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Found 34 results

  1. Skyjam(OOC)

    OOC for this thread, Levity and Sha'ir deal with sky ghosts. @Sailor @olopi
  2. Skyjam(IC)

    GM July 30th, 2017, 12.12PM Nolan Airfields, Emerald City @olopi @Sailor Nolan Aerospace's proud and elite cadre of pilots, trained in the rigors of modern search, rescue and survival techniques, were assembled on the airfield for a very abrupt mission. Also in attendance was a smaller team of marginally less-fit people, almost all with glasses and pale skin from a decade or so indoors. "Okay, team, this is the situation!" Carrie Ping had to yell to be heard over the spectral howling that rang in the air. With one hand busy holding her coat's neon orange hood down, she used the one with the tablet to point at the scene right above their heads. An enormous, pulsating cloud of neon green, violet and orange swam and writhed a hundred thousand feet in the air, wrapped and skulming over the chassis of an immobile passenger jet. Sometimes the forms that burst from the cloud, or coalesced within its depths, looked almost human. Like people screaming and struggling to escape. But they always collapsed back into the great morass. The shadows it cast across the Emerald Cities Valley weaved with colour to create some truly unsettling sights. "We have no idea what that is, or what it's doing! ASTRO Labs and Archetech claim it's some kind of partial tear in our dimensional fabric, but even that much isn't for sure! All we know is it burst out of nowhere, grabbed the plane and started screaming!" "J-C Base dispatched some recon craft, but they couldn't even get into the cloud! Archetech has called Citizen, but he won't be here for hours, something's going on over in 'Jersey! Your job is to try and get to the plane, free it if possible!" The screams rose to a howling shriek, like the inner wall of a cyclone. For a moment everyone there had to cover their ears and wait for the rattling in their skulls to stop. "If not-! Sweet Sidda, my ears...if not, evacuate everyone you can! Techs, WestRock probably already told you, but you're needed in case the plane's systems are damaged, and all of it runs on WestRock software!" With a semi-free hand, Carrie pointed to Anne, Jaime and Hakim. "You three! You get to take point! The rest will follow your lead! Jaime, is the Peregrine prepped and ready?" "'Course she is, boss! No thanks to the pilot!" The red-haired woman who'd answered grinned easily and looked thoroughly relaxed, despite the bizarre situation. Putting an arm around Anne's shoulder she squeezed against her "Just my luck I love a sleepyhead!" "That's great!" Carrie gave a thoroughly unenthusiastic thumbs-up "Go with peace, people! We'll be praying for your safe return! Please, please, please do not do anything stupid to try and be heroes!" She gave a sharp wave to encompass the group as a whole "Dismissed! Everyone to your stations! Good luck!"
  3. Preserver Stones & virdian Stones Fragmented remnants of efforts to crystallize raw energy, these relics of Preserver science have lain buried under the Atlas Mountains for millennia, only recently becoming unearthed and exploited. History The Star Stone, power source of the mighty Citadel, its master, the artificial being called Mentor and the famous Star Knights. The Nightstone, gateway to the Schattenwelt and conduit of yet darker secrets, long lost on Zultas and recently come to Earth. The Moonstone, core of Farside City's society and infrastructure, with unimaginable transformative power. These and more were created by the enigmatic Preservers to sustain and empower their creations throughout the cosmos. But, as with all science, there is no clean line from hypothesis to successful result. A small group of gems, enough for one human to count within their lifetime, were preceded by countless failures that had to be shattered to avert catastrophe. These fragments of searing cosmic power could have been dumped into some black hole, but the Preservers had different ideas. Most of these shards had exhibited a loose kind of intelligence, a compatibility and drive to connect with other forms of life. On Earth their experiments in uplifting new intelligences were just beginning to bear fruit and they had already noticed a faint glimmer of what might be psionic potential. The tribes with roughly the strongest strains of this potential were taken to a preserve on the Moon while the Preservers started a little terraforming. Where the Columbia River would one day empty into the Pacific Ocean a mountain range arose, covering a titanic extraterrestrial mineral deposit emitting a subtle psychic pull on humanity. The Preservers then left the deposit be, confident that humans would discover it and be guided further towards a future mirroring the Preservers' own. But all those shards' competing energy impulses slowly warped the shattered, failed cosmic gems. The pull on human minds ebbed to nothing in mere decades. By the time the people who would become the Chinook had moved into the river delta thousands of years ago, their migration had nothing to do with the staggering wealth hidden in the harsh and game-poor mountains. For millennia the Preservers' gambit mutated and fused, until something totally new simmered beneath Mt. Stanley and Mt. Forge as the young volcanoes hurled fire and ash into the sky. One eruption sent a rich vein of viridian scattering over the globe. It's only recently that the so-called viridian Stones have started to come out of the ground and directly into human hands, starting with the 1840's gold rush where the mania swept all the way to tiny Fort Emerald. Though the Atlas Range turned out to have a startlingly rich supply of gold, silver and precious stones, it put Fort Emerald on the map when Viridian Stones were discovered. Their composition by then had bonded with terrestrial chemistry, the lustre and quality of these "Atlas Emeralds" raising many eyebrows. However their still-latent bond to living things made it hard for people to sell or trade them, feeling an irrational attachment to the gems and little urge to find more. That and the trouble and expense of shipping said riches out of isolated Fort Emerald helped slowly kill the mining industry in what shortly became the first Emerald City, though viridian stones have recently undergone a renaissance thanks to a dedicated tourism and heritage marketing campaign focused on the rugged frontier days of the 1800's. In the 1860's Emerald City's one and only brush with the American Civil War occurred when Confederate agents stole stocks of precious metals, gemstones and cash from the Red River Diamond Exchange, including a shipment of viridian stones meant for Freedom, New Jersey. In the modern day viridian stones are usually found in centuries-old heirlooms, chic handmade jewelry, arranged into street art sculptures, or as components in secret supertech labs scattered throughout the Emerald Cities. In the Sub-Terran Chasm(other upcoming Guidebook entry) created by the dimensional reshaping which resulted in the Atlas Range, viridian stones are the universal currency among the Igneous and Magmin kingdoms, as well as the basis for the new technology of the Morlock coalition. They have no psychic impression on non-humans, so the stones trade monsters' hands with ease. What they are A viridian stone is in some ways analogous to one of its greater cousins, a nigh-limitless and effectively infinitely-malleable power source accessible to both technology and organic beings. The chief difference is focus and scale. A viridian stone isn't capable of the same stunning feats as, for instance, the Star Stone, but it is also much less overwhelming and manageable. Physically the viridian stones are, in natural state, raw minerals found nowhere else on Earth. They are smooth and faintly warm to the touch, with obvious jagged breaks where they were shattered and partially-reformed in Earth's volcanic furnace. Polishing and shaping them is easy even for unskilled persons, and a common hobby around the Columbia river delta, revealing an inner light. What they do viridian stones enhance and strengthen existing attributes of the beings they bond to and who bond to them. It makes insightful people more empathetic, the strong-willed are even more unshakable, if superhumans get their hands on them they discover new things about their powers. Some of them are similar to daka crystals and can transmit and store energy in an incredible variety of forms, a quality being investigated by ASTRO Labs. Some people who bond with viridian have their latent powers awakened. But usually the stones cannot spark "real" powers in isolation, most being far too weak. There is a loose correlation between the colour of the Stone and the trait it strengthens, though that varies drastically thanks to humans normally only capable of seeing in the visible light spectrum. Roughly, the most common colours are: RED: Red viridian stones strengthen inner