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  1. Player Away Thread

    New laptop is here. Focusing on transfering things with a SATA to usb cable after I get one tomorrow. I should be up and at 'em during the weekend.
  2. Player Away Thread

    Laptop is damaged atm. Big ole chunk where the AC slot on the case sits and currently won't charge. Will likely get a new laptop soon anyways. But, won't be at least til mid month.
  3. Active Threads for July 2017

    Argonaut (2) Dream Team (2) Foreshadow [MAXED] (6) Cinco Por Cinco: Hijo De La Luna (2) Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting (3) Vanguard: Holding Out for a Hero (1) Glamazon (5) From Beneath You It Devours: Atlantis Attacks (3) Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (1) Theogony (1) Roulette (3) Orphans of Yesterday (3) GM (22 x 2=44) Cinco Por Cinco: Hijo De La Luna (1) Cinco Por Cinco: Yo Ere Tan Cool (1) Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting (2) Elvis Isn't Dead (1) From Beneath You It Devours: Are You My Mummy (2) From Beneath You It Devours: Atlantis Attacks (2) From Beneath You It Devours: Everybody Hates a Prequel (1) From Beneath You it Devours: And Now For Something Completely Different (2) I Believe in Miracles (1) Legacy of Crime (2) MAXimum Hunting (2) Theogony (2) Thrown Into Confusion (1) Vanguard: Holding Out For a Hero (2) Foreshadow's Rollover and All GM post go to Glamazon. So does the Refpoint.
  4. The hydra in question is Gargantuan in Size, unlike the mythological hydra that was barely taller than a man. So the large size disparity does provide it a +12 to it's Rush resistance from a medium sized being. I'm not sure what the STR Check: 1d20+28 34+4 (For more than 2 legs)=38 That would send the Hydra back 100' with or without the missing +4 from the extra limbs as it tops out at Citizen's movement speed.
  5. From Beneath You It Devours: Everyone Hates a Prequel

    GM Milchakov gave a stonefaced expression to the American hero. But, he did speak to both men the moment the envelope was opened. Inside were pictures of bedrooms. Children's bedrooms. Some were messy, but none had anything particularly strange sights. "Mystics say the taint of the Unclean Force. can be found all over every disappearance. No struggle. No signs of escape. The children, my son, just go missing into the night. All but one." It didn't take much to figure out which victim was the one in question. One of the pictures showed a man on a child's bed. His body covered in many stab wounds. "If she has returned, her intermediaries are using more sophisticated means." Sure, the Soviet government had gone through extremes in their goal of ridding Russia of her threat. Unofficially that is. But, the implication was clear if unspoken. The Leshy mentioned earlier had no need for weapons, they were giants. If they wanted to get rid of a parent stopping their kidnappings, they would have used brute force. Not some sort of bladed weaponry.
  6. GM "Eh! You're all washed up bub!" Five bikers all surrounded Meatheral. Each attempted to throw an errant strike at the liquid man. The first two found their fists going through gaps formed inside his form. Rather than be discouraged by this development they continued throwing wild punches. None of which was any more successful than the last. Next came a particularly motivated biker who attempted to actually tackle Meatheral. He went right through and instead found himself tripping on feet rolling into a nearby booth. Another yelled angrily and actually attempted to poke Meatheral with a straw. Repeatedly failing to hit his mark he tore the straw in half and began stomping his feet repeatedly aggressively. Finally, the last one grew frustrated and picked up a nearby bar stool. Wasting little time he chucked it at the aquatic hero's head from behind. Whether by luck or skill, this time the blow struck its mark.
  7. Bum Rush Meatheral (Combined Attack DC17+): 5#1d20+4 15 13 18 15 11 So all but one miss in a Combined Attack attempt on Meatheral. Round 2 30 - Bird of Arms - 3 HP - Unharmed 23 - Biker (Leader) - Unharmed 18 - Bikers 5 and 11 Unconscious 16 - Errant - 3 HP - Unharmed <16 but > 8 - Bikers x 6 8 - Phantasmo - 2 HP - Unharmed 8 - Biker 14 4 - Meatheral - 0 HP - Bruised x1 <4 - Rest of the Bikers x5
  8. Vanguard: Holding Out For a Hero

    GM Lauren Morra, a publicist for the event, walked up to Joseph. "Mr. Walker we're ready for you. After your speech we will proceed to bring in the objects for your display. Then there will be a photo session with the kids and finally the meet and greet with all the various patrons as others give their speeches. We're having a little trouble getting the lorry back here, but if need Mr. Kingston has suggested you can even carry the articulated lorry from downhill yourself. Are you ready?" A server dropped a manila envelope on the table Agnus and Erick were sitting at. Inside contained quick profiles of various members of the charity. Specifically those with a criminal background. One of which, Eddie Kingston, was a former fence. If anyone was in the business of selling illegal superviruses he would certainly be an attractive offer.
  9. Orphans of Yesterday [IC]

    Roulette was grateful for Aquaria's sudden interruption. It bought the bounty hunter to think of what to say. Once more finding himself at a loss for words. When Bliss unloaded on him it was usually over someone she wanted to kill. When Ruby did it was usually over how much she wanted to kill Roulette in that moment or some strange unintelligable slang with a howdy here or there. Raw emotional baggage was new territory. At least for the 'upstanding' citizen that was Roulette. Conman Stahnze Turk had a few wheels he could set in motion with the information given. Instead he reached out and placed a hand on Cavalier's shoulder. A curt nod followed, but with no words accompanying. He would save his response for a quieter moment. Admittedly, it was a bit optimistic to believe there would be a better moment. As that would imply they were even getting out of this situation to begin with.
  10. Theogony

