1) Charisma: 8 (-1) Combat: 9 (2PP / Base Attack) + 5 (2PP / Base Defense) = 28PP Initiative: +1 Attack: +9 Melee, +9 Ranged, +9 Base Defense: +6 (+5 Base, +1 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +20 Knockback: -8 Saving Throws: 0 (1PP / Fortitude) + 5 (1PP / Reflex) + 5 (1PP / Will) = 10PP Toughness: +14 (+14 Con, +0) Fortitude: +14 (+14 Con, +0) Reflex: +6 (+1 Dex, +5) Will: +4 (-1 Wis, +5) Skills: 48R = 12PP (1PP = 4 Skill ranks) Acrobatics 3 (+4) Climb 1 (+12) Computers 3 (+5) Craft (Chemical) 6 (+8) Investigate 4 (+6) Knowledge: Earth Sciences 11 (+13) Knowledge: Life Sciences 6 (+8) Knowledge: Physical Sciences 6 (+8) Medicine 4 (+3) Search 3 (+5) Swim 1 (+12) Feats: 8PP Dodge Focus 1 Elusive Target Evasion 2 Improved Grab Interpose Takedown Attack 2 Powers: 32 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 44PP All: (Mutant) Earth Control 12 (Magma Control; 24PP Array; Feats: Dynamic Alternate Power 1; Alternate Power 6) [32PP] (earth) Fire Control 11 (Magma Control; Feats: Dynamic Alternate Power) {24/24} (fire) Blast 11 (Shrapnel; Feats: Indirect; Ricochet) {24/24} (earth) Blast 9 (Burning Shrapnel; Extras: Area (Cone); Drawbacks: Full Power) {24/24} (earth, fire) Super-Strength 5 (Crack Earth; Feats: Groundstrike, Linked) [11PP] (earth) + Environmental Control 4 (Hamper Movement 2/rank, reduce speed to 1/4; Extras: Continuous; Feats: Linked) [8PP] {Total: 23/24} (earth) Super-Strength 2 (Erupt Earth; Feats: Groundstrike, Linked; Drawbacks: Full Power) [2PP] (earth) + Strike 10 (Extras: Area (Cloud); Feats: Progression (Area) 5; Drawbacks: Full Power) [10PP] {Total: 24/24} (fire) Stun 11 (Granite Gauntlet) {22/24} (earth) Create Object 8 (Rock Wall; Extras: Continuous) {24/24} (earth) Speed 1 [1PP] Super Movement 1 (Sure-Footed) [2PP] Immovable 1 (Extras: Unstoppable) [2PP] Super-Senses 2 (Tremor-Sense) [2PP] Immunity 5 (all Fire Damage) [5PP] Drawbacks: (-4) = -4PP Weakness (Cold) – Common; Major (Cumulative -1 on all ability scores) DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 21 Toughness Damage Granite Gauntlet Touch DC 21 Fortitude Stun Shrapnel Ranged DC 21 Toughness Damage Burning Shrapnel Cone DC 19 Toughness Damage Crack Earth Burst Strength Check (-1/10ft) Trip Erupt Earth Burst Strength Check (-1/10ft) Trip + Cloud + DC 20 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (52) + Combat (28) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (12) + Feats (8) + Powers (44) - Drawbacks (-4) = 150/150 Power Points
  23. Vision of Fire

    GM Wales, Aprox 10,000 BCE The last ice age had come and gone, and was consigned to oral mythology along with beasts and demons and cruel Gods of frost and ice. This was a time of humans, scavenging, hunting, and living primitive lives in the forests, hills, lakes and rivers. It was a harsh time, but there was time still for stories and worship, rituals and myths, and even magic. And sometimes, the magic worked. The prayers of the Chief had been answered, for through time - further than ever before - Dreadnought fell, to land in the middle of an vast forest, in a valley with clear water, surrounded by the tribe, with a fire, hot in the centre. Dreadnought could hear plenty of speech but not understand a word of it. But the tribes reaction was clearly startled. With stone spears and hand axes, they kept shocked eye on the giant. They were clean of body, wearing furs and skins, often with red hair, many with scars from accident and ritual. They were young to, by and large - for life was not long in this world, at least by modern standards. Rotten teeth, blemished skin, and sickness marred those even thirty years old, and few indeed would be called old.
  24. Take Your Shot [IC]

    March 4, 2018 Noon Clouds hung over Claremont Academy, the occasional gust of wind shaking snow from the bare trees of the grounds. But for some of the students living on the grounds, this mattered about as much as the next song on the oldies station playing in the teacher's lounge. After having changed out of her warm winter clothes and into the gold and blue uniform of the school, Selena Kwon stepped out of the girl's locker room and into the programmed reality of the school's combat simulation room. Taking a deep breath, enjoying the facsimile of a beach in the middle of summer. Stepping across the sand, she withdrew several pieces of steel from her belt and waited for the targets to start appearing.
  25. Sword and Shield (IC)

    Citadel Lor Timemark 1792.4 [March 4, 2018 (Terran Calendar)] The planet Citadel was perhaps among the most unique in the known galaxy. The world had long ago been terraformed so that is contained dozens of different biomes and even atmospheres, many sealed off from one another to prevent contamination. All of this was possible thanks to Mentor and incredibly advanced technology that made the division possible. The various biomes and atmospheres allowed for the incredible variety that made up the membership of the Star Knights, providing barracks and recreational atmospheres as well as training grounds for the Knights and its potential members. On the largest continent of the planet stood a massive fortress consisting of a ring of a dozen towering spires. Each spire was the width of several city blocks of a major Terran city and rose up well over a mile in height. From this inner ring, dozens of smaller buildings, each no more than ten stories high, extended outward like spokes for several miles. These reached out to connect to some of the major atmosphere sectors of the most unusual planet. This was the central headquarters of the Order of the Star Knights, the interstellar guardians of freedom and justice. Within those walls were the vast processors which contained Mentor, the enigmatic cybernetic computer network that contained the knowledge and experiences of thousands of individuals. There were also training facilities, living quarters and various administrative and support offices for the Order. As the sun rose in the sky over the headquarters of the Star Knights, many members of the Order and its recruits were just beginning their day. For the group of recruits that were recently officially given the title of Star Squire, today would mark the first day they would be leaving Citadel to continue their training working alongside current Knights, undertaking the sorts of missions they would one day be expected to carry out on their own.