resolve, focusing existing drives and making it easier to push through fears or distractions. Stronger bonds can make one all but impervious to outside influences but at a cost. Some become obsessively fixed on something that used to be a mild interest, given to enormous mood swings or driven at a goal to the point of irrationality. Mechanically speaking, they usually affect Will saves and Will effects along with Concentration checks. ORANGE: Orange viridian stones increase one's attention to detail, to how things work. Most commonly this makes their people better in social situations or in understanding technology, but culture, physics and other areas of academia open up as well. As the bond strengthens innovations and new angles come more naturally and a viridian bearer can get an accurate read on a mark or comprehend alien power systems with a mere glance. The problem is how it tends to push people toward determinism or fatalism, restricting their potential unless the bearer has a powerful will and sense of self. Bearers of orange stones also run the risk of megalomania thanks to seeing around the veil that blinds the world. Mechanically it effects Craft, Knowledge, Notice and Sense Motive checks, gives bonuses to Assessment, Artificing and Invention rolls and can give access to the Analytical(Normal Visual) or Detect Weakness Super-Sense. YELLOW: Stones of this color attract and hold the attention of other beings on its bearer, giving them an imposing and magnetic presence. Bonding with a yellow viridian stone lends itself well to natural commanders or shyer types who hate being talked over. Bearing this stone runs the risk of autocratic tendencies, loss of empathy and otherwise having trouble being a follower and not a leader. Mechanically, it can give bonuses to Intimidate checks, Daze, Fascinate and Startle rolls and enhancement to Emotion-Control: Fear and Mind-Control rolls. GREEN: Verdant viridian stones deepen ones understanding of their own and others' wellbeing and mental and physical state. Closer bonds with the stone even allow bearers to tangibly affect the health of other beings at a fundamental level, and improve their own phsyical capabilities. Stronger ties to greenstones can weaken the sense of humanity as bodies and minds become more under the bearer's control, either aloof and inhuman or savage and bestial. Mechanically they can give bonuses to base Attributes. Handle Animal, Knowledge(Behavioural Sciences/Life Sciences), Medicine and Sense Motive checks and enhance powers with a Constitution or Fort check. BLUE: The most common colour are the sky-blue stones. These tie minds together with thin threads, enhancing empathetic and persuasive traits, artistic skills and deception. Stronger bonds with the stone can turn a merely eloquent speaker into a spellbinder, evoke hope in the depths of utter despair, give insights into the depths of another's thoughts and feelings and radically alter other's perception of the bearer. Mechanically, they give bonuses to Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Handle Animal, Perform, Sense Motive and Sleight of Hand skills, at higher levels they add to the bonuses from Aid actions, Distract, Inspires and Fascinate rolls, Mind-Reading, Mind-Control and Morph(increasing the DC on checks to Notice) rolls. INDIGO: The deeper blue expands perception. Bonding with an indigo stone grants eyes eagles would envy, or the skill to feel the tug and ebb of gravitons, the gift of never failing to know where anything you have touched is. Mechanically, indigo stones can give bonuses to Notice, Search, Sense Motive, Survival, Tracking, gain access to the Blind-Fight and Uncanny Dodge Feats, add a bonus to rolls on Perception range effects VIOLET: BLACK: WHITE:
  4. Oni Oh No! (OOC)

    Here we go again with a group of three.
  5. Oni Oh No!

    Emerald City, United States Saturday, May 27, 2017 Afternoon The sun beat down on Emerald City, reflecting off the Albian River in all shades of navy and cobalt and sapphire. It was the first wave of spring on the West Coast and the city was enjoying it. Families were playing out in Magic Hill Park or Elysian Forest. The campuses of Arcadia College and ECU were crowded with coeds studying or playing on the grass. The streets of Southern Shore were crowded with people enjoying the bright day. Tona Baudin reclined in a chair outside a coffee shop, tight trousers and a tee giving her the chance to show off her definition. It wasn't just because she enjoyed the warmth as much as anyone and enjoyed showing off the results of her exercise. She finally had a chance to show off Emerald City to her girlfriend; Sam wasn't around nearly as much as Tona wished she was, but now that she was here Tona intended to make up for lost time. "It's called Ghost Sightings," Tona said, frowning as she hunted for something on her phone, "but it's not all about ghosts. It's about a lot of stuff happening around town, like fishermen down the coast turning up monster-sized lobster shells or a rash of disappearances among the homeless. It's a really fun read and a good source of information. I just wish I could find the damn site on my phone..."
  6. Oni Troubles

    I'm looking for a couple of Emerald City PCs in the 8-10 range to help Blue Jay deal with a new crime wave in Emerald City. Magic will be involved. Any takers?
  7. GM May 1st, Monday, 2017, 12.45AM Emerald City, Washington, United States, Fort Brewer Naval Base, Sub-level 2, briefing room "This is the only visual we have on your target, uh...Ms. Masterson" Admiral Henry "Hank" Finley was a fit, imposing man at 6'8", with his close-cut greying hair and constant frown softened little by a short spadehead beard. He also clearly had little experience dealing with superhumans. The darkened room he and the other, conspicuously silent, officers were gathered in had enough Cold War atmosphere to choke somebody from the bright and clear Forties. The lights were dimmed to help accentuate the ten-foot-wide picture humming softly in the air. With a slight cough and a swipe of his fingers, the projected image of a distant, misty lump of grey on a time-stamped horizon sharpened and jumped into focus. Hovering above the conference room table, the picture resolved into an island. An island with towering cliffs for shores, great tangles of hanging greenery and a liberal sprinkling of palm trees. "As you can guess, there's nothing like this on any of our charts. Satellite has nothing, even got Argus down here last weekend to scan. Nada." The Old Man of Fort Brewer folded his arms and looked down into the enigma that had brought Mary Masterson, the Torpedo Lass of World War 2, to far-off Emerald City, Washington. "Sent some scouts out, they got to the spot and swear up and down the thing just vanished. But I noticed something." "The sub crew I dispatched along with the other boats, they say it vanished just a little after the others lost track. Could mean nothing, but," Finley turned to Torpedo Lass, a gleam of cunning in his dark eyes "got me thinking somebody who can go faster than anything we've ever built and do it under the surface might stand a chance of clearing this up." "What we're asking is strictly recon, understand. Just get there, take a look around, come back and give us what you get. We give that to Citizen and he takes care of anything dangerous." the admiral shook his head resolutely, and his tone became one Mary was all too familiar with. "I'm not inclined to risk your safety, miss, no matter how bulletproof they tell me you are. I've got kids older than you." May 2nd, Tuesday, 2017, 8.45PM Liverpool, England, A very nice side-street The hero Dr. Deoxy had needs any human had. Being at the center of artistic life and on the crest of the glittering wave of imagination, for one. So strolling from one dazzling get-together had seemed like a good idea at the time. Just a little shortcut and he'd be back in the circle of greats... Dr. Nathaniel Anderson only knew he was being followed when he felt the sudden shock of lightning, fell spasming to the ground and heard somebody whisper "You. Have been. Thunderstruck!" There was a giddy giggle as the darkness closed comfortably around Nathan's head "Nothing? Aw geez, overjuiced..." A squalid room somewhere The darkness slid away to reveal a room that had once been stark and harrowing. A massive, altar-like table occupied the centre, letting the eye of the Sun in to bathe Nathan in cosmic fire. The rest was gloomy and indistinct, though clearly vast and of the Modernist school. Vines and tree roots reached in through the roof, turning the yellow light a gentle emerald. Other vegetation scrawled across the walls and floor. Somewhere birds chattered and sang. Of more immediate importance was the fact that Dr. Anderson was pinned to the stony bed by some invisible force, preventing movement of any kind. And he wasn't alone. Somewhere close, and getting closer, was the clopping sound of clumsy booted feet making their way towards him...