    GM "Hey lady, I said shut up!" Devil Ray pointed his gauntlets threateningly at Moira. Clearly taken off guard by the fact she wasn't following instruction. Especially as he had given a single instruction. Not even bothering to relocate all the hostages to a single side of the bank. Before he could fire a blast from his electric stingers, he was once more taken aback by the sound of glass shattering. Turning to face the statuesque member of the Freedom League Auxiliary Devil Ray sighed. "Oh c'mon.. This isn't even an Atlantean temple this time!" Having frequently been routed from his attempts at deep sea savalging from both the forces of Atlantis and Siren, Sea Devil could easily recognize the Atlantean princess' royal armored formal wear. The three masked men accompanying Devil Ray continued to not say a word. Instead they grabbed a female teller and forced her to the back. Not turning towards the latest intrusion or rowdy crowd at all. One did, however, stop to look at his watch.
  11. Theogony

    Thaelia did not have a bank account with E-Sea. Really, she didn't have any surface bank account. Her monthly stipend was often kept in cash, and the number of people willing to steal from a muscular woman standing at six feet tall were few and far between. Even fewer once they recognized her as the powerful princess of Atlantis. Still, ever since the Atlantean Invasion the self-proclaimed Daughter of the Seas had hardly slept. She wasn't haunted by the events of the war. No, she instead felt obligated to repair the rift left in the relationship between the surface and sea. Interrupting even the smallest of crimes, Glamazon could be spotted at all hours patrolling the city. No crime too small, but as of late the excitement had been far and few in between. A fact which possibly made her the sole person excited to hear that the Eastern Seaboard bank was being robbed. Charging through the swinging glass door, glass breaking as she made her way through, the Atlantean demigoddess immediately began to proclaim. "Fiends, now is your chance to surrender. Lest I present you with a gift most unfavorable. The gift of battle!"
  12. GM The Hydra's heads divided their attention between the airborne heroes. Opening its mouths the hydra began to exhume a putrid miasma. A purple mist exiting after the foul stench enveloping the bodies of Asad and the bridge. The captive Atlantean seemed unaffected by whatever effect the mist was supposed to have. He was, however, visibly affected by the lack of effect on the floating heroes. On the ground the fast paced Salmon wasn't quite so fortunate the venomous mist was inhaled and immediately without pause he lost muscle control mid run. Sent colliding into a nearby car, The Salmon could feel his various systems in his body began to shut down. All except his mind which was left entirely aware of his current state of affairs. Much akin to a super shot of hemlock or Atropine the threat of his respiratory system following suit hung nearby. The sight of the limp hero did have a positive effect, it completely terrified the passengers inside the vehicle to run away screaming. Leaving the Salmon behind as the most expensive hood ornament in the city. Struggling with renewed vigor against the might of Asad's powerful grip the Atlantean warlord was held in place as the Hydra screeched in furor.
  13. The Hydra will use its poisonous breath. Which is an area effect, with no effect on the caught within its range Citizzen or Asad. Because, Immunities come up. The Salmon will be Paralyzed by the Effect! For an HP When the next round begins will be a DC12 Fort to overcome!
  14. MAXimum Hunting [IC]

    GM "My, my, my. That's an interesting take. Lies, death, and drugs. Reads like a bad reality tv episode. One without any proof I might add. But, let's say I was involved in what you're accusing me of. What do you think is going to happen to the two louts dumb enough to get in my way?" Brasswell's words were of that of someone in control of the situation. But, his voice had begun to falter. It was one thing to be threatened at gunpoint, or crossbow point in this case, it was an entirely different thing to look whatever that was in his hallway in the eyes. Death quickly moved from concept to reality in the span of a few seconds. Outside, a van could be seen silently pulling up in the distance. If not for the fact that the headlights were the only source of visible light outside it may have. "Friends of yours? What next going to break in through the chimney? Or maybe the garage? Geez, I'm awake already."
  15. Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

    Foreshadow led Kimiko with one hand towards the elevator. His head never turning once in the direction of the nearby conflict. His job was the less flashy and safer one of getting out of dodge. Pressing the down button, he turned to explain in sign language what his plan was. 'We're going to head down from the top. Errol Flynn is moving fast enough to.' The time he took out to spell Errol Flynn was time to long as even the prescient Acrobat was caught off guard as a shot fired when the elevator doors slid open. No doubt in part because two men came rushing out wildly trying to tackle him against the wall. Well that hurt. He was lucky in that the armored padding of his uniform took the brunt of the force as it collided with his shoulder. Lucky in that it still felt as if he crashed shoulder first into a brick wall. As second shot would soon follow, but Foreshadow was prepared pushing forward the two men holding him against the wall, the collision sent the gunman reeling inside the elevator. His muzzle left pointing upwards before the trigger was fully pressed redirecting the shot to the ceiling of the elevator. Their biggest mistake in that moment was taking their eyes off Foreshadow, instead reacting to the shot. A right uppercut flew out and blasted the gunman who hit him earlier square in the jaw. Consciousness fading soon after, but not before he caught the sight of the man next to him being kicked on the side of his helmet. Somehow directly targeting his temple from behind the helmet and sending him into the remaining pair. One of the remaining men attempted to throw a wild haymaker only for Foreshadow to weave outside of the path of the oncoming fist and retaliate with a lightning quick left hook. The last helmet wearing thug's fate was the least fortunate. He charged for Foreshadow who was placing all his weight on his back foot, lead foot slightly raised at an angle. The master savateur's body practically screaming that a trap was waiting. A trap the goon was all too willing to fall for before he found Foreshadow's foot being smashed against the front side of his lower thigh, sending him crumpling to the floor. The goon screamed in pain at least until Kimiko put him out of his misery with a swift kick to the head. "Going down?" Foreshadow joked having stepped over the fallen bad guys to enter the elevator. Even taking the time to sign despite the fact that the line was more for his own benefit.