  8. @olopi OOC thread for this thread. Sha'ir meets some great new friends and gets into wacky vampire shenanigans!
  9. Bloody Work(IC)

    GM March 31st, Friday, 2017, 9.40PM 2150 Hanamaru St, Riverfront district, Emerald City, Oregon, USA Stumbling into the gentle, even glow of Emerald City's streetlights, the prey stopped to catch their breath. The unseasonally warm air, a sign of the impending catastrophe, burned in their frail lungs. The cotton suit was splashed with mud and the leather office shoes were soaked through from running through puddles. The hair that had been curled that afternoon, silky black, reminding the hunter of a smiling, care-worn face above a cradle, hung in tangles. They weren't moving, just slumped, huddled against a staff of the elegant spire of light. The hunter did not dare enter the cursed, white pool. In the southern Emerald their night-time lights caught the Sun's fury and made the streets a Hell of silent fire. But the hunter had other means, greater than any other beast's claws, venom or sinew. With easy grace a human-llike shape swept from the low roof to the alley below. "Come out of the light. Come to me." All it had to do was not turn around- It did. Its eyes met those of the vampire. They were dead before the fangs sank into their neck. April 1st, Saturday, that afternoon Hakim Naifeh could count on a few small blessings in life. Foremost was the nigh-inevitability of having Saturdays off at Westrock. The office was at a convenient location(though really, given the needs of young people in tech, most offices were someplace convenient) with easy access to food and places to relax, but it wasn't the same as taking your own pace where you wanted to be. Today that place was the Library. Since last winter super-activity had exploded, the Emerald City Originals were rapidly becoming a point of tremendous city pride and Sha'ir had been coming into more and more situations needing creative mystic solutions. Which meant time spent poring over the electic collection in his private extradimensional space. But today, from the moment he had stepped into the close, musty air and glanced around the bookshelves twisting and reaching in every direction, something had been off. The first sign was the arch. It had never been there before, a pile of loose leaves arranged haphazardly into a square archway, leading into other, unfamiliar ranks of shelves and cramped desks. These books were arranged, organized with a meticulous hand. They were also mostly in languages that Hakim had never even seen, let alone knew. Harsh runes, cuneiform-like symbols, flowing script that looked like ocean waves. The second were the voices. Coming from down the narrow hallway, arguing over something. A crisp English alto was holding firm, but a bass from the Deep South was tenacious. The books and carpet muffled all sound, but it seemed like just moving a little further would reveal these intruders...
  10. Space Vampires

    So here's the idea: A series of attacks have been occurring in Emerald City and CoVic where victims have been found cold and drained of blood. Most of them remain dead, but some rise again within a few hours and attack anyone they can get their hands on. I'm looking for two PC's preferably around PL 10 to join in and stop this menace!
  11. OOC thread for this thread. The whodunnit of our time! Citizen's Murder Mystery. @Avenger Assembled
  12. Do It Again(IC)

    GM March 21st, Tuesday, 2017 Then With a final burst of power Citizen's android housing scattered across the floor. The unimaginable scale of the energy needed to discorporate an Archetech android originally built for super-level combat against space-borne opponents had the air tingling and crackling for a long time. The explosion's titanic BOOM faded, cushioned by the noise-cancelation field, but it rang in the ears of those watching for hours after the fact. The core was a whiff of vapor. Behind the screens someone said "It worked." Someone else began "Now we are all sons of b-" "We talked about this. No." "Sorry." A third "He's just going to come back." The last "And now we know we can beat him. Again and again and again..." Now Citizen woke up in the quiet peace and humming familiarity of Gina Evans' digital sanctum. To a quiet little house and a big happy dog panting lovingly on his shoulder. To the certain knowledge something very wrong had happened. Archetech West wasn't equipped for holding copies of Citizen. Its spare android sets weren't even unsealed. So far as anyone knew, nothing in either Emerald City was actually personally dangerous to what was effectively the most powerful single entity on the Pacific Coast. Apparently that had changed.
  13. Isaac Campbell

    Isaac Campbell was born in Michigan, outside of Detroit, not long after the end of World War II. Even as a young man he was interested in adventure and exploration, in broadening his horizons and searching out excitement. After high school he enlisted in the US Navy and qualified as a combat pilot, flying F-4 Phantoms in the Vietnam War. After the US pulled out of Saigon, he found that the Cold War involved too much sitting and waiting for his taste; he volunteered to test experimental aircraft and found himself tapped to fly CIA and AEGIS operatives into and out of Soviet-influenced states in Indonesia and Africa. During this time he was also introduced to the second generation of the Danger family. Isaac mustered out of the Navy in the late 80s and into a job at Danger International. He flew the majority of missions in Indochina and Polynesia, putting the Dangers and their allies anywhere they needed to go in the southern Pacific. Even he couldn't fly forever, though, and a stroke in his mid-50s left his hands too shaky to handle a control stick. He moved into semi-retirement, handling Danger International's missions on the Ring of Fire. These days he works out of DI's offices in Emerald City; the plaque on his door reads "Senior Chief of Field Consultation." Though he pilots a desk these days, Isaac retains connections to AEGIS, the CIA, NATO, and many other alphabet soup organizations that don't admit to everything they do. He's a valuable source of information on different government organizations and can act as an introduction to the old boys club of covert operations. He can also be a colorful individual within Emerald City or Danger International.
  14. Reading through the Emerald Knights campaign has given me an idea for an adventure within Emerald City. The short version is that one or another supervillain -- likely FOE or the Chessmaster -- is going on a recruiting drive. That means a lot of petty and not-so petty crime popping up in Emerald as various supercriminals are given auditions. Ideally this would start with a number of solo or semi-solo threads as individual PCs stop individual groups, then track them back to some common mastermind. At the climax the PCs can come together to face this foe and strike a blow for, uh, peace and justice and apple pie and all that.
  15. Tekton Power Level: 10 (150/151) Unspent Power Points: 1 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Mutant with Vibration Control and Generation Powers In a corporate sponsorship and uniform. Catchphrase: "Time to shake you down!" "lets shake things up!", "I'll leave you7 quaking in your boots!" and of course "Halt Evildoer!" Theme: Shake, Rattle And Roll Alternate Identity:Vladimir Richter (Secret) Birthplace: Wallachia, Romania Residence: Emerald City, University Hill (ECU Dorm) Base of Operations: Emerald City Occupation: Retail worker; Student of Geology Affiliations: N/A Family: Radu Richter (Twin Brother) Friends: Description: Age: 25 (4th December 1991) Gender: Male Ethnicity: Romanian Height: 5'11" Weight: 185 lbs. Eyes: Grey Hair: Dark Brown History: Born into a large and close-knit family, Vladmir and his brother Rudu both were known to be Different from their elder siblings both developed mentally much faster than average and reaching an emotional maturity beyond their years,however this was even more pronounced in Rudu, Whom upon coasting through his early education with the greatest ease, it was plain to all whom saw that Rudu had been born with almost superhuman Intelligence Quotient and when his Secondary education had been completed He was approached by an agent of Emerald city university with the offer of a scholarship and the opportunity to travel to the united states and thus access some of the most advanced facilities and finest scientific minds in the world. Young, Proud and filled with ambition Rudu accepted without so much as a second thought and packed his bags and rushed headlong into the promising future set out before him, Meanwhile, Vladimir, whom hadn't revived the gift of superhuman intelligence discovered that he had instead received an equal but different gift, he found that he had developed the ability to sense and through force of will effect tremors in the air and ground around him, whilst there were not many known superheroes around in Romania let alone wallachia and so he found himself without the guidance he needed to truely hone his powers to the precise and honed edge necessary to use them without risking the safety of both himself and everyone around them. Though he clung to the idea of being one of the few Romanian superheroes he quickly abandoned the idea when he realized that without proper training and equipment he was far more likely to kill people than to save them. It was then that his brother, Long since graduated from his scholarship, and kept appraised by Vladimir own letters of this development intervened, using some of the wealth he had accumulated in his work at PanStar to secure his brother a place at the very same university that he himself had attended and paying the bulk of his tuition out of his own pocket. and so Vladimir came to the states following in his brothers footsteps and given enough money to set himself up with a small but comfortable apartment he began to attend both geology classes and Meta human Support groups and slowly but surely began to master his abilities. using what little free money to gather materials for a ramshackled costume of his own design; consisting mostly of construction site Safety apparel, SCUBA Gear and a morphic molecule under-suit, that was quickly abandoned when he was offered the aid of PanStar in developing a sleeker and far more advanced model based on his designs. a Project he later discovered had been submitted for review by his own brother, under the name of a corporate sponsored metahuman hero. Soon he would be ready to try his hand at his long since discarded dream wearing the black, silver and red of his brothers corporate affiliations Personality & Motivation: Personality; Vladmir is a good natured young man, whom despite wanting to be a super hero for perhapse the wrong reasons is genuinely interested in helping those in need and protecting the world from the predations of criminals, though he is quite physically fit he tends to enjoy more bookish hobbies and is equally at home in art galleries and museums as he is in the local comic book store and fighting small time back alley crooks. Motivation: Vladmir's primary motivation for becoming a super hero is his own excitable nature and the positive attention it garners him, even if it is through the filter of a Pseudonym and mask, he enjoys interacting with his (So Far Few) Fans on the twitter, face book and snapchat he is contractually obligated to keep and is by all accounts something of an aspiring bon vivant. all he lacks is the budget. Powers & Tactics: Powers: Vladmir has the ability to amplify, control and/or create vibrations in both himself and the surrounding environments, though he lacks the superhuman intelligence of his brother he retains a great aptitude for learning and retention of information that allows him to become relatively skilled in certain areas he remains otherwise untalented in. Tactics: Vladmir is a showboat through and through, and though he would never risk someones life in the name of dramatic tension he remains something of an entertainer in his fights till the stakes grow to high for him to dance around exchanging quips as readily as blows with his opponents, favoring raw power to finesse until such a time as it proves nonviable as an option and then will switch to suprisingly cunning stratagems applicable to what he knows about his opponents. Power Descriptions: Vibration control: the only visual indication of vladmir's powers are the ripples in the air around him when he is using particularly intense vibrations some even creating light via air resistance when utilized, though all of his powers are accompanied by a hum, buzz or shrill shriek, some above or below the humans hearing spectrum. Complications: Transylmania: Due in part to his birthplace, upbringing and the classic literature he studied in high school, Vladimir's childhood nyctophobia has developed into an intense fear of vampires and the superstition that surrounds them, Vampires (or people with convincing enough appearances and powers) Terrify Vladmir and find him far more pliable that he would otherwise be due to that extreme fear. he may also refuse to enter places that have in lore been home to or played host to vampires, graveyards at night, Old Abandoned homes and ruined and abandoned cathedrals chief among them, though he is in equal measure exhilarated and perhaps slightly addicted to the extreme Adrenalin rush provided by this fear and will sometimes get himself into positions where he must confront it. Sold my Soul to the Company store: Due to his brothers influence in PanStar and his good relationship with both him and the company, Vladimir is reluctant to believe any misgivings about the company and in extreme cases takes attacks against them as personal affronts to his brother and reacts angrily to accusations, taking them as slander against his brother when they are directed against the company entire and will in some cases overlook minor misgivings as simply being the norm for such companies and the media blame parade being little more than the klaxon announcing one has been caught; he is as financially indebted to the company as he is emotionally indebted to his brother. Showboater: Due to his desire and slight contractual obligations to not only save the day but look good doing it, other heroes will sometimes dismiss him as a greedy and shallow hero with no real convictions, leading not only to difficulties in interacting with other super heroes whom feel strongly about such things but also something of a mixed relationship with the media, praise and scorn both becoming exaggerated due to corporate intrigues and relationships he has no control over. Accidents: Vladimir's control of his powers is tenuous and relies greatly on his knowledge of materials and geology for his more fancy powers, should he be unduely distracted or unable to concentrate fully for whatever reason he may do anything from shatter bones like glass, resonate a material he doesn't mean too or even in extreme cases kick off full scale earthquakes in tectonically unstable locations. Abilities: 8 + 4 + 8 + 0 + 4 + 4 = 28pp Strength: +4 (18) Dexterity: +2 (14) Constitution: +4 (18) Intelligence: +0 (10) Wisdom: +2 (14) Charisma: +2 (14) Combat: 12 + 12 = 24pp Attack Bonus: +6 Ranged: +6 (+10 Shockwaves) Melee: +10 Grapple: +14 (+6 Base attack, + 4 attack focus (Melee) +4 Strength) Defense: +10 (6 Base: +4 Dodge focus, Flat-footed: +3), Knockback: -5 Initiative: +10 (+2 Dex +8 Improved initiative 2) Saves: 4 + 6 + 6 = 16pp Tough: +4/+10 (+4 Con +6 Protection (in Costume)) Fort: +8, (+4 Con +4) Ref: +8, (+2 Dex +6) Will: +8 (+2 Wis + 6) Skills: 14pp = 56 Ranks Diplomacy 8 (+10) Intimidate 8 (+10) Knowledge (earth sciences) 10 (+10) Language 4 (Native: Romanian; English, Russian, Turkish, German), Notice 8 (+10) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Stealth 8 (+10) Swim 2 (+6) Feats: 20pp All-Out Attack, Attack Focus (melee) 4, Distract (Intimidate), Dodge Focus 4, Equipment 2, Fascinate (Diplomacy), Improved Initiative 2, Improved Throw, Instant Up, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Second Chance (Audio based Dazzle), (Device Based) Second Chance (Sight based Dazzle), (Device based) Uncanny Dodge (Tremor Sense) Equipment: 2pp = 10ep Laptop Computer 1ep Motorcycle: 9ep Powers: 8 + 4 + 36 = 48pp PanStar Armored Costume (Device 2) (Hard to lose)[8pp] Carbon fiber Armor (Protection 6) (+6 Toughness) Insulated helmet and Shaded Visor (Enhanced Trait 2) (Feats: Second Chance (Audio based Dazzle), Second Chance (Sight based Dazzle)) Micro Oxygen tanks (Immunity 2) (suffocation (all)) Tremorsense (Super-Senses 4) (extended: Tremorsense 2 (-1 per 1k ft), tremorsense)[4pp] Vibration Control (Array 15) (default power: blast PF: Alternate powers 6)[36pp] Airquake (Damage 10) (Array; DC 25; Cone Area (100 ft. cone - Targeted), Autofire (interval 2, max +5)) Blastwave (Trip 10) (Array; Burst Area (25-2500 ft. radius - General), Knockback; Range (touch); Progression, Decrease Area 5 (-5 ranks), Progression, Increase Area 5 (area x50)) Hypocenter Generation (Environmental Control 10) (Array; hamper move (Movement reduced to 25%), Radius: 5000 ft.; Selective Attack) Molecular Disruption (Corrosion 10) (Array; DC 25) Shockwaves (Blast 10) (Default; DC 25; Penetrating [5 ranks only]; Accurate 2 (+4), Affects Insubstantial 2 (full power), Precise) Thrumming Debris Cloud (Obscure 10) (Array; affects: 1 type + visual - visual and audio, Radius: 5000 ft.; Independent) Vibrolance (Damage 10) (Array; DC 25; Line Area (5x250 ft. line - Targeted), Autofire (interval 2, max +5)) Attack Range Effect DC Unarmed Touch Damage DC19 Tou (Staged) Shockwaves 100ft Blast DC25 Tou (Staged) Airquake 100ft Cone (T) Damage DC25 Tou (Staged) Vibrolance 5x250ft Line (T) Damage DC25 Tou (Staged) Molecular Disruption Touch Corrosion DC20 Fort/DC25 Tou (staged) Totals: Abilities 28 + Skills 14 (56 ranks) + Feats 20 + Powers 48 + Combat 24 + Saves 16 + Drawbacks 0 = 150/151PP
  16. OOC for this thread. Emerald City PCs only, but if you want yours in only say so. Everyone's day gets a little weirder with the city's first-ever local supervillain. And all the people who want her dead. (The title is ironic.)
  17. City Hall, Emerald City, Oregon December 3rd, 10.17 AM, 2016 "...so we turn to the man with a plan: Maximilian Mars! Together with our beloved mayor and crusading D.A.! Shall we give them a warm welcome, fellow munchkins?" Fit and fashionable John Nakane needn't have bothered with the suggestion. A roar of applause and hollaring voices greeted a short, smiling and stocky red-haired man dressed in expensive blue simplicity, a care-worn and kindly-looking woman whose quick wave, predominantly green wardrobe and auburn hair marked her as Mayor Amanda Talbot and a thin and stern-looking brunet whose bespectacled officiousness pegged him as District Attorney Stanley Everett. The unlikely trio took to the podium mounted at the end of City Hall's broad front porch, a stubby granite cliff flanked by the slopes leading up to the aggressively modern metal and glass structure from which over 450,000 souls had their fates determined. With a flicker the holo-screens snapped to life, showing the three at gigantic size in crystal-clear resolution across the front of the building. Tilting down the microphones a little to better reach his bearded face, Max Mars grinned boyishly at the congregation. In almost every direction the manicured lawns and gardens held scattered collections, singles or parties of locals, while the geometrically exact white lanes were crowded to the bursting with them, the throng thickest in the broad square right before City Hall. The winter sun was unusually strong today, despite the clouded weather, which fit with today's agenda perfectly. "Hellooo my little people! It's great to see so many of you here today! The public notification did say this was just a sneak peak at the future, and you're the ones who make the future happen!" Waiting for the whoops of approval to die down with a fatherly "aw, shucks" expression, Mars quickly got down to business. "We all pay attention to the news, and we all know the problems facing our world. A lot of them seem too big for anyone, or even everyone to handle. But we didn't get where we are by giving up! You can't cross a thousand miles in one step...well, at least not until our teleporter watches are out in 2018, but until then we take this one step at a time, one day at a time, one problem at a time." Mars took a hard drive out of his pocket "For a start, our wasteful consumer culture. This is a two-terabyte drive, peanuts, right? But look at all the stuff that goes into it, just to make a disposable, near-obsolete pile of junk. Mr. Everett?" The District Attorney stepped forward, rummaging in his pocket and pulling out something that took a second for the sensors to focus properly on it: a tiny thumb drive, grey and russet with the MarsTech logo. "How much space is that again, Stan?" Mars asked with a grin at the audience. "Two hundred and fifty terabytes, Max. Consolidation of city records is already almost complete, and the security is, well..." Everett frowned at the piece of electronics in his hand "...well it's actually almost unbelievable. I have even been keeping personal files on this." "And this is just the first step, folks! Mayor Talbot, you've been looking for material to shore up Red River Dam, correct?" "We all know what happens if it collapses, Max, and frankly I would prefer our fair city not suffer Astoria's fate." The mayor's smile was a little more wry than usual "This the part where we dramatically reveal those slow-growth nanobots?" Mars clapped a hand over his mouth, eyes wide with betrayal "Mandy! How could you? But yes!" At his nod Talbot held her hand up to the sensors, revealing a tiny pile of concrete visibly alive with activity "Self-repairing structures aren't just Freedom City's thing anymore, folks! And we don't need an Ancient Egyptian cosplayer to do it either! This is all us, Emerald City, we're making this happen together!" This time the cheers, whoops, screams and claps lasted for a good five minutes. Which was no problem. Selective sound-pitching tech meant that the questions from the press, civilians and short statements from the most powerful people in Emerald City carried through loud and clear. In the hustle and press of the crowd, a cheerful-looking young man with a ponytail and a very consistent red/green color scheme accidentally stumbled against a smaller woman. With a yelp of surprise he whirled around, fists half-raised until he saw who she was. "Sorry! Sorry, I wasn't paying attention! You okay? I'm Paris, Paris Redwater." He offered his hand with a chagrined twist on his mouth "I'm here for school, my Comms teacher wanted me to see professional public speakers in action. How about you?" He asked with a raised eyebrow "Here for the city spirit?"
  18. Since Freedom City and Bedlam City don't really benefit from having a metaplot/coordinated direction, but Emerald does by nature of its more open and vague arrangement, I say it should have one. Preliminary suggested outline: Early threads(1-2) where they're just starting out. Who? Makes no odds to me. They get more or less established to the public and are initially just random curiosities fighting random mundane crooks/disasters or helping people with random problems. A collective one where they face Emerald City's first public supervillain: Faster Pussycat, who debuts stealing some outlandishly sensitive information leading to the revelation that Emerald City South's District Attorney, Stanley Everett, is in the pocket of organized crime and has been lightening sentences for people in the gang that's been blackmailing him. This gives the local police a lengthy list of suspects and leads which springboards the new heroes into a very asymmetric fight against the Malakov Mafiya and the Chamber. At first Koschei the Deathless and his comrades in crime are content to just make the south shore heroes look bad, arrange for crimebusting debacles, meddling in their private lives and doing all they can to make getting involved personally painful and difficult. This escalates into attempts on their lives, those of their families and a gradual influx of super-crooks. The few times they do get anything done the local AEGIS branch is always there to mess things up. Meanwhile public interest runs out of control with rampant speculation and a flood of attention and intense scrutiny over anything the heroes do in the open. Complicating matters further is the Ascension Event, where humans and Morlocks twisted by a monster living underneath Emerald City burst out and attack the upper world. The discovery of how the Emerald City government has been shunting homeless people into the subterranean Undercity for decades, creating the circumstances leading to the Ascension, creates a national scandal. The heroes are simultaneously blamed by city leadership for this black mark on the Emerald's reputation and transformed into celebrities for resolving the crisis. The local AEGIS branch, weakened and bloated by years of top-level corruption, performs disgracefully badly, so badly that Nat. Dir. Powers and newly-promoted Director Calpurnia Maddox finally have the excuse they need to totally restructure the agency. Maddox formally apologizes for the harm AEGIS has done and henceforth agents turn from obscurantist bureaucratic MIBs to some of the best help a superhero could want. Meanwhile the enigmatic Nightwatch, a tight-knit unit of powerful vigilantes who fight the fights nobody else will in the dark places nobody else can go, arrive in the Emeralds. Their first act is to obliterate all trace of the local Blood Brothers vampire clan, a mere prelude to their private and hard-hitting war on crime. They mostly keep their operations out of the way of lighter, less experienced heroes. Mostly. That they're a bunch of bloodthirsty opportunists using the hand-tying heroes to keep attention and pressure off themselves while working under the self-constricted Chamber's nose is ideally something that takes a very long time to unravel. The major companies in Emerald City start to capitalize on the hero craze. Those that can't get the new heroes to sign on with them import some from across the Pacific Rim, bringing an eclectic bunch of hyper-competitive corporate-logoed professional heroes who aren't the least shy about trying to steal the "local's" thunder. Across the river several members of Project: Safeguard are called in to help deal with the influx of supercrime and to protect the dangerous secrets at Joint Base Clark-Gordon. And the nuclear weapons at Fort Brewer. Despite their differences, the largely unaffiliated supers, dubbed the 'Emerald City Knights' by the press, are able to combine their strengths and save the city from destruction at the hands of the meta-supremacists of MEDUSA. Things take a very dramatic turn when the Emeralds' next 'official' villain appears: the enigmatic Commander, an armored, secretive genius who controls people through nanotechnology and quickly shows a mastery of misdirection and infiltration. Initially just hired help for the Chamber to reassert control she soon starts on a project of her own to control every last one of the Knights and, like everything else, is soon off the rails. There's more, but I feel this is more than enough for a start. Thoughts, concerns?
  19. GM October 1st, Saturday, 2016 Miles offshore from Emerald City, Oregon, the PanStar Pacific Proliferation Platform(P3 Station) "We're very excited to have you both here, Dr. Delacroix, Dr. Anderson." Though easily a few heads shorter than either of the two men, Olivia Oum, Director of PanStar's Ocean Developments division, seemed a positive giant among the ever-present crush of workers, technicians, company people and sundry humanity scurrying around the shiny-new fish farm and cloning facility. All of them quickly made way for the quartet of Dir. Oum in her crisp blue suit, her PA whose eyes never left her phone (which did nothing to impede the rest of her work) and the two visiting scientists. There was certainly plenty of space on the Platform, an enormous silver-white dome intersecting two massive rings cradling an advanced force-field system that let water and nutrients in and kept a great many other things out. Every ceiling and floor bore PanStar's gold star, the symbols of its associates(Emerald City's MarsTech, Ming Xi Visions and Saito Solutions) while the rain-streaked windows looked out at a recently-passed storm front and a heaving deep-grey sea. Leading the way to an elevator, Oum went on blithely "PanStar has worked hard to make the world a better place, and with this, a way replenish our dying ocean's ecosystem, we hope to avert a disaster even this world's heroes have been powerless against." With a swipe of her thumb against a colored bar the door rematerialized behind them. The PA's head tilted slightly upward "Zhou in manfac needs another bulk order Ma'am, 203E-5s, tungsten." "By all means, Panita, put it through." Oum smiled benevolently to the visitors as the elevator descended swiftly, the Pacific Ocean surrounding them and the submerged levels of the Platform as a cloud of darkness and shifting shadows deepened by the facility's lights.. "We understand UNESCO's need to ensure our full compliance with the law and the highest ethical standards, given the stakes at play. Rest assured, Dr. Anderson, we have nothing to hide and every member of our staff will comply with your review. Or I shall know the reason why." The dazzling smile the compact woman shone at the Englishman did nothing to undermine the undertone of ferocity. Turning to the American, the Director added "Dr. Delacroix, we appreciate the willingness of the Institute to gives its second opinion. Your work in bioscience and the in-depth understanding of business your brothers have displayed fills us with confidence that this will lead to a swift and mutually-satisfactory conclusion!" Relaxing against the transparent metal windows, Oum asked brightly "Do you have any questions?"
  20. Trying to do some worldbuilding here, tying together our three (technically four?) cities of adventure through related criminal organizations. Today, the Mafia. Feedback and suggestions welcome! I'm considering updating what's going on with Freedom City's three mafia families, but I'd have to consult the ref team first. I plan to add a little more overall, but I'm out of time for today. Ultimately, I'm hoping that the Commission as a massive group of antagonists could provide plot hooks to bring heroes from one city to another for a thread or two, or at least have them hear about each other. The Commission The Mafia was originally formed in the nineteenth century as a group of Sicilian freedom fighters seeking to expel Napoleon and the French; the name itself is an acronym for "Morte Alla Francia Italia Anela,” which means "death to the French cry the Italians!". The traditions of mutual protection and loyalty at the expense of the state that developed during this period persisted over the following centuries, and as Sicilian immigrants traveled to America and ran up against intense nativism, these families became respected parts of their communities. To outsiders, however, they became synonymous with insidious crime. The Mafia as a criminal organization in the United States began in the early 1900s in major East Coast cities, predominately New York, New York and Freedom City, New Jersey. Early on, they were supposed to be administered by a single "capo de tutti capi," or "boss of all bosses", but brutal infighting over who could hold such a powerful position led the heads of the various Mafia families to reevaluate this style of leadership. In 1931, after a particularly brutal murder of one capo de tutti capi, the nation's most powerful mob branches met in Chicago to decide on an alternative. The result was the Commission, a sort of Mafia board of directors composed of the leaders of the twelve most powerful families: the Five Families of New York; Al Capone's Chicago Outfit; the Scarpias, Igglionis, and Gorganzuas of Bedlam City; and the Drioganos, Olivertis, and Tonifannis of Freedom City. The Twelve Families, as the Commission was also known, met to make all significant decisions about the future of the Mafia as a whole. Meetings approved or denied the admission of Sicilian-born men as Made Men, meted out retribution to traitors, and made the fateful decision to get involved with the drug trade. As lesser families, such as the Manettis (who arrived in Emerald City in the 1940's), began to spread, members of the commission increased their influence by offering to champion their interests; both the Manettis and the Los Angeles mob were long represented by the Chicago Outfit. But despite this show of cooperation, uneasiness between families sometimes erupted into near-open hostility. A series of ugly incidents in 1967 nearly put the Chicago Outfit at war with Bedlam's Scarpias, and although the Commission forbade hostilities, neither group has been welcome in the other's city since. As the Mafia's influence grew with the drug boom, so did law enforcement scrutiny, vigilante attention, and competition within the organization. The activities of superheroes in many of the major cities of the United States began to take a serious toll on families that had until recently been unshakable institutions. After the murder of New York Mafia kingpin Paul Castellano in 1985 and a major defection by insiders who revealed the organization's secret structure in order to get revenge on his killers, the mob began to be muscled out of its nationwide place as undisputed head of the criminal underworld. The Five Families of New York and the Chicago Outfit stayed in contact, but never called or attended a meeting of the full Commission again. In some places, however, local circumstances allowed the Mafia families to hold onto more power. In Freedom City, the corruption that came with the Moore Act era largely destroyed any chance for local superheroes and law enforcement to deal the mob a knockout blow, and the three families there managed to retain significant influence in the city's underworld. In Bedlam City, lack of effective oversight by the half-disbanded commission allowed the Scarpias to wipe out the Igglionis. The city was already so corrupt and economically depressed that it had little chance of rooting them out. With heroes and police in Freedom City still working hard to put an end to the Mafia's operations now that the Moore Administration is a distant memory, and with New York and Chicago largely running their own affairs, the axis of Mafia power in the United States has shifted to Bedlam City, where they rule effectively undisputed. Taking advantage of the situation, the Scarpia family reinstated the Commission in the early 2000s, this time with seven seats: three for the Freedom City families, one for the Manettis of Emerald City, one for Bedlam's Gorganzuas, and two for the Scarpias, representing both themselves and the Igglionis. Although a blatant grab for further power and influence by the Scarpias, this new Commission ("the Seven Families" now, although really there are only six) has had considerable success. The member families run contraband routes from coast to coast, dispose of evidence for one another, hide wanted members of families from other cities, share information on superheroes and law enforcement, and have a shared list of assassins and metahuman contractors to pull from when someone interferes too much in their operations. Whether the new Commission can fully revitalize the Mafia as America's most powerful criminal organization remains to be seen.
  21. Dreaming Deep Far beneath the surface, under and dimensions away from the Earth, sleeps a crab-like monster little bigger than a puppy. It lies nestled in the arms of two people who love it more dearly than its own kind ever could, and its mind resides almost wholly in the Dream Dimension. Around them, for hundreds of thousands of miles, is the dream-self that those unfortunate to meet it in their nightmares have seen, a Nameless One little more horrible and soul-shattering than the Unspeakable One itself. The monster doesn't know how or why it came to Earth-Prime, it only understands that all and everything that is not itself is terrible and strong. But the people, a Chinook couple from centuries ago, found and were kind to the strangely timid extradimensional thing. Both mystically gifted, they understood the danger it presented and took it into Sub-Terra. There they could sleep eternally, guiding the horror from its nightmares and into peace. But they never anticipated the creation of the Emerald Cities, the desires of millions over the years that called to the Dreaming Deep and drew its drifting thoughts up into the humming astral hive of humanity. Feeding it with longing and dread until the little thing now dwarfs the Earth it cowers within. Now the Nameless One slowly intermingles with the people of the city, reaching into the minds of those with unusually potent hopes or fears and making them come true. These threads are becoming a rope that will pull the Dreaming Deep out into the waking world and the Emerald Cities into the shadow of the Dream Dimension where nothing will be impossible. The former Dragoneye Zhi was aware of this, but kept it secret in the foolish hope that he could use it as a status boost and leverage against the rest of the Chamber. With him dead, and no Dragoneye or local mage with the power of Ghorumazz to cast out the invader, the people of the Emerald Cities are entirely at the mercy of the monster. The couple know about the danger, but can't do much more than send their own dreams out into the upper world and search for a way to warn someone of the coming disaster. Kale-Kalakala searches the northern shore of the Columbia while her husband Pilpil-Piah combs the south. Children of Dreams, the Monsters Most people in the area of the Atlas Range have a similar recurring nightmare of going deep under ground into suffocating darkness. Most of them wake up when it starts, but a few fail to or manage to press on and that brings them into the world-warping presence of the Dreaming Deep. Nobody who gets that far wakes up unchanged, some mentally and others physically or spiritually. The horror from beyond the void lashes out at these terrifying visitors and in the material world that often translates into bodily transformation. Most people who get altered aren't really different from how they were before, but the shock of their new, monstrous form and countless eons of expectations that anything so hideous as they often turn out must be evil has severe consequences. They usually run from their old lives into the wilderness, where many of them meet and join one of the Cryptid Clans around the Columbia River delta. They are most comfortable with the wide-ranging and diverse Wood Clan. Unlike their new brethren, however, even other Changed Ones, they feel their very existence is intrinsically evil. Ironically, this is because of the Dreaming Deep's own biases and fears, but the result is that the Monsters(as they insist they be called) believe they are so because they were always evil, and that the Dream just made them on the outside what they were on the inside. Monsters can look like practically anything, even nearly-normal people, though most meld the traits of various animals with bizarre supernatural gifts. Like their shaper, all of them can inhabit the dreams of others, and some use this to travel unseen through civilization. They tend to push others in their Clan to abandon any vestiges of humanity and are often responsible for attacks and disappearances of people in the mountains, forests and water around the Emerald Cities. However, some reject this and try to use their new forms and preternatural powers to protect humans from danger or from other Monsters. Either way they have few friends, even among the accepting Wood Clan and Unhumans. _________________________________________________________________ [OOC] All Monster characters, in addition to their other traits, have the Power Super-Movement 1(Dimensional(Dream Dimension))[2PP]
  22. The Chamber A secret society bent on perpetuating its shadow rule of the Emerald Cities, a coterie of the most powerful local figures of organized crime and some of its most diabolical secret villains, with many political figures and nascent technocrats, including Maximilian Mars of MarsTech, among its associates. ____________________________________________________________ [OOC] The Chamber is a book-canon organization, found in Secrets of Emerald City, which here has some modifications. First, counter to the status quo in the book, the Chamber and its stranglehold on what are here the Emerald Cities still exists. Max Mars is still on the board as the Commander and no Silver Storm has occurred to shatter the conspiracy's monopoly on super-powered dominance. As in the book, Zhi, the former Dragoneye of the Golden Dragon Society, is dead. Both by the weakening of his body by poison from his subordinate Feng-Li Chen and from the shock of being confronted by the neophyte superhero the Salmon. Also as in the book, the dragon's mystic power has not been granted to Chen, though no other Dragoneye has appeared. Chen has kept up appearances with magic artifacts.
  23. The Federation Of Elites, F.O.E. In Brief: A loose affiliation for otherwise unconnected superhuman or super-skilled criminals. Background The unofficial supervillain "team" of the Emerald Cities with influence worldwide, which since the 1970s has been the name under which dozens of strangers have joined forces on countless criminal operations. Less a team than a talent pool, the Federation has leaned heavily on the philosophy of selecting specific skillsets over catch-all base-covering. This has kept them from open confrontations and in business at the expense of having little reputation outside of the members themselves. Their preferred(and only)method of contact and organization is via telepathic messages from some unknown master plotter. Thus far they've had no reason to complain. Except for the name, which was changed by petition in the 90's from the Fraternal Order of Evil to its present state. Means With access to potentially hundreds of superpowered beings and the accumulated wealth of countless jobs big and small, not very much is beyond the reach of FOE, assuming so many extreme personalities and clashing ideologies manage to work together smoothly. Motive Personal wealth and the easy life is what attracted most of the FOEs to criminal life in the first place, and so much positive reinforcement has done nothing to change their attitude. They were in it for the money and are still wholly mercenary. ____________________________________________________________________________ [OOC] F.O.E. is a book-canon organization from Secrets of Emerald City. Besides the name it is functionally identical to what is described in the book. Because it has no set membership, FOE is an excuse to use any combination of supervillains for a given thread. Pretty much any source works, from Freedom's Most Wanted, Rogues Gallery entries or the Threat Report collection from Green Ronin, Vigilance Press' Rogues, Rivals & Renegades, WordMonkey Studios' Algernon Files, or almost any other source of characters. Setting-specific details would need to be changed, but the genericizing effect of both superhero genre conventions and the need to fit things into RPGs makes that the easiest thing imaginable.
  24. Super Freaks

    Super Freaks The ‘Super Freaks’ are a loose term for a pan-religious movement that began on the West Coast of the United States in the late 1960s. Inspired by hippie culture, the New Age movement, and the general alienation of the period, members of what was sometimes called the Super Movement or the Super People USA argued that metahumans were the divine manifestation of the Creator (who or what that creator was was open to a significant amount of debate - and remains so to this day) on Earth and should be worshiped as such. One would expect this to be open to abuse given the period - and indeed despite the widespread success of the movement, Super Freak groups were often highly vulnerable to infiltration, subversion, and co-option by metahumans eager to embrace either the idea of their own divinity or simply to exploit the gullible. In several high-profile cases in Los Angeles, Chicago, and elsewhere, Super Freak communes were exposed by the press, raided by the police or superheroes, or otherwise destroyed. In the 1980s and 1990s, it looked as though the movement might die out altogether. But religious movements have a funny way of sticking around and the Super Freaks are no exception. The sects run by outright villains have mostly been shut down - putting the movement in a new direction. There are Super Freak communes today still in Washington, Oregon, California and other parts of the United States where people live in harmony with nature and each other, working to build a better world and unlock the native powers within. The Pinnacle Path in Freedom City today is loosely affiliated with the Super Freak movement - and in recent years Path members have Walked their way out to several communes and back, the hippie lifestyle now having re-entered the mainstream now that it’s more associated with a grandparent’s style than real radicalism. The largest such commune (with about 1200 members) is in northwestern Oregon, far enough from Emerald City that it’s not on the map but close enough that members of the Galactic Army of Light can travel into town to run shops, sell their wares at artisanal stores and farmers’ markets, and otherwise be a part of the city’s structure. (It may seem odd that the center of the Super Freak movement is so far away from a large superhuman population, but as any Freedomite will tell you, familiarity can often breed contempt - and it's hard to maintain the worship of a god you see every day. The days of hippies following the Centurion around to try and gain a share of his power are long-since passed) While a few metahumans have been born on Super Freak communes (like Third Eye, the most famous hero of the California/Oregon border region), or have had their powers awakened by sweat lodges, scarification, and other rituals, for the most part the Super Freaks have proven no more or less likely to gain powers than the average citizen. That’s okay, they firmly assert when questioned - they take their enlightenment on faith. Super Freaks tend to be vegetarians but are rarely teetotalers - after all, there are so many interesting ways to expand the mind, some of which may give you metapowers, maaan. They are usually pacifists but those with metapowers will defend their commune if attacked. In story terms, a Super Freak commune is a potential story point for both good and ill. No more or less likely to be run by charlatans than any other religious sect, a commune may be run by a council of democratically elected sincere leaders, an abusive megalomaniac, or anything in between. A crisis at a commune could run from an outbreak of anti-vaccination sentiment, a takeover by a supervillain who has ‘seen the light’, or even just too many bunnies eating their organically grown crops. A hero’s childhood on a commune could be anything from a horrific hellhole they escaped - or simply a unique upbringing that sets them apart from their peers.